Country Strong.  Drama about a country singer's battle with the bottle.  It's funny because I liked the movie and the music, but didn't really care about the characters.  I didn't feel sorry for Gwyneth Paltrow's character.  Sorry, but if you're five months pregnant and lose your baby on a wild bender, you don't get any second chances, honey.
Cincinnati Haunted Handbook by Jeff and Michael Morris.  I'm very picky about ghost hunting books because half the time the authors go off the deep end.  But I really liked this one because it's very straightforward.  I hope to visit some of them.
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HazeHim "Pecker Wrestling" preview


ImageFap.com.  Free porn site that features thousands of porn pics.  I mainly use it for cartoons.
Doctor Who: Save The Universe board game.

Gulliver's Travels. I didn't like it.  Jack Black is like Russell Brand.  Good in small doses as a wacky side character.  Give him his own movie and he's really annoying.


18Stream.com.  Straight porn pay site.  Features high quality videos of young European couples fucking.  Many are from Teenburg and other similar sites.  The content could be updated more frequently, but otherwise I'd say it's good for one shot.


Five must-see twister videos.
6 Foot 7 Foot cover.  She's fun to watch and the guy playing the piano behind her is hot.
White House blacklists reporter who caught protest at fundraiser.  How can you preach about transparency and being above politics when you censor reporters?
The Tourist. Romantic thriller starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. I couldn't get into it. It was beautiful to watch at times because of the European setting, but the acting was so damn bland. Felt like they were trying to pretend to be an old fashioned Hollywood classic and were about to break out and giggle at any moment. Can't help but to wonder if critics are right that the three Golden Globe nominations came from bribes.
Obama isn't the first president to face questions about his citizenship and birth.
  • Republican President Chester Arthur, who served from 1881-1885 after his predecessor James Garfield was assassinated, pissed a lot of folks off by fighting corruption. His enemies retaliated by attacking his birth. First they accused him of living in Ireland until he was fourteen because his dad was originally from Ireland. When childhood acquaintances came forward to vouch for him, they then tried to argue that he was born on a Canadian farm fifteen miles north of the border that his family owned.
  • Republican President Warren Harding, who served two terms from 1915-1921, was accused of being black. Officially, it was because his great-grandmother might have been a slave. Unofficially, it was because he got on everybody's nerves by bragging about his really big dick.
The Sticky Note Campaign. I get a kick out of this idea of putting little passive-aggressive notes on gas pumps and grocery store aisles thanking Obama for high prices.
Mama Sue asked me if I was a birther. I'm not. I also don't believe Obama's a secret Muslim. He's just another typical out-of-touch limousine liberal.
Model and singer Steph Jones shows his dick


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I liked the first two movies better, but I still thought this was a good family movie. I was especially pleased to see the reference to Jesus at the end. There aren't enough good movies or entertainment choices out there for Christian kids.
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Harry Potter Butterbeer recipe. I'm not a big fan of butterscotch, but I have to say it does look yummy.
Be Different: Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian by John Elder Robison. Advice from someone who was diagnosed with Aspergers late in life in his forties. I agree with him that you should find what ya're good at and then find a way to make a living at it. Earlier the start, the better. I was especially struck by his similar experiences growing up. I couldn't wear clothes with buttons on them until I was in my twenties. I was very disconnected for a very long time. I still have problems with etiquette, such as greeting people back. And I'm still very much a creature of routine. Change freaks me out.
I got rid of the word verification of comments. I'd like to find an easier comments system. Something that lets ya say something immediately without having to do a bunch of crap.


The NKY Health Department just e-mailed me back to clarify that e-cigarettes are NOT banned by Kenton County's lame anti-smoking ordinance. Apparently they had no idea what e-cigs were until folks started complaining.
FirstWatch. Upscale chain restaurant that focuses on breakfast and lunch. I went to a retirement lunch on Tuesday at the one in Covington's River Center. I liked it. Had a lot of options on the menu. My stomach was acting up, so I went light. Fruit crepes covered in low-fat organic strawberry yogurt. With a bowl of granola and a big cinnamon cranberry muffin on the side. Very yummy. My only nitpick is that they close early at 2:30pm.


