Puppet Master II. 1990 horror movie about killer puppets. I'm rewatching the first five movies in the series.

I liked it. Good cheesy fun. I like how the puppets are portrayed as independent They don't mindlessly murder and aren't entirely evil. It's why these movies have held up so well. You actually root for the monster.

My favorite puppet was Torch. His flamethrower made him a badass. Blade's ninja jumping slicing moves were also cool to see.


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John Lewis lied about knowing the Clintons. I like him. He's a nice guy. But he's so full of shit and sold out years ago. After saying that he saw the Clintons in the civil rights marches instead of Bernie, it turns out he didn't meet them until 1991 when they going around buying up African-American politicians!

When Bernie was marching with MLK, Hillary was a Goldwater Republican opposing the Civil Rights Act.

When Bernie was fighting for criminal justice reform in the 1990s, Hillary was gleefully bragging about how Bill executed a mentally-disabled African-American man and supported tougher sentencing guidelines that resulted in over a million African-Americans in jail for non-violent crimes.


Utah votes to keep sales tax on tampons. My friends on the right constantly rant and rave about taxes. And yet they see nothing wrong with taxing basic necessities like food and feminine care products while giving tax breaks to the rich and large businesses.
Str8CockSucker. Compilations of gay guy sucking off straight guys in his neighborhood. I miss his videos. All of the guys were hot. 18-25, wide range (college freshmen, skaters, jocks, even a black thug).

  • Five. My favorite was the adorable smiling guy with the Justin Bieber hair.
  • Six. One guy face fucked him for a good twenty minutes.
  • Seven. I liked the Italian guy. The only guy to do two videos.
  • Eight. I love it when the guys talk or moan.
Carrier moves factory to Mexico, wiping out 1,400 jobs in Indianapolis. All thanks to Hillary Clinton's beloved NAFTA.


Cruising To Orgy. 2007 Brazilian gay porn movie from Alexander Pictures featuring guys fucking in a bar.
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Justin and Taylor jerk off together on webcam. I like how they're smiling and laughing while jerking off fast and hard.
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A Christmas Horror Story. 2015 horror movie featuring four interconnected Christmas-themed horror stories. It made the news when Walmart covered up the title because it didn't want to offend holy rollers.

I liked it. Reminded me of Trick 'r Treat. Had a little bit of everything. Santa Claus fighting off demonic zombie elves. Krampus terrorizing a family. Possession. Ghosts. Creepy forest spirits. Psychotic mall Santa.
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Bartender has threesome with two twinks after catching them hooking up in the bathroom. Scene from FuckerMate. I like how they all top each other.
Rwanda destabilizing neighboring Burundi. This is a forgotten legacy of Bill Clinton. He responded to the Rwandan Genocide by propping up warlord Paul Kagame. He's spent the last sixteen years running Rwanda like a fascist dictatorship while fucking around in neighboring Congo and now Burundi.
The haunted baby dolls of Thailand. Sounds like a cool horror movie.


The Age of Adaline. 2015 romance movie about a woman who never ages.

It was okay. I like the idea behind it. I do think it's possible to stop aging. It's all in the cells. I just don't like Blake Lively. I don't think she can act. If Kristen Stewart always looks constipated, Blake always comes across as conceited. Although it's funny because the original choice was Katherine Heigl and she's even worse.
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The Big Short. 2015 drama based on the book about the 2008 financial crisis caused by the collapse of the housing bubble. Michael Lewis also wrote "The Blind Side" and "Moneyball." It was adapted and directed by Adam McKay, who is more famous for making comedies like "Anchorman."

I really liked it. Definitely worthy of all the Oscar nominations. A rare movie that really makes you think.

The housing bubble was a HUGE fraud. Easing access to home loans and refinancing was considered a win for everyone. Banks got more money. Wall Street got to play with the big pool of money made available by the housing market. Republicans and Democrats got to brag about the American Dream. If loans were bad, the thinking was, that's okay, just refinance. But that game of musical chairs can only go on for so long. When it ended, millions of people, including my parents, were fucked. We lost our house because the mortgage payment skyrocketed.

