These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Jeremy Renner. Set up a holding company so his mutual investments with his boyfriend won't show up.
  • Taye Diggs. Is bisexual and has been sleeping his way through the guys and girls on his "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" show.
  • B. J. Novak. Acts like an arrogant prick.
  • Jane Krakowski. Pay close attention to her teeth. They're actually dentures.
  • Lena Dunham. Is a huge bitch. She recently threw a drink at an assistant in front of everyone because it wasn't the one she wanted.
  • David Duchovny. One reason he's coming back to the X-Files is because he had to pay a lot of money to keep a 16-year-old girl he slept with quiet.
  • Joan Crawford. Liked having guys pee on her.
  • Julia Roberts. Looking at getting a divorce and relaunching her career.
  • Lil Wayne. Keeps having seizures when he has sex.
City of Cincinnati paid over $175,000 in late fees to Duke Energy. Could have hired three more police officers, funded a homeless shelter, restored steep social service cuts, but nope, let's give lots of money to a large corporation that doesn't need it.
Rest In Peace: Wes Craven. He was such a legend. I'm especially disappointed that he won't be able to work on the latest Nightmare on Elm Street movie where Freddy Krueger says goodbye and turns the hat over to a younger version.
Rest In Peace: Oliver Sacks. He helped introduce the inner workings of the brain to the world. There's still so little that we understand.
H&R Block lobbying hard to make tax forms harder for low-income people. They don't want people doing taxes themselves so that's why they want to load up on extra requirements.


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La Baise Americaine. Also known as The American Kiss. 1985 French straight porn movie about a horny American girl (Tina Loren) in France. It has a lot of wacky situations.

  • Scenes
    • Tina and another girl fuck band members while they play in a recording studio.
    • Tina gets stuck in a night time traffic jam. One guy fucks her while the driver jerks off and others shoot cum on the car windows.
    • Tina and the driver get out of the car and have a foursome with a tranny and a crossdresser hooker
    • She makes it to a mansion where there's an orgy going on in the pool area. Two of the guys shoot cum on each other's faces.
    • The next day she gets fucked by the pool by a chubby black midget.
Swedish guy brings mother and daughter back to his apartment so he and his black friend can fuck them.
Victims of Love. Also known as "Lust!" and "Rape Victims." 1975 straight porn movie from director Mr. Mustard about a support group for rape victims.

  • Scenes
    • Ursula Austin keeps seeing her rapist's face when she's fucking her boyfriend Terry Austin.
    • Cedar Houston shares how a black guy (Lance Fiffer) and a white guy (Roger Caine) grabbed her off the street and forced her to fuck in an abandoned apartment.
    • David Williams shares how two girls (Arlana Blue, Vanessa Del Rio) kidnapped him and took him to a warehouse where they forced him to have a threesome.
    • Ursula Austin shares how a man in a ski mask broke in and forced her to fuck.
    • Ursula Austin feels like she bonded with David Williams so she fucks him on the couch after therapy. At the very end, she looks into his face and realizes in horror that he's the guy who raped her.
15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki. Japanese cartoon hentai video series with English subtitles about a photographer trapped on a tropical island with fifteen horny schoolgirl models.

The Den. 2013 horror movie about a woman who witnesses a murder on a Chatroulette-like webcam. Caught it on Netflix.

It was okay. I liked the idea of it. Had a nice mix of horror and comedy. I just wasn't thrilled with the ending. Wouldn't mind seeing it remade.


Two Japanese brothers sneak in and fuck their dad's wife while he's sleeping.
Japanese police cadet tapes himself jerking off in his car.
Short cell phone video of Japanese college guy jerking off to porn on his phone in his dorm room.
Japanese guy gets handjob from another guy in front of crowd at bar.
Is America turning on Taylor Swift? I think she's overrated, but I wouldn't rule her out. She's like Madonna. Shrewd enough to keep riding the wave. Can't say the same of her competitors. Katy Perry's a drug addict battling demons. Nicki Minaj is batshit crazy. And while I like Miley Cyrus, she's a stoner hippie at heart and doesn't give a shit if she ever sells another album.
"Walking Dead" to show zombies on a plane. I'm excited about this. It's going to be a series of short webisodes that altogether make up a thirty-minute story about a zombie outbreak on a plane. The survivor of which will end up as a cast member on the second season of Fear the Walking Dead.
National Labor Relations Board cracks down on subcontractors and franchises. It's going to be tied up in courts and Congress for years, but it's still a great victory for labor rights. For the past thirty years, we've moved towards at-will employment. Companies can do whatever in the fuck they want because they've subcontracted out. Now they're going to be held more responsible.
Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light - The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta. A compilation of her letters by Father Brian Kolodiejchuk, director of the Mother Teresa Center.

Meh. I didn't like it. Apparently there was an entire treasure trove of personal letters detailing her "internal darkness" (doubts about God, humanity, corruption in the Church, pedophile priests, celebrity fakes who used her for photo-ops) but all of that got destroyed when she died. She's more useful as a saint. Great way to make money.  So instead you end up with a lame collection of cherry-picked form letters full of meaningless platitudes.
St. Paul prep school senior found not guilty of rape. My friends on the left are ranting and raving that this is justice denied but if you look at the details they're incredibly murky. I don't think he should have been charged with anything. Statutory rape is incredibly thin considering he was barely three years older than her. The girl's own texts show that they tried to have sex but backed out but then she got upset because everyone found out. I think it's a classic case of vengeful bitch amplified by self-righteous parents and a conservative culture that obsesses over protecting "innocent" schoolgirls. Since he was found guilty of some of the lesser charges, he's probably going to end up unfairly labeled a sex offender because of this bullshit.
Homeland Security's peculiar prosecution of Rentboy.com. Hey let's go after sugar daddies and their houseboys because that's clearly a bigger threat to America than ISIS sympathizers, Al Qaeda terrorists, white supremacist militia nuts, Mexican drug lords and Central American gang members!
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Gerontophilia. 2013 French-Canadian drama about a young guy who is sexually attracted to older men and ends up falling in love with an 81-year-old black gay man in the nursing home he works at. It's from director Bruce LaBruce who is known for his underground taboo movies. Caught it on Netflix.