BullDogPit.com. Gay pay porn site featuring hot British guys fucking. I liked it. The videos are high quality and frequently updated. You also get AlphaMaleFuckers, LatinStudsMania and BrashBoys as a bonus. Make sure to check out the free two-minute preview clips!
WatchDoctorWhoEpisodes.com. Streams the latest episodes of Doctor Who.
Fifty incredible views of places above the clouds. The Norwegian guy has balls for sitting on that ledge.
Rob Lowe: Guess The Celebrity Encounters. My favorite was Mickey Rourke's description.
I'm all for porn, but I'm against the NY Public Library's decision to allow folks to look at porn on its computers. I don't see it as a First Amendment issue. If you want to look up midget tranny gangbangs, eat your heart out. Just do it at HOME! If you don't have the internet at home, tough shit, that's your problem. I think a lot of libraries forget that they're public institutions. When you steal money from taxpayers, ya have to be accountable. NY Mayor Bloomberg is a bit of a wimp, but if I was him, I'd threaten to wipe out their budget if they didn't comply.
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It Gets Better. Edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller. Series of letters from President Obama, Ellen Degeneres, and other folks telling gay kids to not give up hope because it will get better. I liked it. The participants were very diverse and came from all walks of life. My favorites were the religious-themed ones addressed to the kids trapped in oppressive Baptist, Mormon, 7th Day Adventist, Jehovah Witness, Pentecostal, etc. families.
That the word poop comes from Middle English word "poupen" which meant to "blow a horn" but eventually became a euphemism for farting. It didn't become popular until 1900.


Tardis Closet. I may very well end up buying this...
Somebody asked me if I ever worry about offending people. For me, the true test of a person's character is how they act when they don't like something. I've exposed a lot of fake insincere people this way. If ya're not tolerant, then ya're not worth knowing. Good riddance.
Lord of the Rings trilogy. Having finished reading the books, I spent Easter rewatching the movies. As I've said before, I think they're better than the books. The plot moves way faster. You actually care about the characters. And the ending isn't a letdown. For more on LOTR, check out Mark's awesome essay on the subject here.


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkein. It was okay. The story's great. It's pretty much the father of modern epic fantasy, can see it's influences everywhere. But it's the delivery that's lacking. Good lord, if the characters aint giving speeches, then they're singing ballads. I also thought the ending was very anti-climactic. Probably one of the cases where the movies are actually better than the books.
Elisabeth Sladen Tribute. David Tennant, Matt Smith, John Barrowman, Russell T. Davies, and the kids from the show all pay tribute to her. The scene where the Tenth Doctor warmly calls her "My Sarah Jane" made me cry.
HornyPharaoh.com (straight) and HornyGreek.com (gay). Free porn tube sites. The porn's rather generic, but otherwise they're not bad. Got a lot of content without a lot of hassle.