What's disgusting is that nobody was held responsible. In fact, many of the bankers and brokers not only got bailed out by the government but made out like bandits with bonuses. The Obama administration turned a blind eye to reform. The Secretary of Treasury was a Wall Street hack. The Attorney General literally wrote the memo on Too Big to Fail. Nothing's changed. We're living in a bubble again but this time the crash will be far, far worse because we won't be able to afford a bailout.
France bans supermarkets from throwing away food. Good for them. My friends on the right think it's communist but I think greed and gluttony are unChristian.
My take on the Superbowl:

I have no idea who played, let alone who won.

I enjoyed Lady Gaga's national anthem. Loved her crazy red eye shadow. She looked like she escaped the Hunger Games.

Beyonce and Bruno Mars were good, but they couldn't save the shit show that Coldplay put on. That much was obvious when the montage of past shows was playing.

Curious to see how "10 Cloverfield Lane" turns out.

Sad to see "The Good Wife" ending.

The puppy monkey baby is the stuff of nightmares.
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My take on the New Hampshire Republican presidential debate.

  1. Donald Trump. I was surprised when he got booed down. I still think he's going to eventually pitch a hissy fit and quit the race altogether. I don't think he's serious about running. I think it's a publicity stunt. If he wins, he'd have to pull out of his company, and I don't think he wants to do that because his brats need daddy.
  2. Ted Cruz. He lied through his teeth. Clutching his pearls, acting like he had no idea he used dirty tricks on Ben Carson.
  3. Ben Carson. My God. He's totally bonkers. He couldn't even walk out on the stage right. It was like an SNL skit. I cracked up when Donald Trump came out and joined him, just to mug for the cameras.
  4. Marco Rubio. He fell apart. Chris Christie is right. Empty suit reading talking points.
  5. Chris Christie. I'm surprised nobody's called him out on being self serving. He's pro-choice but now he's suddenly pro-life? And what's with his crazy idea to set up concentration camps to quarantine people. Jesus.
  6. Jeb Bush. He got a good hit in on Donald Trump. But he's still flailing around. And is it just me or does he always sound like he's got a sinus infection?
  7. John Kasich. Poor guy. He was the sanest person on the stage. And yet he'll probably come in last and withdraw next week.
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  • Part One. John Delta and Leon Lewis fuck.
  • Part Two. Vadim Black and Roman Todd take turns fucking each other.
  • Part Three. Vadim Black and now he's fucking new visitor Wesley Woods.
  • Part Four. Everybody's fucking. John Delta, Leon Lewis, Vadim Black, Roman Todd, Wesley Woods.
Fine Dining. Scene from Helix's 8TeenBoy series. Twinks Connor Jacobs and Trey Ryan fuck in the dining room.
Dirty Interrogation. Scene from Next Door Studios. Johnny Torque fucks Luke Milan.
Come To Daddy! Scene from Cocky Boys. Trenton Ducati fucks younger guy Allen King.
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Birthright, Vol 1: HomecomingBirthright, Vol 1: Homecoming by Joshua Williamson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I loved the idea behind it. A year after a little boy disappears in the woods, he not only returns as an adult, but claiming that he's a hero who went on an epic quest in a fantasy kingdom. But did he really succeed? And is he actually a hero?

Unfortunately it zips by way too fast and just feels very rushed. I would've preferred a slower pace.

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Luther Series 4. I was disappointed with it. Lacked the energy of the previous entries. Rather ho hum.
Sex Orgy With Young Hotties. Two-hour-long Russian straight porn movie. I wish I knew the title. It's full of hot guys fucking girls. One of the girls is even black, which is rare for Russian porn.
When Nature Calls. Straight porn for gay guys scene from Next Door Hookups featuring gay-for-pay porn star Brec Boyd fucking Kandi Milan in a car in a garage.
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Two guys and two girls fool around while driving. Scene from College Rules.
The Last Witch Hunter. 2015 fantasy movie about an immortal warrior (Vin Diesel) battling rogue witches in modern-day New York.

