Scientists discover a mushroom in Ecuador that eats plastic.  The hope is that they can use it in landfills as a natural way to break down plastic garbage.
Poland furious with Obama for referring to "Polish death camps" during photo-op.  It was an honest boo-boo.  They were Nazi camps in Poland.  The problem was with how he and his people handled it.  They were extremely condescending to the Polish president and prime minister, totally dismissed them.  A lot of my friends on the left think Obama is this great world leader, but the irony is that he's actually more despised than Bush. The leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Israel, etc. have all complained bitterly that Obama's an arrogant out-of-touch snob who doesn't know what the fuck he's doing.  He's like Jimmy Carter.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to ban soft drinks over sixteen ounces.  I'm all for healthy eating, but I think these Nanny State bans go way too far.  They're also extremely hypocritical.  Ya never see bans on alcohol, cigars or anything rich folks like.
Chronicle.  Indie sci-fi drama about three teenage boys who develop superhuman powers.  I liked it.  The first-person camerawork made it very realistic and enhanced the special effects.  I also liked that they were just average kids.  They didn't become superheroes or become part of a larger sci-fi plot about aliens or government conspiracies.  They pretty much just sat around and used their powers to goof off, have fun and look cool.


Former Alabama Rep. Artur Davis leaves the Democrat party out of disgust.  He was a rising African-American star and one of Obama's earliest original supporters, but he grew tired with how corrupt and racist the Democrats are.
The Miami "zombie" attack shows that 28 Days Later-style rage-infected monsters are no longer out of the realm of possibility.  Something triggered a reaction in this guy's brain that turned him into a superhuman homicidal cannibalistic monster that took six point-blank shots to kill.  I think it's only a matter of time before someone comes up with a biological or chemical weapon that gets out and fucks us all up.


The Secret World of Arrietty.  Japanese anime version of The Borrowers about a boy who discovers little people living in his house. I tried to watch it twice but had a hard time getting into it.  I think I was just too tired and aggravated at the moment.  It's got great reviews.  I'm gonna wait awhile and try again another time.


Lady Gaga cancels concert in Indonesia because of Islamic death threats.
Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son by Kevin Jennings.  A personal memoir, it focuses on his life growing up gay in the South, teaching and founding GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) to deal with homophobic bullying in schools.  Could've used some pictures, but otherwise I liked it.  I was particularly interested in his experiences with teaching.  The never-ending struggle of dealing with incompetent self-serving administrators who care more about looking good than doing good.  The frustration of interacting with closetcases who you know are gayer than Liberace but sit on the sidelines and let homophobes do terrible things because they're too cowardly to fight back.
I've been very aggravated lately.  I used to love my job, but now I hate it.  My bosses are extremely incompetent. They're like mentally-retarded children.  At first you're bemused that they're in charge, but before long you quickly realize the true horror of the situation.  Oh my god, these retards are not only driving the bus, but they're gonna crash it and get us all killed!  They know that they're not that bright and that they got their jobs because they're huge self-serving ass-kissers, so they push out anyone who's smarter than them.  I spent years working my way to full-time, just to get it and realize that it's still not enough to maintain a modest middle-class life.  Hell, I still can't even afford to have my own place. I really want to move on, but I don't know where the hell to go.  The economy's so awful that the few jobs out there are even lower-paying and worse than the one I've got.  I've thought about trying teaching again.  But the schools here are not only extremely homophobic and backwards but ran by administrators who are even more incompetent and sleazy than the bureaucrats I'm dealing with now.  It's just very frustrating.  I'm 31 years old and don't really know what to do with my life.


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Texas Judge Lanny Moriarty for sentencing a 17-year-old girl to a night in jail for truancy.  He didn't care that her parents skipped town, leaving her to work two jobs and juggle school so she can support her two siblings.  His argument was:  you must obey school, you must obey me, respect my authority, don't mess with Texas!  I think he's a racist out-of-touch redneck and needs to be thrown out of office.  Can see a video of him rambling here.



Before Stonewall.  Documentary about the gay rights movement before the 1969 Stonewall protests. Saw it on Netflix Streaming.  I thought it was very interesting.  I was particularly fascinated by the footage of drag queens and gay performers doing WWII USO shows.  They made a very good point about the war contributing to civil rights.  1) It made folks realize that there were other fellow gays and lesbians out there and that they weren't alone.  2) After facing the horrors of war and death, you really don't give a fuck what anybody else thinks.

