Fairest: In All the LandFairest: In All the Land by Bill Willingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fitting end to the Fairest series. The last few have been total duds. I was happy that it wrapped up a number of storylines.

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2016 animated movie from Disney about a mystery in a city populated by talking animals.

I liked it. Probably one of the best Disney movies I've seen in awhile. It's cute, funny and clever. Actually had an interesting story and characters. I especially enjoyed the political subtext that we shouldn't demonize minorities. Disney usually stays far away from anything the slightest bit controversial.

Apparently the heroine, bunny cop Judy Hopps, was an accident. Disney originally wanted sly fox conman Nick Wilde to be the star but the test audiences preferred his bunny sidekick.


American Crime.
I finished watching the second season. I liked it.

The anthology format popularized by American Horror Story and Fargo works very well. Had a great cast (Felicity Huffman, Regina King, Lili Taylor). But most of all it's smart.

There's so many issues at play.

  • Homosexuality. What it's like to be in the closet. Hookup culture. Bisexuality.
  • Race. African-Americans vs Latinos. How hard it is to be successful and a minority.
  • Gender. Women can't be tough without being seen as bitches.
  • Class. Money unites and divides people more than race.
  • Rape. We treat gay sex differently. Victims are judged harshly if they're sexually promiscuous.
  • Education. The horrible bureaucracy and politics of public schools.
My favorite scene involved a corporate executive coldly firing an employee just to be dismissed later in the same fashion. So many folks promote the system of the survival of the fittest even though it pretty much hurts everyone. You may survive one cut just to get hit later. Your precious "skills" and "loyalty" to the company be damned.

My biggest nitpick was the storyline involving the hacker. It was weird and out of place. The ending also felt a bit rushed.

The ratings weren't that great but it's received a ton of awards and critical buzz so they're bringing it back for another season. Curious to see what they do next.
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Russian straight porn tube site. A new favorite of mine. It isn't overloaded with popups, has a nice selection of full-length movies and has HTML5 streaming which is way better than buggy Flash.
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2016 straight porn movie from Marc Dorcel.

Favorite Scene

  • Two nurses catch patient jerking off and give him a treat.


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Finished watching season 4 of Arrow. I was disappointed with it.

I liked Damien Darkh. He made an interesting villain. He had a sense of humor. And how many bad guys have families? I wish they would have explored his backstory. Instead he just became yet another silly villain.

I think the show needs to get rid of the flashbacks. They've outlived their usefulness.

It also needs to go back to being grounded in reality. It's become way too over the top. Not just with the magic. There was one episode where an American city was literally nuked, killing thousands of people. That's a HUGE groundbreaking event. And yet it's pooh-poohed and quickly forgotten.
Ride Along 2.
Watched it with my brother-in-law, sister and the kids. I don't know why he wanted to watch it. He fell asleep during the first movie and he fell asleep with this one too. It's just not very funny. Boring buddy cop story.
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Gay porn scene from Maverick Men featuring Youtube star Chris Crocker having fun with three guys. He's famous for the Leave Britney Alone viral video. Could've done without the old guy. I realize he's the producer but he just comes across as skeezy.
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The 33.
2015 drama based on the true story of the trapped Chilean miners.

It was okay. Definitely captivating at times. A miracle they survived. I just wish it focused more on the bigger picture. The mining company was never prosecuted for negligence or even paid any damages. Many of the miners are now destitute and had to beg to be paid extras in the movie. The minister of mining was portrayed as a young charismatic man who cared about saving everyone. In reality, he was twenty years older and eventually had to resign because of corruption.
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2014 horror movie about a guy who answers a Craigslist ad to be a videographer for an eccentric man (Mark Duplass).

It was okay. More weird than scary. In a way it's borderline offensive because it certainly doesn't treat mental illness very well.

The most disturbing scene for me was when  Duplass puts on a werewolf mask. I knew a crazy guy who had that same exact mask and would make bizarre Youtube videos.

Curious to see how the sequel turns out. There's talk of doing a trilogy.


