TITLE: The Bye Bye Man

DESCRIPTION: 2017 horror movie about three friends who awaken an evil entity.

DIRECTED BY: Stacy Title. She received an Oscar nomination for the 1994 short film Down on the Water but since then hasn't done much. Her last movie was the 2006 low-budget ghetto horror movie Hood of Horror.

WRITTEN BY: Her husband Jonathan Penner, who is best known for being a contestant on Survivor. It's loosely inspired by a "true story" in the 2005 book The President's Vampire: Strange But True Tales of the United States of America by Robert Damon Schneck.


STUDIO: STX Entertainment

MY TAKE: I didn't like it. The whole thing was hokey. They wanted to copy It Follows. But they also wanted a horror villain. So you got this goofy guy in a robe materializing to stare menacingly and brainwash people into committing murder. 

  • As is typical with horror, it was financially successful. Making $24 million on a budget of $7 million.
  • Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Was originally supposed to be released in October 2016 but got pushed back to June and then December.
  • Was originally rated R but the producers edited it down to PG-13 to get a wider audience.
  • Cute Guy Alert
    • Babyfaced 31-year-old Douglas Smith. Shame he didn't have a sex scene. I loved him on "Big Love." Can see a shirtless scene of him from that show here.
    • 24-year-old Lucien Laviscount. There's something sexy about black guys from other countries. He appears shirtless in the movie. It's lame that they went the PG-13 route. There's one scene where you hear him fucking the shit out of a girl. Most of the movie consists of hallucinations that he's fucking his best friend's girlfriend. Would have loved to have seen him in action.

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