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Good As Gold.  Fan-written mini-episode
Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar.  New bar located at 629 Main St. in Covington, KY.  Nice little place.  My friend loves bourbon and was impressed that they had over a 100 different bottles to try.  I was glad they had bourbon mixed drinks I could try.  The bartenders were really cool.  I liked hearing them talk about the drinks they were making.  The crowd was also a nice mix of older folks and college types.  My only nitpick was the lack of space.  There's only the bar, a table in the back and a long bench.


I'm ambivalent about Thomas Massie winning the Republican nomination for the 4th Congressional District of KY where I live.  I like that he's a libertarian-leaning, tea party outsider who's interested in shaking things up.  But he's also an anti-gay rightwing Christian.  I think it's hypocritical for him and his mentor, KY Sen. Rand Paul, to preach about freedom and then say civil rights don't apply to gays.

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We Bought A Zoo.  Drama loosely based on the true story of a widower and his two kids buying a small zoo.  I liked it.  Sweet but not too sentimental.  I liked that the lion and bear were respectfully treated as the dangerous wild animals that they are and not cute and cuddly props to be played with.
That redheads are harder to sedate and require about 20% more anesthesia than everybody else.  They also have a higher tolerance for pain than most people.  Can read a little more about it here.
The Valentich Disappearance.  One of Australia's most famous UFO incidents.  On October 21st, 1978, 20-year-old pilot Frederick Valentich was flying over Bass Strait when he reported to Melbourne's traffic control that a mysterious aircraft was hovering over his plane and playing games with him.  He thought it was the military or some jackass, but ground radar showed nothing.  He described it as a long shiny metallic object with a green light that was flying at incredibly high speeds.  His last transmission was "That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again.  It is hovering and it is not an aircraft."  The pilot and his plane were never seen again.
Bankruptcy court forgives law student's $340,000 student loan debt because she has Aspergers.  Wow.  I'm really surprised.  I've seen paralyzed people and terminally-ill cancer patients get turned down before.
A Brief History of Thought: A Philosophical Guide to Living by Luc Ferry.  Two of my friends highly recommended it, but I just couldn't get into it.  My lizard brain has a very hard time understanding philosophy and poetry.


The Wicker Tree.  Sequel to the 1973 cult horror classic The Wicker Man.  When the terrible Nicolas Cage remake of The Wicker Man came out, the original director set out to do his own movie based on a book he wrote.  Unfortunately his version was even worse.  It's just really goofy.  Two missionaries from Texas visiting a rural Scottish village to spread the word of Jesus through the power of country music.  It's a shame because the original movie was able to find the fine balance of being both bizarre and scary.  It's one of my all-time favorite horror movies for a number of reasons:

  • Conspiracy.  Running for your life, nowhere to go because everyone is literally conspiring to get you.
  • Paganism.  The history behind the Celtic rites was actually quite interesting.
  • Orgiastic Violence.  Seeing everyone flip the fuck out and literally dismember people all while dancing and smiling and enjoying themselves immensely.  Now that's fucked up.
I agree with my friends on the left that the filibuster should be reformed.  My rule is simple.  If you want to block something, then your ass better be ready to physically stand at the Senate podium for 24-hours-plus and rant against it.  That's how it was always done until recently when Democrat and Republican leaders colluded to make it easier.  Both sides want gridlock because it makes it easier for them to collect bribes from donors with the argument that they need more money to get anything done.  The whole system is corrupt.  It doesn't matter who we elect as president.  Until Congress is cleaned up and reformed, nothing will get done.
Playpen.  Strip joint located at 120 Licking Pike in Wilder, Kentucky.  Back in the day it was famous for being an old-fashioned redneck-friendly titty bar.  But thanks to recent bans on nudity, it's now just a quiet gentleman's club.  The owner is a nice old country guy.  Felt like I was talking to a character in a Burt Reynolds movie.  The drinks were decent.  But the girls left a lot to be desired for.   Many of them looked very skanky.  You could clearly tell that they were drug addicts looking to turn tricks.  Many of the performances were lame.  Hell, one girl was so bored and detached that she literally yawned throughout her set.  They didn't even bother trying to work for their tips.  Girls would just come up to your table and ask for a dollar like they were panhandlers.  I think the only reason the place stays in business is because Bobby Mackey's bar next door has overflowing crowds that send curious drunk guys stumbling over their way.  The parking can definitely be improved.  You either have the option of parking in a side gravel lot that's dark and scary-looking or park up in front in spaces too short that make you feel like your car is sticking out in the highway waiting to be hit.
Chinese buy AMC Theaters.  I'm against Chinese takeovers because the companies involved are owned or controlled by the corrupt Chinese Communist government.  It's one thing if the Europeans, Japanese or Arabs buy something because you know they follow the rules.  Can't say the same of the Chinese.  Wait until the Chinese economic bubble finally bursts.  It'll all come tumbling down.  We should be focusing on pulling away from China not getting more involved.


