Colleges withhold transcripts from grads in default.  It's dumb because how can you get a job to pay back your loans if your transcripts are locked up?  And it's not like colleges are losing money.  They get paid no matter what happens.
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.  Biography of the co-founder of Apple.  I liked it.  Isaacson does a great job at breaking down larger-than-life cryptic figures like Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Henry Kissinger.  Steve Jobs was a fascinating figure.  It's never stated or even hinted, but I think he had Aspergers.

  • Intense obsessions with pet projects, often tuning everything else out.
  • Very aloof and isolated.  Few people ever broke through to him.
  • Prone to tantrums that resulted in screaming and uncontrollable crying.
  • Eating disorders.  He was an extremely picky eater, refusing to eat almost everything.  
  • Wasn't thrilled with personal grooming.  Rarely bathing when he was young.
  • Brutally honest and frank.  He cut through bullshit.  Saw right as right and wrong as wrong. Hated liars.
  • Lacked the ability to be intimidated.  Nothing fazed him.  
He had the personality of an arrogant prick and I disagree with his support of closed systems (no open source).  But I admire him for all that he accomplished:

  • Macs.  They're now the gold standard of computers.  IBM and Microsoft are falling apart now.
  • Pixar.  It's pretty much taken over Disney and changed animation/special effects.
  • iPods and iTunes.  Saved the music industry.
  • iPhones.  Revolutionized phones.  
  • iPads.  The first step in a future society where everyone has little Star Trek-like tablets.
  • Apple Stores.  One of the few retail stores to actually grow and be successful.
I liked him for calling people out on the carpet.

  • Bill Gates.  Your company Microsoft sucks and has never made a good product.
  • Google.  You're full of shit for pledging to "do no evil."  
  • Obama.  You're just another failed politician beholden to special interests.
  • Hollywood and the music industry.  You need to embrace technology and respect consumers or face destruction.
I think the biggest moral of the story is that you can't stop death.  He was a billionaire.  He had a vegan diet, took long walks, rode his bike, didn't smoke, otherwise led a fairly healthy lifestyle.  He had the best doctors in the world and employed ground-breaking cutting-edge innovations.  Yet he still died tragically young at the age of 56.  Cancer is the great equalizer.
Chevy Chase continues to act like a jerk. He has a notorious reputation for being an arrogant prick and making rude/racist/sexist comments to people.  Make sure to check out the voicemail audio.
The Spirit Mound of South Dakota.  The Lewis and Clark Expedition visited this in 1804.  The local natives were terrified of the place.  They said it was the territory of Little People, cruel 18-inch tall devils with big heads who massacred trespassers with arrows shot from afar.  Some people believe that this faerie tribe really did live there, departing sometime in the 16th or 17th-century after exterminating a Native American tribe that encroached on their land.
The Interruptors.  PBS Frontline documentary about three former gang members trying to stop the violence in Chicago.  I was very intrigued with their surprisingly libertarian approach.  Violence is bad for business.  If gangs want to make money then they should police themselves better and reign in the morons who are waving guns around.  A lot of the problem is social in nature.  The African-American family unit has fallen apart.  Girls get pregnant very young and end up having babies with multiple guys.  I think the solution is heavy-duty birth control and sterilize anyone who wants welfare. Our taxpayer dollars shouldn't be wasted on continuing the cycle of poverty. Jobs would help, but most people are too dumb, lazy or drugged-up to hold a job.  And every time there is the slightest bit of economic advancement, they fuck it all up by rioting because of incitement by bigoted civil rights racketeers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Education is very important, but nothing will change until people start taking control of their own lives first. Get away from the gangsta rap garbage.  Stay away from drugs.  Use condoms and birth control.  Go to school.  Work hard.  And you'll force your way out.  Otherwise you're just trash and deserve whatever happens.
Virgin Boy Eggs.  Here's the recipe:  soak the eggs in a pot of pee from little boys under ten years old, boil them in the pot of pee, then let them simmer in the pee for the rest of the day, pouring fresh little boy pee over them every once in awhile.
Woman breaks her neck from sneezing hard.  Ouch.
CurrentTV fires Keith Olbermann.  I'm giggling about this. It's not a surprise.  He's never been able to hold a job because he's an arrogant blowhard who treats people like shit.  He's also extremely lazy.  I think he's going to end up like Glenn Beck, off by himself somewhere on the fringe.
"James." A short film about a young Irish boy's difficult time coming out of the closet.  This is why I didn't become a teacher.  It's hard for kids to reach out to people about bullying and other issues because everyone's terrified of inappropriate relationships.  Some kids end up committing suicide.  Others turn to drugs, alcohol or sex with older men.  It's very heartbreaking.
Here's my take on the Trayvon Martin case:

