I had a long talk with my parents.

My dad apologized for being crazy. The stress has been getting to him lately. He's not used to my mom being home. She's driving him insane by constantly bossing him around and berating him.

My mom has reluctantly agreed to eat more and to limit her alcohol intake to three big 16 ounce cans of Milwaukee Light a day. That's way more than enough, but she wants six. All she cares about is alcohol.

I called and left a message with my mom's 401k plan administrator. I'm hoping to take out her $5,000. But there's a lot of red tape so who knows what she will get.

I also called and arranged transportation for her doctor's visit next Thursday. I hope the doctor doesn't reschedule again. That made a mess last time. I'm also hoping he provides paperwork for her recovery. Leaving it open ended makes filing for disability impossible. Social Security Disability needs to know if she will be disabled for more than a year.

Last but not least, I reached out to the junkie across the street. I had fun doing that. I apologized for my dad screaming at him and hinted that I was more than happy to entertain him and his friends anytime. They're dumb as rocks so I doubt they knew what I was hinting at. But if I can re-enact a Fraternity X gangbang, all the better :-)

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