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The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison.  Twelfth book in The Hollows supernatural fantasy series about a witch, vampire and pixy working together as private detectives.

It was okay.  I love the fact that it's set in Cincinnati.  With Northern Kentucky being the home of the supernatural community (witches, vampires, werewolves).  The main character Rachel has always been a hoot. But she was a dud this time around.  I think the series is starting to lose steam.  Reminds me of True Blood. Too silly.  Too much mushy romance.

It's a shame because there's a lot to work with.  Witches.  Vampires.  Werewolves.  Fairies and pixies.  Elves.  Demons.  Banshees.  The fact that it's an alternate world where magic openly exists.  Yeah Cincinnati is nice.  But how does America work?  What's the rest of the world like?


College professor suspended without pay for posting a picture on Google Plus of his young daughter wearing a t-shirt celebrating the "Game of Thrones" quote "I will take what is mine with fire and blood."  The college thought it was a threat because he had just filed a grievance against them over pay.  I think they're being stupid.


Should it be illegal to wear a mask in public?

My friend's son is an anarchist.  Good kid.  Very earnest. He considers himself to be a part of the Anonymous anti-government anti-establishment movement.  Recently he stood on the street corner wearing his Guy Fawkes mask passing out flyers.  A cop detained him.  Said he violated an anti-mask ordinance.  He was cited and made to do community service.

I get the point of the ordinance.  It was designed against bank robbers and Klansmen.  But it just seems wrong to me.  The constitution may not directly list a right to privacy, but it's heavily implied.  That's why abortion is legal.  If you can abort your baby, you should be able to wear a mask in public.


Set Up To Fail:  Inside A For-Profit College Nightmare. These shady for-profit schools prey on poor kids.  They make them take out massive loans knowing that there's a 90% failure rate and even if you do graduate your degree is pretty much worthless.



Inside Llewyn Davis.  2013 dark comedy about one week in the life of a washed-up folk singer in the 1960s.  It was directed by the Coen Brothers. It won the Grand Prix at Cannes.

I liked it. It had the Coen Brothers signature dark ironic humor.  I've always liked their characters because they're often horribly flawed.  In this case, the guy was a bit of an asshole.  His "I'm a tortured artist" spiel made me roll my eyes.

I especially enjoyed the music.  Probably the best inclusion of music into a story I've seen since "Once."



  • Big bellied babe gets fucked on the couch
  • Bordello: House of the Rising Sun
    • 1985 movie from Essex directed by Chuck Vincent
    • Starring Amber Lynn, De-Ahna, Marita Aksberg, Taija Rae, Tish Ambrose, Bobby Spector, Buck Adams, David Christopher, Jay Serling, Jerry Butler, Johnny Nineteen, Paul Thomas, Scott Baker and Steve Lockwood
    • Favorite Scene
      • Bobby Spector loses his virginity to prostitute Tish Ambrose
  • Indiana Mack 2: Sex In The Desert
    • 2001 spoof of Indiana Jones from Private directed by Kovi
    • Starring Alexandra Schiffer, Blond Panini, Kelly White, Demi Blue, Dora Venter, Gabriella Dion, Loureen Kiss, Rita Black, Alex Forte, Alex Mantegna, David Perry, Leslie Taylor, Nick Lang and Steve Holms
  • Lea Martini sex scene in "La Dresseuse"
  • Mea Melone Challenge.  Eleven videos.
  • Pale blond MILF gets fucked


Conservative Catholics upset over the Pope washing the feet of women and poor people. Jesus washed the feet of the poor, prostitutes, lepers, anyone who came to him.  That's where the tradition started.  As the Catholic Church became corrupt, a pope said fuck it.  We'll just do this shit for show.  Turned it into yet another stupid Catholic ritual that's more pagan than Christian.  Now that Francis wants to revive the tradition, traditionalists are freaking out.  Touching poor people?!?  That's blasphemous.  You're only supposed to rob them and molest their children!


20 Remarkable Facts You Didn't Know About Stephen Colbert. I didn't know he lost his father and two brothers in a plane crash on September 11, 1974 when he was around 10 years old.  So sad.



A Call to Action:  Women, Religion, Violence and Power by Jimmy Carter.  I read the book for the simple fact that if you bought it for $23.95 you got to meet a former president and get an autograph.  In comparison, it's fifty bucks to meet a damn Power Ranger at a comic convention.

I was surprised at how much I liked it.  Jimmy Carter's probably one of my least favorite presidEents.  He's far to the left of me on many issues.  I was expecting a really boring political manifesto.  Instead he did a great job at making the case that women's rights are more important now than ever.