  • I don't blame it on racism or profiling.  Civil rights racketeers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rep. Bobby Rush, etc. rushed to put hoodies on and ramble about how black boys are being targeted for murder.  Turns out the guy who did it is Hispanic and has black family members.  Racism had nothing to do with it.  He had a long history of playing Dirty Harry with everyone in the neighborhood, regardless of their race.
  • I don't blame it on the 2nd Amendment.  The right to defend yourself is a basic human right that shouldn't be taken away because of one trigger-happy jackass.
  • I think the real issue is with the local authorities.  They fucked up by not charging him with manslaughter. They also need to explain why they let crime get so bad that it forced people to become vigilantes.  If you pay close attention, you don't see his neighbors rushing to denounce him.  That's because everyone had been fucked over too much by a broken legal system that babied criminals who had robbed and harassed them over and over again.



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Wind map of the United States. It's neat watching the flows converge across the country.

Took part in my first big orgy on Wednesday.  Two power bottoms from Dayton, Ohio rented a room at the Travel Lodge in Newport and invited all comers on Craigslist and Adam4Adam.  It started at 9pm and guys came and went until 10:30pm. The lights were off and Lady Gaga-type dance music played the entire time. We had two beds to work with.

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  11. Daddy Top's Boyfriend.  He was in his thirties or forties. I sucked him a little bit but wasn't really into it because he had a cock ring and looked a little rough.  Could tell that he was a current or former drug addict.  He fucked the host doggie-style for a bit.  Stopped to pee.  Then changed his mind about the whole thing and left with his boyfriend. We didn't like them anyway.  They were kind of standoffish. Everyone checked their wallets and valuables after they left.
Melancholia.  Drama about two sisters dealing with the end of the world.  I didn't like it.  I give kudos to director Lars von Trier for making a depressing movie.  Hollywood hates unhappy endings.  But he blew his chance to shine by being too artsy-fartsy.  I don't know what was worse.  The ten minute opening sequence of the characters dancing in slow motion.  Or the hour-long dinner party where everyone talked and talked and talked.  Such a big bummer.


I'm hoping that the Supreme Court overturns Obamacare.  For me the big problem is the individual mandate.  I don't think the government should force everyone to buy insurance.  I think that sets a very dangerous precedent because where you draw the line then?  It sets up the Nanny State.  I think my friends on the left are extremely ignorant about what they've signed up for.  They're so used to blindly following Democrats that they don't understand they've signed their souls away.  One of my friends cheered on Obamacare.  Then he lost his health insurance because his company paid Obama bribes for a waiver.  He's still dazed and confused, blames everything on Bush ruining the economy.  It's sad.  That's what my friends on the left have to look forward to if Obamacare continues.  Lots of betrayal.
The Armenians of Calcutta, India.  I'm fascinated by expatriate groups like these.


Hugo.  Children's movie based on the kids book The Invention of Hugo Cabret about an orphan boy who lives in a Paris train station.  It won a bunch of Oscars and other awards.  I thought it was okay, if not a bit overrated.  I think critics loved it because it was directed by favorite Martin Scorsese.


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I visited Columbus over the weekend.  I was very impressed with the city.  I can see why it has been voted the best place to raise a family and ranks high on other quality-of-life lists.  It reminded me of the nicer parts of Chicago.  Very clean, very friendly.  Aint dark and gloomy like Cincinnati.  You can walk down the street without having to worry about getting mugged by a crackhead.  I talked to my friend who lived there and we came to the consensus that it's the neighborhoods.  Cincinnati doesn't do shit for it's neighborhoods.  It pours all of its money into stupid stadiums and corporate welfare for downtown businesses.  Columbus invests in neighborhoods by promoting redevelopment and small businesses.  It's a better city because of that.

