My take on the season three premiere of Fear The Walking Dead. Spoilers ahead.

I was disappointed with it.

Killing off Travis was stupid. He was one of my favorite characters. A lot like Rick Grimes. A good person trying to survive the apocalypse.

Daniel Sharman is a lame villain. But at least he's pretty.

I'm not really impressed with the whole militia storyline. Meh. Whatever. Been there. Done that. Although I've heard that Native Americans are going to show up. That could be interesting.

I'm curious to see how the Mexico storyline wraps up. I like Strand. And it looks like crazy Salazar is gonna come back. But Ofelia is lame and I could care less about Nick's Mexican girlfriend.

The show has already been renewed for season four. I think they should play it smart and set Maddison up as Alpha of the Whisperers. Then when Fear wraps up, she can appear on The Walking Dead.

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