I support Montana Democrat Gov. Brian Schweitzer's plan to provide universal health care in his state by expanding Medicare to everyone.  Obama's against letting individual states do this on their own because he's a whore to the Big Drug and Big Insurance companies.
Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles: The Authorized Adaptation.  Graphic novel version of the sci-fi classic.  It doesn't cover everything, but overall I still liked it.  I forgot just how dark and trippy the story was.
Heroes: U.S. Marine Corps Medal of Honor Winners by Marc Cerasini.  The title's a bit misleading because it's more of a textbook history of the USMC than anything else, but I still liked it.  The history itself is very fascinating because the Marines did a lot of missions that aren't really in the history books.  The old wartime pictures of the young handsome soldiers killed in action were also very disturbing.  It aint like the movies.  Most heroes die tragically.


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Dead Island.  One of the most popular games of the year.  About zombies on a tropical resort island.  I played a little bit of it on my XBox 360 and liked it.  Similar to Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead.  It's not for the casual gamer.  I was using buttons on the controller that I didn't even know existed.  It also takes up a HUGE amount of memory space, over 190MB.  I had to clean up my system's hard drive just to make room for it.  I'm curious to see how the movie turns out.  Apparently it's gonna be based on the family that appeared in the trailer.
Stake Land.  About a young guy who befriends a vampire hunter in post-apocalyptic America.  I didn't like how the main villain was handled (too melodramatic) and I wish yummy Connor Paolo showed some skin, but otherwise it wasn't too bad.  Good story.  Great special effects.  Cool mutant-like vampires.
Saudi Arabia sentences woman to ten lashes for violating Islamic driving ban.


Fatty Patty's.  Funky little pizza place on 644 Main St. in Covington's Mainstrasse.  Had a late night bite to eat with my best friend there.  We really loved them.  The food's awesome.  Not just gourmet pizza, but burgers, sandwiches and ice cream too.  The service is very friendly.  While the decor is charmingly kitschy.  Cartoon-themed with toys and comic strips everywhere.  Great for families during the day and partygoers at night.
Frog Smoothie.  Freaky.
Ceremony.  Romantic drama about a fast-talking guy who falls in love with a woman about to get married at a beachside resort.  I couldn't get into it.  Too mushy.  And the guy's silly mustache was very distracting.

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The Troll Hunter.  Norwegian dark fantasy/horror movie about a group of students who decide to tag along and videotape a crazy woodsman who says he's a troll hunter.  Saw it on Netflix.  I liked it.  Very quirky. Fantasy's very hard to pull off, and I give them kudos for doing it without being too silly and over the top.
Obama administration to ban over-the-counter asthma inhalers because some environmentalists whine that they're potentially bad for the environment.  It's like the stupid ban on lightbulbs.  Folks are gonna have to pay double, maybe more because there's only one company that makes the "green" inhalers and ya know that Obama will let them jack the prices in return for more bribes.
French spoof of Doctor Who.
I've always been amused at how my friends on the left absolutely refuse to criticize Obama on the economy. It's like watching a battered girlfriend blame the world and her cheating boyfriend's ex for everything.  My man's perfect!  If all you haters out there weren't getting in his way he'd take care of me and my babies!  We just need to loooove him more.  I'm flabbergasted as to why they would place so much faith in a limousine liberal from Hawaii who doesn't have the slightest bit of experience.  He's no different than Sarah Palin.  Just an empty suit who rode his wave of popularity to power.  They'll bitterly blame Bush but Obama has the SAME economic team as his predecessor.  I just imagine them wearing their silly little Obama pins while sitting in the dark, totally destitute, eating cat food and hoping for change that will never come.

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Troy Davis wasn't innocent and deserved to be executed. Great article that shoots down all the myths surrounding his case.  The anti-death penalty folks and civil rights racketeers can whine all they want, but the truth is the guy fucked up and killed a cop.  I'm all for reform, but I think my friends on the left make fools of themselves by trying to save every piece of shit they can.


