Rosewater. 2014 drama based on the true story of Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari who was imprisoned for covering the Green democracy movement. It was directed by comedian Jon Stewart who felt bad that the Iranians used a "Daily Show" interview as a reason to say that Bahari was spying for foreigners. Caught it on Netflix.

I liked it. I was fascinated by the Kafkaesque ordeal of being interrogated by a bumbling bureaucrat who in turn is being yelled at by a bumbling bureaucrat working for other bumbling bureaucrats.


African-American Boone County High School grad recalls how hard it was to take Rebel pride. I spent the evening arguing with folks in the comments section over the mascot being racist. My favorite responses:

  • It's based on Rebel Without A Cause. Cuz clearly he looks like James Dean???
  • The class of 1963 voted for it because it was cute. I mean it's not like they voted for a Confederate symbol to oppose the civil rights movement happening at that time. No way.
  • NKU has a Norse Viking mascot. Isn't that offensive?
  • I remember seeing a black kid in the lunch room once and nobody lynched him so we're totally not racist!
  • It's to promote our Southern heritage. Ya know. When Margaret Garner escaped her Boone County master and killed her baby rather than turn it over to be abused and sold.
  • It's to promote our rebel spirit. Ya know. When Boone County surrendered five seconds into the Civil War and happily joined the Yankee war machine because of greed. Oh wait. We're not supposed to talk about that part.
  • Boone County doesn't have any problems with bigotry (a week after a county official defied a Supreme Court order to marry gay people)
Stiff Competition. 1984 straight porn movie from Caballero. I liked the whole idea of cocksucking races. Betting on girls to see who sucked dick the fastest.
Swing Out Sisters. Japanese hentai cartoon video with English subtitles.
Gangrape School Part One. Japanese hentai cartoon video with English subtitles. It's rare to see black people in Japanese hentai.
Gogo No Kouchou Junai Mellow Yori part one. A sexually frustrated housewife fantasizes about a young neighbor. Japanese hentai cartoon video with English subtitles.
Shoujou Senki Soul Eater Part One. Girls get fucked by a tiger and his minions. Japanese hentai cartoon video with English subtitles.


Guillermo Del Toro won't be part of Justice League Dark. The studio's taking forever to get started and he had other shit to do. It's a shame because I think he would have done a great job at pulling it off. Now it will probably end up being a lame "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" ripoff. Very clunky and goofy.
The Wound by Mike Carey. Seventh volume in The Unwritten graphic novel series.

I liked it. Got a kick out of the unicorn.
Bankrupt Greece closes banks for a week. It's like the Great Depression all over again. A lot of folks pooh pooh debt but this could easily happen in America. Imagine your credit cards being worthless. Everything would come crashing down.


Group of college guys take turns fucking girl in dorm room. This is one of my all-time favorite videos. I repost it every time I come across it.
Two Brazilian guys take turns fucking girl in laundry room while friends tape it.
Brazilian guy and girl keep fucking after friends walk in on them.
Brazilian guy fucks girl in car while friend tapes it.
Seventh Son. 2014 epic fantasy movie based on the novel by John Delaney about the adventures of a knight's apprentice.

My dad liked it but I couldn't get into it. Seen one fantasy movie seen them all. Jeff Bridges is a trooper but I don't know how Julianne Moore got through her witch scenes without giggling hysterically. Also Ben Barnes is too damn old to be playing an innocent farm boy. He's my freaking age.

I do give props on the special effects though. Movies are getting better and better at depicting fantasy. It's just such a hard genre to squeeze into a two-hour time frame. Better to make a tv-show like "Game of Thrones."
Texas officially announces that it will ignore the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage. This is blatantly unconstitutional. You don't get to pick and choose what laws you want to uphold.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Ashley Olsen. Says she has Lyme Disease to cover up her problem with drugs.
  • Kesha. Continues to spiral downward. Was recently seen staggering around drunk in public.
  • Rihanna. SNL had a surprise musical guest on standby because she was so wasted when she was performing on the show.
  • Ross Lynch. Disney's latest teen idol is a huge pot head.


  • Bradley Cooper. Is annoyed with his beard because she was caught hooking up with another sugar daddy.
  • Colton Haynes. Is leaning towards coming out.
  • Elijah Wood. May have had an incestuous relationship with his older brother when he was younger. 
  • Zac Efron. Two separate male models have been running around bragging about their time with him.


  • Ben Affleck. Was caught again cheating on his wife Jennifer Garner.
  • Bob Odenkirk. Tried to cheat with porn star Sasha Grey.
  • Bryce Dallas-Howard. Her husband cheats on her all the time, most recently with a production assistant.
  • Calvin Harris. Is known for having pot-fueled orgies backstage.
  • Charlie Sheen. Is rumored to have HIV.
  • Colin Jost. Left his mom behind at an awards show so he could hook up with Andi Dorfman from "The Bachelor."
  • Game of Thrones. One of the cast members scored not one, but two blowjobs while at the London premiere of the show.
  • Jason Momoa. Cheated with a bunch of different girls while on vacation in Puerto Rico.
  • Javier Bardem. Knocked up one of his mistresses.
  • Lana Del Rey and James Franco. Have been having an affair.
  • Ryan Philippe. A new book from Reese Witherspoon claims that he cheated with up to fifty women during a six-week period when he was making a movie.
  • Topher Grace. Cheated with barely legal Hailee Steinfeld
Short cell phone video of two bears fucking on a New York City subway.
Candid nude pictures of a young Brad Pitt. Don't know if these are real or not but they don't look like they're blatantly photoshopped.
WWE wrestler Seth Rollins shows off his dick.
Musician Stevie J. shows off his cock. He also appeared on the VH1 reality show "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta."
The Temptation of Infidelity. 2014 Korean straight softcore porn movie. You don't see penis, penetration or cum but otherwise the sex scenes are plentiful and pretty.
Thai woman gets creampied by three guys.
Thai Cock Boxing part one, two and three.
Japanese gym teacher blackmailed into being a sex slave for two students.
Two Japanese guys fuck girl while another guy uses a dildo on himself.
Blake Bennett fucks Damien Kyle. Gay porn scene from Broke Straight Boys.
Remembering Woodrow Wilson's purge of black federal workers. This is one reason why I think he's such an overrated president. He was a notorious racist. When "Birth of a Nation" came out he enthusiastically endorsed it. When he became president, one of his first acts was to bring back segregation to Washington DC and fire as many blacks as possible.
The Fallen by Charlie Higson. Fifth book in The Enemy British young adult horror series about a disease that turns everyone over the age of sixteen into a mutant zombie, leaving kids to fend for themselves.

I was disappointed with it. The series started out strong. Kind of like 28 Days Later. But there are so many characters that come and go that it's hard to keep track of everything. I wish there was a little guide or something at the beginning to refresh your memory.