  • Thurman Cafe.  Family-run restaurant on 183 Thurman Ave. in Columbus, they were featured on "Man Vs. Food" because their burgers have consistently been voted the best in Ohio.  My friends and I had dinner there.  It's a neat little place.  They don't take reservations, it's first come, first serve, with demand super-high.  We had to wait almost two hours to get a table, but it was worth it.  The burgers were amazing.  They're HUGE.  You're easily eating 2-3 pounds worth of food.  The rest of the menus pretty cool too.  Lots of different sandwiches.  I really liked their "sloppy fries" which were covered in a special sauce made of buffalo sauce, blue cheese, garlic and that sauce you use in gyros.  The service is a little spotty.  You don't have a waitress, just whoever wanders by.  I think they'd turn tables around much, much faster if they had traditional servers.  But overall I really enjoyed the food.  Highly recommend them.
  • Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. Gourmet ice cream shops based in Columbus, Ohio.  They feature natural premium ingredients. I'm lactose intolerant so I'm not a big fan of ice cream, but I liked them.  Way better than UDF, Cold Stone and Graeters.  They're very popular. We got lucky getting in.  When we left, there was a line stretching around the block.
The Hunger Games.  I thought the book was better, but otherwise I really liked it.  Way better than the Twilight adaptations.  All of the actors did a great job.  I had reservations about Lenny Kravitz playing Cinna but I was pleasantly surprised by his serene performance.  My only nitpick is that we didn't get to see enough of the tributes. I'm excited to see what the sequel has in store.







Gay beach orgy video
Pursuit of Straight Men.  New blog featuring pictures and videos of straight guys.  Hopefully it will fill the void of Lucky Hudson's soon-to-be-shuttered blog.


"Love and Monsters" voted the worst Doctor Who episode.  It's the episode where The Doctor comes across his little fan club and has to deal with an alien that consumes people.  I rather liked it.  Thought it was very quirky.

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LA City Council member wants to ban "racist and sexist slurs" on radio and tv.  I'm against this because it violates the First Amendment.  If you don't like a stupid shock jock calling Whitney Houston a crack ho then change the damn channel. Otherwise some town in BumFuck, Middle of Nowhere can pass their own little law censoring content that's gay-friendly or too risque.  Better off just not opening up that nasty can of worms.



Nodding "zombie" disease. The zombie-like symptoms are freaky, but I'm particularly intrigued by the pyromania behavior.  Who knows.  Maybe one day we'll really have a 28 Days Later rage virus outbreak.
Coup rumors in China.  I think China's way more unstable than it lets on. Lots of corrupt factions arguing with each other.
The Three Musketeers.  Meh.  Seen one version.  Seen them all.  My dad liked the action and special effects, but it was way too cheesy for me.


The Time Machine.  Written by H.G. Wells.  Adapted by Lewis Helfand.  Graphic novel version of the sci-fi classic.  The illustrations were a little too cute for me, but otherwise I liked it.  The original story is very dark and dystopian with the message that the future may not be as rosy as we think it will be.
How the copyright industry drives a Big Brother dystopia.  Big Business and Big Government will use these draconian copyright laws to enslave us all.
Turtle: The Incredible Journey.  Nature documentary following the journey of a female loggerhead turtle.  I liked it.  Makes you appreciate the miracle of life.  Out of two million turtles hatched, only one in ten thousand survive long enough to have kids on their own.  First the tiny little babies have to crawl across the beach, dodging predators such as crabs and dive-bombing birds, as if they're in "Saving Private Ryan."  If they make it to the ocean and the waves don't spit them right back out onto the beach, they then have to go on a four thousand mile roundtrip journey across the Atlantic, dodging sharks, fishermen, pollution, and other hazards.
Employers ask job seekers for Facebook passwords.  This makes the libertarian in me downright homicidal.  I understand the need to do it for spies, police officers and prison guards because of security issues.  But corporations and government agencies don't have the right to demand that you show them your Facebook account, give them your passwords or "friend" them. I swear we're becoming a nation of sheep, blindly signing our rights away just so we can have a job or feel safe.
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Fantasy about a teenage boy who discovers that his grandfather's old stories about living in a school for mutants is true.  It was very popular last summer.  I thought it was a bit overrated, but overall I still liked it.  I liked how old black-and-white photographs were incorporated into the story.  That helped make it feel more mysterious and surreal.
Dutch Catholic Church castrated ten boys in the 1950s who accused their priests of abusing them.