I liked it. Pier-Gabriel Lajoe is not only gorgeous but sweetly innocent. I actually know a guy who reminded me of him. He's not a hustler. He's not a creepy predator. He wasn't molested or had weird daddy issues. He's just attracted to older guys. Whatever floats your boat. Different kinks for different folks.

Of course this has to be the damn movie Bruce LaBruce went mainstream on. He's normally known for hardcore sex scenes. Would've loved to have seen an uncut version with Pier-Gabriel fucking his girlfriend and jerking off instead of hinting at.
Gay couple tape themselves fucking in backseat of car.
Nat Wolff lookalike jerks off
Ten second cell phone video of guy fucking blowup doll on couch as a dare.
The Excrement Experiment: Treating Disease with Fecal Transplants. I'm fascinated by this. Studies are showing that diseases ranging from C-Diff to Crohn's can be miraculously cured with shit. Patients who have been moments away from death have recovered within hours after getting enemas filled with poop from a healthy donor. Scientists are still trying to figure it out but it has something to do with bacteria in our gut.
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Tommy Knight shows off his big fat cock on the British tv-show "Glue". He's most famous for starring in the Doctor Who's spin-off Sarah Jane Adventures.
Donald Trump XXX. Straight porn spoof from WoodRocket. I like how they paired him with a Hispanic girl. Heh.
Bob's Boners XXX. Straight porn spoof from WoodRocket. I really need to get around to watching the cartoon.
Strokemon: The XXX Parody. Straight porn spoof of Pokemon from WoodRocket. The Pikachu girl creeped me out.
Amateur video of black guy with dreads getting gangbanged by daddy tops. He took dick like a champ.
College guys jerking and fucking under a restroom stall. I'm no expert, but if you're trying to be discrete, moaning "fuck yeah" constantly probably aint the way to go.
I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story. 2014 documentary about the man who plays Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street. Caught it on Netflix.

I liked it. Didn't try to sugarcoat everything. He divorced his first wife and wasn't always there for his kids. He had to fight with producers, who wanted Big Bird to be a goofy hillbilly and Oscar to be an orange-colored villain. He was less than thrilled with Elmo stealing the spotlight. And even though he's in his eighties, he refuses to retire, exasperating his understudy who has been waiting to take over for almost fifteen years now.
Infested: How the Bed Bug Infiltrated Our Bedrooms and Took Over the World by Brooke Borel. I liked it. A nice mix of history, science and travel memoir.

They began with bats, crossing over to humans when cave men took shelter in caves. They were very common until fifty years ago when a combination of DDT/insecticides and improvements in hygiene wiped them out. In the early 2000s, they suddenly returned and started spreading like wildfire. Nobody knows why, but the general theory is because they finally became resistant to pesticides.

The dirty little secret is that exterminators are pretty much a huge waste of money. There's not much they can do for you. Most pesticides don't work and the hardcore stuff isn't legal. There's a whole chapter alone on how the vinegar shit we use at Shutter Island is a scam.

The good news is they don't spread disease. In fact, oddly enough, they're probably one of the least harmless pests. Rodents, roaches, fleas, lice, ticks, even squirrels cause way more problems. The best way to get rid of them is to wipe out their home. Seal your mattress. Seek out and destroy any other spots they're hiding in. Declutter like crazy so they have nowhere to hide. Isolate your bed from the floor by putting the posts in bedbug trap saucers. Then wait them out.

Cincinnati gets an honorable mention. Some of the first bedbug epidemics began here. The University of Kentucky has also become a leading center of bedbug research. Due to regulations, it will probably be ten years before we ever come close to seeing a new pesticide. So a lot of attention is now being put on traps and ways to make beds bug-proof.

Like the author, I've battled bedbugs before. I pray every night that I never have to go through that experience again.


Two Latino guys trade blowjobs in public restroom.
Short cell phone video of Latino guy taping himself getting fucked in public restroom
Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Anthology of zombie short stories edited by Otto Penzler.

It was okay. Over eight hundred pages long, it was a haul to get through. Ninety-five percent were old pulp stories featuring more traditional supernatural/voodoo zombies. I'm glad I finally got around to reading H. P. Lovecraft's "Re-Animator."

My favorite ended up being the most modern story. It had an interesting take on the zombie apocalypse. What if the government knew that civilization was fucked so folks in power got a leg up by deliberately infecting themselves, in effect becoming sentient zombies, almost like vampires.


Carmen the Spanish Whore. 1995 European straight porn movie from director Joe D'Amato. There's almost no dialogue, it's mostly Spanish Flamenco music playing. The premise is Hakan is investigating criminals at a hotel. I liked the opening scene when he hooks up with hotel clerk Elizabeth King. And then the closing scene when he captures criminal mastermind Monica Orsini and fucks her.
Feminist Porn Reviews. Great blog that reviews straight porn movies.
Dear Abby part one and two. 2011 straight porn movie from New Sensations couples-oriented Romance line and porn star-turned-director Eddie Powell. It earned rave reviews and won an AVN for best screenplay.

  • Scenes
    • Ash Hollywood and Xander Corvus take advice to spice up their love life by having morning sex.
    • Alyssa Branch seduces Ramon Namor at a party
    • Michael Vegas makes his move on Zoe Voss in the office
    • Advice columnist Giovanni Francisco reconciles wit his former fiance Natasha Nice. 