Fairest, Vol 5: The Clamour for GlamourFairest, Vol 5: The Clamour for Glamour by Mark Buckingham
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I was very disappointed with this.

The Fairest spinoff series was supposed to highlight the female characters in Fables. This one didn't even try. Instead it mainly focused on Reynard and wrapping up some of the minor characters on The Farm.

I also hated the silly tone. Reminded me too much of the Jack of Fables series, with Reynard filling in as Jack.

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2015 drama based on the true story of the Boston Globe's expose of the Catholic Church's child sex abuse scandal.

I liked it. Very powerful.

We got to see the evil of the church up close. And how it went to great lengths to cover up the fact that priests raped HUNDREDS of children.

We're also reminded of the importance of independent investigative journalism. The corporate media rarely ever takes on powerful institutions because there's no profit in it.
Actress Melissa Gilbert drops out of race for Congress.
This is why political parties shouldn't rely on celebrity candidates. They're lazy and often wimp out. She says that old back/neck injuries have flared up, but we all know that's bullshit. She realized that running for office was hard work and bolted.


Army spied on Medal of Honor war hero because an Obama critic mentioned his name in an Amazon book review.
The military's been launching witch hunts after numerous soldiers and veterans have complained bitterly about the Obama administration screwing up in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


Hillary Clinton's favorite governor under investigation for corruption.
I'm not shocked. Terry McAuliffe is sleazy as fuck. He served as the Clintons bag man for years, coordinating their fundraising and publicity. The only reason he won in Virginia is because his Republican opponent was batshit crazy.
Hot Dudes ReadingHot Dudes Reading by Hot Dudes Reading
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cute and funny. I got a kick out of the commentary and hashtags.

I'm a little dubious about some of the pictures. Seem staged. And isn't it convenient how so many guys turned out to be models.

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Should tax refunds be spread out across the year?
I don't know. Financially I think more payments would help with bills. But psychologically folks rely on that big check. It's a bribe so they don't rise up against the rich.
Rob Callender shows off his penis on "Game of Thrones"
Some reviewers said this was the first penis on the show but that's not true. Can see a list of full-frontal shots, including Alfie Allen (Theon) here. But I do agree that more full-frontal male nudity would be nice.


My take on the first half of the second season of Fear The Walking Dead. Spoilers ahead.











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  • Disinterested Schoolgirls. Full-length movie. 
    I liked the opening scene when the guy went through three girls in his dorm room.



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  • PornEQ. Tube site. Nice selection but very buggy with lots of pop-ups.
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Chaturbate webcam featuring a European guy and two girls doing live sex shows.
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Ted 2.
It was okay. I find the Ted movies to be oddly lacking. There's so much potential. The first movie could have had a blast mocking Hollywood. Instead it was just a series of lame Family Guy-type gags. The sequel could have been a hilarious political spoof. But once again, it was just a series of generic gags.

There's a joke about 9/11. In an interesting piece of trivia, both Mark Wahlberg and Seth McFarlane were supposed to be on American Flight 11.
Elijah Wood hints that it's only a matter of time before Hollywood gets hit with its own child sex abuse scandal.
I really do think the entertainment industry is riddled with sexual predators. Directors, producers, casting agents, talent scouts, studio executives, celebrities, they all prey on younger people.
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Ewww. That was like a giant black hole.
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Weird. It was broad daylight on a public street and he had his pants open with his dick bouncing around like it was no big deal.
Progressive blogger fired for calling Clinton supporter a scumbag.
This is one of my pet peeves with Clintonistas. They'll happily trash their critics but then shrilly scream sexism/racism if anyone fires back.
Welcome to Leith.
2015 documentary about white supremacists trying to take over a small town in North Dakota. Caught it on Netflix.

I'm baffled that a town with less than 24 people in it even exists. My block has more people than that.

I was especially intrigued by the hidden role of Aspergers. Two of the lead supremacists were open Aspies. Folks on the autism spectrum are unusually attracted to political extremes.
Two climbers die from altitude sickness while climbing Mt. Everest.
That's something a lot of folks don't realize. Two thirds of accidents occur AFTER folks have reached the top. Folks get careless. They're also not used to changing altitudes.