See No Evil, Hear No Evil. 1989 comedy about a blind guy (Richard Pryor) and a deaf guy (Gene Wilder) working together to thwart some bad guys (including a young Kevin Spacey). I saw it years ago, but decided to watch it again. I liked it. I miss Richard Pryor. Gene Wilder was the perfect foil for him. They couldn't make this movie today. Too many people would whine about it not being politically correct. I especially enjoyed the blind-on-blind shootout.
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That Ikea is the world's largest charity. They pretend to be a non-profit foundation so they don't have to pay any taxes. In 2010, they made $36 billion, but only spent $65 million on charitable endeavors. You can read more Ikea trivia tidbits here.
Shape-shifting entity spotted in South Africa. One man said he saw it transform from a man in a suit to a pig to a bat. I love weird sightings like these.
Welcome dear friends. Before you scroll down and get offended, I would like to explain my political philosophy to ya:
  • It's hard to offend me because I don't take politics seriously. It's all a horse race to me. If one side wins an election, it's not the end of the freaking world. There's always another election just around the corner.
  • On the political spectrum, I'm what ya'd call a contrarian libertarian. That's a fancy term for being obnoxious and all over the place. George Carlin, Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens are all favorites of mine because they don't always run with the herd.
  • I'm very right-wing on many issues. I'm pro-life. I think the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is very important. I'm hardline on crime and punishment. I support torture!
  • I'm also very left-wing on many issues. I don't think the rich should get tax cuts. I like animals and the environment. I'm a member of the ACLU and strongly believe in freedom of speech. The vast majority of my friends are hippie pinko commies.
  • For a long time, I was a Republican, but then they lost me in 2004 when the party officially came out against gay marriage. So now I'm an independent. Pretty much a pox on both parties.
  • On Obama: Nice guy, but I think he's like Jimmy Carter. Overrated and incompetent.
  • I'm not a big fan of organized religion, especially Islam. The Prophet Mohammed can suck my dick. Now go riot over that, you stupid heathens. I also think the world would be a better place if everyone realized that Jesus was gay. I mean come on. The guy had a perm, wore sandals and hung out with a hooker and a bunch of guys. He died on the cross for being too sassy. And now we remember him by coloring eggs, eating chocolate and having lovely Sunday brunches.
  • I believe in "the liberal media." ABC-CBS-NBC/MSNBC-CNN-NY Times-Washington Post-etc. are owned by large corporations who clearly favor Democrats with their donations. That and a lot of anchors and reporters are smug liberal douches.
  • I don't like China, Russia and all of the tinpot dictatorships (Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Burma). The French and a lot of Europeans also get on my nerves because they're so fake and self-serving.
  • I'm not afraid to talk about race. I think Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and friends are sleazy civil rights racketeers. Poverty, AIDS, single-parent homes and overall ignorance is at an all-time high within the African-American community because black men don't take care of their families.
  • I'm against the War on Drugs. It's resulted in a massive prison-industrial complex that has bankrupted many states and ruined a lot of lives. Go after the dealers but let the stoners and addicts go.
  • I LOVE COMMENTS! Talk to me, people! Tell me I'm wrong! We Americans have become such pussies. Nobody wants to argue.


Should you drink your urine? Maybe if you're desperate and dying, but otherwise it's very overrated, if not even bad for ya.
The Fresh Juice Party for crashing Obama's ritzy $5,000-a-plate San Fransisco fundraiser dinner to protest the imprisonment and torture of American soldier and Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning. If Dubya used the Patriot Act to imprison an American citizen indefinitely in solitary confinement, there'd be mass outrage. But Obama gets away with it because the Big Media companies are in his pocket and most of the left is shallow and hypocritical.
Holy Rollers. Indie drama loosely based on the true story of some young Hasidic Jews who were recruited in the 1990s to smuggle Ecstasy into America. Jesse Eisenberg is adorable as ever, but otherwise I couldn't really get into it.
Welcome to my new blog! I used to have everything on one blog, but while I'll happily discuss the history of Peru and Little Mermaid lesbian porn without batting an eye, apparently my muggle friends are a bit more squeamish about mixing the two worlds. So if ya wanna talk about politics, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comic books, tv shows, movies, books, history, food, life in general or whatever else strikes your fancy, this is the place for you! If you're looking for pictures of hot guys or straight, gay, bi, tranny, and cartoon porn, then check out the original http://thenaughtypundit.blogspot.com!
I've decided to split the blog. This blog will be porn only. Everything else will now be on my new blog http://sassygayfriend.blogspot.com!