Meh. I didn't like it. About what ya expect. Generic fantasy. Generic Vin Diesel action movie. It's made by the same folks who wrote "Dracula Untold" and the upcoming "Gods of Egypt" which isn't even out yet and is already being widely panned as a bomb.
Sunderland Soccer Team Sex Tape. An old favorite of mine. This was a big scandal in 2006. Ten years later it still ranks as the best homemade sports team sex tape ever made. It's only four minutes long. Apparently the full version, which has never been released, is three minutes longer.

Twenty-one-year-old soccer player Chris Brown records naked team mates 19-year-old Ben Alnwick and 24-year-old Liam Lawrence having a threesome with a girl named Stevie. Former teammate, 20-year-old Martin Woods, stands next to them jerking off his big dick. At one point she plays with his dick while getting fucked by Lawrence. Two other friends stand in the back watching.

It's rumored that this wasn't a fluke and that they played with groupies almost every week. It's a shame more sex tapes haven't come out.
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Mr. Pete and a friend fuck the shit out of horny drunk girl at a party. Scene from College Fuck Fest. I like how happy she seems about being used as a sex toy. She was practically giggling the whole time. I tend to frown on a lot of "drunk girl" scenes because they're often incapacitated and it becomes creepy rape fantasy.
College Fuck Fest #28. A guy is caught getting his dick sucked by a girl in the bathroom and another guy is caught fucking a girl in a car in the garage at a house party in Santa Barbara, California.
College Fuck Fest #5. An old favorite of mine. A guy fucks the shit out of a girl while a huge crowd of fraternity brothers loudly cheer him on. A girl joins in, helping suck him off. Still horny, she sucks dry another guy in the bathroom. He then shocks her by leaving to go find a girl to fuck.
College Fuck Fest #14. An old favorite of mine. A guy and a girl start fucking outside by the fire at a college house party in Texas. They go inside where two guys and another girl join them for an orgy in the living room. Ends with a white girl caught sucking a black guy's big dick out back.
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I don't understand why people end emails with their initials. We already know where the damn email came from. And your name and contact information is included at the end. So why tack on your initials? Is it supposed to make it special? I find little things like that to be so odd.
Y: The Last Man - The Deluxe Edition Book OneY: The Last Man - The Deluxe Edition Book One by Brian K. Vaughan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After hearing rave reviews about it, I was surprised at how disappointed I was with it. I like the idea behind it but the story's just so goofy with Amazonian feminazis, Republican housewife gun nuts, secret spy chicks and Israeli commando women.

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Skinny skater guy with a really long dick fucks girl on webcam. My perfect guy. Skinny, sweet, hung like a horse.


Shame of the Jungle. 1960s German cartoon porn short spoofing Tarzan.
Slideshow of ancient Indian erotic art. Mostly from the Kama Sutra.
Slideshow of ancient Chinese erotic art
SVSComics. Has a great selection of straight porn comics. Only downside is you have to download them through the slow free filehosts.
Kentucky prosecutor goes after whistleblower detective after dropping charges against mayor who openly admitted to exchanging sex for favors.
IKEA remaking its restaurants. It's funny because I rarely ever buy anything there. I just go to look around and eat.
Short cell phone video of three Thai guys jerking off outside and shooting huge loads. Wish they showed their faces.
Japanese soccer team blackmails girl into letting them gangbang her.


The Green Inferno. 2013 horror movie from director Eli Roth about a group of college students captured by a tribe of cannibals while protesting to protect the Amazon rain forest.

I liked it. I saw it as a tongue-n-cheek homage to the cannibal movies of the seventies and eighties. Gory as hell.

