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Met a guy on Grindr who wanted me to come over and fuck him. He lived in Covington, near 24th and Madison, so I told my family I was gonna visit a friend to check out his turtles and took the bus over.

The guy didn't look a damn thing like his picture. He lived in a converted garage and looked like a tow truck driver. A prime example of why you should always ask for a face picture.

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The manwhore had a nice dick and was really kinky. I definitely saw why he's so popular. It's rare for guys to be versatile but he's the kind who can go from an aggressive top to a power bottom to an obsessed cock whore in a blink of an eye.

His cute scruffy friend didn't have a big dick but he had a great body. Just looked like a porn star. I spent most of my time sucking him.

After about six hours of me sucking them off, a black drug dealer came by. I don't know what the hell he was selling. Looked like crack. He wanted me to suck him off and I think they wanted to break out the condoms and start fucking but I was too worn out. Didn't want to leave my family hanging so I walked home.


J'fais Du Porno Et J'aime Ca. Also known as "I Make Porn And I Love It." 2009 French erotic short film from female director Murielle Scherre featuring twelve scenes of couples fucking. I liked the scenes involving the couple who were into public sex. The other scenes were too artsy-fartsy and surreal.
Gah. So I just walked two miles through the ghetto in the middle of the night just to have a guy sit on my lap and hump me for five minutes before quitting in a panic.
Russian girl makes amateur porn video with two guys part one and two.
Eloi & Biel. 2013 Spanish gay erotic short featuring a young couple fucking.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Dan Akroyd. Has become hooked on meth.
  • Jason Biggs. Got drunk and passed out at an event.
  • Johnny Depp. Has been an alcoholic mess on the set of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
  • Wyclef Jean. Somehow manages to perform even though he's constantly drinking and doing drugs.


  • Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers football player is a closet queen.
  • James Franco. Has been having an affair with transgender actress Laverne Cox.
  • Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony. Famous for being murderers, the two have been working for an underground escort service that lets people sleep with famous court room celebrities for $500-$2500 a night.
  • Andre Agassi. Has been cheating with the assistant of one of his business partner's and even gave her a $100,000 car.
  • Armie Hammer. Was caught fucking his wife, of all people, in an office at an event.
  • Channing Tatum. Cheated with "Extra" co-host Renee Bargh.
  • Charlie Sheen. Bought five advanced sex dolls.
  • Dave Navarro. Has been banging Fox News commentator Andrea Tantaros.
  • Jackie Chan. Took his mistress with him to an Asian film festival.
  • Michael Buble. Is literally taking applications for a mistress.
  • Miley Cyrus. Her relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger is just for show. She cheats on him all the time.

Pitch Perfect 2. I liked it. Cool songs. Funny jokes. Cool cast. Funny cameos. I especially got a kick out of the rival German team Das Sound Machine. It was directed by actress Elizabeth Banks who also played the co-host. I'm curious to see how the third movie turns out.

My only complaint was the damn baby sitting behind me. I don't understand why people bring infants and toddlers to movies. You want a date night? GET A BABYSITTER.
The Great Ephemeral Skin. 2012 German erotic short film of a young guy and girl letting a film crew record their lives over a weekend in their apartment in Frankfurt. The best stuff was at the end when they actually started fucking instead of doing artsy-fartsy nude posing.
Girl tapes her boyfriend getting his dick sucked by her gay friend on a dare. An old favorite of mine. I like how the straight guy really enjoyed the blowjob.
Portrait Nymphomaniac. Black-and-white erotic short film about a girl having a threesome with two guys in Tbilisi, Georgia..
Glory Hole. 2006 French straight erotic short film about a guy who visits a glory hole at a gym. I was amused by the fantasy of it. Oh look, there's a beautiful woman on the other side and a secret floor full of hot couples fucking. In reality it would be a bunch of dirty old men.
Youtube video of straight tattooed Russian hunk stripping naked and jumping into an icy lake on a dare.
Cute 18-year-old smiling Russian straight guy jerks off his uncut cock and cums in front of his laughing friends while watching porn.
Tipforfun. Straight webcam on Chaturbate of a young couple from Russia. He's 18. She's 19. Had a nice closeup of her riding his cock when I tuned in.
Has "Arrow" lost its way? I agree.

