Entourage. 2015 movie sequel to the HBO show about a pretty boy celebrity who can't act and his flunkies hanging out in Hollywood.

I didn't like it. The show was okay. Lighthearted fare. But it definitely didn't deserve movie treatment. After awhile you're just like, ya'll are rich spoiled assholes, why am I watching you again?
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Spy. 2015 comedy about a CIA handler who goes out into the field.

I liked it. I love Melissa McCarthy. Jason Statham and Rose Byrne were also surprisingly funny. Director Paul Feig has a pretty good track record. Knocked Up, Walk Hard, Bridesmaids, The Heat. Can't wait to see what he does with Ghostbusters.
China to score everyone based on how they conform. We're reaching Big Brother territory. You're not only judged by a credit score, but your social media, online presence, phone calls, emails and shopping habits.
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My take on the first season of Fear the Walking Dead. Spoilers ahead.
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The Judge. 2014 drama about a lawyer (Robert Downey Jr.) who returns home to defend his judge father (Robert Duvall) from a fatal DUI charge.

I liked it. I'm happy that Robert Duvall got a bunch of award nominations but I think Robert Downey Jr. should have gotten them too. This was probably his best role he's had in years.


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These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Charlie Sheen. Continues to party hard even though he's battling cancer.
  • Christina Aguilera. Is blacklisted by MTV because she did coke at the MTV VMAs in 2001 and turned into a screaming bitch.
  • Gavin Rossdale. A big reason why Gwen Stefani divorced him was because he keeps relapsing.
  • Henry Cavill. Producers are blaming the failure of "Man from UNCLE" on him being a drug addict.
  • Olivia Cooke. The young Bates Motel actress is freaking out that her previous coke use will scare producers off from being in the new Star Wars movies.


  • Justin Bieber. His emotional moment at the MTV VMA's was staged. It's all part of his desperate effort to redeem himself before his career implodes. 
  • Kirstie Alley. Is battling cancer and thinking about cutting ties with $cientology.
  • Rihanna. Almost got arrested after being a huge diva on a flight.


  • Brad Pitt. Called in a nanny to watch the kids because he really wanted to hook up with a fan he just met as soon as possible.
  • David Beckham. Cheated on his wife with a college girl he met at a speaking event.
  • Jimmy Fallon. Has been cheating with actress Victoria Justice.
  • Josh Groban and Katy Perry. Hooked up while in New York City recently.
  • Nick Cannon. Not only got one of his "America's Got Talent" contestants pregnant but had to pay off her boyfriend so he wouldn't tell.
  • Robert F. Kennedy. The notorious sex addict cheats on his wife all the time, including their honeymoon.
  • Tom Brady. The football player has been cheating on his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen.
  • Vince Offer. The ShamWow guy is rumored to be under investigation for having sex with someone underage. It's not the first time he's been in trouble. He was arrested a few years ago for beating up a hooker.
Swampwater Grill. Cajun restaurant located at 3742 Kellogg Avenue on the East side of Cincinnati. My friend treated me to dinner there. I had a blackened catfish, jambalaya and collard greens with a spicy Cajun Bloody Mary that had a sausage in it. It reminded me of the first meal I had in New Orleans.

  • Cons
    • Bit pricey
  • Pros
    • Yummy Cajun food
    • Smoked meats with barbecue sauces. I tried the sauces out on the celery from my Cajun Mary drink.
    • Bar. I loved my Cajun Mary. I tried my friend's bourbon slushie and it was very yummy. I wanna try the Swamp Juice drink in a mason jar next.
    • There's an antique mall attached to it.
    • Brunch. What better Sunday than loading up on food and drinks and then wandering around antiquing afterwards.


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Rogues. Anthology of twenty one short stories edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois.

It was okay. It was an odd mix of mystery and fantasy. I ended up skimming through most of it. My favorite stories:

  • "The Inn of the Seven Blessings" by Matthew Hughes. A wry sword-and-sorcery tale.
  • "Tawny Petticoats" by Michael Swanwick. A mix between steampunk, sci-fi and fantasy set in a future post-apocalyptic New Orleans.
  • "How The Marquis Got His Coat Back" by Neil Gaiman. A Neverwhere story. I wish he'd revisit that world more often.
  • "The Lightning Tree" by Patrick Rothfuss. A story featuring Bast from his Kingkiller Chronicle fantasy series.
  • "The Rogue Prince or A King's Brother" by George R. R. Martin. A prequel to Game of Thrones. 
Poltergeist. 2015 remake of the classic 1982 horror movie about a family in a haunted house.

I didn't like it. There was just no need to remake it. I also wasn't thrilled with the cast. The parents (Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt) didn't seem all that upset about their little girl being missing. While none of the kids could really act. And Jared Harris is nowhere near as charming as the original Zelda Rubenstein.

