My dad snapped and hit my mom in the face with a hot dog. He was mad that she didn't want to eat her dinner.

They're both crazy. My mom lies on the couch all day drunk. If she doesn't get her beer then she turns evil, cursing everyone and everything out. I just ignore her. Rage away. Whatever. But he can't handle it. So he breaks down, gets her what she wants, then hates himself for it and bitterly resents her.

I called my sister. She's washed their hands of them. Doesn't care.

I'm thinking about pulling up stakes. Moving into my own apartment then sending my mom to live with my aunt or grandma and my dad to live in a nursing home or on my couch. Better to do it now while I still have money then wait until the winter when I'm destitute. But I hate doing that because it means the end of my family.

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  1. I keep thinking of what to do and I don't know. I'm hoping for the best.