  • I hate the flashbacks to China. They're annoying. He's so emo in them.
  • I think they've gotten carried away with introducing too many characters and doing too many crossovers. "Smallville" had the same problem. 
  • They need to slow down a bit. Everyone's constantly in a panic. It's a shame because the first season started out great with the whole conspiracy about the city and his family.
  • I'd like to see him mature a bit and become the progressive moral compass that he's known for being in the comics. He's NOT Batman. They really need to stop making him out as a copycat.
Nobel Prize-winner John Nash and his wife killed in taxi crash. He was the basis of the movie "A Beautiful Mind." Brilliant but schizophrenic. He was 86. His wife was 84. They weren't wearing seatbelts when their cab crashed on the New Jersey Turnpike.
Obama administration imprisons whistleblower for telling Senate committee that the CIA accidentally helped Iran with its nuclear program. Even worse the evidence against him was extremely shaky. All they have are phone records showing that he talked to a journalist. But Obama will do anything to cover up his corruption and incompetence.
China wants to build railway across the Amazon from Peru to Brazil. Of course it will obliterate the last remaining patch of the rain forest but greed comes first.
Chrysler wants to merge with GM. I like how they try to spin it as the future. Ummm, no. The company's been circling the drain for over thirty years. It's already been bailed out by the government twice. It's going to hurt the economy. It's going to cost a lot of jobs. But it's best to let it die. The taxpayers shouldn't have to spend billions of dollars propping up fatcat corporate executives and union bosses.
Ireland turns its back on the Catholic Church. Ireland used to be the most Catholic country in the world. But then the pedophile priest scandal broke. Pompous Church officials not only refused to address it but blasted the government. Disgusted, Irish support for the Catholic Church plummeted. Church attendance went from ninety percent to thirty percent. The only people who identify as Catholic now are senile old geezers.


Sci-Fi Chronicles: A Visual History of the Galaxy's Greatest Science Fiction by Guy Haley. The selection leans more towards pop culture and it ends rather abruptly in 2008, but otherwise I liked it.
Four homeschooled brothers plead guilty to sexually abusing their sister while parents did nothing. I'm not against home schooling. Public schools suck and private schools are overpriced and overrated. But I do think more needs to be done to investigate these "Christian" families. Many turn out to be bigoted pedophile cults.
The Rites of Uranus. Also known as Lust Cult. 1977 straight porn movie about a kinky druid sex cult.
Big Tit Anal Ultra Vixens in the 1970s. Collection of straight sex scenes.
Hamlet: For The Love of Ophelia. 1995 Italian straight porn movie loosely inspired by the Shakespeare classic.
Up at JJ's Place. 1975 hour-long orgy featuring three black pimps fucking three white girls.
Long Jeanne Silver. Bizarre 1977 movie about a girl fucking guys and girls with her deformed stump leg.
Lialeh. 1974 hardcore blaxploitation movie about an erotic musical. It's an underrated classic. One of the first porn movies to have a predominately black cast and feature interracial sex. Funk legend Bernard Purdie not only did the music but has a cameo in the band. Some of the more famous scenes include a black pastor fucking a girl in a church and Lialeh getting fucked live on stage during the show.
Skandalskolan. Also known as The Second Coming of Eva. 1974 Swedish porn movie about a girl sent to a horny boarding school.
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Sorceress. 1974 hardcore sexploitation movie starring Lynn Stevens as a palm reader fulfilling sexual fantasies. Weird scenes include her letting boyfriend Jack Webb fuck a schoolgirl and her being strangled to death while being fucked by Eric Edwards.
Swedish girl goes around Stockholm picking up guys to fuck part one and two.
Die Nichten der Frau Oberst. Also known as Come Play With Me 2. 1980 German-language Swiss softcore porn movie about a sexually repressed aunt living on a farm with her two nympho nieces, two frisky maids and a bunch of hunky farmhands and gentleman suitors. It's loosely based on a classic French erotic novel by Guy de Maupassant.
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Guy tapes himself fucking girl on big rock in stream.
Virginia Democrat politician with four baby momma's says he will marry his latest, his teen intern mistress.


HBrowse. Database of Japanese hentai manga comic strips. It's very nicely done with a clean layout, numerous categories/tags and frequent updates. Definitely a new favorite of mine.
Ayanami28. Twenty-one page black-and-white English-language "Neon Genesis Evangelion" Japanese manga about a couple taking sex lessons.
The Tutor, Hanmen! Kateikyoushi. Twenty-page black-and-white English-language Japanese manga comic strip about a college tutor fucking a horny schoolgirl.
Ookiku Nattara. Eighteen-page black-and-white English-language Japanese manga comic about a short guy fucking his tall, big-boobed girlfriend.
Fury. 2014 war movie about an American tank crew (Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia Labeouf, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal) taking part in the invasion of Germany during WWII.

