Saturday started out rough. 

Storms caused the basement to flood, knocking out power to half the kitchen and half my bedroom. The landlord came over and fixed it. But it wasn't pretty. The wiring in this house is scary. The power went out because wires somewhere got wet. The fuse box popped and smoked when we flipped the breakers.

I started my mom's Social Security Disability benefits application. Had to wait until now because we needed a statement from the doctor describing her longterm prognosis. It took me over two hours to fill the basic form out. They ask so many questions. Who was your doctor in 2002? Can you provide a full list of all the procedures they performed and prescriptions they prescribed? 

The process is very long and convoluted. I fill out the fifty page form and mail a mountain of medical records to corroborate everything. Two months later they send you a letter denying you benefits. Seventy five percent of folks are denied automatically. You have two months to get a lawyer and appeal. You then have to wait a year for a judge to hear your case. There's a sixty five percent chance of success. If you win, the lawyer steals twenty percent of your back benefits. 

The good news is if my mom wins her case, she'll get ten thousand dollars in back pay and pension. The bad news is that's over a year away. Good luck surviving without any income until then.

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  1. I never knew how bad the process is. It's out of Kafka.