My mom had her second followup with the surgeon for her broken leg.

The good news is he said her leg has completely healed. She's at 100 percent weight bearing and is now allowed to practice walking. In fact, he was surprised she was sitting in her wheelchair.

The bad news is my mom refuses to believe she's better. She's terrified of falling. She literally crawled out the door. Then pitched a fit and demanded that the medical transport van take her in her wheelchair.

Her chances of getting disability benefits are very slim now. The rule is you have to be disabled for more than a year, but she's probably going to be cleared to return to work in June. She might be able to argue hardship based on a combination of her inability to stand for long periods of time, anxiety, COPD and age. But the government is going to make her jump through hoops to prove that. If you're a crackhead, everything is handed to you. But if you work, oh no, back to the coal mine for you! Somebody's gotta pay for the moochers.

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