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I think it would've been funny if the security guards showed up at the end to give thumbs up for the great show.
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Downton Abbey.
I finished watching the entire series. It starts out strong but then peters out towards the end. The jump the shark moment for me was the rape storyline. It just felt very unnecessary.

I loved Dame Maggie Smith. She stole the show and was a hoot to the end.

I also had a soft spot for Thomas. He started out as a villain. But then over time you realize he's such a tragic figure. A closet homosexual, unable to come out because of the times. A war veteran, unable to really go anywhere because even though he's highly intelligent he doesn't have an education or resources.
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Wish there were more events like this.
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Legends of Tomorrow.
I finished watching the first season. It was okay.

I love the world-building. Get to poke around the DC Universe a bit. And I like the cast. But Vandal Savage made a lame villain. For an immortal who's been around for thousands of years, he sucked at trying to take over the world. And the time travel paradoxes caused a lot of headaches.

Apparently season two will feature the Justice Society of America and an all-new villain. There's also talk of a big crossover with Flash, Arrow and Supergirl.
"Thor: Ragnarok" announces all-star cast.
I've been rather meh about the Thor movies but this looks rather exciting. Not only get the return of Loki, but a new villain (Hela), a new hero (Valkyrie), a tie-in with Guardians of the Galaxy (Gamemaster, one of the Elders) and an explanation as to where Hulk disappeared to.
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They go at it for almost forty five minutes.
Goodnight Mommy.
2014 German-language Austrian horror movie about two little boys who think their mother is an impostor.

I liked it. Very strange and disturbing. Worth it for the ending alone.


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He was gorgeous. Wish he was naked. Confirms my pet theory that white guys with black girls are great in bed.
Straight porn tube site. Not bad. Didn't really see anything new, but still had a nice selection of amateur straight black porn videos.
Florida high school shocked by gangbang scandal.
Apparently over two dozen guys, mostly football players, were with a girl in a restroom during study hall.
Fox uses someone's Youtube clip in Family Guy episode, then orders Youtube to take it down because it's now their copyright.


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Straight porn scene from Shanes World. I miss their videos. They helped kickstart the whole trend of college porn.
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Can read more about it here. I wish they showed the guys faces. I love the idea of it. Surprised it hasn't happened more often.
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Colombian peace deal in danger because American drug companies don't like the country's handling of a cancer drug.
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Bath School Disaster.
In 1927, a disgruntled school treasurer in Michigan murdered his wife, blew up his house and then blew up his school, killing 45 people, including himself. It remains the worst school massacre in American history.
That's Not Us.
2015 drama about three couples (one gay, one lesbian, one straight) going on a weekend retreat together. Caught it on Netflix.

It was okay. The actors were great. Especially loved the gay couple. But the story was just too mushy for me. Everyone standing around talking about their feelings.
Canadian politicians freak out because prime minister accidentally elbows someone in a crowd.
The video of them wailing about it cracked me up. They act like they witnessed a war crime.


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I forget which movie this is from but it's really hot.
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Really hot.
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Tumblr featuring hidden videos of black guys pissing. I liked the first set of videos from February. You could see their faces.
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The men from the Hungarian reality show Adam & Eve naked.
I like Hungarian shows. Eden Hotel was also X-rated.
Should Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. connect more to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
This is one reason why I gave up on the show. Joss Whedon's original plan was to tie it heavily in with the movies, but then he left Marvel altogether so now the show's an orphan. It's just not as fun.
2015 drama based on the true story of a disastrous 1996 expedition to Mt. Everest.

It was okay. Did a great job at showing the majesty of the mountain and why so many people die trying to climb it. But I was disappointed with the character development. It had a great ensemble cast but you didn't really get to see them.


