Alabama man gets 2 years in prison for jokingly taping himself teabagging a drunk guy in a bar after a game. Some folks believe he should be charged with rape, but I think the whole thing's stupid.  I say charge him with disorderly conduct, have him plead out, and call it a day.  If the drunk guy was "emotionally scarred" by the incident, then he can always sue.  Americans are so damn puritanical.  We'll happily let murderers and child abusers walk, but pull some gay shit on a man and it's lynching time!
Chernobyl Diaries.  2012 horror movie about American tourists being terrorized by mutants while on an underground illegal trip to the Chernobyl radiation zone in Ukraine.  It was okay.  Had some scary Blair Witch-style moments. It was interesting seeing the actual desolate Chernobyl location.
Savages.  2012 crime drama directed by Oliver Stone and based on a novel about two guys who run a successful California marijuana operation trying to rescue the girl that they both love from a brutal Mexican cartel that's trying to take over their business.  It was okay.  I liked the action.  I thought Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson were hot.  Worth it alone just for their sex scenes.  I thought Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek and John Travolta were good.  I liked the Southern California scenery because I got to visit some of those same surfer town areas for my birthday vacation.  The overall story was interesting enough.  But I absolutely HATED the girl in the movie.  Blake Lively is a lot like Kristen Stewart.  She can't act.  She's only famous because she's pretty and sleeps with directors.  She always comes across as a spoiled stuck-up whiner.  She killed the movie because I didn't feel like she was worth saving.  Hell, I was rooting for her to get tortured and killed.  Her character reminded me so much of other stoners I know.  Extremely selfish and worthless.



Kansen 5: The Daybreak episode one.  Japanese hentai video with subtitles.


Redshirts by John Scalzi.  Fun little sci-fi book that spoofs the "redshirts" on sci-fi shows like Star Trek.  What if those guys woke up one day and realized "Holy fuck.  We keep getting killed off!" I really liked it.  Very quirky.  My only nitpick were the two codas at the end.  Ignore them.  They're really unnecessary and just drag out the book for another fifty pages.


Stones, Bones and Ancient Cities: Great Discoveries in Archaeology and the Search for Human Origins by Lawrence Robbins.  I liked it.  Very nice overview for lay readers.  Included everything from prehistoric Lucy to cave art, King Tut, Troy, Pompei, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Rosetta Stone and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Friday. 1995 comedy starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker as slackers who owe a drug dealer $200.  I avoided it for a long time because I figured it was just another lame ghetto comedy, but I really liked it.  Funny ensemble comedy.  My favorite was the dad played by John Witherspoon.  I got a kick out of his rambling speeches about food and taking a dump.
The Tree of Life.  2011 drama directed by Terrence Malick and starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.  It's very experimental.  Lots of flashbacks.  Lots of New Agey music and poetry.  I do give the director credit.  It's very unusual.  And if you manage to sit through it all, it does pack an emotional punch, because it's about life and loss.  But overall I just couldn't get into it.  Too weird even for me.
Mama Sue had some even tougher questions.

