Media fails to rig another election. The Republicans do make a good point.

  • The media said that Hillary Clinton had a 99 percent chance of winning the election. That obviously didn't work out. But of course they don't want to admit they fucked up so we get a never-ending stream of Russian conspiracy theories and whining about 'fake news."
  • The media predicted the Democrat would win the Kansas special election. Instead they lost in a landslide.
  • The media slobbered all over the Democrat running for Congress in Georgia even though he was extremely inexperienced and didn't even live in the district. Despite all the money and attention, he failed to get half the votes. They stopped talking about him because he's facing a humiliating defeat in the runoff.
  • The media made a big deal out of the "cowboy" running in Montana. He turned out to be a tax-evading quack so a leftwing blogger with a history of gotcha publicity stunts jumped in by ambushing the Republican, whining that he was "assaulted" after he barged his way into the room, shoved an audio recorder into the candidate's face and got shoved back. The media turned it into a huge scandal. Didn't make any difference. The Democrat still lost by a landslide. 

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