Watched the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Spoilers ahead.


YesGay.xyz. Gay porn tube site. Has a nice selection, including over sixty videos from Seduced Army Boys.
Backwoods Bareback part one, two and three. Gay porn series from Juicy Boys about a group of horny guys in a cabin. I liked Tom Faulk. He topped, bottomed, creamed an ass, took part in a chain and got gangbanged.
Johnny Rapid and the Boys. Three hour gay porn compilation of his scenes.
Frank Stallion and CodaFilthy fuck in "The Asiancy: Money Clip." Asian-American gay porn scene from Peter Fever.
The Asiancy: Pizza Delivery part one and two. Gay porn scene from Peter Fever.
Smoke Out & Bro Out. Frat boy gets gang fucked by three others. Gay porn scene from Fraternity X.
Jim Kerouac fucks Johnny Bloom in "Big Dick For Johnny." Gay porn scene from Bel Ami.
Max Schutler fucks Joey Pele. Gay porn scene from Lucas Entertainment.
52 Tuesdays. 2013 Australian drama about a teenage girl trying to cope with her mom transitioning into a man. Caught it on Netflix.

It's gotten a lot of buzz because of the transgender theme and the fact that it was filmed every Tuesday for a year. But I couldn't get into it. The whiny teenage angst got on my nerves.
Wife stands by Christian Youtuber caught trying to cheat on Ashley Madison site. They remind me of the Duggars. Yeah we're fake. But buy our bullshit because WE WANT YOUR MONEY!!! They're all wild-eyed hoping the news will die down so they can go back to scamming.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Keifer Sutherland. Was seen snorting speed while at the Espy Awards.
  • Joe Jonas. His girlfriend dumped him because he's always on drugs and has no sex drive.
  • Liza Minelli. Has fallen off the wagon again.
  • Mel Gibson. Is back to getting drunk and beating girlfriends. He gets away with it now because he stays in foreign spots like Costa Rica.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman. Before he died from a heroin overdose he found out that he knocked up a 16-year-old girl.
  • Zosia Mamet. The "Girls" actress was seen shaking from withdrawals while at a recent movie premiere.
  • Ellen DeGeneres. Her relationship with Portia de Rossi continues to spiral downward.
  • Greg Sulkin. The young actor has been using Disney teen idol Bella Thorne as a beard. She doesn't mind because it helps cover up her affair with a 40-year-old studio exec.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal. May have hooked up with closeted baseball player Aaron Rodgers after meeting at the Espy Awards.


  • Angelina Jolie. Is rumored to be a closet Republican. She's privately made comments about despising Obama and supporting the death penalty.
  • George Clooney. He may lead a glamorous globetrotting life but he's actually close to bankruptcy.
  • Johnny Depp. May have gotten his Viper Room business partner murdered by ratting him out to the Mafia.
  • Reese Witherspoon. Her brother is a serial rapist and she's had a lot of trouble keeping him out of jail. 


  • Aaron Paul. The "Breaking Bad" star has been partying and cheating on his wife like crazy.
  • Ben Affleck. Broke the desk in his office while fucking one of his latest girls.
  • Bill Cosby. There's a reason why his wife is standing by him. She liked to watch and often joined in. 
  • Denzel Washington. His long-term affair with actress Sanaa Lathan is on the rocks because she's on drugs now.
  • Gwen Stefani. Has been banging one of the producers of her newest record.
  • James Spader. Has been cheating with his "Blacklist" costar Mozhan Marno.
  • Jon Gosselin. The "Kate Plus 8" reality star may have a sex tape coming out soon with his ex-girlfriend.
  • Kelly Clarkson. Her sleazy husband has been cheating with her while she's been on tour.
  • Lupito Nyongo. The "12 Years A Slave" actress shocked hotel room service by opening the door to reveal herself and two other guys naked.
  • Nick Cannon. Has been fucking escorts like crazy.
  • Steve Harvey. Cheats all the time. His wife doesn't notice because she's too busy doing heroin.
Broke Straight Boys

Shank. 2009 British indie drama set in Bristol about a young gang member (Wayne Virgo) torn between his sexuality and the loyalty to his gang. The movie itself is actually pretty good and well worth watching. He's straight but does a great job with the hardcore gay sex scenes.

  • Sex Scenes
    • He picks up a guy who fucks him in the woods.
    • He falls in love with a young French twink who shows him how to be versatile.
    • His best friend retaliates against him by raping him in front of his boyfriend and the rest of the gang.
Hot Pursuit. 2015 comedy about a Texas cop (Reese Witherspoon) transporting a fugitive's wife (Sofia Vergara). It's from director Anne Fletch (Step Up, 27 Dresses, The Guilt Trip).

I couldn't get into it. Just wasn't that funny or original. I'm also not a big fan of Sofia Vergara. She can't act. All she knows how to do is talk loudly and push her boobs up like a Latina Fran Drescher.

I was reading trivia about it. Apparently Reese Witherspoon had to go to the hospital because Sofia grabbed her so hard that she popped an ovary. Ewwww.