It was okay. Actually did a good job at portraying tank warfare. It was such a brutal endeavor. You're either stuck inside a tin can or you're hiding behind it. My problem is that the story was just too bleak. I didn't like half the characters. Thought they were assholes.
Gay Password Links Blog. I haven't used a passwords site in years. I'm impressed at how many of these passwords were still active well over a month after being posted. My favorite site was VideoBoys. Gorgeous twinks fucking and taking part in three-way jerkoff races to see who can shoot the farthest.
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Mike Huckabee's history of supporting rapists. This week the Republican presidential candidate came out in support of Josh Duggar, who admitted to raping a number of little girls, including his own sisters. Huckabee said that while Duggar's actions were disgusting they were still perfectly forgivable. It's not the first time he came out in support of rape. He used his political clout to push for the early release of a serial sex offender. When the victims complained, Huckabee derided them as hard-hearted. Huckabee's newfound friend later went on to rape and murder a woman. But Mike Huckabee is still a strong moral leader ya know. Oh and the gays are still deviant sinners.


George Romero's 15-issue "Empire of the Dead"comic book series to be adapted into television series. I have mixed emotions. I love zombies. And I'm a big fan of Romero. But the series itself is actually pretty lame. Vampires running a post-apocalyptic New York overrun with zombies. I'd rather see the Ex-Heroes book series get adapted. It's such a cooler idea. Zombies vs. superheroes. A lot like Watchmen.
Josh Duggar admits to molesting little girls, including his own sisters. What's disgusting is that he and his family have made a career out of preaching about 'family values" and going out of their way to bash gays because they "violate the sanctity of marriage" and have "deviant" behavior.
Arab support for Israel growing. The next generation is waking up. They realize that the Palestinians are hopelessly corrupt. They also know that Iran and terrorists are becoming a bigger threat and that America is retreating from the region.
Kenyan woman on China's death row for drug smuggling. As much as I hate America's drug laws, countries like China, Russia and Indonesia are even worse. They flat out execute people.
Stoner Six Way. Gay sex scene. Not sure what movie it comes from. More punk/skinhead than stoner, but still hot.
Cum Collector. 2009 gay porn movie from SX Video featuring Guns taking five loads. I liked the first scene with Kelly Taylor.
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Sebastionx7. Over a hundred straight and bi porn videos from Straight Guys For Gay Eyes. Among my favorites:

Hayden Russo

We Know How You Feel. Computers are learning how to read emotion. Imagine a Big Brother future where you are constantly scanned by security cameras and monitors in your house so government and corporations can spy on your emotional state. Dubai's already implementing the system. You can't even fake your emotions because the system can tell that too. Sociopath? Even better. The system will tag you to be investigated for serial killer tendencies.


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French actor Aurelien Wiik naked carrying a girl
German actor Vinzenz Kiefer full-frontal nude. He reminds me a little of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
Brendon Villegas leaked cock pics. He appeared on "Big Brother" and "Amazing Race"
Kirk Norcross leaked Skype cock pics. He appeared on the British reality shows "The Only Way Is Essex" and "Celebrity Big Brother"
Mexican soccer player Ever Guzman cock pics
Closeup video of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's dick bulge
French actor Yasmine Belmadi full-frontal nude. Sadly enough he passed away in 2009 when his scooter crashed into a pole :-(
I led a book discussion tonight on The Communist Manifesto. I was worried that nobody would show up, or even worse, I'd get ambushed by folks on the right and end up on Fox News. But I managed to have a good turnout. A funny college guy. A retired mom. A married couple who were into progressive politics. A coworker who is a fellow intellectual. And a kooky lady who showed up solely because she liked me. My faith in humanity has been temporarily restored. There ARE educated literate people hiding out there. I'm not the only black sheep.
Group of guys pull their pants down while pissing at the urinals.
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African guy jerks off on public street in the rain. He's just standing there casually. Don't mind me.
Anti-gay pastor caught on Grindr trolling for sex.
Anti-gay activist Josh Duggar accused in child sex abuse case.


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Clinton Foundation in turmoil over Chelsea Clinton's diva antics and allegations of massive corruption. Now that Hillary's running for president the organization has to open its books. Folks are finding out the dirty truth. That it's horribly mismanaged and pretty much serves as a slush fund for the Clintons. Any other organization would face criminal prosecution but it gets a pass for political reasons.