Sheitan.  French horror movie about a crazy groundskeeper terrorizing a group of party kids.  My friend Sarah recommended it to me.  It was okay.  Had its freaky gory moments.  Some of the guys were cute.  Wish they had showed more skin. Alas, the only weiner in the movie came from a weird-looking gimp.
I've been mentoring a young guy at work who has autism.  Today he had a bad meltdown because a piece of black street trash from Cincinnati cursed at him and he couldn't handle it.  He kept sobbing about wanting to withdraw from the world altogether because people were so mean.  It was very heartbreaking because I understand what he meant.  This is why folks with autism and Aspergers have high depression and suicide rates.  The urge to withdraw is so very strong because we see the world for what it is, a cold cruel place full of animals who only care about using each other.
I hate the new Facebook layout and I'm annoyed that Netflix has messed up its dvd plan.  If it aint broke, don't fix it!  Facebook and Netflix were both doing fine until they started to tweak things.  I blame Wall Street.  In order to survive in the stock market companies have to constantly shake things up.  Steady and slow doesn't cut it.  This is why the economy is so fucked up.  Reliable companies are punished while crazy buzz-worthy companies get all the money.


Genesis of the Daleks.  I tend to be picky about Classic Doctor Who because a lot of it's too cheesy for my tastes, but this one is a favorite because it deals with the origins of the Daleks and ties in very well with the current series.  I especially liked seeing the serious side of the Fourth Doctor.  He's probably one of the wackiest of all the Doctors, but when the shit hit the fan, he went to work.
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A new study shows that contrary to popular assumption, people with mild forms of autism really don't fare any better than those who have more severe cases.  


Lost Boys: The Thirst.  Second sequel to the 1980s vampire cult classic.  I thought the guy Peter was kinda cute, but otherwise it was lame.  All of the bad acting from Corey Feldman, the British chick and everyone else gave me a headache. The tribute clips to Corey Haim were also weird and out of place.
Teach Me, Dad.  Spanish-language bi computer-animated cartoon video.

Cam4 girl gets fucked by two Jersey Shore guidos and their black friend.  I posted a blowjob extract previously but this is the full video.
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Something Wicked This Way Comes: The Authorized Adaptation by Ron Wimberly.  I'm very picky about graphic novels, but I liked it.  It's literally been twenty years since I last read the Ray Bradbury classic.  It was such an influence on me that I wrote my own little illustrated short story version when I was ten years old.
Son of Godzilla.  Eh, probably one of my least favorite in the series.  Too silly.  And the baby looks retarded.



Garbage Pail Kids image collection.
I just got a Roku.
  • It's worth it alone for Netflix.  Although I do think they fucked up by splitting streaming and discs.
  • I wish Hulu would get their shit together.  If they get sold to Google or another high-power backer that's serious about content, I think they have the real potential to be an alternative to cable.
  • Loving the free unlimited Pandora streaming!
  • I'm hoping someone finds a way to stream ch131 or fastpass.tv.  It would be a huge fuck you to Big Media.
  • I'm watching more news/political stuff now (CNN International, Rachel Maddow, Democracy Now, Meet The Press).
  • Also loving the educational programs (university lectures from CDNTV, C-SPAN's Q&A podcast). 
  • I wish C-SPAN had a bigger presence.  I blame that on them being funded by the cable industry.
  • More kids programming would be nice.  
  • I don't know why you can't turn it off.  Kinda weird.
Cedar Rapids. Comedy about a dorky insurance salesman going to a convention.  I liked it.  Had a good cast of quirky characters played by Ed Helms, John C. Reilly, Anne Heche, Sigourney Weaver, etc.
The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic and How It Changed Science, Cities and the Modern World by Steven Johnson. Quick breezy read about the 1854 cholera outbreak in London.  It was one of the first times that someone put two and two together and realized that microbes were responsible for disease. Up until then a lot of illnesses were blamed on dirty air.  They called it miasma.  The cure was to get lots of fresh air so nurses spent more time trying to air out rooms than anything else.  It sounds silly today, but it made sense at the time because a lot of places were nasty cesspools with human and animal shit literally everywhere.


Boy and crossdresser


Secretariat.  Disney drama based on the true story about a housewife and her racehorse Secretariat.  I liked Seabiscuit better because it focused more on the horse, but overall I still liked it.  Nice family movie. Had a good girl power message.