I also wasn't thrilled with the introduction of the mutant kids. They were like the Garbage Pail Kids. Seemed goofy.
NASA abruptly cuts live feed from International Space Station after three UFOs are seen flying out of the earth's atmosphere. The video is very blurry but you do see three tiny objects flying up.
Pride. 2014 British drama based on a true story of a group of London gay activists pitching in to support the miners strike of 1984.

I liked it. The story is very inspirational but the cast is great too.  I didn't know Ben Schnetzer is American and didn't even recognize Dominic West (The Wire) until the very end. I have a crush on George MacKay and love anything with Bill Nighy or Imelda Staunton in it.
Senate passes Obama's fast-track trade bill. This got buried under the tidal wave of news about marriage equality. It's the first step in the passing of the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty that lets corporations evade any regulation they don't like (minimum wage, environmental, safety, corporate accountability, taxes) by appealing to a panel consisting of a corrupt Third World bureaucrat, a Chinese Communist official and a sleazy American corporate hack. Thirty years from now when we're all wondering why we're living in a Big Brother dictatorship controlled by Big Business, we'll look back at this day as the beginning of it all.
Alex Grahamson and Jason Valencia fuck Dakota White. Gay porn scene from Bare Twinks.
Brad's Orgy Party. Gay porn scene from Staxus featuring hot twinks fucking.
White public defender talks black guy into fucking her in his jail cell.
Diego Lauzen fucks Leo Domenico in "Going Down." Gay porn scene from MEN.
Skin Gang. 1999 British gay porn movie from Cazzo Films about skinheads. It's written and directed by Bruce La Bruce, who is known for making artsy-fartsy movies full of hardcore gay sex. I really liked his 2008 German zombie movie "Otto or Up With Dead People."
Hidden video of college students pissing at urinals part one and two. I don't know how he was able to get so close.
Young Offenders. 2014 British gay porn movie from Triga Films about three parole officers having an orgy with three young parolees while inspecting their dorm.
Guy tapes himself getting fucked by 24-year-old nerd wearing Adventure Time shirt in his garage that he met on Grindr.
Six British college guys from Newport University in South Wales strip naked in front of crowd after being hypnotized.


The Roundabouts. 1972 gay porn movie. It's considered a classic because it's one of the first purely twink movies.
Had a crazy woman call and demand that I get fired today because I responded to her Facebook post ranting and raving about gay marriage by reminding her that she was mooching off of her THIRD husband and BOTH of her kids weren't talking to her. I hit too close to home. Turns out she's been sucking the dick of an ultra-conservative sugar daddy and didn't want her precious new church family to know where she came from. Whoopsie.

I don't know if I'll get in trouble or not. I called to check and the person in charge said I was okay. I wasn't on the clock. I didn't mention my job. He thought she was crazy. But lord knows it's a sin to make anyone unhappy. Hoping I don't get ambushed weeks later with a condescending pep talk/Mafiosi warning about how I need to work on my judgement.


Two college couples tape themselves fucking in dorm room. Straight porn scene from Dare Dorm. I like how they both go at it. Usually with groups there's always one couple that lags.
Boyhood. 2014 drama from director Richard Linklater depicting the growth of a boy from the age of six to eighteen.

I really liked it. Should have gotten the Oscar over Birdman. It was fascinating watching everyone age, especially the kids.
Black guy walks in on white British roommate jerking off and joins him.
British guy tapes himself fucking a girl and then a guy.
Straight Australian surfer fucks and gets sucked by gay guy in gloryhole box. Kudos to the gay guy for taking that dick like a champ for over thirty minutes.
Hot straight young firefighter tapes himself jerking off in fire truck. Would love to suck that big fat dick.
Drunk straight guy cums on car window as part of prank.
Glorglorybest. Short twenty-second XTube video previews of college guys using a gloryhole. I like how he shows their faces. You can buy full videos for $10 through Paypal but I wish he would go through XTube. It's not only easier but they're probably gonna end up shutting him down for breaking the rules. My favorite is this one of two college friends taking turns getting their dick sucked: Jasonandfriend
Black gay guy Diksukka gets fucked by two Puerto Rican guys in utility closet. I miss his videos.
Eighteen-year old Florida girl arrested for bestiality after cops stumble across pictures of pit bull licking her pussy during an unrelated investigation. Ya know, crazy as it may sound, I don't think this should be a crime. Definitely not my cup of tea but how is the dog hurt?
Leaked video appears to show 19-year-old Vine star Carter Reynolds trying to pressure his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend into sucking his dick. I'm not posting the video because she's underage. Some folks are accusing him of attempted rape, but I think he was just fooling around. How many guys haven't waved their dick around trying to get someone to suck it.
Love Is Strange. 2014 drama about an older gay couple (John Lithgow, Alfred Molina) trying to hang on after losing their apartment in New York.

I liked it. Made me cry. I felt sorry for Alfred Molina. Dedicated teachers who have taught for decades have been fired for being gay because their behavior is deemed "immoral" by the same Catholic Church officials who pooh-pooh pedophilia. I also felt sorry for John Lithgow. I worry a lot about what's going to happen to me when I'm old. My parents will be gone. My sister and her kids will have their own lives.
Jury awards patient $500,000 after he records surgical team insulting him while he was under anesthesia during his colonoscopy. Ya know I actually side with the doctors here. Who cares if they're talking shit if the job gets done. I say give the guy a refund and call it a day.


AdultTarget.com. Straight porn tube site. Doesn't have many videos but still a nice mix.
Fuqer.com. Straight porn tube site. Nice mix of videos. Some I haven't seen before.
Girl makes four hundred dollars by giving young guy a handjob. I thought he was adorable.
Guy loses girlfriend in poker game. Straight porn scene from Sell Your GF.
Nurse treats patient to a handjob. Japanese straight porn.
Txporn.com. Straight porn tube site. Nice mix of videos from premium pay sites. Noticed a lot from Brazzers.
Steal My Virginity. Masked robber Danny D fucks Bella Beretta on her birthday. Straight porn scene from Brazzers.
Danny D fucks Dylan Phoenix and Molly Jane in "Big Tits On The Bottom Bunk." Straight porn scene from Brazzers.
College Midterm Stress Release. Peta Jensen fucks campus security guard Bill Bailey so she can keep on turning tricks and doing camshows in her dorm room. Straight porn scene from Brazzers.
Aubrey Gold and Debbie Clark in "Besties Finally Make Out." Straight porn scene from Real Slut Party.
Skye tricks her sister's boyfriend into fucking her.
Streaminporn.com. Gay porn tube site. Has a lot of nice videos from premium pay sites. Only nitpicks are that it's full of annoying popups and the playback can be a little spotty at times.
Ace Stone and Shawn Andrews in "Anonymous." Gay porn scene from Next Door Studios.
Arturo sucks Gianni. Gay porn scene from Bi Latin Men.
Petr Zuska, Alan Carly and Laco Meido in "Duty Bound." Gay porn scene from Straight Hell of two guys making another guy fuck.
Cody Ryder starts an orgy. Gay porn scene from Bukkake Boys.
Elder Lindsay and Elder Ricci fuck in "Companionship Inventory." Gay porn scene from Mormon Boyz.
Zane Anders fucks the Graff Twins. Gay porn scene from Dallas Reeves.
Dustin Zito from "Real World: Las Vegas" does webcam show with a dildo. He insists that he's straight as an arrow and yet he's been fucked in the ass by guys and apparently enjoys shoving things up his bum. Go figure.
Smiling 21-year-old babyfaced straight black guy gets sucked hard by big black tranny. An old favorite of mine. I just like how happy he looked.
Straight YouTube gamer Ghostrobo takes a nude pic of himself in the nude shower
Short cell phone video of straight black guy caught jerking off by his laughing friend
Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty will bypass courts altogether. The scary thing about it is it sets up a Big Brother corporate state. If a company doesn't like labor/environmental/safety regulations then they can bypass the courts altogether and go to an international arbitration panel consisting of a crooked Third World hack, a crooked Chinese Communist hack and a crooked American corporate hack. So goodbye minimum wage. Goodbye OSHA. Goodbye Clean Air Act. We'll all be slaves to Big Business. If we protest, then we'll be ruthlessly exterminated by government stormtroopers and locked up in private prisons.


