The weekend was a mixed bag.

Friday I had lunch at the Indian buffet with my friend Kim and went out for drinks later at Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar with her and my friend Krista.

Saturday I hit up the Asian Food Fest, 16 Bit Barcade and the new Buzzed Bull alcoholic ice cream shop with my friend Amy, her boyfriend and her cousin.

Sunday, Mother's Day, wasn't so good. My mom was in a miserable mood because my sister didn't visit. You'd think that lying around all day would make her gain weight but she seems skinnier somehow. My dad was nuttier than ever. Somehow managed to break the awning on the patio swing. I spent the morning trying to clean up a sewage overflow in the back patio. Wasn't able to get it going because the landlord's ancient shop vac sprung a leak. Then I spent all day making a giant pen in my bedroom for my turtle, which he immediately proceeded to destroy frantically trying to escape. I don't get it. It was eight times larger than his aquarium but he acted like he had been kidnapped. Fortunately moving everything around actually made my bedroom better. I opened up a lot of space. My computer is also right next to the tv. I can enjoy the big screen more because I'm right in front of it.


  1. Turtles are nuts. Is yours aquatic?

  2. He's a box turtle. We've had him for almost fifteen years. Literally found him walking down the street in Newport.