DESCRIPTION: 2017 British sci-fi movie about a teenage boy who develops superpowers.

DIRECTED BY: Adam Randall

WRITTEN BY: Joe Barton, Mark Denton and Jonny Stockwood based on the 2011 novel by Kevin Brooks


  • Bill Milner as Tom. He's best known for starring in the 2007 family movie Son of Rambow. Ironically Will Poulter, his co-star in Rambow, was originally cast.
  • Maisie Williams as Lucy. She's best known for playing Arya Stark on Game of Thrones.
  • Rory Kinnear as Ellman. He's best known for playing Frankenstein on Penny Dreadful.
STUDIO: Netflix

MY TAKE: It was okay. I liked the idea of it. I liked the look of it. I liked the cast. But I thought the story was unnecessarily dark. Needed to lighten it up a little and add some heart. Did Maisie Williams really have to be gangraped by a group of teen boys? That was too much for me.


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