Obama will most likely follow suit. He's never worked a day in his life. While Michelle made a career out of being a token black for corporate boards. They'll set up a foundation. Collect the bribes from donors. Then retire to their mansion in Hawaii while making photo-ops pretending to be working for charity.
Bipartisan coalition in Congress pushing to overturn Obama administration rule requiring gun buyers to report their race and ethnicity. I agree with them. I see no reason for the government to require that information. All that does is hurt gun control because it makes folks paranoid that the government is up to no good.
Pundits are bemoaning the fact that turnout was extremely low for Kentucky's primary election on Tuesday. I think there's an easy explanation for that. Everyone's disgusted with both political parties. I'd rather see primaries abolished altogether. Have a general election in May with everyone on the ballot. And then a runoff in November between the top two candidates.
Penguins of Madagascar. 2014 animated movie. It's the fourth movie in the Madagascar series.

I couldn't get into it. More of a direct-to-dvd adventure for toddlers than a fun family movie for everyone.
Naughty Reunion. 2011 softcore straight porn movie about five former classmates spending the weekend together at a house in Santa Barbara. I've got a soft spot for bed-hopping swinger stories where everybody's cheating on each other.


Rocoo Reed. Straight and gay male porn star.

A native of South Carolina, he earned a degree in psychology and then moved to Los Angeles to be a model.

His porn career began in 2006 with Playgirl. He was 24 years old. By 2011, he was one of the busiest male porn stars in straight porn.

In 2012, he crossed over into gay porn, surprising many by performing as both a top and a bottom. A year later he sent a letter to Adult Video News (AVN) announcing that after performing in over 600 titles he was retiring from porn altogether. Rumor is that he is now working as a CrossFit trainer. His last public comment was to remind everyone that he was straight.

Here's a sample of his straight porn:

And here's a sample of his gay porn:


After Room Share Was My Lonely. Japanese straight porn movie about a dorm full of horny girls making guys fuck them.
Masegaki Classmate 4. Japanese straight movie about a young wife fucking her sick son's two classmates. I liked it when she got fucked while he was sleeping and when they fucked her in the shower while her husband and son were outside. The scene at the end when they fuck her in front of the son was too weird. He was in his pajamas and crying. She also had some sort of ballgag contraption on her face which made it even stranger.
Evan Parker fucks Kurt Summers in "Deviant Dungeon." Gay sex scene from Helix.
Supreme Court says felons have a right to sell their guns. It's a fascinating ruling for a number of reasons..

  • Liberal justice Elena Kagan, of all people, wrote it.
  • It sends a warning to the folks on the right that this growing trend of seizing shit in the name of law and order aint gonna cut it.
  • It also sends a message to the folks on the left that gun control aint an issue to run on. 
Jeb Bush takes hardline stance against gays. I'm very disappointed. He had the chance to run as an old-fashioned Responsible Republican. Smart, sophisticated, sane. Instead he jumps into the mud-wrestling pool with the other loonies.
Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham says he's running for president too. Meh. I think he's a prissy closet queen.
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Mad Max: Fury Road. 2015 sci-fi action movie. It's the fourth installment in the Mad Max series.

I wish they had created a new character instead of recasting Mel Gibson, but otherwise I liked it. Not only non-stop action but the imagery is just breathtaking to watch.
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These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Fergie. Has had a relapse with drugs and is no longer allowed to be near her kid unsupervised.
  • Justin Bieber. Was seen dropping acid at Coachella.
  • Kesha. Continues to spiral downward, to the point where she was almost denied entry on a flight.
  • Norman Reedus. Got so drunk at an event that he got bitch slapped by Bravo host Andy Cohen.