Russian guy carries drunk MILF in and plops her on bed so he and his two friends can fuck her.
Jordi fucks Susana Alcala. Straight Spanish-language porn sex scene from FaKings.
Incesti Italiani 19: La Madre Perfetta. Also known as The Perfect Mother. 2010 Italian straight porn movie. I liked the last scene when slutty grandma Effie fucks Max Scar and Leonardo Conti. I thought she was scary looking.
Older Russian woman fucks young guy after catching him jerking off to a porn magazine.
Angry Russian wife walks in on her husband fucking her mother on the bathroom floor.
Phat Zane. Straight male porn star.

Also simply known as Zane. He looks and acts like a Puerto Rican from New York but he's actually from Vancouver, Canada. He started doing porn in 2004 when he was 22, starring in the Her First Big Cock series.

Funny and charming with a baby face and big fat dick, he quickly became very popular. He was especially known for doing gonzo porn (auditioning girls, particularly MILFs). After appearing in dozens of scenes and movies, he abruptly retired from porn altogether in 2011.

Can see him in action here.
MILF Jodi West fucks stepson on his 21st birthday.
All My Best, Jodi West. 2015 straight porn movie from Forbidden Fruits Films starring MILF Jodi West. I liked it when Levi Cash fucked her from behind in the kitchen while she had her hand stuck in the sink. I was also amused by her threesome with Maryjane Johnson and Jake Johnson because he's served as a bottom in gay porn.
Long-haired rocker guy takes break from playing his guitar to fuck his girlfriend. Sex scene from the 2009 straight porn movie Big Breast Amateur Girls #13 from Home Grown Video.
Japanese guys fucking white girls. A nice twist. Usually it's Japanese girls fucking white or black guys.
Eva Angelina picks up and fucks guys in the Bang Bus. I liked it when she hooked up with the two friends. The one guy wimped out the moment she started sucking their dicks but his friend stayed and fucked the shit out of her and kept wanting to go even after he came.
The Babysitter. 1983 straight porn movie about a married couple (Kevin James, Rhonda Jo Petty) having fun with a horny babysitter (Danielle) and her friends (Carmen De La Torre, Tara Aire, Billy the Kid). I thought Billy the Kid needed a haircut. He looked like a chick with a strapon. My favorite scene was the big orgy at the end.
Temporada Alta. Also known as High Season. 2000 Spanish-language Argentine straight porn movie from LP Sexxx.
McFarland USA. 2015 drama based on the true story of a high school coach (Kevin Costner) leading a track team of predominately young Mexican migrant workers to victory.

I liked it. Not only inspirational but it's nice to see Latinos get screen time. The guys were also cute. I've got a soft spot for Latino guys.


My last day in the city was fairly uneventful because we were both worn out and needed to leave early to catch our plane home.

We had hoped to have breakfast in the hotel but the restaurant wasn't open yet so we checked out of the hotel, left our bags with baggage claims and walked two blocks south to find somewhere to eat before coming across the breakfast buffet at Deuce Mcallister's Ole Saint Kitchen & Tap. I was so worn out that I could barely chew my food.

We still had some time to kill, so we stopped at a gift shop to browse. I really wanted to buy this really cool Mardi Gras mask but the last of my cash was gone and I didn't have room for it in my bag.

The airport shuttle picked is up at 11AM. We checked in and got through security okay. A guy in a cowboy hat almost got tazed because he was being a jerk. I don't know what his problem was but he kept sneering at the TSA agents and complaining about having to be searched.

Our plane was supposed to take off at 1:45pm but it got delayed because of mechanical issues. The airline gave us $18 food vouchers for lunch at Copeland's airport location. I got a muffaletta but wasn't impressed. Tasted like a lame bologna sandwich.

Our plane didn't come until almost 6pm so we had to sit for hours.

I'm kicking myself for putting my phone charger in my friend's checked bag. I was worried that the metal would set off alarms but after we got to our gate I came across well over a dozen people happily charging their phones and iPads.

I'm also kicking myself for not bringing a book. I thought that would be silly. Why waste time reading when there's so much to do! Wrong. Guess what. Airports are boring. And flights are almost as bad because even if you've got a window seat you're mostly just staring out at clouds and sky.

Fortunately our flight home didn't have to make a layover in Branson so we had a straight shot back home to Cincinnati.

My friend picked up some orange chicken at the Cincinnati Airport's Panda Kitchen. We used the bathroom then got an airport shuttle to the parking lot where her car was.

All in all, it was a great trip. We may have been polar opposites but we balanced each other out nicely.

She's very chill. Roll out of bed around noon. Eat at McDonalds. Hang around the hotel. Drink a little. Back in bed before midnight.

I'm very manic. Up at seven in the morning. Trying new foods. Checking out as many locations as possible. Drinking as much as I can. Staying up as late as I could.

She kept me from doing too much. I kept her from doing too little. This is the second trip we've taken together. We did Chicago Pride last time. I'm hoping to talk her into doing another Pride next year. Maybe New York City, Washington DC or Toronto.


We woke up at 9am and walked two blocks north to have brunch at the Ruby Slipper Cafe. I had a Catfish St. Peter which was sort of like a seafood version of an Eggs Benedict.

We had time to kill before getting picked up for our tour, so we killed time by taking a ride on the street car. New Orleans is most famous for the St. Charles Street Car but that was down because of construction so we took the Canal Street Car instead and got a nice little view of the business and university district. My only nitpick is that at the end of the line you have to pay fare to go back. I guess they do that to keep hobos from living on the thing but I'm used to riding the bus and staying on it.