  • It often takes more than four weeks to confirm a pregnancy in the first place. So are you talking four weeks from confirmation or four weeks from the speculative conception date (which, by the way, remains speculative throughout the entire pregnancy). For some women with an existing medical condition it requires medical clearance (pushing the woman close to ten weeks) before the procedure can be performed. How would you reconcile these issues with your random abortion due-by date? Currently most abortions are done in the first trimester (unless something scary is happening with the mother or child). 
  • Four weeks from confirmation.  Basically, the entire first trimester will be a grace period. My goal isn't to ban abortions but to drastically reduce them.  If you really, really want to have one.  Fine.  Go for it.  But you're going to have to get your tubes tied.  Go through a counseling session.  Look at an ultrasound.  And pay out of pocket for it. People will have to take responsibility for their actions.  The days of casual abortions will be over.
  • What do you think of the Donohue-Levitt hypothesis?
  • I don't buy the argument that legalized abortion is responsible for reducing crime.  Does it help that there are fewer black and poor babies out there?  Yes.  But there's way more to lower crime rates than that.
  • Would you support an increase in social assistance programs for homeless, jobless, or indigent pregnant women? What about drug addicted pregnant women? What kind of social programs would you offer to help them? What about women who should be on bed rest, but aren't because they have to keep working? How would you ensure that they could both pay their bills and protect their unborn baby? How much of the fiscal budget would you dedicate to the "Preservation of Life"?
  • I would drastically raise taxes on the rich and Big Business.  End corporate welfare.  Cut defense spending.  Eliminate pork barrel spending. Legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it.  The money saved would go into a greatly expanded federal anti-poverty social net, that would help everyone, especially pregnant women who are homeless, jobless, indigent, or need treatment. 
  • We both know that in this country pregnant women are expected to work till they pop. Would you, based on your stance, support employer sponsored leave through the second and third term of pregnancy? How much would Papa John's have to raise the price of pizza if they were expected to provide paid leave to preggos before and after they gave birth?
  • Yes.  I would expand the Family Medical Leave Act to give more paid leave for pregnant women. If Papa Johns wants to pout and raise the prices on their crappy pizzas, so be it.  There are dozens of other pizza places out there.  Let's see how long that publicity stunt lasts when their market share crumbles.
  • How much money should be spent on saving the life of a child born with a congenital defect? You can say that price is no matter, but we both know that's not how it works. What amount of the fiscal budget should be dedicated to helping families pay for extraordinary means required to help them save their pregnancy or baby?
  • Families wouldn't have to worry about having to pay for extraordinary efforts because I would have a universal single-payer healthcare system that wouldn't put a price tag on people like the corporate market does.
  • How do you expect a female victims of rape or incest to report crimes in a hostile legal environment that immediately invalidates their claims? I've had three friends go through the process of reporting rape only to be ignored or worse, accused of falsifying their report, not being "victimized enough" (you were only raped a little, why are you complaining?), or not reporting fast enough (because it took a full 24 hours to get over the shock or sober up from date rape drugs). I know more than one victim of incest that would NEVER report because of the VIOLENT backlash they would receive from the rest of their family. Many women fear reporting their rapist because there is nothing to protect them from the rapist till after he is (generally not, because we all know that women are whores) convicted. One friend of mine reported her rape then got to enjoy watching her rapist circle her parking lot at home and at work, and honking his horn at her elementary-aged daughter. There were no consequences for him since he wasn't doing anything "threatening". If reporting the crime is a requirement then should the person (ultimately not) convicted of the rape or incest be held accountable for the murder of the baby? After all, it's their fault that the baby isn't wanted. 
  • They can make an anonymous claim to the social worker who would be interviewing them. If they want to work with the authorities, they can sign off on a formal complaint, but otherwise it's not a requirement.
  • If fertilized embryos aren't worth saving in a fire then why regulate how they are used?
  • What if you had the choice between saving a five-year-old girl and a puppy?  Just because the puppy didn't get saved doesn't mean their life isn't precious and there shouldn't be any animal cruelty laws. It's common sense.
  • Are you or any pro-lifers you know actively taking in foster children or adopting? None of the pro-lifers I know considered adoption above having their own (since, obviously, their pro-life genetics are the only ones worth really preserving).
  • I definitely would if I could afford it.  But you're right.  Most pro-lifers are full of it and totally ignore adoption.
  • How would you improve the foster care and adoption systems so that women feel like adoption is a legitimate option? After all, these new unwanted babies have to go somewhere. Personally, I wouldn't put a dog in our foster care system with all the rampant abuse that occurs. How much of the fiscal budget wouHow would you decrease unwanted pregnancies across the board? 
  • I would federalize the foster care and adoption system.  The reason why the system is so broken is because we dumped it on states and communities.  It's hard to say how much of the fiscal budget would be devoted to anything because it all depends on the numbers you're looking at.  
  • Since you feel like a woman's uterus is fair game for legislation would you require all girls over eleven be on birth control? Would you require boys to use similar hormonal or surgical contraceptives if they were available? What about gay men and lesbians since they technically can reproduce? Married couples or just singles? All people or just the poor ones? Would you decide by lottery or IQ? Who is fit to breed in your legislative opinion?ld you redirect to the State care of unwanted children?
  • Birth control wouldn't be mandatory but it would be universal and free. However I do believe that sterilization should be highly encouraged and made mandatory for violent criminals.
  • How would you deal with the men involved in the creation of these unwanted pregnancies... or do they get a free ride?
  • I don't think men should get a free ride.  They should be encouraged to get sterilized.  In fact, the sterilization campaigns will focus heavily on men because it's easier to do.
  •   How would you force men to become responsible fathers so that women could feel confident in continuing their pregnancies? Or are men exempt since there are no pills or injections for them to take to prevent pregnancy?
  • Child support would be federalized and expanded.  It will come immediately out of their paycheck, just like taxes.
  • How much of the fiscal budget would you allocate toward preventing unwanted pregnancies? How much of that spending would be dedicated to creating more contraceptive options for men?
  • It's impossible to put a percentage on anything without looking at the incoming numbers.  But I do support free and universal contraceptives.  Condoms should be passed out like candy.  And I do support research into making it easier to sterilize people, especially men.  
  • Why do you post shit just to get my Irish up? ;P 
  • Because I'm bored and haven't had a good debate in ages. Notice how far to the left I've veered.  Abortion in the first trimester!  Universal healthcare!  Social safety net!  Sterilize everyone!  Weeeeee!


