Ten years ago a friend asked me out on a date just to tell me that there wouldn't be any more because he was moving to Chicago to be a Catholic monk. Haven't heard from him since. Until this week. When he suddenly messaged me to say that he wants to give it a go. But only for three years because he's on a "sabbatical" to "find himself." Whatever in the hell that means.

I dunno. It'd be nice to have a friend. Maybe even a fuck buddy. But I can't see myself dating. It seems like he's pulling a Rumspringa. Sow your oats for three years to get the "sins" out then back to the monastic life.

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  1. Okay Ron here goes.

    Do you still have feelings for him? If so, don't be stupid. Take the chance. It could turn out to be the best three years of your life and open you up to who knows what else. The worst case scenario is that it doesn't work out and at least then you'll know it wouldn't have.