My take on former FBI Director James Comey's testimony.

🔻Trump was stupid for firing him. He just made things worse for himself.
🔻So much for a Watergate-like bombshell. Comey didn't say anything scandalous. In fact, he actually shot down a number of the worst allegations against Trump.
🔻The liberal media comes out looking bad yet again. CNN, ABC News and the NY Times have already had to make retractions based on his testimony.
🔻I had fun watching the Democrats praise Comey then squirm when he revealed that Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch was horribly corrupt. Ironically, out of everyone involved, it was Obama officials who went the furthest in trying to obstruct justice by shutting down investigations into Clinton corruption.
🔻John McCain is getting senile.
🔻I like Maine Sen. Angus King. He's an independent. Was a long-time governor. Really doesn't give a shit about the DC game so he says whatever in the hell he wants.

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