After we got off the streetcar, we went in search of a liquor store because I wanted to play the $80 million Powerball. Surprisingly enough, the VoodooMart chain didn't sell lottery tickets but I did find a little liquor store that did.

Our last tour of the trip began at 2pm. Our bus drove around the French Quarter before stopping at St. Louis Cemetery Number Three. The cemeteries of New Orleans are fascinating. Because of flooding, folks are buried in tombs. Because space is at a premium, tombs operate by the year and a day rule. Your body lies at rest for that period of time. After that, your remains get stuck in a bag and placed in a locker inside the tomb. The temperatures are so hot, well over 250 degrees, that you literally bake and melt.

Annoyingly enough, we only had fifteen minutes to check out the cemetery. My friend couldn't take the heat so she skedaddled back to the bus but I wandered around taking pictures and exploring. I lost track of time and almost got left behind by the tour bus.

The tour then stopped at The Morning Call, a 24-hour coffee shop at the City Park, the sixth-largest urban public park in the country. I'm kicking myself for not getting a beignet but I was too rattled about almost getting left behind and was worried that my order would hold up the tour again. But my friend managed to get some ice cream and popcorn.

The tour then continued with an extensive drive around the city. We checked out:

  • The Ninth Ward. It was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and still had a number of abandoned buildings.
  • Treme. A predominately-black neighborhood known for it's colorful jazz musicians.
  • The Garden District. A leafy neighborhood full of million-dollar mansions, including the childhood home of Anne Rice and the new vacation home for Beyonce.
After the tour, we recharged at the hotel. The plan was to see the gay pride parade and then have dinner but my friend couldn't wait that long to eat so we stopped at Bayou Burger. The moment our food arrived the parade started so I ran out to watch. The parade was surprisingly short. More similar to Cincinnati's than Chicago but I still liked it. Had the old-fashioned New Orleans Madi Gras parade feel to it. 

With the parade over, we began our night of drinking. Our first stop was the Napoleon House, a fancy restaurant located two blocks south of Bourbon Street. I wanted to try the Pimm's Cup lemonade alcohol drink that they're known for. My friend Jonathan also wanted me to pass on a note to a buddy who served as the chef there.

My friend wanted to camp out at the bar because it was air conditioned and quiet but I wanted to do a bar hop so we went back to Bourbon Street. We stopped and took in a drag show at the gay bar Napoleon's Itch. One 60-year-old drag queen hit on me and did a Stevie Nicks number. Another one did a cool impersonation of Pink. I fell in love with the cute blond go-go boy standing outside drawing people in. 

We tried to go to Oz, a gay bar that was serving as the official host and after-party for Pride, but they charged an outrageous $20 cover charge. Forty if you were under 21. Fuck that. So I stopped at the Tropical Isle and got a Hand Grenade. Famous for being one of the most alcoholic drinks on Bourbon Street, it's served in a long green bong-like cup. It seemed like one out of four people on the street had a Hand Grenade in their hand.

My friend didn't like the crowds so we stopped at the Maison Bourbon, a quiet little jazz bar. I got a voodoo daiquiri. I hated their bathroom. It was super tiny, the toilet was all the way down to the ground and the stall didn't lock so you  had to hold the door while drunk people rattled at it trying to get in. 

At this point, my friend and I split up. She was pooped out so she camped out and watched the jazz musicians play. I ventured out by myself to explore as many bars as I could.

My first stop was Pat O'Brien's around the corner. I heard mixed reviews about it being a tourist trap but I was surprised at how much I liked it. It was way larger than I realized, like a compound. I was also amazed at how strong their Hurricane was. I had to pour a third of it out because I was worried it was going to do me in. 

I stopped to check out the crowd outside Channing Tatum's bar Saints & Sinners and then browse through a voodoo shop. The voodoo shops of New Orleans are kind of weird. They won't let you take pictures inside because they say it offends the spirits but at the same time they're selling cheap Chinese knockoffs and rejects from Hot Topic, so come on.

I went back to the hotel to drop off my souvenir cup from Pat O'Brien's and to recharge my phone a bit then went back out to check in with my friend but she was at another jazz bar. I stopped at the Beach and tried to get a Shark Attack drink but the bartender was pissy and said his bar didn't do that. So I ventured back to Tropical Isle and got it there. It's a fun drink. The bartender puts a little shark toy in your drink, pours red food coloring in it to simulate blood, then screams out SHARK ATTACK! while throwing paper napkins up in the air. 

I went to check in on my friend back at the hotel. On the way I got accosted outside a strip club. A black guy pushed me into the arms of a black stripper/hooker lady who grabbed onto my dick with a viselike grip and told me in her Louisiana drawl to "Come In And Eat My Pussy!" 

After escaping her crazy ass, I got stopped by another strip club ringer. He was more gentle, cracking up when he noticed I was gay. Rainbow Trout. Catch and release!

Having been up for almost eighteen hours, with less than four hours of sleep the night before, I finally started to crash. A little after 2AM I trekked out to my final destination of the night, Rawhide, a gay leather bar three blocks north of Bourbon Street at the very end of the French Quarter.  I didn't stay long. The place was too dark and creepy. I was practically the only guy wearing a shirt. Most of the folks were old leather daddies and hustlers. The back area was like something out of The Shining. You didn't want to open those doors. I ended up leaving after I tried to take a picture of a sign and the bartender yelled at me.

I thought I would walk down and check out that whole new street, but after three blocks the dark neighborhood and lack of people freaked me out. Felt like I was in a horror movie with zombie-like hobos creeping at me. Drunk, tired and worn out, I got hopelessly lost. Took me forever to find my way back to Bourbon Street. 

I stopped at got some burgers at Krystal's. They're like the White Castles of the South. I didn't like them. Eleven damn dollars for four tiny cheeseburgers, fries and a drink. And they had a weird mustardy after taste.

I shared half my food with my friend then zonked out. I had three folks eager to hook up with me on Grindr but it was 4AM and I was just too worn out.
  • A college guy who wanted me to come to his hotel and blow him.
  • A cute Asian guy who wanted to find a spot outside or in his hotel to fool around.
  • A bi guy and his girl who wanted me to fuck them both. It would have been awesome to fuck a girl for the first time but the timing was off and they seemed even more wasted than me. Bummer.


We woke up at 7AM, the crack of dawn because we were getting picked up for a tour of the historic plantations of Louisiana.