Gay rights under attack in Liberia. It's disappointing that a Nobel Peace Prize winner like President Ellen Sirleaf  Johnson is such a homophobe.  It's hard to invest in Africa's future because it's people are so backwards and ignorant.  Why give money to countries that stone gays?  Better off letting them all starve, kill each other and die of AIDS.  Just not worth saving.



Retreat.  Indie British thriller about a couple held hostage by a soldier on a remote island.  It was okay.  I liked the idea behind the story.  And I have a big ole hardon for Jamie Bell and Cillian Murphy.  But I wasn't thrilled with how the couple reacted to their situation.  They both cried like little bitches and whined a lot.  It was almost embarrassing to watch.  Wanted the guy to just murder them to shut them the fuck up.  It was a classic case of the cultural differences between Europeans and Americans.  Europeans have pretty much become bedwetters.  If it was an American couple, they would've been a hell of a lot more feistier.
21 Jump Street.  Spoof based on the 1980s crime tv show about detectives undercover in a high school.  I really liked it.  Good old-fashioned raunchy comedy.  I was also surprised at how funny Channing Tatum was.


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United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate NAACP claims that US voter ID laws violate human rights.  This is nutty for two reasons.

  1. The UN council is made up of a bunch of undemocratic countries who don't even let their people vote
  2. Many countries around the world have voter ID laws.  Sleazy civil rights racketeer groups like the NAACP are just mad because it's getting harder for them to steal elections for the Democrats.  In the past they'd swarm inner-city polling places and stuff the ballot boxes with fake votes.  There were rarely ever any investigations because Democrats controlled the state and local election boards where it happened.  The one rare case that did see the light of day was squashed by the corrupt Obama Justice Department.  
US soldiers in Afghanistan disarmed for speech by Defense Secretary.  Officially it was because Afghan soldiers were disarmed and they wanted to defer to them.  Unofficially it's because the Obama administration has nothing but contempt for soldiers and veterans and they were afraid yet another one would snap and start shooting at them.  When Obama first took office he had high approval ratings among soldiers because many were young, uneducated and didn't know what liberal Democrats were really like as leaders.  But after he surrendered in Iraq and put everyone through the meat grinder in Afghanistan, Obama's now absolutely despised by the rank and file as the worst commander-in-chief ever.  Bush was never very popular either, but at least he was nice and respectful.  Obama is seen as a rich limousine liberal who doesn't care about anyone but himself and his donors.

The Red Badge of Courage graphic novel. Originally written by Stephen Crane.  Illustrated and adapted by Wayne Vansant.  Classic story about a young soldier who joins the Union Army in the Civil War.  I liked it.  I'm a big fan of graphic novel adaptations of classics.  Did a great job at showing the horrors of war.  My two favorite parts were when the young soldier discovered the corpse of the dead soldier sitting next to the tree and when he woke up after the first day of battle looking aged and grizzled. 