My only nitpick is the lack of sex. The original movies were basically sexploitation flicks. Now you're lucky to see a boob. I can understand the squeamishness behind sexual violence, but a little frisky business at the beginning would've been nice. The lead bimbo was the director's wife. I guess he was nervous about her showing too much.

The anthropology fan in me also has to point out that cannibals don't exist in the Amazon. Would've been better off setting it in New Guinea, where there really are bloodthirsty cannibal tribes.
Outcast, Volume 1: A Darkness Surrounds HimOutcast, Volume 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him by Robert Kirkman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love the dark tone. I like the idea behind it. This creeping realization that something sinister is happening and more people are possessed by demons than you realize. But the story's a little too confusing at times, jumping between the past and present with hints and mentions of past events thrown in as well. Curious to see how the rest of the series plays out. It might also end up being a rare case of a tv adaptation actually being better than the book because it's able to focus on more.

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White thug gets his dick sucked by gay neighbor. An old favorite of mine.
Brazilian guys fuck in elevator. He had a really big dick too.
Two Brazilian guys jerk off on webcam together
Two girls dared to suck the other's boyfriend on webcam. That was surprisingly hot. I was amused at how the hesitant girl ended up really getting into it.


My take on the Iowa presidential caucuses:

We need to revamp our presidential elections. It's such a stupid process and has no basis in the Constitution whatsoever. Hey let's start in Iowa, where instead of voting we'll count people standing next to each other in groups. Then let's go to tiny New Hampshire, the whitest damn state in the country. And then let's finish the primary season in South Carolina, birthplace of the Confederacy!

I'm not surprised Ted Cruz won. He invested in the ground game more than any other candidate. He pandered to the evangelicals. He also pulled a fast one by spreading a rumor that Ben Carson dropped out.

I'm also not surprised Hillary won by a handful of votes.  It's a caucus so there's no actual ballots. It's up to the precinct campaigns to judge who won or not by eyeballing crowds, and she spent millions of dollars buying them off. There's already videos on the internet of Clinton hacks shamelessly calling precincts for Hillary even though they were surrounded 10 to 1 by Bernie voters.

I think Bernie will easily win New Hampshire. Hillary will win South Carolina. Then declare victory and demand that everyone bow to her or face losing civilization itself to Cruz or Trump. That's pretty much her only issue. Don't let the Republicans win.

As for the Republicans, I think it's now a three-way race between Trump, Cruz and Rubio. Carson's out. He's already lost TWO campaign teams because they realized how nutty he was. His supporters will reluctantly rally to Trump because they think Cruz fucked them over. Kasich and Christie will fold and probably announce their support for Rubio who is now the Establishment candidate. Poor Jeb Bush blew a hundred million dollars on nothing. Rand Paul will make one last prissy potshot then retreat to save his ass back home where he's running for re-election. Carly Fiorina will hang out as long as she can because she's got nothing better to do and enjoys the attention.
Home. 2015 animated movie based on a children's book about a little girl who befriends an alien.

I liked it better than I thought I would. I was expecting a lame "Lilo & Stitch" ripoff. I give extra points for diversity and having a nice soundtrack. I was also amused by the alien invasion. Who knew that concentration camps could be so cheery.
I Will See You in HeavenI Will See You in Heaven by Jack Wintz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Short little book from a Franciscan friar in Cincinnati about God's take on pets. One version is for dog owners. The other for cat owners. But the message is the same. Our animal friends are indeed special. God loves them. That's why they existed in the Garden of Eden. That's why they were saved in the Flood. That's why St. Francis of Assisi made it a point to preach a gospel that called for loving nature and animals.

I especially appreciated the author's point about the role of heaven. A lot of folks worry that they won't see their pets in heaven. But if heaven is a state of existence where you are with everyone and everything that you have ever loved, then it's safe to say your animal loved ones will be there waiting for you too.

