TITLE: The Falls: Covenant of Grace

DESCRIPTION: 2016 drama about a gay Mormon couple. It's the third and final movie in The Falls trilogy.

DIRECTED BY: Jon Garcia (director of the previous movies)

WRITTEN BY: The director with Rodney Moore


STUDIO: Breaking Glass Pictures. 

MY TAKE: It was okay. I liked the first two movies better. The story just seemed to peter out to me. Jesus Christ, ya'll have been going back and forth for SEVEN years. Who cares what the goddamn Mormon church thinks. They can go fuck themselves. 

  • Filmed in Portland Oregon
  • The Mormons really screwed themselves over by announcing that the children of gays will go to hell unless they denounce their parents. That backfired badly. Grandparents and conservative family members who were otherwise annoyed with their gay loved ones were furious that the church was attacking innocent kids. 
  • I have a soft spot for Mormon missionaries. They're cute and friendly. There's even an entire gay porn fetish based around them (MormonBoyz.) But I've never been a fan of their so-called religion. Joseph Smith was a cultist. That's why he was driven across the country. Brigham Young was a nasty child-molesting rapist. Non-whites weren't even deemed to have souls until freaking 1980. The Book of Mormon makes $cientology look sane. I don't know how anyone could say they're proud to be Mormon. What's there to be proud of? 

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