I was so bored I fell asleep at the end. I'm disappointed that director Gil Kenan is going to be tackling Five Nights at Freddy's. I think he's going to fuck it up.


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Annie. I thought the little girl was cute but otherwise I didn't like it. There was just no need to remake the original.
Vatican confirms Pope Francis met with Kim Davis. My Catholic friends are wringing their hands trying to spin this. It was accidental. The pope meets with LOTS of people. He also met with Mark Wahlberg. No big deal. Nothing to see here. Move along.

I call bullshit on that. He's not an idiot. He set the meeting up as a sop to the conservatives. (Wink wink) I'm a bigot just like ya'll. So don't you dare cut off your funding.


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These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.



  • Burt Reynolds. Is very frail and will most likely not survive the year.
  • Jennifer Lopez. Has been a huge diva on her new tv-show "Shades of Blue" and constantly whines that she doesn't look sexy enough.


Big Eyes. 2014 drama based on the true story of con artist Walter Keane who claimed credit for the paintings that his wife secretly drew. It was directed by Tim Burton who was an early collector of the artwork featuring waifish children with big haunting eyes.

I liked it. Amy Adams was great but I especially enjoyed Christoph Waltz. He was such an asshole. Reminded me of Thomas Kinkade, who also self-destructed because he was so self-absorbed and arrogant.


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Germany overwhelmed with migrants. My friends on the left whine that advanced countries need to be more welcoming. That's easier said than done. The vast majority of migrants aren't refugee families but young single men looking for money. They're extremely uneducated. They come from a very backwards Islamic culture that says it's perfectly okay to rape and abuse women and children. Taking care of them is a logistical nightmare. It's easier said than done.


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Republican House Speaker John Boehner abruptly retires. Meh. Whatever. The Republican Party is disintegrating. Country club crooks on one side. Bigots and crazies on the other.
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Rat Queens: The Far-Reaching Tentacles of N'Rygoth by Kurtis Wiebe. Second volume in the graphic novel fantasy series about four colorful female mercenaries.

I liked the first book better. I was disappointed that the Cthulu-like villain didn't get more attention. I also think it would have been better to focus on one character's backstory at a time. Got a little confusing because the story kept bouncing around.
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Focus. 2015 comedy/action/romance movie about a con man (Will Smith) teaming up with a flame from his past (Margot Robbie).

I couldn't get into it. I'm just not a big fan of Will Smith.

Originally it was going to star Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Then Ben Affleck and Kristen Stewart.
Gaijin: American Prisoner of War by Matt Faulkner. Graphic novel about a half-white half-Japanese teenage boy living in an internment camp during WWII.

I liked it but I was disappointed that it was fictionalized. Why make stuff up when there are so many true stories that could be told?
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Catholic Church shuts down adoption agencies rather than serve gay couple. So much for being pro-life.


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Rat Queens: Sass & Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe. First volume in a graphic novel series about a group of female mercenaries in a fantasy world.

I liked it. Reminds me a little of the sci-fi series Saga. Has that same blend of dark humor and action.
Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker quits presidential race. He started out very strong. A Republican who not only won in a blue state but beat back wave after wave of attacks against him and managed to break the back of Big Labor in the process. But then his campaign got drowned out by the cavalcade of other candidates, he started saying stupid shit to get noticed and came across looking more like bumbling Rick Perry.
I've decided to stick with regular sized font. Making everything bigger is a pain in the ass because I keep forgetting.

I also notice that my blog stats go way down if I don't post enough porn. That's such a bummer. I really want folks listening to what I say and coming back for more, not just zipping by.
My take on the fourth episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Spoilers ahead.

Raiders of the Lost Walmart. A collection of old outdated stuff still found on Walmart shelves. Like ten year old PS2 memory chips. This is why I roll my eyes at Walmart's boast that it's so efficient. It really isn't. Awhile ago I got some bagels from them. Went to have one for breakfast the next day and discovered that they were two weeks outdated and had mold on them.


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Limitless. 2011 sci-fi thriller about a guy (Bradley Cooper) who takes a drug that makes him into a genius.

Been meaning to watch this for awhile now. Finally got around to it because the tv-show sequel is coming out soon. I liked it. Thought it was interesting. But I'm especially curious to see how the show does. Bradley Cooper is not only heavily involved but will be appearing in it off and on. I like the idea of this little universe being set up.
Wolf Hall. BBC miniseries based on the historical novel about Thomas Cromwell. A friend from work highly recommended it to me.

I liked it. Great cast. Great story. Great acting. Curious to see the next five parts. My only nitpick is that they got carried away with making Thomas Cromwell a noble figure. He wasn't a saint. He could be just as sneaky and cold-blooded as the rest of them.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.