A little bus drove around the French Quarter picking up folks before taking us to a bigger tour bus. The drive out was an hour long but it was interesting because we got to see some of the city, the suburbs and countryside. Notable sights included:

  • The Superdome. Thousands of people took refuge in it during Hurricane Katrina.
  • The Causeway Bridge over Lake Pontchartrain. Over twenty five miles long, it's one of the longest bridges in the world.
  • The historic plantation that served as the setting for the movie "Twelve Years A Slave" and the upcoming tv-show "Underground" starring Christopher Meloni.
Our first stop was the Laura Plantation, a French Creole sugar plantation that dates back over two hundred years. I was amused by the cats and our tour guide, an older lady who did a good job at mixing humor with history while calling out tourists on their bullshit. The plantation has such a rich history.
  • The women of the family ran the sugar plantation. The men kept dying off or were psychotic. 
  • The Br'er Rabbit stories were collected by interviewing former slaves living and working on the plantation during the 1870s.
  • Fats Domino's parents and family grew up living on the plantation.
Our second stop was the Oak Alley Plantation down the road. I wasn't thrilled with the tour guide. He was very boring, rambling on about all of the fancy furniture in the damn building. However the grounds were pretty, full of hundred-year-old oaks and I did manage to enjoy a mint julep before leaving.

I dozed off during the long and boring ride back. Instead of going back to the hotel we were dropped off at Huck Finn's Restaurant so we could grab a quick lunch before being picked up for another tour of the swamps. I was irritated with the restaurant. The hostess referred us to the bartender who referred us back to the hostess to order. I ended up wolfing down a jambalaya wrap in less than ten minutes.

Our tour bus driver was a bored black guy with dreads. We drove through an area that was clearly devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Instead of telling us about it, he turned on a soft rock radio station. Very weird.

All three of our tours were conducted by Cajun Encounters and this was their main base of operation. It was bustling with three or four tour groups coming and going. A wild raccoon entertained us begging for treats while we waited.

Our tour was on a large boat. You can also do tours on airboats but they splash a lot and aren't as safe. I was blown away by the scenery. The water was teeming with alligators competing to get marshmallows and hot dogs from the captain. The biggest alligator, Brutus, was over 12 feet long and forty years old. The gators would swim up and stare at you creepily. At one point we were feeding one gator when another one swam up from behind and jumped up at a guy leaning on the rail, scaring the bejeezus out of us all.

We continued on with the tour, checking out the plants and the birds before stopping to meet up with wild hogs. The babies were adorable. They came running up, happy as can be, to get marshmallows while the giant older hogs snorted in the background. 

I liked our tour guide. He was a nice older guy who used to run a shrimp boat. You could tell that he genuinely liked the critters in the bayou. I'm so glad we didn't end up on the other boat. The captain rushed the trip because he wanted to strangle the obnoxious drunk gay guys and angry black chicks on board.

The ride back to the hotel was a little disorganized. We had to wait forever for our bus driver to come back. I took the opportunity to buy some alligator jerky and an alligator claw back scratcher in the gift shop.

After recharging at the hotel, we ventured out for a night out on the town. We went a block north to Dauphine Street, stopping to have dinner at Deja Vu Diner. I had a catfish poboy. It was okay. They're like Pepper Pod and Anchor Grill, open 24 hours, so I have a feeling they're at their best late at night.

Our drinking began at Double Play, a small little gay bar with a happy mix of hustlers, trannies and sarcastic old queens. We then went down to Good Friends, a two-story gay bar that had a good crowd going. I had their Separator alcoholic ice cream drink. It was very yummy.

At this point, my friend checked out. She got an alcohol slushie at Fat Tuesday then marched down Bourbon Street like the Terminator while I followed behind. After dropping her off at the hotel I ventured back out to explore Bourbon Street some more.

I got a Hurricane daiquiri at Jester's, a chain of alcoholic slushie shops that had three locations on Bourbon Street. I then walked all the way down to the very end of the street, stopping to look at Laffite's Blacksmith Bar, one of the oldest bars in the country, and having a drink at Cafe Laffite's in Exile, one of the oldest gay bars in the country.

When I got back to the hotel, I hooked up with a cute 32-year-old Mexican power bottom visiting from Mexico City. I fucked the shit out of him while he moaned and called me Papi. He then rode my dick like a champ, continuing to do so even after he came. God bless him. I ended up crawling into bed by 4AM.


We hit some traffic on the way to the airport but otherwise our flight on Branson Air went well. I was pleasantly surprised that our layover in Branson, Missouri was just a short pit stop and that we didn't need to change planes.

Note to Self:  Chew gum while flying. The pressure caused my ear drum to pop, leaving me deaf in one ear for most of the day.

We got lucky at Louis Armstrong Airport and immediately found an airport shuttle. Forty dollars for them to take you to the hotel AND pick you up when you're flying back. Otherwise you would have to pay $40 ONE WAY for a cab. The only downside was the driver. I got stuck having to open the minivan door for every damn person and he got pissy with me because I wasn't fast enough.

I really liked our hotel. The Astor Crown Plaza at 739 Canal Street. It was perfectly situated at the end of Bourbon Street but also close to the Mississippi River. Our room was nice. Two queen beds with a window overlooking the crowds on Canal Street below.

After we recharged at the hotel, we ventured south, stopping two blocks down to have dinner at Daisy Dukes Diner. We got a huge New Orleans sampler platter: Alligator Sausage, Crawfish Etouffee, Gumbo, Fried Green Tomatoes, Biscuit and Remoulade sauce with bottomless refills on Bloody Marys that were very strong.

Here's the kicker with New Orleans. You're allowed to drink in public so I got a Bloody Mary to go!

We continued to venture south four more blocks until we reached the Mississippi River. A lot of folks pay $40-75 dollars for a riverboat cruise but we only paid two bucks for a nice little ferry ride across to Algiers Point, a sleepy little neighborhood overlooking the river.

We stopped at Crown & Anchor Pub, a chill neighborhood bar owned by a Doctor Who fan. I had a cider imported from Britain. I then grabbed a Coke to go and we took the ferry back to visit the famous revolving Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone a few blocks from our hotel.

Alas, the bar was too small and crowded, so we called it a night and went back to the hotel. On the way we stopped at some small gift shops, where I picked up a few t-shirts and voodoo dolls for friends and family back home.

We wrapped up the night by having drinks in the hotel bar. I had a Sazerac, a strong cognac brandy, and a Ramos Gin Fizz, which was supposed to be sweet but was the nastiest drink I ever had. It had egg whites and cream in it. Tasted like melted cottage cheese.

We stopped at the McDonalds next door to the hotel to get a burger then went to bed early at 10:30pm because we had to be up super early the next day.


These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Carrot Top. Nonchalantly pulled a small vibrator out of his ass while at the Billboard Music Awards.
  • Darren Criss. Is leaning towards coming out but his PR/management people are discouraging him.
  • Jessica Simpson's dad. Wentworth Miller said her dad tried to hit on him.
  • Josh Henderson. Is inching closer towards coming out. He most recently went to the Kentucky Derby with his boyfriend.


  • Kelly Osbourne. Has been on a month-long bender. She was most recently seen popping pills and downing booze while on a flight.