JAV HD Free.
Japanese straight porn tube site. The popups are annoying but it does have a nice selection of full-length movies. I'm always amazed at the sheer quantity of porn in Japan. I rarely ever come across a same movie more than once.
Straight porn tube site. Has a great selection but it's incredibly buggy and loaded with pop-ups.
Disinterested Schoolgirls.
Japanese straight porn movie. I liked the opening scene when the guy went through three girls in his dorm room.
Two French guys fuck schoolgirl.
Dallas bans Exxxotica Expo.
The porn conventions are held across the country. Columbus has one in August. But some cities are banning them because conservatives hate porn and liberals think they're degrading to women. I got a kick out of the city lawyer saying that children could see into the convention center. I just picture a little boy holding a balloon staring intently at a large-breasted woman at a booth.
Straight porn tube site. A new favorite of mine. Has a lot of high quality videos from premium pay sites like Brazzers, Naughty America and Reality Kings. My only nitpick is that there aren't any dates so you don't know how recent anything is.
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Son's First Massage.
Straight porn scene from Fantasy Massage. Rob Carpenter fucks Holly Heart.


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American Dad cartoon porn comic.
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Ben 10 cartoon porn comic.
Ben 10 cartoon porn comic.
Lucky Meet.
Teen Titans cartoon porn comic.
Dragon Buster.
Cartoon porn comic strip.
Sister Dedra's Story Morning.
Cartoon porn comic.
Makoto: The Massage Experience.
Cartoon porn comic.
Cartoon porn comic spoofing Naruto.
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Looks like it was a Chaturbate or Cam4 show. I cracked up when he said the black guy used to be his school bus driver.
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Scene from All Asutralian Guys. He was gorgeous.
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  • CasaWayne. Porn blogs on Google's Blogger are becoming very rare. This one has a lot of great English-language Japanese hentai comics.
Japanese Hentai Videos With English Subtitles


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Czech Fantasy
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A friend got fired from Shutter Island over the weekend. She was there for over twenty years. Practically a founder. This year she was diagnosed with an extremely rare neurological disorder that gives you stroke-like symptoms and causes you to lose your speech. She used up her sick time and FMLA leave getting treated at the Cleveland Clinic. She thought she was going to be allowed to take an extended unpaid leave while she continued treatment. Or at least come back with a reduced schedule. Work something out. But they decided to fire her by sending a certified letter.

I like my job but this is why I don't have any loyalty. If the place burned down I'd laugh and pray that my favorite people were still inside. I dread the day they ever try to pull any of this shit on me. What if I get sick? What happens when my parents die? Will they stick it to me like they've done so many others? I don't know how I would respond. For everyone's sake, I hope we never have to find out.
Jessica Jones.
I just finished watching the first season on Netflix.

I liked it. Jessica makes a great reluctant hero. They do a good job of introducing Luke Cage and tying it to Daredevil by bringing in the Night Nurse.

I especially enjoyed David Tennant as Kilgrave. He was a very interesting villain. He wasn't interested in taking over the world with his powers of persuasion. He was extremely selfish and narcissistic and only cared about himself.


The Boy.
2015 drama about a little boy's evolution into a sociopath and killer.

It was okay. It's rated as one of the top ten horror movies of the year but I didn't think it was very scary. I actually liked the kid and felt sorry for him.
Old gay guy tapes himself sucking young white and Mexican stoner friends then a trucker.
Vine star Bryce Burns jerks off on webcam.
Muslims hack to death elderly Buddhist monk inside in his temple.
Gays, Hindus and moderates have also been murdered recently as the country slides backwards like its cousin Pakistan.
Gay porn scene from Dirty Tony.
The French have always turned a blind eye to sex scandals, but now they're starting to realize it's way more than mistresses. A lot of folks in power are sick bastards, literally raping women and children.
Two black guys laugh and have fun while fucking the shit out of black girl.
Gay porn scene from Cocky Boys.


Brazilians cheer impeachment of left-wing government, then realize in horror they've been replaced by a bunch of old right-wing men.
Straight porn scene from Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.
Gay porn scene from Jetset Men.
How sex toy makers sneak around digital filters.
It's an uphill task that mostly involves word of mouth. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) ban the depiction of sex toys outright as pornographic. Google's annoying SafeSearch automatically filters them out.