Lisa Biron.  A closet lesbian and lawyer for the anti-gay group Alliance Defending Freedom, she was just busted by the FBI for taking a girl to Canada and making her do child porn. Yay for family values!  I hope you get raped in prison.
Horton Hears A Who.  2008 CGI-animated movie based on the classic Dr. Seuss children's book.  I thought it was cute.  Although I see it as catering more to toddlers and little ones than older kids.  I liked how it kept some of Seuss's rhymes and humor.
Big Think published a set of tough questions about abortion for pro-lifers.  Here are my answers.

  • Biological evidence suggests that a large number, if not a majority, of fertilized eggs are spontaneously aborted at a very early stage of pregnancy (by some estimates, as many as 50%). Do you consider this an ongoing humanitarian crisis that urgently needs medical research?
  • No.  Because it's natural.  But I do think more needs to be done to reduce miscarriages and infant mortality.  I've had two friends lose babies this year.  American culture doesn't cherish the life of children, especially babies.  It's why abortion is legal.  It's why child murderers get more lenient sentences than petty non-violent criminals.  It's why we work pregnant women like dogs and look the other way when hospitals fuck up.  Babies are worthless.  Children are worthless.  Your life doesn't have any meaning until you have money.
  •  If you could write the law however you saw fit, how would you enforce a ban on abortion? For example, in El Salvador, when women come to hospitals seeking treatment for a miscarriage, they can be detained until a forensic vagina investigator can arrive and perform an exam to see if they had an illegal abortion. Would you have something like this? If not, what enforcement mechanism would you have?
  • I would make it illegal to perform abortions after the first four weeks.  After the first month, like it or not, you've got a baby starting to form, and decisions need to be made pronto.  The main focus would be on doctors and institutions, not patients. The penalties would consist of steep fines (at least 35% of their income) and the loss of their medical licenses.
  • Why do you think it is that so many proposed abortion bans have no exception for the woman's life or health? (For example, anti-abortion laws with no health exceptions exist in ChileHonduras, Suriname and El Salvador. Even in the U.S., similar bans have been passed by Republican legislatures in Indiana and South Dakota.) Do you think there should be such an exception?
  • I do think there should be an exception for a woman's life and serious health.  I think the reason why so many bans don't include that is because many pro-lifers are wary that the health reason can be used as a loophole.  There's also the fact that many of the pro-lifers proposing these bans are devout Catholics and evangelical Protestants who are against exceptions for any reason.
  • Would you permit exceptions to an abortion ban in the case of rape? If so, how would this work? For a pregnant woman to get an abortion, would she have to accuse a specific person of the crime, and would he have to be tracked down, arrested, charged, put on trial and convicted, all before the point of fetal viability?
  • I believe there should be an exception for rape and incest.  Someone doesn't have to be put on trial before the abortion is performed, but a crime does have to be reported.
  • What do you think the penalty should be for doctors who perform abortion?
  • Like I said.  They should lose their medical/professional license and be forced to pay a steep fine that is a percentage of their income.  Let's see how passionate these limousine liberals are when we take away their precious money.  
  • What do you think the penalty should be for women who seek out an abortion?
  • It depends on the situation, but I'm a big supporter of sterilization.  If you want to kill your kid because you fucked up, fine.  You lose the right to have anymore.  The pro-choicers constantly preach about overpopulation.  Well, why not start weeding out people who clearly don't deserve to breed?  Fair is fair. Every choice has consequences.
  • If your answers to the last two questions are different, why are they different?
  • I'm more interested in deterrence than criminalization.  The goal is to reduce abortions. Go after doctors by taking away their incomes.  Shut down corrupt political organizations like Planned Parenthood.  Hold people accountable for their actions.
  • Since IVF clinics also create and discard fertilized embryos, would you also be in favor of outlawing IVF?
  • No.  But I do support stricter regulation of IVF, stem cells and fetal research altogether. There's a lot of shady shit going down.  Folks getting impregnated with the wrong kids.  Highly questionable experiments being done.  Doctors and scientists fucking up.  A lot of it's because the industry gets a free pass because they're protected by the abortion lobby.
  • Since abortion has been legal in the United States for decades and doesn't seem to be on the verge of being outlawed, do you think it would be a good idea, as a fallback, to make effective contraception more widely available so that there are fewer unwanted pregnancies and less need for abortion? If not, why not?
  • Yes.  I'm all for universal contraception.  I've never agreed with my friends on the right who think birth control is the devil. Again, the goal is to reduce abortions.  And the best way to do that is sex education and contraceptives.
  • If you would, address this purely hypothetical situation: There's a five-alarm fire at a fertility clinic, and you're the first firefighter to enter the building. On one side of the building, there's a petri dish with half a dozen frozen embryos. On the other side, there's a cowering five-year-old girl. You only have time to save one. Which would you choose and why?
  • The little girl, because she's not only sentient but capable of feeling pain.
  • Bonus question for evangelical Christians: Until the late 1970s, many prominent evangelicals were pro-choice. Clearly, opinions on this matter have changed very dramatically in a relatively short amount of time. What do you think accounts for this?
  • I blame the Catholics.  It's true.  Protestants used to be pro-choice.  But then televangelists like Jerry Falwell started ripping off conservative Catholic teachings so they could differentiate themselves from mainstream preachers.
Strong's Brick Oven Pizzeria.  New family run pizza place located at 336 Monmouth Street in Newport, KY, just a block from the Levee.  Good food.  Good service.  I had their specialty mashed potato pizza.  I want to go back and try their other pizzas.  They use a traditional Italian brick oven so it's not too thin but not too deep either.
Rise of the Guardians.  2012 CGI animated movie based on a series of children's books about Jack Frost, Santa Claus, Sandman, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy teaming up to fight the Boogey Man.  I liked it.  Cute for the kiddies.  Entertaining and interesting for older folks.


