TITLE: John Wick Chapter 2

DESCRIPTION: 2017 action movie about a hit man.

DIRECTED BY: Chad Stahelski. He also did the first movie. Ironically he began his career as a stunt double in The Matrix, which Keanu Reeves famously starred in.

WRITTEN BY: Derek Kolstad. He's writing all the John Wick movies.


STUDIO: Produced by Lionsgate and sold to Summit Entertainemt at the Cannes Film Festival.

MY TAKE: I liked it. It's just a good old-fashioned action movie. Fun to watch. I especially enjoyed the different assassins. Oh look. It's a mime and a sumo wrestler!

  • Filmed in New York City, Rome and Montreal.
  • Did well at the box office. Making $166.8 million on a budget of $40 million. Doubling the first movie, which made $88 million.
  • EDM artist Le Castle Vania has a cameo as the DJ.

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