Bodybuilder Michael Hoffman and friend fuck girl. I still think he's bi or gay. Notice how he kept staring at the other guy. And he barely even fucked the girl himself. I'm also amused by the steady stream of sex videos. How long before he's on Kink getting his ass plowed by leather daddies?
24 part one, two and three. Japanese straight porn spoof of the tv-show.
Japanese Kardashian sisters get fucked. Or at least that's what I'm calling them.
Doctor fucks girl's neck vagina. Yeah you read that right. Her NECK vagina. At one point his dick goes all the way through her head.
Japanese guy  has threesome with his blindfolded girlfriend and her mom.
Japanese guy secretly fucks his mother-in-law while his wife is just a few feet away cleaning.
Japanese bank robber takes turns fucking girl hostages.
Guy fills girl's pussy up with his cum then is dared to eat it out. Straight porn scene from Dixie's Trailer Park.
Girl comes home to find her boyfriend and his friends fucking her mom over the pool table and gets talked into joining in. Straight porn scene from Dixie's Trailer Park.
Sex scenes from the 2009 Mexican movie "Daniel and Ana" about a brother and sister forced to fuck.
Older white guy and black thug fuck black guy as payment.
Chavs Vs Skaters. 2011 gay porn movie from Staxus. An old favorite of mine. The guys are really hot. I especially liked the big orgy at the end.
Sex scenes from the 2011 Belgian movie "Lena" about a chubby girl who goes out with a hot popular guy.
MyPornMotion.com. French straight porn tube site. Most of the clips are about five minutes long. I like that they're mostly from French sites instead of the same old American porn.
Blue Furry Husky gets fucked by actual husky dog. Gay furry computer-animated cartoon porn video. A weird bestiality fetish all to itself.
Klaus and Scotty. Gay furry computer-animated cartoon video of a Doberman fucking a Fox in a locker room.
Weightlifter pulls out his big cock
I've been aggravated lately.

Two of my closest friends let me down. Rather hurt by that. Makes me feel very disconnected. Do I even have friends? Or do I just have longtime friendly acquaintances?

Bullshit at work's also starting to flare up again. There have been some cash register errors lately. It's a combination of a supervisor screwing up checks and the newest person being inexperienced but instead of fixing that, oh no, let's totally reinvent the wheel and make EVERY cash register transaction into a complicated endeavor. You want change for a dollar? Okay sir. That'll be twenty minutes while I fill out these forms here. What's that? The needless bureaucracy is actually increasing the errors and hurting customer service? Impossible!


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Sibling Rivalry: Sisters. 2015 straight porn movie from Sweet Sinner and director James Avalon about a family reunion

  •  Scenes
    • Xander Corvus cheats on his girlfriend with her sister Karla Krush.
    • Xander Corvus seduces ex-girlfriend Jodi Taylor in the bathroom.
    • Dad Steven St. Croix fucks his daughters friend Adriana Chechik
    • Karla Kush seduces her sister's boyfriend Van Wylde in the shower. This was my favorite scene. Normally I roll my eyes when girls are called dirty whores, but in this case, she really was. It was almost hate sex.
Ehefotzen Verleih 4. Also known as Married Pussies For Rent 4. German porn movie. It's mostly straight although there's a brief bisexual scene in the middle when two guys start playing with each other during a threesome.
4fucxsake. Stoner guy gets sucked by two girls on Chaturbate webcam.
Nerdylovers69. Cute emo guy and girl do a fifteen minute Chaturbate webcam sex show. I liked their dirty talk.
Xxxsexyboylatinxxx orgy. Thirty minute Chaturbate webcam sex show of two Colombian guys fucking three girls.
Hazyeyedlovers. Guy and girl fuck for fifteen minutes on Chaturbate webcam.
Explorationerotica Party. Two hippie guys and girls put on a thirty minute Chaturbate webcam sex show.
Xmayflowerx Party. Two guys and girls do hour-long Chaturbate webcam sex show.
Insurgent. I liked it better than the book and the first movie. I'm glad that they didn't focus too much on the romance. That was such a dud in the previous movie. The ending actually made me interested in seeing the next movie.
Chaturbatecam. Over a hundred Xhamster videos of straight couples fucking on Chaturbate webcams. A great selection. Cam videos are often hard to find.
Powerpuff3014. Chaturbate webcam of 19-year-old guy and girl. You can see a video of them in action here.
Japanese guy fucks girl while nurse monitors the situation.
Two Japanese girls seduce girl on train.
Japanese couple has girl in their wall to play with. This has become its own unique fetish. Literal fuck holes. In this case, her head and pussy were sticking out of the dining room wall.
Japanese guy fucks girl at sleepover then when she leaves wakes her friend up to fuck too.
Rich Russian MILF walks in on her young lover showering and fucks him in the bathroom.
Drunk Russian MILF has threesome with two young guys.
Young Russian guy and girl hook up with older couple.
In The Barracks 2. Brazilian gay porn movie featuring soldiers fucking.
Two girls massage and masturbate Radim and Ondrej.
Group of young Russian guys gangbang MILF after spotting her in sauna shower.
Scientists predict what this year's winter will be like. I'm already dreading it. I worry about the cold making my parents sick. I worry about the ice making them fall. And I worry about heating costs taking a HUGE bite out of my wallet. Last year I spent well over $1500 heating my house. I could have gone to Japan with that!!! The use of heaters cut my bill by almost a quarter. Gonna try to rely on them more and not use gas heat as much this year. But we'll see how it goes. My parents never play along. They're always the first to crank up the air conditioning or the heat.
Why won't Hillary Clinton take a stand on the Keystone pipeline? Or any environmental issue for that matter. Could it be that she's received millions of dollars in bribes from Big Oil and energy companies. Just look at BP. Democrats lambasted it after the devastating Gulf oil spill. But then Obama and friends quietly let drilling resume because bribes come first.
Happily Ever After by Bill Willingham. Twenty first and second to last graphic novel in the Fables series.

It felt a little rushed at times but I did like the fast pace. I also liked how a number of characters were given the opportunity to say goodbye. My favorite was Babe the Blue Ox.


