TITLE: It Comes At Night

DESCRIPTION: 2017 post-apocalyptic drama about survivors of a devastating pandemic taking refuge in a cabin in the woods.

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Up and coming director Trey Edward Shults



MY TAKE: It was okay. I can see why critics loved it. It's a very dark drama, similar to Cormac McCarthy's The Road. I can also see why audience members have given it a D. The studio really fucked everybody over with the marketing. The folks in the theater with me were pissed. It's not a traditional horror movie. There's no 28 Days-Later style zombies or 30 Days Of Night-style vampires trying to kill everyone. Although there are hints of that. Instead it's just a very slow drama about scared paranoid people hiding. 

  • They were way too vague with the disease. I have no idea how folks got it when they were clearly not in contact with anyone or anything. Didn't make any sense.
  • The ending is very confusing. I don't know what the hell went down. Again. Nothing made sense.
  • Filmed in New York.
  • Premiered at the horror-themed Overlook Film Festival in Oregon.
  • Tanked at the box office because of poor word of mouth.

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