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The Vow.  Romantic drama starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum loosely based on the true story of a woman reconnecting with her husband after a car accident gives her amnesia that causes her to forget their entire relationship together.  Eh, it was okay.  Soft and mushy girly stuff.  Seen worse.  Seen better.
Average Joe's Bar.  Neighborhood bar located at 405 Buttermilk Pike in Crescent Springs, KY.  Nice place.  Decent drinks.  Fairly roomy.  Laid-back.  They're well-known for karaoke on the weekends.  I liked their karaoke setup.  A lot of places are intimidating.  You're stuck on a damn stage with everyone staring at ya.  But they set it up so the karaoke's more like background noise.  I rarely ever do karaoke but managed to do a number of songs because I was able to focus on my group of friends. My only nitpick is that they didn't have many recent hits.  No Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."  No LMFAO's "I'm Sexy And I Know It." It's a common problem with karaoke places.  The DJ will have a thousand songs ya've never ever heard of but not the new ones ya actually listen to.


Madison.  Drama about power boat racing in 1970s Madison, Indiana.  I couldn't get into it.  Too slow and boring.  I only watched it because I just visited the town and was curious.

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Drama based on the book about a boy with Aspergers coping with the loss of his father who died in 9/11.  I liked it.  Very sad and heartbreaking but also powerful. I think the kid deserved an Oscar.  He never acted before.  They just plucked him from Jeopardy's teen week because he seemed really precocious and innocent.


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Coal: A Human History by Barbara Freese.  Fascinating short little history of coal.  I learned a lot.

  • Tens of thousands of people die in America every year because of pollution from coal-firing power plants.  It's why asthma, pneumonia and other lung disorders are skyrocketing.  It kills more people than AIDS, traffic accidents and crime combined, but we don't notice because the deaths are spread out and hard to track.
  • We don't realize just how far-reaching pollution can be.  Acid rain from the Rust Belt is killing lakes in Canada and the East Coast.  Smog from the factories of China has reached as far as Arizona.
  • We focus so much on oil, but coal is one of the biggest contributors to global warming.  It's only going to get worse because the West has pretty much abandoned nuclear power to go back to coal.
  • Mountaintop removal is incredibly wasteful, counterproductive and wasteful.  So much damage just to scrape the bottom of the barrel and squeeze out the last bit of profits.
  • The unions were at their best when they fought for improving the lives of workers and not wasting money on bribes to bureaucrats and politicians.
J Edgar. Drama directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.  It was okay.  Interesting to watch.  However the historian in me cringed over the creative liberties they took with his personal life.  That's the problem with docudramas.  Ya got to make drama up to spice up the story.  Was he a closetcase?  Most likely.  He lived with his domineering mother before moving in with a close male companion, who inherited his estate and is now buried next to him.  But did he have the rocky relationship that he had with his mother and companion as depicted in the movie?  Who knows.  Probably not.  I do like the fact that they portrayed him as a tragic figure.  He definitely wasn't a saint, but he wasn't a monster either.  And to be fair, history has helped vindicate him.  We now know that communists did infiltrate much of Hollywood and society.  JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nixon were all sleazeballs.  We wouldn't have CSI today without him because he was the one who pushed for fingerprinting and the creation of the FBI Crime Lab.
Shorter University in Georgia for changing the employee handbook to include a morality clause banning homosexuality, premarital sex, drug/alcohol use, anything deemed immoral or unChristian.  It's a shame.  Founded in 1873, they were one of the top Christian colleges in the South.  The state Baptist convention recently hijacked the board of trustees and hired a new president with grand delusions of turning the place into Jesus Land.  It's sad because he's pretty much run the place into the ground.  Faculty members are resigning left and right.  Students are disgusted.  Money is drying up.  Twenty years from now it'll either be a backwards hick church camp or just another lame for-profit scam college preying on student loans. Can read more about it here.
Orcs: Forged For War by Stan Nicholls and Joe Flood.  Graphic novel about a band of Orc warriors.  It's based on the Orcs fantasy series by Stan Nicholls.  I liked it.  Served as a nice introduction to the series.  Good if you're a fan of military fiction or games like Warcraft and Warhammer.


