Bureaucratic bullshit wore me down at work today. I've been working on a project for over a month. Everybody liked it. EXCEPT for one person. A control freak, he saw it as infringing on his turf. So he threw his weight around and used his clout to kill the whole thing. It was very demoralizing. Numbers are WAY down. If the trend continues, jobs will be reduced. I already know one person who is in the process of being demoted. Instead of trying to shake things up, the folks in charge just sit around staring stupidly at everyone. Will they suffer for it? No. They'll run the place into the ground then either retire or worm their way into a better job somewhere else. As Trump would say. SAD.


  1. After the construction, I would have thought there'd be more oversight. It sounds like the ones in charge were given a an check.

  2. First the excuse was that the building was old. Then it was that we were currently under construction. Then it was that we were adjusting to the new space. They finally realized that the person in charge was incompetent and transferred them out. But that person hired a lot of really useless people who in turn hired even more useless people so their legacy of incompetence lives on. What they don't realize is that consultants are recommending a major shakeup. It won't be pretty.