TITLE: Detour

DESCRIPTION: 2016 thriller about a college student who puts a hit on his stepdad.

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: British director Christopher Smith (Black Death)


STUDIO: Billionaire Mark Cuban's indie film studio Magnet Releasing released it.

MY TAKE: It was okay. I liked the cast and the look of it. But the story was fairly predictable. Saw the ending from a mile away.

  • Premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.
  • The 1945 movie Detour can be seen playing on a tv.
  • Cute Guy Alert
    • Tye Sheridan. The 20 year old actor has a number of shirtless scenes. Shame the shower scene didn't show his butt or anything else. Rumor is he's gay-for-pay and fooled around with X-Men director Bryan Singer.
    • Emory Cohen. I think his character should have been a closet case. He seemed attracted to Tye Sheridan and indifferent to girls. Would've been hot if they had a threesome.
    • Jared Abrahamson. At one point he's jerking off to porn. Shame we didn't see more.

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