I'm heading to New Orleans for vacation! Blogging will resume on Monday when I return. In the meantime, I leave you with these New Orleans-themed straight porn videos:

  • Adventure Sex 4. Becca Bratt, Brittney Skye, Jack Spade and Woody Viking party it up. I will be staying in the same hotel and visiting the same Larry Flynt Hustler strip club that they did. At one point a girl rides a guy on a Bourbon Street balcony.
  • Naughty Alysha. She flashes her tits out on the street then has a little fun in a sex club, mostly sucking dick in the gloryhole.
Cincinnati Airport police and DEA agents seize $11,000 in college tuition from black college student because they thought he was a drug dealer. I don't think he was a genius for smoking pot in the car before getting on the plane, but it's still not enough to warrant such an unnecessary seizure.
When the Game Stands Tall. 2014 drama based on the true story of a California high school football team's record-setting 151 game winning streak.

It was okay. Very cliche. Unintentionally funny sometimes. They tried to be zen-like at times but it came across as very homoerotic. At one point a reporter asks what their secret is and I wanted them to credit circle jerks.


Do You Like Books & Tea? Black-and-white 1960s straight porn loop of two guys and a girl fooling around during a study break.
How San Diego Democrats smeared a gay Republican. The Democrats were terrified of him because he was a popular gay moderate Republican in a swing congressional district. Voters were already disgusted with the Democrats over corruption and attempts to cover up the liberal mayor's history of being a sexual predator. So they cooked up a scheme to smear the queer and made fun of him when he complained about it.

Now that the election's long over, with him narrowly losing, the truth's finally starting to come out. Turns out that the Democrat politicians blatantly lied about seeing him masturbate in men's rooms. They've been caught joking about how effective the smear was. And it turns out that the two staffers who accused him of sexual harassment were on the payroll of his opponent's campaign manager and are now facing criminal prosecution.

This is why I'll never be a Democrat. At least the Republicans are honest about being assholes. Democrats will do anything it takes to win power, even if it means making homophobic smears.
Enraged Florida parademic flings terminal cancer patient to floor because he wouldn't get off stretcher. Ya know some of the nastiest people I've ever encountered have been paramedics. They'll treat you like shit then send you a thousand dollar bill for their "services." And what was up with the hospital workers? That guy at the desk just sat there the whole time.
Republican Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback drastically increases sales tax after bankrupting the state by giving massive income tax cuts to the rich.
Young Spanish swingers
Strip poker game ends with the girls sucking the guys.
Apartment complex residents cry foul over neighbor's security camera watching their hot tub. I side with the camera owner. If they want privacy they can take the hot tub inside. He had problems with vandalism so he's well within his rights to guard his property.


Romeo and Juliet 2. 1988 straight porn movie about a horny theater group. I liked the threesome at the end between Tom Byron, Aja and Tami White.
Shades of Ecstasy. 1983 straight porn movie about horny girls at a temp agency. I liked it when Tom Byron fucked Desiree Lane.
Thrill St. Blues. 1985 straight porn movie about a guy (Tom Byron) sleeping his way through a brothel. I liked the big orgy at the end.
Blackhat. 2015 thriller about a hacker (Chris Hemsworth).

I didn't like it. I literally dozed off in the middle of it. And I thought Chris Hemsworth was horribly miscast. He's really not that great of an actor.
Male sex dolls with interchangeable parts. I'm in love.
Hidden video of two prostitutes at work in an underground Albanian brothel. It was actually surprisingly fascinating to watch. Every five minutes a red light would go off and the pimp would come in to demand more money or kick the guy out. Most guys would wimp out and leave without ever even fucking. But others would double down and spend the next five minutes just slamming her pussy so they'd get their money's worth.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Darren Criss. Has been freaking out because he was recently accidentally outed.
  • George Clooney. When he visited New York recently, his wife stayed in one room while male models visited him often in his room.
  • Jaden and Willow Smith. Want to come out together by making an announcement on social media.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal. Has employed Ruth Wilson to be his beard after Rachel McAdams turned him down.
  • Jeremy Renner. Sharon Stone hooked up with him because she's excited about turning gay guys.
  • Jude Law. A bisexual sex addict, he was caught hooking up with a guy in a bar bathroom.
  • Candace Cameron. Miss Family Values, Kirk Cameron's sister, has been having an affair with a guy.
  • Channing Tatum. Got into a huge fight last year at Cannes after his wife caught him in bed with a barely legal girl.
  • Emily Blunt. Had an affair with Ryan Gosling before getting married to John Krasinski.
  • Ian Zering. Has been having an affair with Julie McCullough, his co-star from "Sharknado"
  • Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina from Glee). Is seriously thinking about posing for Playboy.
  • John Stamos. Loves to tape himself fucking barely legal girls and recently had to pay a hefty settlement after one girl caught him in the act.
  • Martin Freeman. Cheats all the time and has a number of mistresses.
  • Mel Gibson. Keeps a harem of women with him.
  • Mos Def. Cheats with girls by saying that sleeping with him is part of the ritual to join his cult.
  • Sam Worthington. Has a history of beating up escorts.
  • Sean Penn and Charlize Theron. Got into such a huge fight that hotel security had to be called.
  • Selena Gomez. Made a lot of money as an escort for a weekend in Dubai.
Elton John's husband buys and furnishes mansion for cute 33-year-old personal trainer he met while clubbing. Purely platonic ya know. Cuz that's what friends do.
Flash floods in Tbilisi, Georgia devastate zoo and animal shelter, resulting in the deaths of three zookeepers, numerous zoo animals and hundreds of dogs.
College Fuck Fest Party #71. Porn star Christopher Reid is now serving life in prison after being accused of raping a sleeping sorority girl in Pullman, Washington during one of his college porn tours. It remains a very controversial case. The general consensus now is that he really was innocent. He got wasted with a college guy he met in a bar. They sneaked into a number of fraternities and sororities goofing off. At one point, the college guy tried to finger a sleeping drunk girl but she woke up and they ran away. Reid turned himself in thinking he was going to be charged with disorderly conduct or trespassing. Instead they cut the other guy loose and threw the book at him. Even though there was no evidence that there was even a rape, let alone his involvement in one, the prosecutor used his porn career to accuse him of being a sexual predator who preyed on innocent schoolgirls. They wanted to send the message that porn stars weren't welcome in the community. The appeals court refused to hear his case. He's now rotting away in prison and won't be eligible for parole until 2017.
Brent Everett and Jacob reunite.
Army Fuckers. 2006 Czech gay porn movie about a group of horny guys on a farm during WWII. I liked the group sex scene.
Rio fucks Stitch. Gay porn scene from Latin Boyz.
Japanese guy fucks his girlfriend, then two robbers break in and fuck him and the girl.
Tyler White fucks Ronan Kennedy. Gay porn scene from Broke Straight Boys.
Blake Bennet fucks Damien Kyle. Gay porn scene from Broke Straight Boys.
Cage Kafig and Ronan Kennedy. Gay porn scene from Broke Straight Boys.
Arnaud Chagall fucks Lukas Wild. Gay porn scene from Video Boys.
Three All-Stars tag team a sex slave. Gay porn scene from Video Boys.
Guy gets fucked by his dog. Yowza.
Guy gives his flan dessert a cum glaze then eats it.
Jurassic World. Fourth movie in the series. I loved it. Perfect mix of humor, horror and adventure. I'm going to try to watch it again with my family.