  • Chris Evans. Has been paying his PR people over time to promote his fake dates with girls.
  • Hillary Clinton. She's been freaking out over her emails being released because she's had a number of affairs with women, including Mary Steenburgen and Huma Abedin, Hillary's loyal aide.
  • Jeremy Renner. Was caught banging his boyfriend at a MTV Movie Awards after party.
  • Kanye West. Swings both ways and has been having an affair with designer Ricardo Tisci.
  • Kellan Lutz and Robert Pattinson. The "Twilight" stars haven't talked to each other since Lutz groped Pattinson at a party.
  • The Situation from Jersey Shore. Is so broke that he's gone gay-for-pay.
  • Zac Efron. Was seen making out at an MTV Movie Awards after party with Max Joseph, the director of his new movie.
  • Amy Poehler. Her ex-husband Will Arnett cheated on her all the time and now her new boyfriend Nick Kroll is doing it too.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch. His new wife Sophie Hunter did porn when she was 18. 
  • Chris Hemsworth. The "Thor" actor was caught cheating with a tattooed girl.
  • Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. She's ready to cut him loose but he wants steep child support and spousal support.
  • Henry Cavill. Went on a binge, hooking up with over a dozen escorts.
  • Jay Z and Beyonce. He cheats on her all the time and has had at least three mistresses.
  • Justin Bieber. Has been giving an STD to girls.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio. Is having trouble picking up young girls now because he's too old.
  • Russell Crowe. Is a total perv and makes actresses sleep with him if they want to be in his movies.
  • Scarlett Johansson. Her husband has been banging the nanny.
  • Tom Felton. "Draco" from Harry Potter likes to cheat on his girlfriend by throwing himself after models.
  • Tori Spelling. Has been having an affair with a president of a company that has been distributing her merchandise.
Surge in HIV cases tests federal ban on needle exchanges. Yet another failure of the War on Drugs. Republicans wont even support providing bleach to clean dirty needles because they think it promotes drug use. Democrats are sympathetic to reform but when push comes to shove they pussy out because they don't want to look soft on crime. So HIV, hepatitis and heroin use is spreading like wildfire.
The same sex couple who got a marriage license in 1971.There was nothing in the law stating that marriage was between a man and a woman. When they appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court, one of the justices literally turned his back on them, refusing to acknowledge their presence. The US Supreme Court refused to hear their appeal and gay rights groups turned their backs on them because they thought marriage was too much to ask.
Al Sharpton's daughter sues New York City for $5 million over sprained ankle. Her first reaction was to post a picture to Instagram laughing about it. Then she took a vacation to Bali. She works for her sleazy father so she clearly knows all about being a shakedown artist.


Czech Home Orgy 6 Part 5. Straight sex scene from Czech AV. I'm a big fan of this series. They just stick a bunch of cute couples into a room and have them go at it.
Archbishop of Newark John J. Myers fires Seton University sports team chaplain for posting on Facebook that he supports gay rights. This is the same Catholic archbishop who spent half a million dollars on his retirement palace, covered up priests raping little boys and ordered local Catholic schools and colleges to ban gay-straight alliances.
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The Female Agent. Almost 150 ten to twelve minute XVideo clips from the Czech straight porn site featuring MILF female porn agents interviewing guys, girls and couples. Here are some of my favorites:

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Marco Rivera. Straight male porn star.

His real name is Sandro Padron. He started on reality tv. First as a contestant on VH1's "I Love New York" dating show and then as a participant on "Judge Joe Brown" where he was ordered to pay three grand to a roommate in Hollywood he stiffed.

In 2010 he did his first porn scene for Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. Since then he's performed in over seventy titles, including an episode of Playboy's Foursome. Except for one or two solo jerkoff scenes, he has yet to crossover into gay porn.

Here's a sample of his work:

Jared Padalecki reveals struggle with depression. I'm a big fan of Supernatural. I hope he's okay. He had to cancel a number of convention appearances this week, citing depression.
Dance In My Heart Now. X-rated gay porn music video from Black Spark. Surprisingly hot. I liked the versatile nerd twink who starred in it.
German twinks have an orgy on bunk beds in dorm.
No Reason. 2010 German horror movie about a woman who snaps and retreats into her nightmares after finding out that her husband has been fucking the babysitter. It's not porn but it does have some extreme scenes including a guy getting his dick snipped off with scissors and a girl biting a guy's dick off during an S&M orgy. I'm amazed that the full movie is on YouTube.
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Porn star Jada Stevens picks up three guys while riding the Bang Bus in Miami.
19-year-old British guy Robert makes a sex tape with MILF Leia. He does webcam shows on Chaturbate under the name HappyHour241 fucking MILFs and jerking off solo or with his friend Marco.
The Breeding of the White Queen. Straight fantasy sex scene featuring five black soldiers barging in and giving a white Roman queen a creampie gangbang.
Les Nymphomanes. 1980 French straight porn movie about a guy (Richard Allan) having an affair with a married woman, a stewardess and a nurse at the same time with the help of his maid. I liked the group sex finale. He, another guy and a girl with a strapon are side by side fucking doggystyle, laughing and high-fiving each other.
The Ultimate Pleasure. 1977 straight porn movie about a cab driver who fulfills his wife's sexual fantasies after finding a suitcase full of money. I liked her group sex therapy session. She sits in a bathtub blowing guy after guy, including John Holmes. She then gets fucked by a black guy while attended to by a group of girls.
Summer Camp Girls. 1983 straight porn movie about a group of horny guy and girl camp counselors. I liked it when Kimberly Carson fucked Marc Wallice and Michael Holman, the last two standing in a bar fight between bikers and cowboys.