"Kyle XY" star Matt Dallas Twitter cock pic.  He says it's fake and that his account was hacked, but Anthony Weiner said the same thing...


Roku porn.  So far the selection is rather limited.

  • Pay sites like Hotflix, Videobox, Pink Visual, Straight College Men, and Badpuppy offer subscriptions.  I think there's real potential for on-demand porn. AEBN and other providers need to get on the ball with that.  
  • As for the free stuff, The Nowhere Porn channel offers clips from the tube sites XShare, Mofosex, Pornhub, Bang You Later, Pornoxo, Xvideos, Xhamster and Gaytube.  But you don't get the best stuff and it doesn't seem like it's really updated.
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  • I see the special elections on Tuesday as a setback for Obama and the Democrats. The New York City seat is one of the most liberal districts in Congress.  It's 40% Jewish and has been held by the Democrats for almost NINETY years.  The Democrat candidate was a Jewish elected official running against a white-collar corporate tea party guy.  But the Democrats lost it because people are fed up with the Obama Depression.  And many Jews are disgusted with Obama's anti-Israel policies.  While the Nevada district is one of the biggest swing districts in the country.  And the Democrats lost it in a landslide because they couldn't answer the basic question.  Are you better off than you were four years ago?  Fuck no.
  • I'm leaning towards supporting Democrat Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race.  I don't agree with her on everything, but I like how she has taken on Wall Street and the Big Banks.  I'm not a big fan of Republican Scott Brown.  I think he's phony.  He rode the Tea Party wave to power then immediately moved to the left.  
  • I think the left is hypocritical for getting hysterical over Pennsylvania Republicans idea to appoint electoral college votes based on congressional district.  They're all for the idea when it benefits Democrats. But when it threatens Democrats, it's labeled as a racist conspiracy to disenfranchise voters.
Labyrinth.  First movie I watched on my new big-screen 40-inch HDTV.  I liked it.  Can see why it's become a cult classic.  Very campy.  Made me miss Jim Henson. I've also come to the conclusion that David Bowie is a very underrated performer.
I just bought computer/video cables AND sex toys from Amazon.com.  I hope my dad isn't nosy and opens my packages.  Talk about a rather awkward combo...


Andy Whitfield.  He died from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  It's heartbreaking because he was only 39 and just hit it big as the star of Spartacus.  He will be missed.
Seattle just mandated that all businesses with five or more people have to provide at least five paid sick days a year.  San Francisco, Washington DC and the state of Connecticut have similar laws.  I'm all for it.  Folks like my mom, who are part of the working poor, are totally fucked whenever they get sick.  Businesses can afford to take care of their workers better.  They're just greedy.
Poverty rate skyrockets to 15.1%, the highest since 1993. Oh, but it's not Dear Leader's fault.
Six-Inch Eel Swims Into Man's Penis. Yikes!
Kudos to Dick and Lynne Cheney for publicly supporting gay marriage. If ultra-conservatives like them can do it, then why can't Obama?  A lot of folks don't realize that he opposes marriage equality and pointedly refused to support the vote for it in California.


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I finished watching the ten-episode "Torchwood: Miracle Day.  It was nice seeing Jack again.  I thought it had an interesting concept (everyone on Earth becoming immortal).  And I thought Bill Pullman's performance was worthy of an Emmy.  But overall I was very disappointed with it.  The writing was a mess.  It was very slow to take off, lacked the adventurous spirit of the previous shows and did a terrible job fitting into the rest of the Whoverse.  The American characters act amazed that aliens exist, but what about UNIT (which is based in America) and all of the planetwide emergencies in the past (Daleks vs Cybermen war, Stolen Earth, Children of Earth)? I'd like to see Torchwood wrapped up with a tv-movie and then maybe have Jack pop up in Doctor Who one last time.
My take on the ten year 9/11 anniversary.

