TITLE: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

DESCRIPTION: Sixth and supposedly final installment in the movie series based on the Resident Evil video games.

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Paul W. Anderson (director of the Resident Evil movies)


STUDIO: Sony's Screen Gems

MY TAKE: It was okay. Better than a lot of the sequels but still really dumb. I've never been able to follow the storyline for this series. It's all over the place and completely contradicts all the other movies.

  • Making $300 million on a budget of $40 million, it's the most successful movie in the series. Oddly enough it had the lowest box office debut of the series in North America but turned out to be a surprise huge hit in China, beating out Transformers and Captain America. Resident Evil is now the first horror series to make a billion dollars.
  • Filmed in South Africa with some studio work in Australia.
  • The set was the scene of two terrible accidents. 
    • Mila Jovovich's stunt double was almost killed when her motorcycle crashed into a camera crane that malfunctioned and didn't get out of her way. She was in a coma for two weeks, had half her face ripped off and lost an arm.
    • A crew member was killed when a Hummer fell off a rotating platform and pinned him against a wall, crushing him.
  • Was originally supposed to be filmed in 2013 but was delayed for a long time because Mila Jovovich was pregnant with her second child.

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