The Perfect Host.  Dark comedy about a bank robber who breaks into a serial killer's house.  Watched it on Netflix.  It was okay.  I thought David Hyde Pierce was hilarious.  Would've been great if they simply focused on him being psychotic.  But instead they blew it with a lame backstory for the bank robber and a "Dexter" twist that was just plain silly.
Moroccan girl commits suicide after judge forces her to marry her rapist.  Liberal apologists are trying to say that "local tradition" is responsible for everything instead of Islam but that's bullshit.  It's an Islamic court.  This happens all the time in Islamic countries. Doesn't matter if it's a Moroccan village, Saudi suburb or Pakistani megacity.  Islam is a backwards religion that promotes rape, sexism and slavery.
My job just instituted a drug/alcohol policy.  They made us sign a statement saying that we were aware of the new policy so I put "signed under protest" next to my signature.  An ass-kisser who has a long history of sucking up to HR whined that it was insubordinate.  I called her out on it.  Told her the truth.  That everyone has slowly lost their rights over the years because people have become self-serving cowards.  Has drug testing done anything to help the war on drugs?  No.  It's just fucked up the economy.  Millions of people are out of work because they can't pass a drug test or have been convicted of drug crimes.  This has resulted in TRILLIONS of dollars being spent to imprison them or put them on welfare.  It's just not worth it.
Obama administration to cut off birth control funding for women in Texas because the state won't fund Planned Parenthood. It's all about corruption.  Obama and the Democrats care more about getting bribes from the special interest groups than actually helping anyone.
Members of feminist punk girl band Pussy Riot arrested for protesting against Putin and Friends.
PBS talkshow host Charlie Rose sued for using interns as slave labor.  Classic case of hypocrisy.  Do as I say, not as I do.  Labor laws apply to everyone but him.
"Christian" metal band singer Bradlee Deen for bashing Elton John, Lady Gaga and gays at a school pep rally. Can read excerpts and see the Youtube video here.


1890s exotic dancers.
British college student to be extradited to US for running TVShack website featuring links to tv-shows.  We'll let murderers, pedophiles and other criminals go.  But threaten Big Media and ya'll be kidnapped by stormtroopers and thrown into Guantanamo.
Interest rates to double for student loans on July 1st.  There's no reason to double the rates and make everyone pay thousands of dollars extra.  It's just pure sleazy greed from the Big Banks and corruption from the government.
Jew Pond.  Lake in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.  It was originally called Spring Pond, then Carleton Pond after the Carleton Park nearby.  In the 1920s, two Jewish businessmen bought the land for a proposed hotel/resort.  It fell through because the locals were less than welcoming.  It's been called Jew Pond ever since. Although there's hope to change the name.
The Dead by Charlie Higson.  Second book in The Enemy young adult horror series about kids fighting their way through an England where everyone over 16 turns into a 28 Days Later-style rage-filled plague victim. I liked it.  Reminds me of The Walking Dead.  Very dark. No character's safe.


Some folks have been trashing the viral marketing stunt of having homeless guys serve as wireless hotspots during the SXSW festival but I think it's a great idea.  Folks get to use wifi on the go and in return the homeless get some much needed cash.  It's way better than wasting money on paying hotels and other venues for internet access.  I think the real complaint is that they want to sweep the homeless under the rug and forget about them. Can read more about it here.
Guy jerks off his giant footlong cock on webcam.  Good lord, that's probably the biggest dick I've ever seen.

  • BestMaleBlogs.  Free site that reviews gay blogs.
  • ProstituteMovies.com.  Free blog featuring Oron download links to older straight porn movies that are mostly from the 1970s and 1980s.

Heather Morris naked.  Don't know if these are real or not.  She plays ditzy cheerleader Britney on Glee.


The Village Barbershop.  2008 indie drama about a crusty old barber who reluctantly takes in a girl as his partner.  I couldn't get into it.  John Ratzenberger was too grumpy while the story overall was a little too sappy for my tastes.
US soldier snaps and goes on shooting spree in Afghanistan, murdering 16 civilians. To be fair, Afghanistan has always been a mess, but it's only gotten worse since Obama took over.  Afghanistan has become like Vietnam. There's no strategy.  We send our troops over there.  Put them through the meat grinder.  Treat them like shit.  Then pull them out and surrender to the terrorists/Taliban that they've been fighting. The liberal media is silent because Big Media is in bed with Obama.  The Democrats are silent because they're hypocrites and are only anti-war when Republican presidents are in power.  It's only a matter of time before Obama surrenders to the Taliban.  They turn the place back over to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.  We fire some lame missiles at their camps (like Clinton did in the 1990s).  The terrorists attack us yet again, probably killing even more people this time.  And the War on Terror starts all over again.
I'm ambivalent about Dennis Kucinish losing his primary election due to redistricting.  On the one hand, I admire him for being one of the most independent members of the House.  On the other hand, he was a terrible congressman who never got shit done for his district.