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The Sandman:  World's End by Neil Gaiman.  The eighth entry in the graphic novel series about Dream, it's my least favorite because it barely involes him.  Inspired by the Canterbury Tales, it's a collection of stories from folks seeking shelter in an inn during a reality storm.
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.  2007 HBO tv-movie based on the history book about Sitting Bull.  I'm wary of historical dramas, but I really liked it.  They did a great job at telling the story without becoming cheesy and melodramatic.
Rock of Ages.  2012 musical based on the play about 1980s rockers.  It was okay.  I loved the music and thought Diego Boneta was hot, but overall it was really cheesy and lacked energy.


A Book of Horrors.  Anthology of horror short stories edited by Stephen Jones.  I liked Stephen King's "The Little Green God of Agony" and Ramsey Campbell's "Getting It Wrong".  But otherwise nothing really jumped out at me.  Mostly the same old ghost stories.
A Fistful of Dollars.  1964 spaghetti Western directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood.  I couldn't get into it, but I think I'm gonna wait and try to rewatch it another time.
Mad Mike's Burgers. New burger place that opened up at the old Graeter's location at 342 Monmouth St. in Newport, KY.  They also have two other locations in Florence.  I liked them.  Reminded me of Five Guys, but with a larger menu (specialty burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs).  I had a Lookout Below Burger (philly cream cheese, jalapenos, fried egg, lettuce and their special Mad Sauce).  I liked it, but I can see why they named it that.  Felt woozy after eating it.  All in all, I really liked them.  Now my favorite burger place.


Lucky Hudson.  One of my all-time favorite gay porn blogs.  It features lots of unique amateur videos and straight porn for gay eyes.  I've featured them before.  They just switched websites so I figured I'd give them another shoutout.
Tattooed guy tapes himself fucking girlfriend with his big dick then giving her a facial
Never Ending Shemales 1-10


I'm not much for conspiracy theories, mainly because I think secrets are almost impossible to maintain.  But I do have to agree with my friends on the right that there's something fishy about the election numbers.  I don't buy the fact that Obama won 100% of the vote in dozens of precincts in Cleveland, Philadelphia, etc.  The liberal media shrugs and writes it off as Romney's failure to appeal to urban voters, but statistically elections that have 100% turnout and 100% results in one favor are almost always rigged.  I don't think Obama stole the election.  But I do think some shady shit went down in some places. More a result of local corruption than anything else.