Donald Trump maintains huge national lead. Pundits are panicking. Holy shit. What if this crazy fucker wins?!? But I think he will eventually deflate. We're still in the silly season of the campaign. Time for the novelty candidates to shine. Remember last time when Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich of all people were on top.

I find Trump to be extremely overrated. He made his fortune by getting a million dollars from his daddy then scamming his way from one over-inflated real estate deal to another. But I do give him credit for tapping into the populist zeitgeist. The Silent Majority really does exist. Folks are sick of bullshit, like the lie that Mexicans don't steal jobs from Americans. Of course they do. Democrats and Republicans just don't want to admit that because they want votes.
My cousin was sentenced to ten years in prison today for child pornography. The whole thing was heartbreaking.

From what I understand, he was molested by his dad's mom's then-husband from the ages of three to seven. Not just talking about fondling but full-blown man-on-child sodomy. My family used to babysit him. He had a habit of tugging on his penis. We thought it was weird but figured it was just a phase. Or took after his dad, who's such a perv that he openly keeps Penthouse magazines in his bathroom. I'm haunted by the fact that if we had looked into it maybe we could have helped him.

A few years ago he started having bad flashbacks. It pushed him to look up child porn on the internet. This behavior is extremely common with sex abuse victims. A state internet crimes detective managed to track his IP address and his computer was seized. It sat with the police for over two and a half years. During that time my cousin fell in love, became engaged and had a son. Then one day it all came crashing down. Police showed up to arrest him for thirty three counts of child pornography possession.

He took a plea deal. One charge of possession. One charge of distribution. But they threw the book at him on sentencing. Five years for each charge, to be served back to back, with lifetime registration as a sex offender.

I thought his lawyer was incompetent. She didn't turn in his letters of support, so the judge wasn't able to read any of them. She barely communicated with him. And I thought her presentation to the judge was terribly lackluster and disorganized, basically her mumbling. This is why I don't trust lawyers. Their dedication is based on greed and you could tell that she put the minimum amount of effort into his case because he wasn't a money maker for him. After the trial was over, she smoked a cigarette, shrugged about getting a decent enough deal and then walked off without a care in the world.

He could have fought it. Cases are like poker games. He folded too quickly. I would have called their bluff and went to trial. Let's embarrass the authorities by reminding everyone that the computer sat in evidence for two years collecting dust. Let's shoot down this idea that using a file sharing program is the same as distribution. Let's point out that a number of people lived with him and could have downloaded the files. Do they really want to spend all this money on a trial? Do they really want their practices to be second-guessed? Do they really want higher courts looking at constitutional questions? So let's settle! With a tough, crafty lawyer, I truly believe he could have gotten out with time served.

This is why I don't have any faith in the justice system. It's all about money and politics. If he had money, his lawyer would have fought like a bulldog. If it wasn't such a sensitive crime, everyone would have been more lenient with him. But the judge is an elected politician. Can't be seen as soft on crime. So now he won't be able to watch his little boy grow up. He might never see his parents again before they pass away. He will spend the next few years either in complete isolation or in a sex offender unit surrounded by true child rapists. God Bless America.


Obama administration warns China about using agents to spy on and harass dissidents on American soil. Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Cuba do it too.
One Direction Liam Payne lookalike fucks guy. Ya know I'm surprised there isn't an entire porn category on celebrity lookalikes alone.
Mexican actor Felipe de Carolis shows off his big dick while weighing in at the gym.
Brazilian guy jerks off on restroom floor. He's cute but I'm too grossed out by his head being so close to that toilet. Ewwww.
Brazilian midget jerks off.
Cooper Reed, Brenner Bolton and Augustus fuck. Gay porn scene from Chaos Men.
The Rise of the Bro-Job. This has been a topic of conversation recently. Straight guys fooling around with each other. I see it from a Kinsey perspective. At some point in their life, everyone explores to see where exactly they fall on the sexuality spectrum. You'd be surprised at how many straight guy friends have told me they've done gay stuff. Handjobs. Circle jerks. Blowjobs. Fingers and toys up their butt. Making out. Even full-on anal sex.
18-year-old Hawaiian twink Little Oke jerks off his big 9-inch dick. Gay porn preview clip from Island Studs.
Two South Asian guys jerk off on drunk friend's face.
African rugby player takes nude selfies.
Into the Woods. 2015 big-budget Disney musical based on the hit Broadway show spoofing fairy tales from Stephen Sondheim.

I couldn't get into it. Musicals are very hard to pull off. I haven't seen the show but I've heard that it's way better because it's faster-paced and funnier. You can tell that Disney neutered the bawdy spirit so it's more of a cutesy generic fantasy than anything else.
Amazon.com's workplace culture comes under fire. I have friends who work for Amazon. The warehouse aint too bad. And it can be a great way to make money if you're just looking to work a year or two and get out. But if you're hoping to stay, you're fucked. Workers are disposable drones. Nothing more. You're only as good as you are currently useful. You can get a huge raise and glowing performance review just to find yourself pushed out six months later. If you have a kid or get sick you can kiss your future goodbye. They're also very shady with timesheets, expecting people to be available even if they're on approved vacations or it's the weekend/late night/early morning.

My big complaint about Amazon is that I think the whole company is extremely overrated. Look at the balance sheet. The numbers are terrible. It's almost NEVER made a profit. It's its own bubble. Living off of highly inflated stock prices based on the hope for the Next Big Thing. I wouldn't be shocked if the whole company goes down in flames in the next five years.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Dave Chapelle. Spotted shooting up heroin in the back room of a foreign tattoo shop.
  • James McAvoy. Shamelessly did coke before appearing on Conan.
  • Jennifer Lawrence. Was wasted at Comic-Con.
  • Kristen Stewart. Broke up with her girlfriend and went on a two day coke and booze binge.
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger. Miley Cyrus got him on drugs.
  • Robert Pattinson. Has been doing drugs thanks to his new girlfriend singer FKA twigs.
  • Selena Gomez. Hooks up with Justin Bieber whenever she does coke.
  • Zayn Malik. Has been feuding with his producers. Is it still because of his drug-fueled diva behavior? Or is he trying to earn his way back into One Direction?
  • David Geffen. The studio mogul makes it very clear to his boytoys that if they ever fuck him over he'll have them killed by his security guards.
  • Tyler Posey. Has been seeing his "Teen Wolf" co-star Tyler Hoechlin.