Among the more interesting observations:

  • Bible thumpers conveniently ignore all the crazy shit.  Like the fact that the Bible clearly states adulterers should be stoned.
  • Islam really isn't all that critical of women.  It's fundamentalists who've made shit up in the name of Allah.
  • The military and universities need to crack down on rape/sexual harassment and stop covering crimes up.
  • Abortion of female babies is starting to cause serious demographic problems.  Do the math.  If there are 100 guys but only 80 girls, what's going to happen to those 20 guys who are left out?  They're going to turn to hookers and that's one reason why the sex trade is starting to pick up.
  • The culture of rape.  We think American culture is crude.  Many South Asians and Africans think it's perfectly okay to grab a woman and rape her on the spot.  
  • We need to come up with a better system for handling spousal abuse than women's shelters because all that does is create homeless women/families.
  • Female genital mutilation.  We have this image of men forcibly torturing little girls.  In reality, it's mostly carried out by women.  That's why it's been so hard to eliminate.  You have to convince a younger generation to break away from their mothers and grandmothers.
  • AIDS in Africa.  Millions are dying.  But some, like former South African President Thabo Mbeki, refuse to believe AIDS even exist.  While others obsess over abstinence and refuse to give out condoms.
  • Prostitution.  Legalizing it isn't the solution.  The Dutch are having serious reservations about it because it's caused a huge increase in sex trafficking.  The Swedish model has been more successful.  Don't arrest the prostitutes.  Come down hard on the pimps and johns instead.




Obama and John Kerry want to allow Russia to fly over the US and its allies with spy planes.  The military and the CIA are flipping out.  While our allies are incredulous.  It's obvious the Russians are trying to use arms control treaties to play games.  But Obama and friends are incredibly weak.  They honestly consider appeasement to be part of diplomacy.  But it doesn't work like that.  You give in.  The other side fucks you over.  You give in again.  The other side laughs their ass off.  You give in yet again.  The other side has now totally written you off as a pussy and will do whatever in the fuck they want.


There's a certain etiquette to group sex.  You have to be very clear with what you are comfortable with.  If someone says no, then you respect their wishes and move on.  

I watched a webcam show on Saturday night.  Two straight couples.  White girl and white guy.  Black guy and fat mixed girl.  The guys were open to everything.  They wanted to put on a great show so they could get lots of viewers.  The mixed girl was open to sucking the other guy's dick but the white girl made it clear she was flat out against swinging.

The show started out great.  Both couples went at it side-by-side.  Did it all, including anal.  The two couples started to interact with each other.  The girls made out with each other and gave the white guy a footjob.   But then the black guy tried to play with the pussy of the white girl and it went downhill quick.  White girl freaked out.  Accused her boyfriend of pimping her out, the black guy of being rude and the other girl of wanting her man.  She storms off.  It's awkward.  The black guy shrugs.  The mixed girl is annoyed.  The white guy is really confused.  He doesn't want to fuck the show up so he tries to have a threesome with them.  But then his girlfriend comes back to find him getting his dick sucked.  She freaks out again.  He runs off to say sorry.  The other couple keep on fucking.  Viewers got pissed because it was no longer group sex and the two prettiest people were gone.  But I found it to be highly entertaining. Sometimes kinky stuff doesn't work out.


Fruitvale Station.  2013 drama loosely based on the true story of a defenseless 22-year-old African-American man murdered by a transit cop in Oakland, California on New Year's in 2009. It was written and directed by newcomer Ryan Coogler, who is now working on a spinoff of Rocky focusing on Apollo Creed.

I really liked it.  Makes you think.  About poverty.  About racism.  About police brutality.  Michael B. Jordan is a great actor.  The next Denzel Washington.  Octavia Spencer did a great job as his mom.


The truth about Chicago's crime rates. This is a problem around the country.  Politicians are pushing the police to cook the books so crimes don't get counted. They then point to the "falling" crime rates and brag about how great they are.


Note:  You will only see action if they're online and up to something
  • Flo_Grown. Chaturbate.  Really cute young straight couple from Florida.  She was kinky.  Gave him a footjob.  Tried anal.  He had a nice big dick.
  • Jimmy-Jam.  Chaturbate.  22-year-old straight guy from California jerks off his big dick
  • Rayzr93.  Chaturbate.  Black guy and fat girl.  They ended up doing a paid show with Flo_Grown.


Two European guys tape themselves having a threesome with a girl on a couch



Hunter X Hunter.  Japanese yaoi gay cartoon video.