1930s black and white vintage erotic stag film


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So Kenton County's new anti-smoking ordinance counts electronic cigarettes too. They cite this line:
  • "The act of inhaling, exhaling, or carrying any lighted or heated cigarette, cigar, pipe or other combustible tobacco product."
But I think they're clueless to the fact that e-cigs aren't tobacco. There's no second hand smoke. They harm no one. I think the health department people who wrote the rule need to be fired and replaced with people who are actually competent.
Some folks are accusing Cincinnati Police of using excessive force in the shooting death of a Northside man, but I think they did the right thing. Sorry, but if you're drunk and stoned and ya try to stab a cop in the chest with a knife, your sorry ass is gonna get shot. It's very sad and tragic, but he could've easily prevented his death by not being a loser. Even if they did manage to taser him, there'd still be people whining about excessive force.
Kathy Michelle Coy. She took a pregnant friend out in the middle of the woods, stunned her, slit her wrists and throat with a drywall knife, and then ripped the baby out, bringing the placenta, uterus and ovaries along with him. Some bleeding hearts whine that she's too sick to stand trial. Fuck that. I say gut her like a pig and leave her to slowly bleed out on the floor trying to put her guts back in.
CBS won't release potentially embarrassing audio recording of Obama. Of course they had no problems releasing candid video of Dubya getting his makeup done before a speech. Or of John McCain talking to Katie Couric before an interview. That's because CBS/Viacom/MTV/Paramount is a big corporate donor to the Democrats and most of the anchors/reporters at CBS News are biased liberal pansies.


British court sentences 22-year-old veteran to 70 days in jail for burning Koran. Say what ya will about America, but at least we're still free. The Europeans are all about appeasement.
Elisabeth Sladen. She played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and it's spinoff, Sarah Jane Adventures. Next to Donna, she was my favorite Companion, one of the few to hold their own against the Doctor. She was such a sweet lady, both on and off camera. She passed away from cancer at the young age of 63 and will very much be missed.
Plastic Planet. German documentary about the dangers of plastic. I'm not thrilled with how plastic is filling up our oceans and landfills, but my biggest concern is the long-term effects that plastic chemicals have on our bodies. We drink the chemicals leaking out of water, soda and baby bottles. We breathe the chemicals coming out of car dashboards. We eat the chemicals melting out of our containers. Nothing is done about it because Big Business relies on plastic and government agencies such as the FDA are owned by Big Business. We ignore all of this chemical contamination, then wonder why infertility, autism, birth defects, miscarriages, cancer and other disorders are suddenly on the rise.
Iran wants to ban dog ownership. How can you respect a religion that hates puppies?
The Living Wake. Dark comedy about an obnoxious guy who holds a wake for himself after discovering that he's dying. I couldn't get into it. Way too wacky for me. Reminds me of Monty Python.
The Hobbit. 1977 animated movie. Not bad. I liked the old-fashioned animation and 1970s folk music.


37 celebrities banned from foreign countries. Wow, Snoop Dogg managed to get himself banned from Amsterdam, of all places.
Jesse Jackson Jr. blames iPad for killing jobs. This is the same guy who's under investigation for bribery and trying to buy a Senate seat, has admitted to using campaign money to cheat on his wife, and lives a lavish life as part of the Chicago Mafia thanks to all of the shakedowns his sleazy racist dad, Jesse Jackson, has been able to get away with. I dunno. Maybe your district doesn't have jobs because you're INCOMPETENT.
House Republicans want to use taxpayer money to hire a top right-wing lawyer to fight for the gay marriage ban.
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Tangled. Disney cartoon based on Rapunzel. I thought it was cute. Good old-fashioned fairy-tale.
Kipp Rusty Walker. A 19-year-old musician in Bend, Oregon. He performed a song at a coffee shop's open mic night then repeatedly stabbed himself in the chest to death. Some folks are bashing his death as a silly little emo stunt gone wrong. But I think it's a very tragic case of suicide. I understand where he was coming from. I've thought about setting myself on fire or blowing my brains out in front of everyone. A public suicide like that is one last Fuck You to the world you hate.
Black Swan. Dark drama about a crazy hallucinating ballerina. I usually don't like surreal artsy-fartsy stuff, but this had a lot of WTF moments that made it interesting. I can see why it got so many Oscar nominations. Makes ya think.


