TITLE: The Girl With All The Gifts

DESCRIPTION: 2016 British zombie movie about a girl living in a world where most of humanity has been wiped out by a fungal infection that turned everyone into flesh-eating zombies.

DIRECTED BY: Colm McCarthy. His next project is Krypton, a tv-show about Superman's grandfather.

WRITTEN BY: Comic book writer Mike Carey (Lucifer) based on his 2014 novel. He has a cameo as a zombie attacking the fence.


  • Gemma Arterton as teacher Helen Justineau. The character in the book is a dark-skinned black woman.
  • Paddy Considine as Sgt. Eddie Parks
  • Glenn Close as Dr. Caroline Caldwell
  • Sennia Nanua as Melanie. This was her first movie. The character in the book was a blond white girl.
STUDIO: Distributed by Warner Brothers in the UK and Saban Films in America. Half of the $4 million budget came from the British government. 

MY TAKE: I really liked it. A new zombie classic. Kind of like a YA version of 28 Days Later. Very dark and violent, but also has heart. 

  • Was on the 2014 Brit List of the best unproduced British screenplays of the year.
  • Filmed in and around Birmingham, England. Aerial views of the abandoned cities came from drones flying over the Ukraine ghost town of Prypjat near Chernobyl.
  • Glenn Close's sister-in-law has a cameo as the zombie with the blue knit cap and green fungus on her face that Glenn Close's character stares at as she walks by.
  • The premise of a girl dealing with a fungal-based zombie apocalypse is very similar to the Last of Us video game series.
  • There actually is such a thing as a zombie fungus. It infects carpenter ants, turning them into mindless drones. 

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