TITLE: Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

DESCRIPTION: 2016 documentary about the Australian Christian pop band Hillsong United.

DIRECTED BY: Michael John Warren. He's known for doing music documentaries about Nicki Minaj, Drake and the Broadway musicals Shrek and Rent.

STARRING: Members of the band

STUDIO: It started at Relativity Media, but they went bankrupt so they sold the rights to Christian film studio PureFlix Entertainment.

MY TAKE: It was okay. I like their music so it works as a concert film. But I'd like to see someone do an actual documentary. There's a lot of dark undertones that need to be explored.

  • Pentecostal Christian fundamentalists trying to promote themselves as warm and fuzzy.
  • The shallowness of evangelical megachurches where everyone hangs out drinking coffee, listening to cheesy pop music, gushing about how great they are.
  • Hillsong Church covering up the fact that its founder molested little boys.
  • Many of the band members are paid shit. The church profits handsomely from them.

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