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Russ Feingold announces he's running for Senate. I hope he wins. He was one of the most honest and independent politicians in DC, the first to promote campaign finance reform. But then he lost re-election to a millionaire tea party conservative who has since been a total dud.
Historias Que O Povo Conta #2. Brazilian straight porn movie from Sexxxy. All of the couples were hot.
Straight Boys Fucking. The latest preview clips from my favorite straight porn for gay guys site.

JuicyJake132. Chaturbate webcam of 25-year-old straight couple. She was riding his big 9 inch cock on the couch when I was watching.
Businessmen Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad hook up in the bar in "Perfect Strangers." Gay sex scene from Men At Play.

Forrest "Cage" Stevens. Former gay-for-pay actor.

A young straight father from Owensboro, Kentucky he started doing scenes for Broke Straight Boys and Dallas Reeves after getting in trouble in 2013 for leading cops on a five-minute chase on his motorcycle.

He eventually quit porn altogether after complaining about low pay, constant drama and being asked to frequently bottom.

You can see a sample of his work here.
Secrets of Mozart. 1992 German straight porn movie from director Dino Baumberger about the sexual adventures of Amadeus Mozart (Christoph Clark). Basically everybody's fucking in the same room wearing powdered wigs and fancy outfits.
Rado Zuska and Rudy Bodlak cover themselves in baby oil and fuck. Gay sex scene from William Higgins.
The gay and straight side of Benjamin. He let Austin Grant suck his big dick for Straight Rent Boys. He also fucked two girls for College Rules.
Married Republican Missouri House Speaker John Diehl caught sexting intern. Mr. Family Values opposes gay marriage because it violates "the sanctity of marriage."
Woman fired after disabling GPS on her work phone. This is a tricky one. I'm curious to see where the courts go.


Cute European identical twin brothers jerk off together.
Brothers Bar denies entry to rocker Trace Cyrus because of his face tattoos. I think this is stupid. Kick people out for their behavior. Not how they look. The management said they had a reputation to uphold. What reputation is that? It's a douchey frat boy bar that sells overpriced drinks. This is why Newport on the Levee sucks as an entertainment destination. It could be like Fourth Street Live in Louisville, one big adult fun zone where everybody's welcome and everybody's happy. Instead it's run like a mall. Half the place shuts down after 9pm, the other half turns its noses up at anyone who isn't white and rich.
The Newlywed Game XXX. 2013 straight porn parody from Vivid of the classic game show. My favorite couple were Seth Gamble and Samantha Ryan. Adriana Luna and Tyler Nixon were good too. I was disappointed that it ended with host Steven St. Croix fucking all the girls. I would've rather had an orgy.
Little Bit of Hanky Panky. 1984 straight porn movie from director David Frazer about two swinger couples on vacation at an island sex resort. It was shot in Hawaii. I liked the opening scene when Jerry Butler followed a jogging Ginger Lynn on a motorcycle and fucked her by the side of the road.
Hard Sex Drive. Also known as Triebstau. 2010 European fetish movie from Young Bastards. I'm not really a big fan of pissing, nipple clamps, hot wax or dildos but all of the guys were hot.
On To Genesis by Mike Carey. Fifth volume in The Unwritten graphic novel series about a guy who discovers that the Harry Potter-like fantasy books based on him are actually true.

The series started out slow and confusing but it's starting to pick up a bit. I'm liking the mix of fantasy, humor and action. I cracked up when they did the heist. Two of them are dressed like ninjas but their vampire friend showed up looking casual because it's not like vampires show up on cameras anyway.
Paddington. 2015 movie based on the classic children's book character.

I liked it. I grew up with Paddington Bear. Did a great job at capturing his charm. The special effects were great too. He was more like a bear and not a cheesy CGI character.
Play Christy For Me. 1991 straight porn movie from female porn star Tina Marie about a private eye (Christy Canyon) discovering that her boyfriend (Tom Byron) is cheating with her client (Stacy Lords).  I liked the ending when Tom Byron reunites with Christy in her office. I also got a kick out of the big 1980s hair on all of the girls.
Virginites A Prendre. Also known as "Girls With Curves" and "Jungfrauen Zum Vernaschen." 1981 French straight porn movie from Alpha France about a girl on a quest to lose her virginity while on a trip to Corsica. I liked the ending when she hooks up with Alain Alves. He was a better match than the older guy she spent the entire movie chasing after.
Teddy and Joey fuck. From Sean Cody.
Warwick Rowers calendar shoot video. I like how they go all out now and show their cocks. More teams need to follow their lead and do naked photo shoots.
Hudson and Liam jerk and blow each other. From FratMen Sucks.
Hot naked guys playing volleyball. It's done all artsy-fartsy with slow music and closeups.


