Woke up cranky.

The combination of a long nap and a 64 ounce jumbo Pepsi at the baseball game screwed me up. Was wide awake until six in the morning.

My dad wants to go to the doctor. He's been having tremors, but he's more upset about weight loss. He's lost about ten pounds in the past year. His doctor wasn't too concerned about it. I think it's his Metformin. The diabetes medication doubles up as a weight loss pill because it helps suppress your appetite, which has happened with him. He eats far less than he used to. Barely even does meals anymore. Just snacks throughout the day.

I'm still on vacation from work but it still finds a way to irritate me. Checked the June schedule today and noticed that my off day next Friday was abruptly cancelled. The person doing the scheduling got testy with me when I asked about it. In the past, if we were on the rotation to work a closed holiday on a Sunday, we got a day off. It was my turn to work Memorial Day weekend so I got next Friday off. But the Payroll Lady has suddenly decided to change that. It's annoying because the two other full-timers call in constantly.

I'm now off to buy beer and cigarettes for my parents since they don't have any money. They're twitching because I slept late. All I can say is: Smoke Less! Drink Less!

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