  • I still remember it vividly.  I was getting ready in the morning to go to my college class.  My dad pointed to the "Today" show on tv and said that a plane crashed in New York.  I didn't think anything of it and went to the bathroom to shower. He then yelled "ANOTHER plane has crashed!" I came running out and started to watch the news coverage.  Before long, the Pentagon was hit. I was shocked and told my dad that WWIII had just broke out.  My sister called hysterically crying from her job-training class, terrified that we were going to get bombed too.  My dad and I sat and watched the news all day.  Seeing MTV, Home Shopping Network and other channels go dark was very unsettling.  It felt like the end of the world.  My mom came home early from work, one of the few times her place ever closed early.  We spent the rest of the day very numb, very worried.  My mom thought she was going to lose me to the draft.  I couldn't sleep that night because I kept waiting for the next attack to come.
  • I'm annoyed that ten years later there's still NO 9/11 memorial.  I think we should've rebuilt the World Trade Center bigger and better.  But if not, we could've at least put something up.  The never-ending lack of progress is a testament to what's wrong with this country today.  We can't get shit done.  


MilitaryClassified Henry.
Blown Away T-Girls 2-11.


True Blood: All Together Now.  Graphic novel set between the second and third seasons about a Native American trickster spirit that holds everyone hostage so it can feed on their darkest secrets. I didn't like it.  The art was good but the story and dialogue was super cheesy.
Flippin' Jimmy's in Covington has closed after only being open for a few weeks.  I'm not surprised. I liked their burgers and wings, but they were overpriced and not unique enough to draw in a crowd.  Their location also sucked with no parking and no air conditioning.  Probably would do better in a different spot.
Prom. Disney tween movie about a bunch of kids going to their high school prom.  I thought it was cute.  Kinda like the movie Valentine's Day.
Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores The Hidden Side of Everything by economist Steven Levitt and NY Times journalist Stephen Dubner.  I was mildly disappointed with it. More pop sociology than anything else. But there were some interesting points:

  • Real estate agents are overrated. Their goal is to make a quick buck.  Better off selling your own house.
  • Abortion may have played a big role in reducing crime by taking out bad apples that otherwise would've been born.  It could explain Cincinnati's high-crime rate, which is one of the most pro-life areas in the country.
  • Ever wonder where all those Romanian orphans came from?  Turns out the communist dictator banned abortion in the 1980s, resulting in thousands of unwanted children.  
  • Head Start is overrated.  It's pretty much just free babysitting.
  • Crack is whack.  A typical drug dealer only makes $3-5 bucks an hour.  Most of the money goes to the drug kingpins.  It's a sick system that survives because there are no strong black leaders to shoot down the stupid rap culture that glamorizes it.  

Black history teacher punishes white student by jerking him off in front of rest of class.


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Star Wars: Clone Wars sex pictures. Basically that alien chick getting her freak on. I've only seen the first two episodes of the show.  Really need to see the rest.
EBT.  Crazy rap video about welfare skanks.
I'm thinking about bringing my non-porn posts about sci-fi, history, books, politics and everything else back to this blog.  Anybody for it?  Against it?  Yeah, I'm talking to you, Russian guy jerking off to my clown porn.
I support the tea party's campaign to abolish the Northern Kentucky Planning Commission.  The tea party works best on the local level because it serves as an independent watchdog.  They're right.  Why should the people of Kenton County pay millions of dollars for a bunch of consultants that really don't do anything.  If you go to their website, it's all bureaucratic gobbly-gook.  Service, Perseverance, Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence.  What the fuck does that mean?
Mama Sue has decreed that I'm not allowed to stop blogging.  So sorry in advance for being lame.
Mama Sue has decreed that I'm not allowed to stop blogging.  So sorry in advance for being lame.


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The Bang Bang Club.  Drama based on a true story about photojournalists in apartheid South Africa.  I thought it was interesting. They have such a shitty job.  They risk their lives in warzones to watch people getting brutalized.  At best their pictures are briefly glanced at by some bored yuppie sipping their morning coffee.  At worst their pictures don't even make the cut because the media cares more about covering Kim Kardashian's wedding instead.  I also liked how they showed the dark side of South Africa.  We have this rosy image that South Africa's transition to democracy was nice and peaceful.  It wasn't.  Many of Mandela's cronies were corrupt and a lot of people were murdered by mobs.

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