Covet Thy Neighbor by L. A. Witt. Short little gay romance novel about a tattoo artist who falls for his new neighbor, a youth pastor. My friend Tira picked it up for me at a romance writers convention.

I liked it well enough. The sex was steamy but I also liked the characters. They were good people. I was especially interested in the youth pastor's story. It can be hard being gay and Christian. And it can be even harder being gay while working with kids because so many paranoid people will directly and indirectly accuse you of being a pervert.
Is actor Brenton Thwaites bisexual? I think he was just being playful in the interview but I wouldn't be shocked if he swung both ways. A lot of actors do. Some by choice. Others because it's the best way to get roles. I'm surprised he's 25. He looks ten years younger.
The Giver. 2015 sci-fi movie based on the classic young adult novel about a boy who is chosen to retain the memories and emotions of the past.

It was okay. Had a great cast (Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgard, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, Cameron Monaghan, hottie Brenton Thwaites). And it had a great story. The Giver was written twenty years before Hunger Games and Divergent ever existed. It's dark themes hold up very well. They're just hard to translate into film.
The Karen Owens Duke Fuck List. Youtube video of a college girl's PowerPoint analysis of the thirteen college jocks she slept with in a year. There aren't any X-rated pictures but it's still highly entertaining.
Still Hot And Exposed. Tumblr featuring leaked nude selfies of straight guys.
Mexican basketball player takes nude selfies
College wrestler tapes himself jerking off.
Nurse deals with comatose Jonas Smulders erection in the 2013 Dutch movie "Even Cowboys Get To Cry."
University of Arkansas football player pulls out his cock
Jacksonville University baseball player takes some nude selfies.
19-year-old English soccer playing visiting America shows his cock.
Leaked cock pic from former One Direction boy bander Zayn Malik. No way to tell if its him or not. Nice fat cock though.
Rugby player caught giving a playful squeeze to opponent's dick on the field. I think this is how all athletes should greet each other. Better than a handshake.


Roc and Shay fuck in public restroom. They're a black guy and girl that do their own amateur porn videos.
Hidden video of a Latino security guard fucking a girl.
Did Obama lie about the Osama Bin Laden raid? I'm in the middle on this. I do think Pakistan was harboring Osama all along. I can certainly buy the idea that we found Osama's location from a greedy Pakistani spy who defected in exchange for the $25 million dollar reward. I can see us making a deal with Pakistan to stage a fake raid so there isn't an international incident. I can also buy the idea that Bin Laden was an invalid and that we pretty much shot him in the head and disposed of him. The big problem is Seymour Hersh doesn't really have any proof that any of this actually happened. His source is a rather vague anonymous retired intelligence official. He's gone off the deep end before with conspiracy stuff. He'd be more credible if he had better proof.
Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. Definitive account of the Charles Manson murders by the prosecutor who put him away. Read it for a book club.

It's a long haul but I liked it. For a book that was written over forty years ago it holds up surprisingly well. Among the more interesting tidbits:

  • Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati and had ties here.
  • His father may have been black.
  • He's bisexual. He was raped when he was in boys school. When he was 17 he raped a guy in the shower by holding a razorblade to his throat. His Manson Family orgies were known for being pansexual. Everybody fucked each other.
  • We focus a lot on Sharon Tate but four other people were killed that night as well as two others the next night.
  • Manson may very well have been responsible for more murders including his uncle, one of his lawyers and a ranch hand.
  • He was friends with Dennis Wilson from The Beach Boys. He tried and failed to be a musician.
  • He started out in Scientology but left because he couldn't afford their dues. He stole a lot of ideas from them and a local Satanist cult.
  • I felt sorry for the poor jurors. They were sequestered for months. Many suffered financially because they didn't get paid for their jury duty.
I'm surprised we haven't had more creepy cults like his. I'm also disappointed that nobody's shanked his damn ass. California fucked up by abolishing the death penalty and reducing his sentence to life.
Politicians don't mention the middle class anymore because it no longer exists. The sound you hear is the American Dream flushing down the toilet.