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Large group of Japanese athletes jerk off together
Fake picture of actor Justin Berfield naked. He played one of the brothers on "Malcolm in the Middle." From what I've heard he's gay.
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Sexy South Asian guy jerks off and cums in bathroom. He was cute. Indian guys are usually ugly, hairy and have tiny dicks.
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Victorski. Chaturbate webcam of 18-year-old straight guy. I like how he was standing naked jerking off while his roommate sat at a desk next to him playing a game on the computer totally oblivious. Whatever pays the bills bro.

  • Note: You will only see action if he's online and up to something.


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Fairest, Vol 3: The Return of the MaharajaFairest, Vol 3: The Return of the Maharaja by Sean E. Williams
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Works okay as a Fables story. The Return of Prince Charming. Nice little adventure story. But this miniseries is supposed to be about the female characters. Nalayana is such a dud of a character that it's almost sexist.

I was also disappointed that the world of the Indus was wasted. Talk about lazy writing. So many South Asian fables to work with, and yet the attitude pretty much was, well the Jungle Book characters are gone, nothing left here. So tacky it borders on racist.

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The Gift. 2015 thriller about a couple being stalked by an acquaintance. Joel Edgerton not only played the creepy guy but wrote, directed and produced it.

It was okay. The stalker story was rather conventional. I think they tried a little too hard to make it different. Although I did like Jason Bateman. He made a surprisingly good asshole.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Kelly Osbourne. Has fallen off the wagon and has been hurting herself.


  • Gregg Sulkin. His beard Bella Thorne is driving him crazy. He really wanted to party with his boys in Key West but she wanted publicity.
  • Harry Styles. The One Direction singer's latest fake girlfriend is Kendall Jenner.
  • Joey McIntyre. The New Kids On The Block star is a big closet queen manwhore.
  • Luke Evans. He and his boyfriend had such rough sex with a guy that he had to pay for his hospital bill.
  • Shawn Mendes. The young pop singer and his fake girlfriend are both supposed to be gay. I'm dubious though. He seems pretty straight to me.


  • Daisy Ridley. Rey from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is quickly developing a reputation for being erratic and difficult to work with.
  • Jillian Michaels. The fitness guru is a fake, cheating by getting lots of plastic surgery done.
  • Kesha. Even though she's going broke, she's been spending money like crazy on plastic surgery.
  • The Muppets. Ya'd think it would be a fun show to be a part of, but the crew members hate it. Disorganized mess. Each episode is a nightmare to get through.


  • Ashton Kutcher. The sex addict had to admit to wife Mila Kunis that the tabloids were right, he really has been visiting massage parlors for sex. 
  • Billy Corgan. The Smashing Pumpkins singer has been cheating with his producer.
  • Celine Dion. Her relationship with her husband who recently passed away was so bizarre. He first met her when she was still a teenager. They had a weird daddy thing going. She adored him...while paying for his gambling debts, business failures and payoff checks for the women he raped. But at the same time she wasn't a total slave. She had a guy of her own too.
  • Christie Brinkley. Trying to relaunch her career by showing off her relationship with John Mellencamp.
  • Dennis Quaid. TSA agents cracked up when they found a penis pump in his luggage at the airport.
  • Dido. The singer is so broke that she was doing escort work for a time.
  • George Lopez. Likes to hook up with Las Vegas waitresses.
  • Hailee Steinfeld. Trying to launch a music career by sleeping with the CEO of a radio conglomerate.
  • Larry King. His wife doesn't want to touch him so she pays a woman to fuck him once a week.
  • Luke Hemmings. The "5 Seconds of Summer" singer may have a sex tape leaking soon.
  • Mel Gibson. Was caught cheating with a college girl while in Australia.
  • Pete Wentz. Is a big ole manwhore, constantly cheating with groupies.
  • Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin. He's a prick and made her cry at a restaurant by telling her she needed to lose weight if she wanted to keep him.
So my boss's boss failed to tell everyone that there was an armed militia standoff in the meeting room a few weeks ago. Didn't find out until reading about it in a NATIONAL MAGAZINE this morning while eating breakfast. Yay for communication!