The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption. Meh. About what ya'd expect.  The action and special effects aren't too bad, but the acting and story are cheesy as hell.  Felt like I was watching an old episode of Hercules or Xena.


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Fear by Michael Grant.  Fifth and next-to-last book in the Lost-like young adult sci-fi/horror series about a town trapped under a mysterious dome where everyone over 15 has disappeared, leaving kids to deal with mutant powers and monsters.  I liked the previous book better, but this was still good.  It focused a lot on some of the more minor characters.
Spoiler.  Nice little short film set in a world where zombie outbreaks are contained.  I liked it.  They did a great job with the special effects and the story.
Wolf & Co Bistro.  New lunch spot that opened up at 14 E. 5th St. in Covington, KY.  It features high-quality and healthy gourmet sandwiches, soups and salads.  I like them.  The food's good and I'm a big fan of supporting small business.  My only worry is that their location.  Two restaurants have already failed in the same spot.  Izzy's around the corner have shut down.  So have other restaurants in the neighborhood.  The economy's still very crappy.  I don't know how it can last long being in an out-of-the-way spot and only open for a few hours during the week from 11am-2pm.
The Brass Ass.  Strip bar located at 6th and Monmouth in my hometown of Newport, Kentucky.  Once upon a time, Newport was home to the raunchiest strip clubs in the region.  That started to change in the 1990s when the city started to crack down by enacting extremely restrictive ordinances on sexually-oriented businesses.  One by one the strip clubs fell.  Today, the Brass Ass is pretty much the only strip club left standing.  The nudity's gone.  No more pussies.  No more boobies.  Just chicks in bikinis dancing on stage to music from the jukebox. It's disappointing if you want strippers, but not bad if you're just looking to unwind.  The setting's nice.  Clean and classy.  The drinks are decently priced.  The folks are fairly friendly. Overall, not bad.
Why the hell is everyone looking for redheads -- mm4ww (the tristate)

My friends and I look through here all the time, because most of the posts are hilarious and incredibly creepy...But we have one question...It seems like everyday there at least two people looking for a redheaded person... WTF??? It's like
Today at 12, the busty redhead jogging...
Friday at the checkout line, the redheaded clerk...
Last week riding down the highway, an effing truck load of redheads...
Is it ethical to pay drug addicts to get sterilized?  I say yes.  I'm a big supporter of Project Prevention. I think it's a very libertarian approach.  If you choose to be a fucktard, fine.  Here's three hundred bucks so we can make damn sure you don't make any more fucktards!  My only nitpick is that the effort focuses a little too much on women.  I prefer going after guys.  They're the ones dropping babies all over the damn place.  Vasectomies are also easy and cheap.
Balkan Muslims tired of the crazies. It's an interesting situation.  Muslims in Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia are pretty moderate.  They don't believe in political Islam.  Sick of the Saudis, Iranians, Turks, Taliban-Al Qaeda-types interfering.
Chicago's parking meter debacle.  Right before he retired, longtime Democrat Mayor Richard Daley granted a company a 75-year-lease on all of the parking meters in the city. It was a gift to Wall Street donor friends who had given him bribes over the years.  The result has been a disaster.  The company not only keeps raising rates, but it's sending the city giant bills for lost revenue over street closings because of special events and handicap stickers. Very sleazy stuff.  But that's what ya get when you turn everything over to one party.
Three reasons why Obama should end the federal crackdown on medical marijuana.