College Rules #17. I liked the indoor soccer field orgy.
Emma wakes her sleeping stepbrother up to fuck.
Two Ukrainian soldiers fuck woman in front of crowd until angry officer breaks them up. An old favorite of mine.
Guy tapes two soldiers fucking his wife. An old favorite of mine. I cracked up when she told them they could slap her around and they all got nervous.
White French MILF gets gangbanged by group of black guys in park.
College guy fucks the shit out of big-boobed girl in backyard gazebo for over twenty five minutes. They could barely stand at the end.
Overhead hidden video of college guy and girl fucking on grass. An old favorite of mine. They fuck for almost fifteen minutes and don't even try to hide anything.
Blond college guy and girl moan while fucking.
Rack City XXX part one and two. 2012 straight porn movie from the rapper Tyga. It was directed by porn star Justice Young who also appears in the first scene. Tyga pops up in many scenes but never performs. The premise is basically that he's constantly on the run so he has to turn his bitches over to his friends. Sounds like a copout to me. Ya'd think a badass rapper would be fucking all the girls.
Girl takes off her top and sucks her coworker off in the staff restroom. She knows how to get down to business.
Two young redneck guys have fun taping themselves fucking chubby girl on couch. I love homemade sex tapes like this. The sex is way hotter because it's real. They can also be unintentionally funny. I'm just gonna awkwardly stand over here with the cat and jerk off while ya'll fuck.
HentaiKey4. The cartoon porn board for 8ch, which is a rival to 4chan and Reddit. The layout's a little confusing but otherwise it had a nice selection of pictures. These sites get a bad rap for being "unregulated" but I have yet to see anything freaky or questionable.
Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead. 2015 Australian zombie movie about a mechanic trying to survive in the Outback. Caught it on Netflix.

It gets a little too silly at times. The mad scientist story line was too over the top for me. But the action was great. They had a lot of fun with the zombie killing. I'm curious to see how the sequel turns out.
Actor Joaquin Ferreira shows off his giant dick in the Spanish-language Netflix tv-series "Club de Cuervos."
NxtComics.net. Loaded with popups but otherwise has a nice selection of cartoon porn comics. Wish you could just view them directly without having to download them from third-party sites.
Straight soldier moans don't stop when he's getting jerked off by gay guy. Gay porn scene from Military Classified.
Secret Camp one and two. 2005 gay porn movies featuring Euro twinks fucking. They were the first releases from director Rolf Hammerschmidt after he left Man's Best to form his own porn studio, Hammer.
Inch By Inch. 1985 gay porn movie from Huge and director Matt Sterling. A cult classic, it won Gay Porn Awards for Best Picture and Best Cinematography. All of the guys are hot and have big dicks.


Latino guy sucks dick in backseat of moving car.
White British guy slaps and spits on black guy sucking his dick. I don't do slapping. Hit me and I'll bitch slap you back.
Group of naked straight Japanese guys jerk off in a karaoke bar as part of a dare to fill a glass full of cum. I'm also totally up for this trend to sweep the nation.
Twink in a cast tapes himself sucking and getting fucked on his deck. I guess that was a cast. It looked weird.
Straight 18-year-old college guy tapes himself jerking off and cumming.
Two straight Irish brothers strip naked and kick a ball around as part of a dare. Fuck the Ice Bucket Challenge. I'm really hoping this takes off.
Short cell phone video of straight Australian guy waving his big dick around in bed for his laughing friend.
Cute Australian college guy tapes himself jerking off in his bathroom.
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Kyra gets fucked on a train. Straight porn scene from Bang Bros.
ISIS leader raped American hostage. That's what's so disgusting with Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, Al Shabab, etc. These extremists rant and rave about purity. And yet they're the ones gangraping little girls, sodomizing little boys, doing drugs, stealing.
Camp Woody: Bending Break Beyond. Cartoon porn comic spoofing "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra"
The Milk Bending Incident. Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon porn comic strip.
Avatar: The Last Jizzbender. Cartoon porn comic strip.
QWexx.com. Features cartoon porn comic strips. The layouts a bit wonky and you have to go deal with popups and downloads to really see anything but it does have a good selection.
Kenny from "30 Rock" swallows a cock. It's not him but the guy reminded me of him.
Gay guy gets fucked by hot young straight friend as a favor. Wish it was longer. The straight guy had a beautiful backside and seemed to be really getting into it.
Extra Legend. Japanese bondage-themed gay porn movie from COAT about a guy being gangbanged. I'm not a big fan of S&M and could have done without the hot red candle wax but otherwise it was surprisingly hot. I'm amused at how they barely pixelated the dicks. The Japanese have such a weird thing about that. Oh we don't mind if you're depicting rape or pedophilia or doing freaky insertions that would make even a hardcore German dungeon master throw up but don't you dare show a penis!
GayVL.info. Vietnamese gay porn tube site. Has a lot of great full-length videos. Mostly from Japanese studios like COAT and GLOSSMen, but also Western studios like Bel Ami, Helix and CockyBoys.
Zac DeHaan and Chris Hoyt fuck. Gay porn scene from Bel Ami.
Anytime Anywhere. 2011 Czech twink porn movie from Bel Ami directed by former porn stars Lukas Ridgeston and Marty Stevens.
Only Jack Can Fulfill. Gay porn scene from Bel Ami's Kinky Angels series.
Short cell phone video of Russian soldiers playing naked with the hose.
Three pictures of WWII soldiers bathing naked. Very rare and interesting. The guys are hot too.
Staten Island Summer. 2015 comedy about two friends last summer after high school working as lifeguards at a pool. It was written by SNL Weekend Update host Colin Jost and directed by Rhys Thomas who is a "Saturday Night Live" producer and director.