It's not like we have any independent watchdogs to make sure everyone's honest.

  • The liberal media is owned by Obama.
  • The Attorney General is notoriously corrupt.
  • Elections are managed by state and local authorities who are often shady politicians.
I think everyone should vote through the mail like Oregon does.  Don't have to worry about machines or polling places or the weather.  The results are easily verified.  Can't stuff the ballot boxes.  Turnout would be three to four times higher.  If we can make everyone do their taxes then we can make everyone mail back a ballot.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.  The last and probably my most favorite entry in the series.  As usual, Kristen Stewart was a dud and a huge turnoff.  I also thought the little girl Renesme was weird looking.  You could tell that they digitized her face.  But I really enjoyed the final battle.  Worth it for that alone.
Plundering Appalachia: The Tragedy of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining. Picture book edited by Tom Butler with contributors ranging from Kentuckian Wendell Berry to environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  I liked it.  The photographs are devastating to look at. The land is clearly being raped.  Entire mountains leveled.  And for what?  Profits for Big Business?  It's not like the communities see any of the money and 90% of the jobs go to out of towners. I'm horrified by the health costs of coal.  Thousands of people die from lung disorders and other diseases caused directly by pollution but everyone ignores it.


Libertarians helped Democrats win at least nine elections. This is why I support third parties.  They help shake the system up.  If libertarians weren't on the ballot, Indiana would have elected Richard "God loves rape" Mourdock senator, among other things.
Minnesota teenager denied confirmation because he posted a picture on his Facebook expressing opposition to a state amendment that would ban gay marriage.  This is one reason why the church is dying.  Anymore, it's just old pedophile priests in empty churches.
Ship of Ghosts by James Hornfischer. History of the USS Houston, a cruiser that served as FDR's favorite transport until it was sunk in the Battle of Java by the Japanese during WWII.  Many of the survivors ended up working as slave laborers on the railway between Burma and Thailand that was made famous in the movie "The Bridge on the River Kwai."  I'm very picky about military history because a lot of it's jargon and strategy, but I liked this because it focused on the people.  Not just Americans, but Australians, British and Dutch.
I don't blame unions for the bankruptcy of Hostess.  I don't even blame the economy.  I blame mismanagement.  Hostess was just one of many companies that got suckered into merger mania.  They were a good, decent company until they got greedy and started gobbling up bakery after bakery in a quest to be the biggest and the baddest.  It all broke down in the 2000s when they realized that they were too big and didn't know how to manage everything.  They've been slowly falling apart ever since.  General Motors, the banks, dotcoms, other companies have all done the same thing.  They merged, merged, merged until they were too big and imploded.  This is why I'm a Teddy Roosevelt-type of reformer.  I think the courts and the government need to promote competition by keeping these big trusts from forming.
Roca Cafe.  Mom-and-pop small business located at 303 Scott St. in Covington, KY.  It mainly caters to the IRS and other government workers nearby.  For a long time it was only open for breakfast and lunch but they just recently expanded to night hours.  Their menu mainly focuses on sandwiches and other simple fare.  They are especially known for having great turkey and blue plate specials.  I like them.  I'm a big supporter of local independent businesses and try to frequent them as much as possible.
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Cockeye. Slideshow video of comic.


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The Sandman:  Brief Lives.  Seventh graphic novel in the series.  Dream goes on a quest with Delirium to find their missing brother Destruction.  I liked it.  Probably one of the most philosophical books in the series.
Dark Shadows.  Big budget remake of the 1960s horror soap opera.  My dad is a huge fan of the original show and loved the movie so much he watched it twice.  I thought it was okay.  I liked the look of it and enjoyed the subtle dark humor, but overall I thought it fell flat.  The story meandered too much.  Was a bit slow at times.

York Street Cafe.  Upscale restaurant located at 738 York St. in Newport, KY.  Kinda pricey, but otherwise I liked them.  Good food with a nice Mediterranean inspiration.  Friendly service.  Pretty building full of art, antiques and other trinkets to look at.  They've been repeatedly voted Best Place For A First Date in Cincinnati.  I had lunch there with a friend.  Would like to go back sometime for dinner, maybe in the summer so I can check out their patio, which has also won awards for fine outdoor dining.