These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Anna Faris. Hides her drug use by only doing it when she's on a gig.  
  • Dennis Rodman. Gang members are out to get him after he double crossed them on a drug deal. They've already beat one of his escorts.
  • Johnny Depp. A maid discovered heroin needles in the European hotel he was staying at.
  • Nicole Richie. Has fallen off the wagon and is back on drugs.
  • Ozzy Osbourne. Has fallen off the wagon with booze again.
  • Padma Lakshmi. The "Top Chef" host pops pills like crazy.
  • Tommy Lee. Has fallen off the wagon and is back on drugs.
  • Zoe Saldana. Has been seen smoking pot like crazy even though she's breastfeeding.

  • Drew Scott and Jeff Lewis. The HGTV and Bravo hosts have been cheating on their partners with each other.
  • Kristen Stewart. Hasn't talked to ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson in a long time, mainly because their relationship was fake. 
  • Nick Jonas. Was spotted at a gay S&M club in Germany.

  • Fantasia Barrino. The "American Idol" singer is a hot mess. She doesn't have custody of her kids and bounces from one guy to the next. 
  • Jason Lee. The "My Name Is Earl" star is so broke he stole from his ex-girlfriend to pay off his Scientology handlers.
  • Mariah Carey. Her Las Vegas residency is looking like it will be a huge flop. Her manager and publicist quit in disgust because she's been too busy partying to get ready.
  • Ryan Reynolds. Has been acting like a jerk on the set of his Deadpool movie.
  • Talia Shire. The actress who played Adrian in "Rocky" is in the early stages of Alzheimers :-(


  • Aaron Paul. The "Breaking Bad" actor partied with a bunch of female fans while his wife partied on her own at Coachella.
  • Avicii. Had a botched penile enlargement. He's also had hair transplants.
  • Ben Affleck. Spent Easter drinking and gambling at a casino and hooking up with a cocktail waitress.
  • David Arquette. Spends most of his time now pimping out girls.
  • David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. They've been sleeping with each other off and on for years and will be living in the same house when they start filming the X-Files revival.
  • Diana Ross.  Used to do coke and have sex in front of 30-40 people at parties.
  • Jared Leto. Had a threesome at a New York City nightclub with two girls wearing leather gloves.
  • Jennie Garth. The "90210" actress has been cheating with a commercial director who gets her gigs.
  • John Mayer and Katy Perry. Are back together yet again.
  • Jon Hamm. Even though he cheats on her often and has a booze problem, his girlfriend stays with him because she needs the money and loves his big dick.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Are thinking about using a sperm donor because they want their next baby to have lighter skin.
  • Lucille Ball. Spent time as an escort and almost died in a car crash with a gangster client.
  • Mario Lopez. Constantly cheats on his wife and is a huge horndog. Hillary Duff almost backed out of a show because he kept sexually harassing her.
  • Michael Jackson. Almost lost his virginity to a very wasted Bianca Jagger at Studio 54.
  • Natalie Portman. Her husband has been cheating with two different women who work for him.
  • Scott Eastwood. Clint Eastwood's son hooked up with Katherine McPhee.
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Girls take over yoga lesson and make the guys fuck them. Sex scene from Reality Kings.
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Arab guy fucks Chinese girl. Interesting pairing that you don't see much of.
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Naked guys from the Hungarian reality tv-show "Eden Hotel"

Straight sex scenes from the Hungarian reality tv-show "Eden Hotel"

Tommy Vine full-frontal nude in an episode of the British tv-series "Top Boy." Sadly enough, the well-hung handsome young actor drowned while on vacation in Cambodia in 2013. He was only 25.
Jesse Peppe lying naked in the pool on an episode of the Here! tv-series "From Here on OUT"
MMA fighter Rory Markham drops the towel at weigh-in.
German singer Sin With Sebastian naked in the shower.
KorybantEfakes. Tumblr featuring fake nude pictures of male celebrities. Some of them are actually very realistic.
Fake Jason Dolley full-frontal. Nicely done. I thought it was real.
Nude selfie of cute hockey player showing off his giant monster cock.
Alien Ant Farm singer Dryden Mitchell shows off his dick. He's notorious for flashing.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau full-frontal nude in the 1994 Danish movie "Nightwatch." He's best known for playing Jamie Lannister on "Game of Thrones."
Robin fucks Beast Boy up against a tree. Gay cartoon picture spoofing Teen Titans.
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