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Islamic terrorists murder leftwing pro-Palestinian Italian activist. It's very sad that he died, but the European Left should realize that if they're gonna hang out with terrorists, they just might get hurt.


Star Trek: TNG XXX Parody trailer. Tasha Yar and Data, Sela, oh boy, someone's clearly a fan.
School lunches from around the world. I like to go to Ikea just for the yummy Swedish ligonberry juice.
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A Film Unfinished. Documentary about a 1942 Nazi propaganda film trying to put a positive spin on life in the Warsaw Ghetto two months before it was liquidated and everyone in it sent to the concentration camps. It's very heartbreaking and disturbing. They would show a propaganda scene and then show outtakes revealing the dead bodies, starving kids, half-dead old people, beatings and brutality.


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Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Based on the kids book about a boy's first year in middle school. I liked it. Good family movie. Sweet but not too sappy. I can see why the books are so popular with kids.


Should a transgender man be allowed to serve as a bathroom monitor for recovering drug addicts? I don't think it's a big deal that he was originally a woman. Besides they're crackheads. Fuck any complaints from them.
Mike Campbell. A 78-year-old white farmer, he took on Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe who tried to steal his farm and give it to a crony's son. An international court ruled in his favor, but Mugabe's thugs just beat him and his family and burned their farm to the ground. He never recovered from his injuries and pretty much died from them. You can see his historic fight for freedom in the documentary Mugabe and the White African.
Nowhere Boy. Drama about a teenage John Lennon. The story was interesting, the music was nice, and actor Aaron Johnson was certainly yummy to look at, but overall I just couldn't get into it. I'm very picky about biopics and historical movies.
So the other day I was flipping through a book about Aspergers at work and came across a chapter about how Aspies LOVE to name stuff. I look across the desk and realize that I've named and labeled all the DVD unlockers Thor, Hootie, Calvin and Bertha. What do I call my best friend? Mama Sue. What do I call my arch-enemy? That Cunt (aka Harpy in polite company). How many names do I have for myself? Ronaldo, The Naughty Pundit, Sassy Gay Friend, Beckapedia, Big Cock Nerd. Yup. I'm an Aspie.
The Fighter. Drama based on the true story of boxer Mickey Ward and his brother Dicky. I'm not a big fan of Mark Wahlberg, boxing, and Boston-based movies in general, but I liked it. Thought the crazy-assed family stole the show. Definitely deserved all the Oscar nominations and awards.
Travis wanted to know if a school banning homemade lunches was socialist engineering or a capitalist scam between the principal and cafeteria vendor. I think it's BOTH. I believe that Big Business and the special interests have corrupted both parties. Just look at what happened this past weekend. The federal government almost shut down because the Democrats refused to budge on cutting funding to Planned Parenthood, a special interest group that donates millions of dollars to them. It's all a scam.
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Winter's Bone. Indie drama based on a novel about a girl looking for her missing deadbeat dad. I really liked it. Definitely deserved all the Oscar nominations. It's set in the Missouri Ozarks, but it could've easily taken place in Appalachia, the Midwest, Deep South, anywhere ya can find pill-popping, dope-smoking, meth-cooking trash. Men who don't work or take care of their families because they're too busy running around stealing and hustling. Women who care more about getting high, sucking daddy's dick and fighting other bitches than taking care of their babies. Some blame it all on poverty, education, War on Drugs, cycles of abuse, blah blah blah. But it's not that. The people are trash. Best to just sterilize the whole lot of them.
Chicago school bans homemade lunches. This is why our education system sucks. Schools care more about socialist social engineering than teaching. It also sounds like a scam between the principal and cafeteria contractor to boost numbers so they get more federal school lunch money.