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Nebula Awards Showcase 2012:  The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Edited by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel.  I preferred the traditional Hard SF stories.  The fantasy and stuff in between fell flat with me.  My favorite stories:

  • "The Sultan of the Clouds" by Geoff Landis.  Hard SF from an actual NASA scientist about cloud cities on Venus.
  • "That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made" by Eric James Stone.  A Mormon missionary converts immortal sentient energy beings that live in the sun.
  • "The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers Beneath The Queen's Window" by Rachel Swirsky.  The spirit of a slain sorceress keeps getting summoned. 
  • I don't think Fox 19 anchor Tricia Macke should be suspended for calling MSNBC pundit Rachel Maddow an "angry young man" on her personal Facebook page.  Was it offensive.  Yup.  But I'm far more disturbed by political correctness and censorship.  For me, freedom of speech is about the right to be unpopular and obnoxious.  
  • So Elmo banged a 16-year-old guy.  Kinda creepy considering he's a kiddie show icon, but let's be fair here.  Jerry Sandusky was a predator.  He literally raped, sodomized and tortured little boys.  This guy is just an old-fashioned perv.  The other person was of the legal age of consent.  Perspective people!  (In the interest of full disclosure, I may have had sex with a 17-year-old in someone's kitchen at a Christmas party once...)
Easy A. 2010 teen comedy about a girl who pretends to be slutty so she can be popular.  I liked it.  I thought Emma Stone made the movie.  She was both charming and funny.


Wreck-It Ralph.  Animated Disney movie about a videogame bad guy who wants to be a hero for a change. I liked it.  Cute for kids, but fun for adults who know all of the videogame references and humor.

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Skyfall.  The latest James Bond movie.  Started out a little slow, but overall I liked it.  I liked that it focused more on Bond's backstory, showing that he was more than an empty suit.  I liked the attention placed on M. Judi Dench has always been a favorite of mine.  I thought the new Q was adorable.  And I got a big kick out of Javier Bardem.  I thought he stole the show as the villain.  It's very hard to play crazy without being too melodramatic and silly but he succeeded marvelously at striking just the right balance.


Underwear Snatchers.  2010 movie from SaggerzSkaterz
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Neil Gaiman to tackle Cybermen.  I'm excited.  Gaiman did a great job with showing a different side of the Tardis in his last episode.  The Cybermen are also one of my favorite villains.  They were the original Borg.  Very creepy and inhuman.
Joyful Noise.  Musical drama about a church choir.  It was okay.  I liked the cast (Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, Courtney B. Vance, cute guy Jeremy Jordan).  And I liked the music.  But the story was rather bland.  I thought Kris Kristofferson was wasted, he was barely in the movie for more than five minutes.  And I wasn't thrilled with how they portrayed the kid who had Aspergers.  Way too cutesy.
Here's my take on the local elections.

  • I have mixed feelings about the Campbell County library tax increase going down in a landslide.  I'm for building a new library branch in the under-served southern portion of the county. And it wasn't THAT big of an increase, $20 more a year on property over $100,000.  But on the other hand, I do think critics have a good point.  This country was founded on the principle of no taxation without representation.  Unelected bureaucrats shouldn't have the power to raise taxes on a whim.  I think the library director badly mishandled the situation by immediately trying to ram through a tax increase instead of trying to build support first.  He openly mocked the tea party and dared them to do anything about it.  So they sued his ass and beat him at the polls.  I think the director should resign.  He doesn't have the support of the public.  He doesn't have the support his staff.  I have a number of friends who work there and they absolutely despise the guy because he gets off on firing people with the excuse that he can do whatever he wants because he's an "at-will" employer.  The guy's running the place into the ground.  I say replace him with someone more competent and try again under better management.
  • I'm disappointed that reform candidates failed to win school board seats in Newport and Covington.  The schools are clearly a joke.  Last in the state.  It's not the kids fault.  It's not the teachers fault.  It's the administrators.  They're very corrupt and very incompetent.  Yet they're never held accountable because we elect weak boards.  
  • I'm ambivalent about Republican Thomas Massie winning Northern Kentucky's congressional seat.  He's not local, lives on the very edge of the district.  And he seems to be very self-serving.  Running more for tea party principles than for his constituents.  I actually broke down and voted for his Democrat opponent just to shake things up.