  1. He has discretion.  He says that he has no choice but to go after marijuana because of the law.  But look at his selective enforcement on other issues.  He totally refuses to enforce federal immigration law because he wants the Democrats to steal elections with Mexican votes.  He's also been very lax in going after election fraud, campaign finance violations and corporate crime because he wants bribes.
  2. It's costing him politically.  Many folks are realizing that his promises of hope and change are bullshit and he's just another crooked politician.
  3. He promised he would.  Before he was president, he repeatedly promised to reform drug laws.  But the moment he got elected he broke his promise.


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Washington Post accuses Mitt Romney of being a high school bully.  First they said he was mean to his dog.  Then they trashed his religion.  Now they're trying to say a prank on a hippie friend was a hate crime.  Crazy stuff.  It's especially hypocritical considering Obama's youthful flirtations with racists and terrorists are off-limits.


So Obama finally came out in support of gay marriage.  Yeah, whatever.  I'd feel a lot more excited about it if I thought he was genuinely supportive.  He rapidly "evolved" on the subject because he was  being embarrassed in public and blackmailed in private by gay mega-donors who were refusing to give  him and the Democrats any more cash.  If he was truly for equality, then why not support the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act?  Why not come out against all the gay marriage bans, like the recent one that was just passed in North Carolina?  Why is he opposing the mention of gay marriage in the Democrat Party platform?  Why is he refusing to sign an executive order banning discrimination by federal contractors?
MyFirstSexTeacher Tanya Tate gets fucked by James Dean. Netload and Extabit download links.

The Iron Lady. Drama about British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  It was okay.  Meryl Streep did a great job playing her.  I can see why she won an Oscar for it.  And I'm glad that it wasn't a character assassination against her, more sympathetic than I thought it would be.  A lot of folks on the left despise her for being an independent woman.  But the story itself was messy.  Jumped around a lot between past and present, reality and reminiscences.  Reminded me of Edmund Morris's controversial biography of Ronald Reagan.  Just tell the damn story straight.  No need for silly gimmicks.
The 300.


Mile Bi Club.


"Chronicle of Higher Education" journal fires blogger Naomi Schaefer Riley after she questions the relevance of Black Studies.  Translation:  academic freedom only applies to liberals.  Make a conservative argument and you'll be branded a racist.
I'm happy that Republican Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar was thrown out of office in Tuesday's primary election.  He's not a bad guy.  He did a lot of important work with foreign policy, especially with nuclear disarmament.  But he sold out.  He literally couldn't even vote for himself because he's been living in DC for the past forty years.  I'm a big fan of term limits.  Limit politicians to 2-3 terms and then get them the fuck out.  Anything after that and they become vegetables.
China expels Al Jazeera English for exposing corruption, labor camps and the disappearance of dissidents.
US government can't explain why it shut down a hip-hop blog.  Basically, the Recording Industry sent the feds a long laundry list of sites they wanted to shut down for "copyright violations."  Being incredibly corrupt, the Obama administration went ahead and did it without verifying anything.  Now they're starting to find that a lot of the sites were completely innocent so they're trying to cover everything up.


Real Men In Black caught on tape?  A Canadian UFO nerd claims to have security footage of two creepy guys who came to his job asking questions about him.  I'm a little dubious because Men In Black 3 is coming out.
King of Devil's Island.  Norwegian drama based on the true story of a group of boys who rebelled against the sadistic guards of an island reform school prison camp.  I liked it.  Stellan Skarsgard is one of my favorite actors.  Interesting seeing him at work in his native Scandinavia.  The half-naked hot young guys also were nice. Needed some full-frontal or sex scenes.