This is why I don't have any respect for the folks in charge. Their first priority is covering their ass and sweeping everything under the rug. I realize that we live in an incredibly backwards state that lets you walk around with a rifle strapped to your back like the Wild West but it would be nice to at least let everyone know what the hell is going on.


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Southpaw. 2015 drama about a boxer (Jake Gyllenhaal) trying to make a comeback after his wife dies and he loses custody of his little girl.

It was okay. Jake Gyllenhaal did a great job. But I'm just burned out on boxing movies.

It was written by Kurt Sutter (creator of Sons of Anarchy) and was originally supposed to star Eminem. It's a shame he backed out. I think he could have earned an Oscar nod and it would've been so nice to see him all buff with abs.
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Why the iPad is going extinct. I find Apple to be extremely overrated. Their products are made by Chinese slave laborers. They're Nazis about maintaining control over iTunes so more and more folks are getting content from other places. Their phones are buggy and not as good as they used to be. Their stock is already start to sink. I think it's only a matter of time before they join other overrated tech companies like Amazon and Yahoo in crashing.


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  • Note:  You will only see action if they're online and up to something.
NimonaNimona by Noelle Stevenson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved it. Very unique and original. Reminds me a little of Saga. A clever blend of fantasy and sci-fi that can be surprisingly serious and poignant at times.

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The Challenger space shuttle explosion could have been prevented. We have this image that it was an unfortunate accident. In reality, half a dozen NASA engineers protested the launch because they knew that the O-rings were faulty but the bureaucrats in charge pressed ahead anyway because President Reagan's State of the Union was that night and they didn't want to fuck up his photo-op.
Porn star Tera Wray commits suicide. She was married to Wayne Static, lead singer of the heavy metal band Static-X. She never really got over waking up to find him next to her dead from an accidental drug overdose.

Can see her in action here:

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Porn Gatherer. Listing of straight and gay porn sites.


The Intern. 2015 comedy about the friendship between a young CEO of a fashion startup (Anne Hathaway) and her elderly intern (Robert DeNiro).

It was okay. I liked the idea behind it. Had a great cast. Started out strong. But then it petered out. I think the fatal flaw was her relationship status. I didn't buy her as a wife and a mom. Seemed weird. Would've been better off as a romantic comedy with Hathaway and DeNiro both finding someone.
Guy has threesome with his girlfriend and his dad
It's All About Sharing In College. Scene from College Rules.


Goosebumps. 2016 family movie spoofing R. L. Stine's popular horror books for kids.

I liked it. Cute. Reminded me of a mix between "Cabin in the Woods' and the "Monster Squad."

I never read the Goosebumps series as a kid. It came out when I was about 12. By then I was already on to Stephen King and more adult fare. They just seemed too short and silly for me. Although I have caught some of the videos.

The movie has an interesting development history. There was a moment when R. L. Stine was trying to reinvent himself as an adult horror author and he talked to George Romero into rebooting Goosebumps into something darker, similar to EC Comics and Creepshow. Tim Burton also thought about taking a shot at it but went with Dark Shadows instead.

I'm curious to see how the sequel turns out. Kind of hard to keep the momentum going. Just look at how lame the Night at the Museum sequels were.

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Revival, Vol. 2: Live Like You Mean ItRevival, Vol. 2: Live Like You Mean It by Tim Seeley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked it better than the first book. The story started to come together. I especially enjoyed the gorier, darker moments.

My main nitpick continues to be the glaring contradictions. The dead came back to life...but there's no major federal presence? Just a half-assed roadblock manned by local cops and a single CDC scientist who spends more time in the bar than investigating anything. We're given the impression that it's just a small town...but the radius is actually a significant chunk of Wisconsin, affecting almost a hundred thousan