  • Robert Pattinson. Has been on a druge binge with his new girlfriend FKA Twigs.
  • Alexander Skarsgard. May be coming out soon.
  • Gregg Sulkin. Bella Thorne knows she's a beard but still gets pissed when he flirts with guys.
  • Nick Jonas. Hooked up with a makeup guy while doing promos for the MTV VMAs.
  • Ben Affleck. Is a shitty father. He hates spending time with his kids. Would rather be whoring and partying.
  • Claire Danes. Is surprisingly racist in person.
  • Michael Douglas. Is battling cancer again and it's not looking very good.
  • Gene Simmons. Loves watching other guys fuck his wife Shannon Tweed.
  • Luke Bryan. The country singer loves to bang his groupies.
Went to the Cincinnati Comic Expo on Sunday. This year was a dud.

I was really irritated that my friends flaked on me. To the point where I'm probably gonna end up cutting some folks loose. I'm especially irritated with the stoners. I don't have a problem with marijuana or any drug really. Whatever floats your boat. But addicts are extremely self-absorbed. They don't have "anxiety" or "imaginary health issues" or "pain." They're just lazy and only care about getting their fix. My mom's an alcoholic. If I wanted to deal with that bullshit, I'd just stay home.

I was also disappointed with the shopping. The selection wasn't that great and a lot of items were double or triple the price.

As far as celebrities go, many were MIA. Adam West (1960s Batman) hid behind a VIP curtain. And I don't know where Eve Myles (Gwen from Torchwood) disappeared to. But I did manage to see Sean Astin (Goonies, Lord of the Rings), Ian Zering (90210, Sharknado), James Tolkan (Back to the Future), David Yost (the gay Power Ranger) and my favorite Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin) who is really cute in person.

On a brighter note, the cosplayers were great. Lots of cute guys in spandex or dressing up as The Doctor. Yum yum.

I'm also intrigued by the idea of setting up my own booth selling adult-oriented items. Erotic comic books. Erotic fan art. Gay pride stuff. Sexy costumes. Nothing really too X-rated. Just sexy enough to attract attention. A lot of booths sell the same shit (t-shirts, comics, action figures, trinkets). I think my little booth would be very unique and do well.
Let the Fire Burn. 2013 documentary about the 1985 violent standoff between the Philadelphia police and the cult MOVE that ended with the police dropping a bomb on their house, burning down the neighborhood and killing eleven cult members, including five children.

I thought it was very interesting. Leftwing extremists push the conspiracy theory that MOVE was attacked for racist reasons. In reality, it's harshest critics were African-American neighbors who hated living next to a cult where crazy people walked around with guns. It's sad that kids died but you can blame that on their unfit parents who wouldn't let them leave. It's very similar to Waco. Not much you can do when you're dealing with crazies who would rather die.
The Taking of Deborah Logan. 2014 horror movie about a documentary crew following an old lady with Alzheimer's who may actually be possessed.

It was okay. Had its creepy moments. Especially towards the end.
The Lazarus Effect. 2015 horror movie about a woman who turns evil after being brought back from the dead by an experimental serum. This was director David Gelb's first movie. He's better known for documentaries like Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

It was okay. Had a great cast. And an interesting idea. But the story didn't really go anywhere. Dropped the ball.


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  • I like how Abba's "The Winner Takes It All" is playing on the radio in the background.
  • Also pink and blond hair don't mix.
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A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. I can see why it's a cult classic. Way ahead of its time. The idea behind it holds up really well. I just wish that it wasn't written in a crazy pidgin English gibberish. Gave me a headache. Because of that, it's one of the few times where I actually prefer the movie over the book.


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I guess I'm a weirdo, but I have zero desire to find a significant other. I get lonely sometimes and wouldn't mind having more friends to hang out with and fuck buddies to play with, but at the end of the day, I much prefer to be alone.

I know a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend because he was a basketcase drug user. Instead of enjoying her newfound freedom, she's obsessing over finding another boyfriend. I know a lot of folks who are like that. It just grosses me out. They're almost rodent-like. Winter's coming and they're desperate to find another mate. Someone to take care of them. When they do find someone, I want to roll my eyes and laugh because ninety five percent of the time they're settling for a loser. Then they act shocked when the relationship doesn't work. Well, duh. Could've told you that. Can't turn shit into gold.
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Project Almanac. 2015 sci-fi movie about a group of high school friends who come across a time machine.

I liked it. Reminded me of a mix of "Chronicle" and "Butterfly Effect." I also think Johnny Weston is gorgeous and destined to be a superstar.