The Myth of the American Sleepover.  Indie drama about a group of high school kids hanging out on the last night of summer.  It was okay.  On the one hand, I like the innocence of it.  No sex. No drugs.  No violence.  Made me pine for the high school happiness that I never had.  But on the other hand, watching people hang out gets old quick. Nothing really happens. They just walk around and talk a lot.  Towards the end you're hoping a little that someone gets laid or accidentally murdered to shake things up.

18Stream Vick and Vicktoria
Arn: The Knight Templar.  2007 Swedish drama based on the novels about a Swedish knight fighting in the Crusades.  It was okay.  Parts of it were slow and the history wasn't perfect, but the action was good and I liked the look of it.  Went the realistic route by having an international cast and having characters speak multiple languages (Swedish, English, Latin, Arabic, etc.)
I think disaster relief has become way too politicized.  Conservative politicians like Ohio Gov. John Kasich won't apply for federal aid because they want to look fiscally responsible.  At the same time, liberal politicians like Obama have played games with aid, bending over backwards to help Democrat/battleground states while fucking over folks in red states.
Juicy tidbits from my good friends at Alt.Gossip.Celebrities Blind Items Rehash.  Blind items are a way for tabloids to gossip about celebrities without having to worry about being sued.  You have to take everything with a grain of salt because they're just guesses, but at the same time you'd be surprised at how much of this stuff has turned out to be true.

  • Sean Penn cheats on his wife all the time.
  • Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are huge cokeheads. It's why they look scary skinny in some pictures.
  • Zac Efron is a closetcase.  He's often been seen partying in gay bars but doesn't want to come out because he wants to be a leading man so his PR people set him up with fake girlfriends.  His latest is British actress Lily Collins.
  • Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up because she cheated on him with his older brother Chris (aka Thor).
  • Celebrity chef Gina de Laurentiis and pop singer Michael Buble cheated on their significant others with each other.  Michael Buble especially has a reputation for being a horndog.
  • Glenn Close has a drinking problem.  She's been seen in public totally shitfaced.  
  • When Michael Douglas married Catherine Zeta-Jones, many folks thought he would fuck it up because he's a notorious womanizer.  But it turns out he's actually been the stable one.  She's been in and out of rehab for drugs, citing "exhaustion" and being bi-polar.
  • Singer Robert Plant had a huge hissy fit at a Starbucks in Austin, Texas because he didn't like his coffee.
  • Nicole Kidman's dyed her hair so much she's pretty much bald and looks like Skeletor without her hair and makeup done.
  • Will Smith's son Jaden Smith is a huge spoiled brat who likes to scream and boss everybody around.
  • Pamela Anderson was caught snorting a big pile of coke while at a party at the Playboy Mansion.
  • Christina Aguilera is a nightmare on "The Voice" because she's often drunk and out of it.
  • Oprah has been acting like a huge screaming bitch because her OWN network is falling apart.
  • Scientology has been harassing Lisa Marie Presley because she left the cult and told them to fuck off.
  • Robert Downey Jr. has fallen off the wagon.  He's been acting erratic lately at events and talkshows.  He also has a habit of cross-dressing when he's not sober.  He just spent ten grand on vintage women's clothes.
  • Jamie Foxx swings both ways, although lately more towards guys.
  • Jake Gylenhaal is a closetcase.  He's had long-distance relationships with actresses such as Kristen Dunst and Reese Witherspoon.  He realized that he was a dud as a straight guy in "Love and Other Drugs" so he's trying to find a high-profile fake girlfriend to make him look straight.
  • 31-year-old singer-actor Ray J was banging Whitney Houston at the time of her death and was probably the one who scored drugs for her.
Dancing At Lughnasa.  1998 drama based on the play about five spinster sisters living together in rural 1930s Ireland.  It was okay.  The story's a bit boring but the actors were all good.  Meryl Streep is one of the few American actors who can successfully pass for British.
I like Music Hall.  It's a nice place.  But I support the effort to have the city of Cincinnati turn it over to a non-profit group.  I have a big pet peeve about the government subsidizing arts for the rich.  If they want to spend $165 million to renovate an old building that only rich people get to enjoy, then let private donors pay for it.  Otherwise I'd rather see all that money go to arts and music education in the schools or a music foundation that supports all kinds of music (rap, Appalachian, choirs). Can read more about it here.
UN to condemn Israel for treatment of Palestinian women.  Of course the UN won't say a thing about the Syrian army gang-raping protesters, Saudi Arabia treating women like animals, China forcing women to get unwanted abortions, African countries allowing female genital mutilation, or any other anti-woman abuses out there because the United Nations is a corrupt body dominated by dictatorships.
Illegal alien from Guatemala allowed to keep $750,000 lottery winnings.  I think he should have been arrested, deported and his winnings given back to the taxpayers.