Amazon allows folks to sell sex toys but they're really squirrelly about it. First you have to sell FIFTY non-sex toy items so you can get rated as an approved seller. Then you have to deal with Amazon's downplaying search results because it doesn't want average consumers shocked with images of sex toys while shopping for kitchen utensils.
Straight porn scene from Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.
Gay porn scene from Hancock Studios.
Male Madagascan Darwin Bark Spiders love to give oral sex to females.
The poor things are rather pathetic. They're 14 times lighter and 2.3 times smaller than females. If the female doesn't eat them after their sex marathon they still often end up biting off their own dicks.
Straight porn scene from Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.
Gay porn scene from Dirty Tony.
California Republican Party votes to side with porn industry.
The Condoms in Pornographic Films Act is a state ballot initiative that would allow folks to sue if they don't see a condom visible in an adult film. Conservatives and liberals are both against it because it's such a slippery slope.
Straight porn scene from Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.
Gay porn scene from Cocky Boys.
Porn entrepreneur busted ripping off Native American tribe.
His dad was a notorious white-collar criminal.  His cute sons followed him into the family business, getting involved in various schemes, including buying one of the world's largest processors of credit-card payments for porn sites.
Bi porn scene from Amateur Straight Guys.

Lee watches James and a friend fuck a girl. When James takes a break, Lee sucks his dick.
Gay porn scene from Dirty Tony.

Chase, Aces, Fabian (aka AJ Irons) and Mark Hammer jerk off with pocket pussies and then cum on a painting.
This stalactite is not a sex toy.
I love how an entire scientific debate broke out on what would happen if pussy juices were exposed to malachite.
Bi porn scene.
Kris Jamieson tops Rick McCoy
Gay porn scene from Cocksure Men.
In 2012, there were 480 permits for porn production. In 2015 there were only 26. Everyone packed up and left after voters passed a referendum requiring condoms in porn scenes.
Straight porn scene from Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.
Adam Ramzi
Gay porn scene from Kink Men's Men on Edge series.

Sebastian Keys ties him up and slowly edges him to an orgasm by fondling and jerking him off.

Ramzi is considered to be one of the smartest guys in gay porn. He was working on a Master's degree in LGBT Psychology when the head of Raging Stallion Studios talked him into doing porn. He's now pursuing a license in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Four years on a British straight porn set
I've never understood the zipper mask fetish in straight and gay porn. So weird looking.

British porn is kind of a mix between American and European. It's American in that it tends to feature older/average guys fucking girls. But it's European in that the quality is still nice and there's more story/fantasy.
Straight porn scene from Dane Jones.
Laid Off
Gay porn scene from Mustang.

Warehouse workers Girth Brooks and Colby Keller shut Conner Habib up by tying him up and fucking him.

Habib has since retired from porn. He now works with the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee and gives lectures on sex and porn. In 2013 he made the news when Corning Community College cancelled his campus visit because they didn't realize he was a porn star.

He talks about working with Girth Brooks on his blog here.
Bartholomew and the OobleckBartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An underrated Seuss classic that has gotten lost behind all of his other works. I liked the message against arrogance and environmental destruction.

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Gay-for-pay porn star Levi Modesto (aka Kris Jamieson) fucks girl.
Straight porn scene from Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.
Gay porn scene from Cocky Boys.
Tenioha! Onna no Ko datte Honto wa Ecchi Da yo.
Schoolgirls have their own after-school fuck club. Japanese hentai cartoon porn video with English subtitles.
Oni Chichi: Re-build Episode Two.
A guy fucks his stepdaughters. Japanese hentai cartoon porn video with English subtitles.
Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai Episode 5.
Japanese hentai cartoon porn video with English subtitles about a young man at a company that makes erotic computer games teaching his female coworkers how to fuck.


That's the name for Japanese hentai games. They date all the way back to the 1980s and the birth of the first personal computers.


Gay man teaches three young Indonesian guys how to suck dick.
The Walking Dead: DescentThe Walking Dead: Descent by Jay Bonansinga
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The first book in The Walking Dead novel series was great. The rest have been duds. This one is no different.