I couldn't get into it.

The story wasn't very original. "The Way Way Back" and "Adventureland" did the whole "coming-of-age at a park" thing better.

It had a great cast (Jim Gaffigan, Bobby Moynihan, Cecily Strong, Gina Gershon, Kate Walsh, Fred Armisen, the little boy from the Jackass movies) but they weren't put to great use.

And I was also disappointed that for a raunchy teen sex comedy they didn't really have any sex. John Deluca spent the entire movie shirtless bragging about banging MILFs but we never saw him in action. Graham Phillips was supposed to lose his virginity but he ended up politely shaking the girl's hand. Even though he was a lifeguard he never even took off his shirt. We've gotten so wimpy. If this movie had been made thirty years ago, every other girl would have been topless, the guys would have gotten laid three or four times and it would have ended with a big coke-fueled orgy in the pool.


Nightvision video of black guy sneaking into bedroom and fucking girl while her boyfriend slept next to her.
My New Brother. Lucas Knight hooks up with his new stepbrother Andy Banks.
Bodybuilder Michael Hoffman makes sex tape with girl. He started out posing naked and doing jerkoff videos. I'm curious to see how long before he starts starring in actual movies.
Abused Army Brutal. Not sure what the exact title is. European gay porn movie featuring soldiers fucking twinks.
Let's Play With Frustration Mom 2. Japanese straight porn movie featuring a MILF getting fucked by her stepson and his two friends. Don't know why the guy's faces were blurred.
In Schuluniformen. German gay porn movie. Basically twinks in schoolboy uniforms fucking.
Girl seduces plumber working in her kitchen.
MILF gets fucked by stud in sex dungeon playroom then has her husband lick the cum off her pussy.
Indian guy and girl fuck on floor while his friends laugh and record it with their cell phones.
Chi Chi LaRue enters rehab. I wish him the best. He's a veteran drag queen, on par with RuPaul. He's also a porn pioneer, directing straight, gay, bisexual, just about everything under the sun. He helped coin the term "straight-for-pay" about gay porn stars crossing over into straight porn. He was also an early opponent of bareback porn, a controversial position in an industry that continues to downplay condoms.
Deshadeux. Chaturbate webcam for a 19-year-old gay guy from Kansas. He was getting jerked and sucked hard by an older guy when I was watching.


Empire of the Summer Moon by S. C. Gwynne. History of the rise and fall of the Comanche tribe.

Wish it had maps, but otherwise I really liked it. Learned a lot of things.

There's the history of the whole Great Plains region that pretty much served as a no man's land between California and the rest of the United States because a few tribes managed to keep everyone at bay.

The forgotten era of Spanish colonial America. Missions tried their best to set up shop in New Mexico and Texas but withered because they were cut off from Mexico and surrounded by hostile natives.

The rise of the Comanches, who were among the most primitive tribes in North America until they discovered horses.

The dark side of Texas history. The Texas Rangers were pretty much crazy militia types who supported the Confederacy and wanted to exterminate every last Native American. They lost the vast majority of their fights.

The brutality of Native American attacks. Fuck the noble savage bullshit. Native Americans gang raped women, made target practice of babies, brutally tortured people.

The sad story of Cynthia Ann Parker, who was kidnapped by the Comanches when she was a little girl and spent twenty four years with them before being "rescued." Her son Quanah ended up being one of the last great Comanche chiefs.

The tragic rise and fall of General Ranald Mackenzie. A disciple of Grant and Sherman, he played a very important role in winning the Indian Wars and cleaning up Custer's mess. But then he suffered some sort of head injury and literally went insane.

The extermination of the buffalo. There used to be millions of them until dumbass hicks wiped them out in a few short years.

The end of the free Native American tribes. The Comanches were among the last to be shuffled onto reservations.


Big white bear fucks skinny black guy. They made for an interesting pair.
Compilation of gay guy sucking straight guys. I loved these videos. Wish he made more. He has a great selection of guys (college guys, skaters, thugs, rednecks, hipsters).
Jurassic Porn part one, two and three. Thai gay porn spoof from GTHai. The guys in dinosaur suits cracked me up.
Zander Floyd pounds Drake Tyler. Gay porn scene from Broke Straight Boys.
EmpressLeak.biz. African entertainment site. The layout's terrible, it's loaded with pop-ups and you have to download the videos to watch them, but if you can overcome all of that it does have an extensive collection of homemade straight porn sex tapes.


Big-dicked 19-year-old guy tapes himself pounding cougar.
Latino college guy tapes himself fucking MILF. She really rides his dick. It became famous when someone thought the woman looked like Lucita Sandoval, a disgraced teacher in Argentina who got busted making a sex tape with a student. An investigation revealed that it wasn't her.
Guy films girl sucking his dick in an elevator.
Fantastic Four. I was disappointed with it. I can see why it's gotten terrible reviews and crashed at the box office. The story is a hot mess. My biggest nitpicks:

  • Reed Richards runs away and disappears for a year. That plot development didn't make the slightest bit of sense. 
  • Dr. Doom. One of the greatest villains of all time is turned into a crazy melodramatic alien.
  • The blackhole. How many times has this idea been used as a plot device in movies? 
It's a shame because the Fantastic Four had such great promise. I was hoping for a throwback to the original story. A group of cocky young people coming together to form an independent superhero team. The idea of interdimensional travel also opened the door for them eventually crossing over with the X-Men and Marvel Cinematic Universes.