High school science teacher suspended because he approved science projects that looked like they could possibly be dangerous.  Turns out he's the union rep.  Administrators were facing heavy fire for being incompetent so they thought they could get rid of him with this dick move.  I hope their careers go down in flames.


What if Walmart paid its workers a living wage? They argue that it would bankrupt the company.  Crazy commie talk!  Their famous low prices would triple, quadruple, go through the roof!  Thousands of jobs would be lost.  America would be plunged into another Great Depression.  Another sign of the End Times.  Turns out they could easily do it if they stopped stock buybacks or if they really insisted on sticking it to the consumers, raising prices by a penny.  Oh the horrors.



French actor Jeremie Laheurte shows off his big erect dick during hardcore sex scene in the movie "Blue Is The Warmest Color"



Straight Fraternity:  Hell Week 2.  Costumed frat boys gangbang girl but then ghost casts spell that makes them fuck each other.  Could've done without the cheesy music.


Special-ed student arrested for making audio tape of bullies terrorizing him.  The school said it was felony wiretapping and disorderly conduct.  I think the principal should be fired and the judge who signed off on it disbarred.


Dreadstar being turned into a movie.  I grew up on this and Elfquest as a kid.


Swifty gas stations shut down. It's sad.  They were one of the last independent gas stations.  Their gas was surprisingly cheap too.  When I lived in Amelia, my roommate would always stop there because they had the cheapest gas. I blame Big Oil.  America used to be full of small mom-and-pop gas stations.  But then Big Government allowed oil companies to merge and merge and merge.  The little guys then got squeezed out by competition from Big Oil and excessive regulation from Big Government.


NATO's Top General thinks Obama is selling out Ukraine. Our enemies are laughing their asses off at us.

  • We've retreated from Iraq.  Turning it over to Iran and Al Qaeda.
  • We've retreated from Afghanistan.  Turning it over to Iran, Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
  • We've retreated from the Middle East.  Leaving our Israeli and Arab allies betrayed and disgusted.
  • Thanks to help from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, Syrian dictator Assad is bouncing back.  
  • Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan are all looking into getting their own nukes because they no longer trust us.
  • Colombia is moving away from us since we've totally abandoned Latin America.
  • The Europeans are freaked out.  
Russia is clearly gearing up to invade Ukraine.  Russian commandos have been caught red-handed stirring up demonstrations.  Satellite images clearly show the Red Army camped out at the border, ready to move.  Yet all Obama and John Kerry know how to do is wring their hands and whine about pussy sanctions.  It's like Neville Chamberlain all over again.  Leaders so scared of confrontation that they'll let fascists roll right over them, constantly appeasing and giving in until it's way too late to stop it.


Paranormal Activity:  The Marked Ones.  Fifth entry in the horror movie series.  It was directed by Christopher Landon, who did the last three PA movies.  He also wrote "Disturbia" and happens to be the son of the late great actor Michael Landon.

It was okay.  I liked the Mexican-American setting.  Something different.  I liked the actors.  The lead actor was cute.  I liked the premise.  It did a lot to fill in the holes of the Paranormal Activity mythology.  I liked the action and humor.  Reminded me of "Chronicle" at times.  But overall it wasn't very scary.  It's a common problem with found-footage horror movies.  At a certain point, it gets silly because all hell is breaking loose and yet they're still holding a camera.  The story also got really confusing at the end.  Wait.  Time travel???  WTF!?! I don't get where the series is going.  Less is more.  PA was scariest when you didn't know what the hell was going on.  Now it's starting to feel like a bad episode of "Supernatural" with super-powered demon children running amok.  I'm curious to see what direction the next movie goes.



What's behind America's soaring college costs. The student loan scam industry is to blame.  Universities gobble up that free guaranteed money.  They blow it on fancy buildings and lavish salaries for administrators, then raise tuition even more to cover it.


Saving Mr. Banks. 2013 drama loosely based on the true story of the negotiations between Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) and author P. L. Travers (Emma Thompson) over the rights to Mary Poppins.

I liked it.  The story isn't entirely true.  Disney never really won over.  She hated the movie until the day she died and thought Disney fucked her over.  But it's worth it for Emma Thompson alone.  I'm disappointed that she didn't even get an Oscar nomination.  She carried the whole movie.  Loved her sarcasm.  Her character didn't put up with shit from anyone.