Marc Anthony. 2003 European gay porn movie from straight porn studio Private's gay division about the famous Roman in Egypt. I liked the orgy with the mummies.
Bareback Fly Boys. 2005 Czech gay porn movie starring Cameron Jackson as a horny pilot at a rural airport.
Pressbook. 1996 French gay porn movie from Cadinot about fashion models. I liked the scene at the end when a model gives a handjob to the stylist cutting his hair.
L'Avarice. 2010 French gay porn movie from Cadinot set in 1878 Perigord about a young beggar, chateau owner, horny priest and Sri Lankan manservant. It's the first entry in the Seven Deadly Sins series.
Guy jerks off watching tattooed skinhead thug friend fuck his wife.
It's All About That Cock. Gay porn Tumblr. Lots of great pictures and videos of naked guys.
Black NAACP civil rights racketeer turns out to be a crazy white woman. She's free to identify herself as whatever she wants. I have a crazy aunt who swears to Jesus that she's a Cherokee Indian. My problem with her is her blatant racism. She has a history of playing the race card, ranting and raving about how she's experienced brutal racism since birth. I think the fact that she became a leader in the NAACP shows just how far the organization has fallen.
Man jerks off while talking to senile old lady. You know it's hard to gross me out but this definitely comes close. Gah.
Short cell phone video of college guy waving his giant monster cock around.
Aladdin sucks Tarzan's dick. Gay cartoon picture.
Cute ginger guy tapes himself jerking off.
CFNM Hot. Short clips of naked guys with girls. Mostly from mainstream movies.
Renata Black dped by patient and doctor.


Videotuk. Russian straight porn tube site. The layout's terrible. For some annoying reason if you search for something you get multiple duplicate hits. But despite all of that, there are quite a few nice videos. Found a lot of rare stuff.
On The Low. Straight porn scene from Dare Dorm featuring three New York college girls jerking off a shy guy.
College Fuck Swap. Straight porn scene from College Rules.
Fifty Shades of Grey. I was very disappointed. I read the book. It's actually surprisingly entertaining. But the movie cut out the hardcore sex. Without that, it's just a mushy YA romance. Which it could have pulled off if the story wasn't so cheesy and the actors didn't have terrible chemistry. You could tell that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson loathed each other. I'm curious to see how the sequel turns out. Apparently author E. L. James is psycho and has taken full control over it.
Why New Orleans Matters by Tom Piazza. More of a long essay than anything else. I found his recollections of Hurricane Katrina to be gut-wrenching but rolled my eyes over his argument that the heart and soul of the city are the poor displaced black people. He's a jazz writer so that's just bleeding heart politically correct white liberal guilt talking. I think the real heart and soul of the city is its cosmopolitan nature. French. African. White Southern. It's such a unique melting pot.
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History of Rape Volume 2. Collection of 1970s straight porn loops. I liked the last scene when two drunk soldiers fuck a girl. There's also a bi scene in the middle featuring a Nazi officer making a guy suck his dick while his comrade fucks the guy's girl.
Real Rape 2. Two-hour Japanese gay porn movie.
Warlock and his minion force girl to fuck in dungeon. Hour-long Russian straight porn.
A History of Rape Volume 1. Collection of 1970s straight porn loops.
Group of European thugs hold woman down and brutally smash her face while their buddy sodomizes her in parking garage tunnel.
Teal Addison in "No Turning Back Part Two." Straight sex scene from X-Art. I like how they fucked standing up.
Global warming causing dolphins to swim farther north and get eaten by polar bears.
Saving Atlantic City. For generations, the resort city pandered to Big Business. You couldn't build a casino unless it had 700 hotel rooms. It's how the casino tycoons squeezed out the competition. But thanks to the proliferation of gambling across the country, there's a glut in casinos. The giant Atlantic City casinos have died off one by one with nothing replacing them. And now the city realizes, too little too late, that putting all its eggs in one basket was a terrible idea. It's going to have to drastically downsize.


Ten essential Christopher Lee roles. I grew up watching him as Dracula but I loved him best as Saruman in "Lord of the Rings."
Labor Department took fifteen weeks to fire high-paid employee who spent hours every day on the clock downloading massive amounts of porn to his work computer.

  1. I love how he says it all started with Alyssa Milano.
  2. I wish I had a cushy federal government job. 
  3. Why is a British tabloid doing a better job at holding the US government accountable than the American media???
Pretty Boy Fuckers. 2014 Czech gay porn movie from Staxus featuring Euro twinks fucking. I liked the finale at the end with four soldiers fucking outside next to a tank.
Japanese schoolgirl Konoha visits Skid Row

  • Part One. She fucks a dirty old white homeless man in a tent then blows a black cook while he's on break at his restaurant.
  • Part Two. She has a threesome in an alley with a black pimp and his white prostitute then gets gangbanged by a group of black guys in a homeless camp.
Japanese porn star Ayumi Shinoda visits Los Angeles to fuck black guys

  • Part One. She fucks a black guy on a crowded city bus. I wonder how they pulled this off???
  • Part Two. Posing as a nurse, she visits Skid Row and fucks an old black man in his tent. She then attends a party at a mansion where a rich black guy and his friends gangbang her.


Hard Work of Lady Boy Jailer. Japanese straight porn movie featuring female guards having their way with male prisoners. Mostly CFNM handjob scenes.
Security guard and two other guys force Yukini Azumi to fuck in elevator. Japanese straight porn.
Frat Initiations 14. 2004 gay porn movie from Custom Boys. It's just one hour long hour long orgy featuring three frat boys and two pledges.
Phat Daddy fucks Braxton Bond. Sex scene from the 2010 gay porn movie "Auditions 38: Sluts."
Auditions 37: Balls to the Wall. 2010 gay porn movie featuring gay porn star Michael Lucas auditioning porn stars. It was directed by female gay porn director Mr. Pam.
Scene 1: Harry Louis fucks Mike Colucci. My favorite scene. Louis has an unusual cumshot. It sprayed out like he was pissing.
Scene 2:  Ivan Rueda and Jay Roberts take turns fucking each other.
Scene 3:  Adam Killian interviews Mike Colluci by fucking him
Scene 4:  Michael Lucas auditions Scott Carter himself. I thought the armpit licking was weird.
Scene 5:  Jordan Fox takes over and auditions Brice Farmer
Alex Mytton from the British reality show "Made In Chelsea" photobombs his girlfriend with his big dick.
Ruddy Bum School. Don't know the exact title. 1970s French straight porn movie about a girls school. Has a lot of spanking scenes. I liked it when a girl caught a college guy fucking in a closet and took over.
Brazilian guy and girl fuck in restaurant while waiters and diners watch.


