TITLE: Alien: Covenant

DESCRIPTION: 2017 sequel to Prometheus and sixth installment in the Alien series.

DIRECTED BY: Ridley Scott (director of the original Alien)

WRITTEN BY: John Logan (creator of Penny Dreadful) and Dante Harper. Damon Lindelof, who helped write Prometheus was originally going to write it but backed out.


STUDIO: 20th Century Fox

MY TAKE: It was okay. I liked the action. I liked the cast. I liked the special effects. But the story was very predictable and overall I'm just not a fan of the Alien backstory they've created. 

  • James Franco as the ship's captain.
  • Filmed in New Zealand and Australia.
  • Easily made back its $98 million budget in its first weekend at the box office.
  • The toy bird drinking water is a homage to the one seen in the original Alien.
  • Cyborgs David and Walter are named after longtime Alien producers David Giler and Walter Hill.

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