I skimmed through Project Censored's Top 25 Censored Stories of 2016. Every year I'm disappointed because it's just a generic rehash of various left-wing causes. You can see their full list here.

In no particular order, here are ten stories that I think fell through the cracks last year.

1. Wikileaks proving that the Democratic primary was rigged. There are hundreds of emails from party officials admitting to changing bylaws and throwing out ballots in an effort to thwart Bernie Sanders.

2. Wikileaks showed how the media is in bed with the Democrats. The emails were nauseating to read. CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, NY Times, Buzzfeed, you name it there's a long paper trail of reporters, anchors and executives contacting the Democrats directly and asking them how they can spread fake news in their favor. In one case, CNN spoonfed Hillary Clinton answers during a debate.

3. The mysterious murder of Seth Rich. A high-up IT person for the Democratic party, he was murdered execution-style near his house in Washington DC. Even though nothing was taken, police wrote it off as a burglary. But a number of signs point to him being the source of the leaks to Wikileaks, including comments from Julian Assange himself.

4. Trump's flip-flop on China. He went from supporting Taiwan and vowing action against China on trade and currency manipulation to mumbling that Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is a good man. The media is all over Trump on Russia but they never say anything about China because they want Chinese money.

5. The next bubble. Amazon, Apple, Google and the Chinese economy are extremely overvalued. It's only a matter of time before they give out and we have another nasty stock market crash that upends the global economy.

6. The decline of retail. Sears/Kmart has been circling the drain for years. But it's not just them. Macy's, J. C. Penny, Best Buy and countless other retail stores and malls are in trouble. Even Walmart has hit a rough patch. The suburbs especially are getting hit hard. They're losing money from property and payroll taxes.

7. The death of the middle class. When adjusted for inflation, I make less money than my dad, who made minimum-wage as an illiterate grave digger. Salaries have gone way down. Student loans keep folks from buying houses. Good stable jobs are hard to come by.

8.  The environment. There are a million things wrong that the media never wants to focus on. Air pollution causing increased rates of asthma. Contaminated water in communities like Flint, Michigan. Chemicals in common plastic items possibly causing everything from cancer to autism. More and more animals are becoming endangered and extinct.

9.  Obamacare was doomed to fail from day one. The dirty little secret is that the Democrats knew that healthcare "reform" would barely last ten years. It only got off the ground because of massive subsidies that are unsustainable.

10.  The "Trump-Russia" conspiracy theory is fake. The Democrats and the media didn't want to admit that they screwed up the election but they keep the story alive because it's a win-win. It covers their asses and makes Trump look bad at the same time. They invent a scandal anytime Trump's poll numbers inch up. His State of the Union speech was a big hit...within hours "Russian revelations" leak. Jared Kushner sets up a successful overseas visit...Kushner suddenly is a puppet of Moscow.

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