TITLE: Monster Trucks

DESCRIPTION: 2016 family movie about a creature that takes over a truck.

DIRECTED BY: Chris Wedge (Ice Age)

WRITTEN BY: Derek Connolly (Jurassic World, Kong: Skull Island)


STUDIO: Paramount. 

MY TAKE: It was okay. Basically an old-fashioned Disney movie like The Love Bug or the Shaggy D.A.

  • Filmed in Vancouver.
  • Was originally supposed to be released on May 29, 2015 but then got pushed back to Christmas 2015 then March 2016 before finally arriving January 2017.
  • Was supposed to be the tentpole for a big new family-friendly franchise but instead it totally tanked at the box office. Paramount ended up losing $115 million.
  • It's set in North Dakota which is flat farm country but mountains, lakes and forests can be seen in the movie.
  • Cute Guy Alert
    • Lucas Till. Rumor is he's gay-for-pay. Hooking up with Bryan Singer to be in the X-Men movies.

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