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Dozens of Iraqi teens murdered for dressing too "emo."




Animated gifs of Nintendo's Princess Peach getting gangbanged. I forget what the little brown guys are called.

She Malez N Da Hood 3-2


Ben Bowder to star in a Doctor Who cowboy episode.  I loved him in Farscape and Stargate.
That President Obama had a tranny nanny! Can read more about it here.
Puss in Boots.  Animated movie.  I like the Shrek movies better because they have a little more adult humor, but overall I thought it was cute.  Fun little movie for the kids.



CorbinFisher Olivia regulates Jackson and Zeb


American Zombie.  Fake documentary about a small group of zombies living openly in LA.  Meh.  I couldn't get into it.  The story was too schizophrenic.  Is it a quirky mockumentary?  Serious modern fantasy?  Or a slightly different take on horror?  Needed to pick one instead of bouncing around all three.
LulzSec exposed as an FBI plant.  This is where the fun conspiracy stuff kicks in.  Basically the government took a lame hacker and gave him the resources to launch some high-profile attacks.  They then used his increased street cred to not only gobble up other hackers but to push legislation cracking down on cybercrime and piracy. Very shady sinister stuff.
That the phrase "that takes the cake" comes from slavery?  Southern plantation owners would make their slaves entertain them.  Known as cakewalks, slaves would line up and do little dances/skits.  The biggest buffoon would usually get a little treat as a reward.  After slavery, minstrel shows took over.  Whites in blackface would go all out dancing, singing, looking silly and doing jazz hands.  The crowd would clap the hardest for the winners, who would "take the cake."
Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong by James Loewen.  A look at one hundred historic sites across the country that are either horribly inaccurate or based on outright lies.  I liked it.  Very snarky.  He also wrote Lies My Teacher Told Me about how messed up history textbooks are.  He's about as stereotypical leftwing as you can get (a socialist sociologist from Vermont) but I do agree with him that our history has become way too sanitized.  Americans are pussies.  We cover up anything that's controversial.  
Is HazeHer.com real?
  • ANSWER:  Nope.  It's part of the same family as HazeHim, CollegeRules and DareDorm.  Reality porn.  What makes the videos seem so real is the fact that they're filmed on location with digital camcorders and often rely on a mix of newbies and non-performers.  It's not like the pro sites where you're seeing the same famous porn stars over and over again.  


I've been pondering the physics and mechanics of zombie attacks.

  • Bites.  Human teeth aren't the same as canines.  If you're wearing tough material (leather) or are covered in a lot of layers, I think it would be very hard for a zombie to bite through.  There'd be a lot more gumming and gnawing than biting going on.  
  • Clawing.  Everyone's worst nightmare is being ripped apart.  But I think that's hard to do.  I just watched a zombie rip open a guy's stomach on The Walking Dead.  In reality, I think the zombie would've had a hard time getting through the clothes, let alone get traction on the skin itself.  Fat's very rubbery.  Even with nails, it's hard to get in there.  
  • Scratching.  The general wisdom is that if a zombie scratches you it's the same as getting bitten.  You're a goner.  And yet it's perfectly okay to get blood on you while slaughtering zombies or even to deliberately smear yourself with zombie gore so you don't smell human. The zombie pathogen is most likely a virus, which means it travels through fluids such as blood and saliva.  I could see a scratch causing a serious case of bacterial infection because you've been exposed to a dead decaying thing, but I think it would be hard to pass on the zombie virus.