But alas director Josh Trank blew it. This was his second movie ever and his first big-budget studio movie. From what I've heard he couldn't handle the stress and imploded. The studio pretty much fired him and rewrote the ending because they were worried there wasn't any action. Disney then fired him from the Boba Fett movie because they didn't want him fucking up Star Wars.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Ben Affleck. Has been doing heroin.
  • Henry Cavill. Was fired from the movie "Stratton" because the producers discovered he's on drugs.
  • Keith Urban. Nicole Kidman might dump him because he's back to doing drugs again.
  • Emma Roberts. Has been hooking up with her drug dealer.
  • Katy Perry. Is a huge cokehead. That's why she spends so much time with John Mayer.
  • Marisa Tomei. Everyone's wondering how long before she gets fired from "Empire" because she's a raging alcoholic.


  • Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi. Like heteros everywhere, in a last ditch effort to save their relationship they've decided to have a baby.
  • Hugh Jackman. He fucks guys on the side while his wife hooks up with girls when she's on vacation, usually in Thailand.
  • Kristen Stewart. Her girlfriend has been making money by talking to the tabloids.
  • Luke Evans. Has been cheating on his boyfriend.
  • Nick Jonas. Was caught jerking off in his car while having phone sex with a guy.
  • Rapper French Montana. Laverne Cox said he made transphobic/homophobic remarks towards her at the BET Awards which is rich because he's a closet queen himself.
  • Sandra Bullock. Just got dumped by the girl she has been secretly seeing.
  • Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor. Have been seeing each other.
  • Taylor Lautner. Was spotted with his boyfriend at the Wireless Festival.


  • Eva Longoria. Is notorious for being lazy. Two days after she started filming the movie "Low Riders" she called in sick so she could go on vacation with her boyfriend.
  • Samuel L. Jackson. Has been quietly battling lung cancer.


Bosboy321. Chaturbate webcam for a cute 22-year-old guy from Massachusetts. He says he's straight but most of his jerkoff shows involve him using butt plugs and ass play so go figure. Can see pictures of him here.


Justice League: Gods and Monsters. 2015 animated movie featuring a smaller, darker version of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman working together on an alternate earth.

I liked it. Better than I thought it would be. I also liked all the little cameos. Mr. Freeze, Doctor Sivana, Ray Palmer, Bronze Tiger, etc.
Two thugs make guy suck their dicks in Paris subway station.


Cell phone video of pretty Latino twink having threesome with two guys.
Four black guys tape themselves fucking black girl. I like how she gets fucked so hard that she tries to crawl away.
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Fletch. 1985 comedy about an enterprising investigative reporter (Chevy Chase). Caught it on Netflix.

It's hailed as a cult classic. Chevy Chase has his charm but I just couldn't get into it.
Camelot by Bill Willingham. Twentieth volume in the Fables graphic novel series about fairytale characters living in the modern world.

I liked it. Been awhile since I've read a Fables story. Forgot how much I liked them. This time we get introduced to Lancelot and Morgan Le Fey, learn more about powers like the Fates and Hope and see the beginning of the end of the series when everyone starts to realize that they are free to go back to their Fable homelands.
Descendants. 2015 Disney tv-movie musical about the kids of Maleficent, Jafar, the Evil Queen and Cruella DeVille going to high school with the kids of Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and others.

It was okay. More "High School Musical" than the "Once Upon A Time" that I was hoping for. I do like the idea of the Disneyverse. It's been touched upon in the  "Kingdom Hearts" games but I think it would be a great tv-show or graphic novel series.


CaabCaab. Chaturbate webcam of a 23-year-old straight guy. He likes to jerk off, play guitar/keyboard naked and fool around with girls. Can see a webcam show of him jerking off here. Can download videos of him fooling around with girls here.
Loose Times at Ridley High.

  • 1984 straight porn movie from VCX and director Howard Christian
  • Set in an all-girls school, it wraps up a loose trilogy of schoolgirl films consisting of Little Girls Blue 1 and 2.
  • Scenes
    • Teacher Paul Thomas fantasizes about fucking honor student Andrea Adams. The white room is supposed to symbolize a blank page. Very artsy fartsy. She even pops up as a cartoon.
    • Kimberly Carson talks janitor Tom Byron into scoring the answers to the final exam by sucking his dick in the bathroom. Another girl spies on them in the next stall.
    • Andrea Andrews seduces music teacher Eric Edwards. At one point he plays the clarinet while she rides him. Jade Nichols and another girl fool around while spying on them.
    • Andrew Andrews and girl blackmail janitor Tom Byron into fucking. I liked it when they made him strip and gasped at his big dick.
    • Jade Nichols and another girl take turns getting Tom Byron's dick in a teacher's office.
    • Kimberly Carson sneaks Tom Byron in to fuck on her bedroom floor while the other girls sleep.
    • Paul Thomas fucks new student Bunny Bleu. She was heavily advertised for the movie but only appears for a rather short scene.
The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances by Matthew Inman. Collection of cartoons from The Oatmeal about running.

Kind of an oddball subject to devote a book to, but otherwise I liked it.
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. Goofy. I've seen Disney tv-movies that were better. What amazes me is that even though it's out on dvd now it's still playing in first-run theaters. Who in the world is rushing to see it???

The only saving grace was yummy David Henrie as the handsome hotel bell boy. Part of me wants to write erotic fan fiction about him.