AStraightGuy.com.  Free gay site featuring videos of straight guys.  Mostly preview clips for sites like BrokeStraightBoys. Not bad.
White House political adviser David Axelrod frantically backpedals from Joe Biden's support of gay marriage.  This is one of my biggest complaints about Obama.  He brags about being different but then acts like a typical coldly calculating ass-covering politician.  By not coming out in support of gay marriage he shows that he's a weak leader who'll go wherever the wind blows him.
Media ignores Cleveland bridge bomb plotters leftwing Occupy Wall Street connections.  Whenever a nut goes on a shooting spree, the liberal media spends days railing against conservative talk radios and rambling about vast rightwing conspiracies.  But when leftwing groups commit actual terrorist acts, they pooh-pooh it.  Eco-terrorists blowing up buildings are just "isolated cases of vandalisms."  Leftwing anarchists trying to blow up bridges are just "random cranks."  Nothing to see here, folks...
France goes Socialist.  Sarkozy wasn't a saint, but I do give him credit for being pro-American, tough against dictators, and supportive of economic reform.  By embracing the discredited left, the French are going to wreck the European Union and send the entire global economy deeper into recession.  France is like Greece and California.  For years it spent recklessly building up an elaborate social welfare system.  Nobody works anymore.  They're all on welfare.  But now the economy's collapsing and the government can't afford to keep it going so everyone's freaking out.  They want the free ride to continue so they vote for opposition candidates to fix everything.  But when they in turn fail, everyone becomes disillusioned and democracy starts to suffer.  Just look at Greece and Italy, where unelected bureaucrats are now in charge.
Robocop. I haven't seen it in years.  Have to say it holds up surprisingly well.  It's scary how much real life has caught up with the movie.  I think it's only a matter of time before bankrupt large cities start outsourcing their police departments to sketchy private contractors.  It's certainly already happening with private prisons and spy cameras/drones.  I'm curious to see how the remake turns out.    Will it have the same biting social commentary or will it just be a lame sci-fi action movie?
Hinkle's.  Small family diner located at 204 West Main St. in Madison, Indiana's historic downtown district.  It's literally a hole-in-the-wall kind of place.  No tables.  Just an old-fashioned lunch counter to sit at.  It's kind of neat because you get to see the cook working the grill right smack in front of you.  Their burgers are very unique.  They're like bigger versions of White Castles. They also have a surprisingly wide selection of milkshakes.  I had a wedding cake milkshake that was very yummy.  They're open 24-hours on Fridays and Saturdays and seem to do pretty brisk business with walkins and takeouts.  I'd like to stop by again next time I'm in town.


Woman jailed for trying to fill her prescription.  The pharmacist thought her prescription was forged, but even if she was an addict, do we really need to criminalize this stuff? What does this accomplish except to clog the courts and fill the jails with otherwise harmless people?

Witzelsucht.  Rare mental disorder that causes you to constantly tell inappropriate jokes and make puns.  It's usually caused by a stroke or injury that has damaged the orbitofrontal region on the right side of the brain.
The Avengers.  I really liked it.  Did a great job at bringing all of these separate unique characters together (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury).


Court rules that Facebook "likes" don't count as protected First Amendment speech. Basically a group of public workers sued because they were fired for liking the Facebook profile of the person who ran against their boss.  The court ruled that a Facebook like doesn't mean anything.  I think that's dumb.  I see it as an act of speech, no different than holding a sign, something that should be protected.  I hope the Supreme Court has the sense to overturn it.

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CzechHunter.com.  Gay pay site featuring cute guys being picked up off the street.  I tend to be picky about these types of shows because they get old quick, but I like the quality of the guys and the setup of this one. Can see some preview videos here.



War Horse.  Drama directed by Steven Spielberg based on a book and a play about a horse's experiences during the First World War.  I liked it.  Good old-fashioned war movie.  It was sentimental but at the same time conveyed the brutal horrors of war.
If you find a winning lottery ticket in the trash at a convenience store, should the money go to you or the person who threw it away?  A judge in Arkansas ruled that the money goes to the person who bought the ticket and threw it away.  I think that's stupid.  If you throw something away, it's not yours anymore.  Simple as that.  Doesn't matter if it was a mistake or not.  The right to salvage is probably one of the oldest basic rights we have because it's just common sense.  Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.  Can read more about it here.
Sean Harris, pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina for urging parents to beat their children if boys act effeminate or girls act butch.
DEA arrest college student, accidentally leave him in prison cell for five days with no food, water or contact of any kind.  Very scary stuff.  By the time someone remembered to check on him, he was half-starved, drinking his pee for water, and suicidal. They never charged him with a crime.  Never said sorry.  Just moved on to terrorize the next person.
Woman faces 20 years in prison for firing warning shot into ceiling while being attacked by her abusive husband.


The Darkest Hour.  Sci-fi action movie about a group of American tourists trapped in Moscow during an alien invasion.  Meh.  The novelty of the aliens being both invisible and nearly invincible quickly wore off.  Just started getting silly.  There was one point where they hid for days before coming out looking exactly the same without the slightest hint of a five o'clock shadow.