I'm not a fan of Lily. She was annoying in the comic books. She's still annoying in the novels.

The residents of Woodbury also aren't that interesting. Bunch of boring old people trying to recreate Mayberry.

Throw in a storyline about melodramatic religious nutjobs and it just becomes goofy.

I'll probably read the next book in the series because I'm a sucker for all things zombie and Walking Dead but I'm not very optimistic about it being any better. If Robert Kirkman was smart, he'd turn the series over to a more capable writer and focus on really exploring the Walking Dead universe.

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Econocide: A Perfect CrimeEconocide: A Perfect Crime by Alice Skirtz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A little too academic at times, but otherwise an interesting case study on how public-private partnerships have contributed to the removal of the poor from downtown Cincinnati.

The wealthy elites of the city want to turn downtown into their own private playground. The homeless shelters have been shut down and moved to the industrial outskirts of Queensgate. Panhandling and sleeping in public have been criminalized. Affordable housing has been bought up and turned over to private developers, who would rather sit on empty buildings than let poor people living them. Developers were unhappy about zoning so they had the city's planning department eliminated altogether. Public spaces such as Fountain Square, Lytle Park and the riverfront have been privatized.

You'd think that folks would be upset about what's happening but it's not like there's an independent media. The politicians (Democrat, Republican, independent) are all bought off by the rich. The state and federal government not only don't care, but are often even more corrupt.

There's this general attitude that maybe pushing the poor out is a good thing. But what folks don't realize is that the poor have to go SOMEWHERE. Instead of going to shelters, the homeless now camp out on the streets. Every large city tries to evict the poor. It never works because there's simply nowhere for them to go.

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I think there's a special place in hell for people who try to pass off pets as service animals. Legally you can't do a damn thing about them. The most you're allowed to get away with is to ask a general question about what they're trained to do. And even that's touchy. I don't understand why the government is so lenient. Why not have folks produce a disabled sticker? If it's good enough for cars then it should be good enough for animals.
Australian actor Alec Hall nude in an episode of "Wolf Creek."
Netherlands allows sex abuse victim to commit suicide.
I support assisted suicide. But this case disturbs me. Their argument is that she's so damaged she has the right to call it quits. But I think that's crazy. Severe mental illness is not the same thing as a terminal illness or life-long devastating condition. May be extremely difficult, but there IS a way back for her.
Catholic Church reinstates priest convicted of raping little girl in Minnesota.
This is pretty common. They ship sex offenders overseas where they prey on children without any restrictions. The new president of the Philippines just revealed that he was molested as a little boy by a Catholic priest who was sent to his country the same way.
Czech Fantasy 7 Part 5.
Straight porn scene featuring guys fucking girls in a brothel.
Czech Fantasy 8 Part Three.
Straight porn scene featuring guys fucking girls in a brothel. It's one of my favorite porn series. I like how it's a gloryhole arrangement. Groups of guys fucking holes.
Rugby player Malakai Fekitoa shows off his dick on Snapchat.


British soccer player Aaron Moody takes a new picture of himself jerking off his huge dick.
I hope he does porn.
"America's Next Top Model" contestant Dustin Mcneear leaked nude Snapchat selfies.
Navy SEALs vs Zombies.
2015 zombie movie. Caught it on Netflix.

I don't know why it's called Navy SEALs: Battle for New Orleans on Netflix. It takes place in Baton Rouge not New Orleans.

The zombies weren't half bad. I liked the idea of a team of soldiers pinned down during an outbreak. But the story and the acting was goofy as hell.

The commandos were a joke. Fat Guy. Beardo with a Man Bun. Pretty Boy. Poor Man's Bradley Cooper. They knew they were dealing with zombies but did everything wrong. Let's yell at zombies to stop. Let's try to hug a little zombie girl. Let's ignore the fact we're infected and just treat a zombie bite like a flesh wound.

I won't spoil the ending but it was so cheesy it made me groan.

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Highway Hoes #8 Part One.
I liked the second scene when the white guy with the big dick fucked the black girl in the back of the car.