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Was Gandhi racist? He was a lot more conservative than folks realize. When he was in South Africa, his argument for equality for Indians was pretty much "we're not black!"
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White college guy gets blowjob from Asian girlfriend. The chihuahuas playing in the background cracked me up.
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God Bless the Child. 2015 indie drama about a thirteen year old girl taking care of her young brothers after their mom runs away.

I couldn't get into it. I liked the realistic day-in-the-life documentary style. But watching little kids play got old quick. Especially considering they're mostly half-naked little boys. At one point they were singing "I have a penis" while naked taking a bath and I was like what the fuck am I watching here? I preferred the scenes with the girl. Felt sorry for her having to play mother so young.
The Legend of Clementine Caves. Straight porn scene from HardcoreGangbangs featuring a group of miners fucking a girl in a cave.
Frum Porn. Frum is Yiddish for "devout" or "pious." It's a niche fetish featuring ultra-Orthodox Jews.
Blue Ruin. 2013 indie thriller about a homeless vagrant out for revenge. It was written and directed by Jeremy Salunier and primarily funded through Kickstarter. Caught it on Netflix.

It earned rave reviews. I liked the idea behind it and the action. Reminded me of Oldboy. But overall I just couldn't get into it. The story was too slow and confusing.


These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.

  • Henry Cavill. Is getting fat because he's constantly drunk off his ass or on drugs.
  • Joe Jonas. Spotted doing drugs in a restaurant bathroom in Australia.
  • Lady Gaga. Got so hammered that she fell asleep on the floor of the VIP area of a club.
  • Meredith Vieira. Is an alcoholic.
  • Michelle Rodriguez. Continues to spiral out of control.
  • Shia LaBeauof. Has been seeing a Mexican drug cartel girl, who gives him drugs in exchange for fame.
  • Douglas Booth.Is a flaming queen.
  • Gavin Rossdale. Is trying to get women to say they slept with him so he looks like an adulterer in his divorce and not a closet queen.
  • George Hamilton. Is thinking about coming out as bisexual. He's been living with a man for the last few years and used to go out with Merv Griffin.
  • Jodie Foster. Recently had a fling with a female college student.
  • John Mayer. Swings both ways and traded blowjobs with Bravo host Andy Cohen at a bar.
  • Kelly Rowland. Has been cheating with her female personal trainer, sometimes twice a day.
  • John Travolta. Paid his latest male lover a million dollars to stay quiet.
  • Lewis Hamilton. The race car driver fucks anything that moves. Girls, guys, trannies, Rihanna.
  • Matthew Morrison (aka Will Schuester on Glee). Has been cheating on his wife with a guy starring with him in the "Finding Neverland" Broadway play.
  • Robin Roberts. The lesbian morning show anchor has been cheating on her partner.
  • Tyga. Cheated on his girlfriend Kylie Jenner with a Thai ladyboy.
  • Zachary Quinto. Cheated with a groupie in an office building restroom after a radio interview.
  • Zac Efron. Hooked up with Max Joseph, the director of his movie "We Are Your Friends"
  • Christina Aguilera. Has been giving speeches about how she too was a victim of childhood bullying. In reality, she spent very little time in school because she was acting and performing, and those that do remember her say she was a spoiled bratty bitch.
  • Harrison Ford. Has been seeing a younger-looking copycat of his wife Calista Flockhart. That sounds like a creepy sci-fi concept right there. Trading in your old spouse for a young clone of them.
  • Chevy Chase. Cheated all the time until prostate cancer made him impotent.
  • Ice Cube. Gave a $75,000 gift to his mistress to keep her quiet.


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Boy Meets Girl. 2014 drama about a transgender girl in Kentucky.
I really liked it. Actress Michelle Hendley does an amazing job. Trans herself, she was spotted on Youtube and given her first role. The story was great too. Exploring transphobia, what's it like to transition and sexuality (are you attracted to boys, girls, both).


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Republican incompetence threatens to shut down state's entire court system. Republicans tried to reign in judges by withholding funding, but it's backfired badly. Murderers, rapists and criminals are in danger of being set free. The civil court system is grinding to a halt. Good luck getting anything done now.
Alabama proposes massive forty percent porn tax.
Seventeen year old North Carolina facing prison for having nude pictures of himself. I think the laws need to be updated. Child rapists walk free while high school kids get terrorized because they're sexting each other.
American Mary. 2012 Canadian horror movie from the Soska Sisters about a medical student who becomes an underground surgeon. Caught it on Netflix.

It was okay. Starts out strong. I like Katherine Isabelle. She starred in the Ginger Snaps werewolf movies. But then the story loses its charm and goes into weird Human Centipede territory. It's a shame because I think they could have had fun and made an entire horror series out of this.


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