Saw Rob Zombie in concert tonight. I thought he put on a good show. Fun and energetic. I must be becoming a lightweight because two Mike's Hard Lemonades zonked me out.


Hidden video of Asian Buddhist monk getting a blowjob from a lady.
Cell phone video of crazy naked black guy flipping out in McDonalds. He had a nice big dick.
Short cell phone video of naked guy and girl fucking like crazy on a public bus while passengers awkwardly try to ignore them. Yowza they really went at it.
Black rapper tapes himself fucking girl on side of highway.
Guy tapes himself fucking the shit out of cute girl who was his Quality Inn housekeeper.
Security cam video of crazy guy jerking off and trying to fuck a Porsche.
Bad Asses on the Bayou. 2015 action movie starring Danny Trejo and Danny Glover as two old guys fighting crime.  Caught it on Netflix. My parents were watching it at dinner.

Surprisingly funny and entertaining. I need to watch the previous two movies.
To Be Takei. 2014 documentary about George Takei. Caught it on Netflix.

I liked it. I had the honor of meeting him at the GLSEN Greater Cincinnati Gay Youth Summit a few years ago. I liked the behind-the-scenes look at his daily life. I got a kick out of his prissy fanny pack-wearing partner fussing over everything. He stole the show. He seemed less than thrilled about being on camera otherwise I think he and Takei would have starred in their own reality show.

Duane Lett. Gay porn producer. He ran the website The DL Chill Spot which featured videos of himself and others fucking gay-for-pay black thugs from New York.

In January 2014 he was shot execution style, in broad daylight, while outside his Brooklyn house shoveling snow. From what I understand the murderer has never been found.

Can see short preview videos of him in action here.
Valley Vixens. 1983 straight porn movie about a group of horny girls inviting some guys over to play cards and fuck. I liked the last half. Inez Acker hooked up with Craig Roberts. Then Shauna Grant fucked Tom Byron.
Baby Cakes. 1982 straight porn movie from director Bob Chinn about three horny girls biking from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I liked it when Rhonda Jo Petty and Victoria Slick picked up Blair Harris and Billy Dee to fuck.
The YNC Free. Really cool tube site that shows free videos from the pay site featuring underground straight porn (hidden/public sex videos from around the world). Has a great selection.
Nightvision security cam video of couple fucking in elevator.
Hidden video of couple fucking outside motel room.
Girl caught blowing guy in backseat of car in parking lot.
Guy and girl keep fucking on sidewalk in broad daylight even after woman pours gallon of water on them.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Brandy Norwood. Moesha flipped out at a party because a dealer tried to charge her for the coke at a party.
  • Cher. Was a happy drunk at the Met gala.
  • Kirsten Dunst. Got into an argument with Anna Wintour's daughter at a fashion event while wasted out of her mind.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio. Was high as a kite at a recent party for a fashion designer.
  • Mary Kate Olsen. Continues to be a raging cokehead.
  • Chris Pine. Took his Gucci shoe off, poured champagne into it and let his boyfriend slurp from it.
  • Jim Parsons. The "Big Bang" star was seen all over a guy who wasn't his husband.
  • Josh Henderson. The "90210" and "Dallas" hunk has been seen partying it up with guys in West Hollywood gay bars.
  • Pitbull. His date dumped him an hour before the Latin Billboard Awards after catching him fucking a guy.
  • Dave Franco. Emma Roberts said he was better in bed than his older brother James Franco.
  • Joey Fantone. The NSYNC singer cheated with Andi Dorfman from "Bachelorette"
  • Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Are heading for a bitter breakup. Even though she's a bitch, he's a huge drug addict. The plan is for him to make a comeback by pooh-poohing his recent fumbles by blaming everything on her.
  • Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales. The "Today Show" co-anchors have been having an affair.
  • Michael Sheen. Cheats on his wife all the time with escorts.
  • Rihanna. Was supposed to hook up with Jay Z in Vegas until Beyonce decided to join him on his trip.
  • Ted Danson. Has been cheating on his wife Mary Steenburgen.
  • Vanessa Hudgens. There's a running joke that she barks while fucking.
  • Tiger Woods. Has been cheating on his girlfriend by having unprotected sex with hookers.
Did Obama's bailout of Detroit work? My friends on the left and the right have been arguing about this lately. I'm in the middle. I don't knock Obama from trying to save the auto industry from imploding. Chrysler is already bankrupt again. While GM continues to suffer from the same stupid corporate mismanagement. Just delaying the inevitable.
Porn Time. They finally made a Popcorn Time version for porn. It's brand new so the selection is very limited but I hope it takes off. I like the format because you can watch movies directly instead of having to deal with downloading torrents.
How Swiss politeness contributed to Fifa corruption. I roll my eyes at this argument that the Swiss are just too nice and don't realize they're serving as havens for crooks and dictators.


Girl fucked by three guys in tent at picnic. Straight sex scene from WTF Pass.
Seth Gamble forces cheerleader to fuck as punishment for her talking shit about him.
Three Russian guys force two blond girls to fuck.
Guy comes home to find his mom being fucked by three guys on the couch. Japanese straight porn.
Russian girl's roommate knocks on door while she's being fucked doggystyle.
Old British guy spanks his 18-year-old son after catching him jerking off to porn.
Compilation of mainstream movie sex scenes featuring MILFs and young guys.
Spanish Jordi and his friend have a threesome with tattooed MILF
Spanish Jordi fucks 45-year-old MILF.
Spanish Jordi has a threesome with two MILFs.
Spanish Jordi fucks 52-year-old fat woman and her pretty young 18-year-old daughter.
Spanish Jordi and his Asian friend fuck a MILF and a schoolgirl.
Psycho Russian guy forces his younger step sister to fuck.
Ah-Me. Tube site featuring straight, gay and porn videos. Not many full-length videos but still a nice selection.
Schoolgirl blows guy under bridge then freaks him out by revealing she's a tranny. Japanese hentai cartoon video.
Jupiter Ascending. 2015 sci-fi action movie from the Wachowskis.

I was disappointed with it. The special effects are great. But the story is just godawful and the acting is even worse. Which is a shame because I'd love to see space opera done right on the big screen.
Four reasons why The Silence should return on Doctor Who.

The Majesty of the French Quarter by Kerri McCaffety. Picture book. Read it for my upcoming trip to New Orleans.

The pictures were very lovely but I was hoping for a more organized visual tour of the French Quarter. Here's a building. Here's what it looks like inside. Here's background information on it. Instead it was all over the place.

On a related note, I'm surprised there aren't better travel websites out there. Trip Advisor is nice but it's more like Yelp than anything else. And they have an agenda. To push certain hotels, airlines and attractions that partner with them. I'd like to see a crowd-sourced travel wiki with user-submitted tours and maps.