  • Colegial Sacana
    • 1986 Brazilian movie directed by Juan Bajon
    • Starring Priscilla Bianchi, Elias Breda, Emerson Cordiero, Luis Flavio and Marielle Giorgi
    • Favorite Scene
      • Two guys have a sword fight with their dicks then have an acrobatic threesome with girl
  • Rendezvous In Hell
    • 1973 movie from Something Weird directed by Jimmy De Knight
    • Starring Lagusa Bendova, Patti Snyder, Rene Bond and Rick Lutze
  • Seduced By A Cougar 20
    • 2012 movie from Naughty America
    • Starring Ava Addams, Brianna Banks, Caressa Celeste, Jewels Jade, Vanilla DeVille, Ashton Kilmer, Austin Matthews, Danny Wylde, Jordan Ash and Xander Corvus
  • Sci Fi Sex: A Fanboy Overload 2
    • 2013 Hustler movie that consists of a compilation of parody scenes
    • Starring Alec Knight, Alex Gonz, Alexis Ford, Billy Glide, Dale Dabone, Evan Stone, Joslyn James, Juelz Venture, Sasha Grey, Shawna Lenee and Tee Real


A Walk In The Woods:  Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson.  Classic account of his hiking adventures on the famous nature trail.

I really liked it.  Bill Bryson is one of my favorite authors.  He mixes humor, memoir, travel, history, science and trivia together.  My favorite observations:

  • Hiking.  It really isn't for the faint of heart.  Shit gets old quick.
  • Camping gear.  A lot of it really is useless, overpriced crap.
  • The changing nature of parks.  Very few folks actually go into nature.  Instead they camp out in the parking lot and declare themselves hardy adventurers.  
  • US Forest Service.  It exists solely to serve Big Lumber by building roads to inaccessible trees.
  • National Park Service. Broke.  Government doesn't give a shit about protecting land.  Most money gets wasted on stupid touristy shit.  
  • Environment.  Many trees, plants and animals are going extinct.
  • New England.  It's actually more forested now than a hundred years ago because so many farms have been abandoned and towns shrunken up.
  • Parkways. Highways were originally meant to have parks surround them, but then politicians got cheap and just decided it was better to pave everything over.  More lanes the better.
  • Hypothermia.  It's freaky how fast you can die when exposed to moderately cold temperatures.  
  • Moose.  They really are such goofy critters.  It's pathetic that people hunt them.
  • Bears.  If you piss one off, you're fucked.  They can outrun you.  They can outclimb you.  
My only nitpick is that some of his facts are sketchy.  For instance, he uses an example of how sixteen Danish fishermen abruptly dropped dead from hypothermia after being pulled out of cold water and given something warm to drink.  The problem is there's no real proof of that actually happening. I get the impression he picks up interesting tidbits in books and just runs with them instead of checking them out first.



Star Trek:  The Poisoned Chalice by James Swallow.  Fourth book in The Fall mini-series.

The story's rather predictable but otherwise I liked it.  Well-written.  Breezed right through it.  I like the villain.  Nothing better than a juicy bad guy to hate.

I also like how it promotes the classic Star Trek ideal of standing up and doing the right thing.  America is a very conservative country.  Many are brainwashed to mindlessly obey authority and to hate anything that's different.  Star Trek has always pushed against that.  It promoted diversity long before it was PC to do so.  Remember Spock's Vulcan mantra?  IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations).


Married conservative Republican Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister caught on tape making out with married staffer.  He ran on a Duck Dynasty-backed family values platform.  Said that gays are sinners.  But I'm pretty sure that adulterers burn in hell.



Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Latest entry in the Marvel franchise.

I liked it.  Not only action-packed, but fun and interesting.  I like how they keep moving the story.  It not only continued the story from the first Captain America movie but nicely set up the next Avengers movie. It made me change my mind about "Marvel: Agents of Shield."  I fell off after watching the first few episodes but I think I'm gonna give it a second look now.


Mamada.  Spanish for blowjob.  Mainly used in Mexico.




Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.  2013 drama based on the autobiography of Nelson Mandela.

I think it could've done a better job at showing Mandela age and the years go by.  "The Butler" had the same problem.   In thirty seconds, you've jumped thirty years and everyone looks silly with gray hair, pretending to be ancient.

Other than that, I liked it.  I was happy that they didn't skip over the darker parts of his life.  Nelson Mandela wasn't a saint.  When he was young, he was a terrible husband, absentee husband and a bit of an asshole.  Prison mellowed him.  Otherwise he would've turned out to be just another washed-up politician.

I admire Mandela's reasons for embracing peace.  A lot of folks don't realize this, but he didn't take the high road for moral reasons.  It was pure pragmatism.  Ya'll want revolution.  Fine.  Then after you burn everything down to the ground, don't whine about having to sit in the ashes, broke and starving.  Mandela saved South Africa from becoming a failed state like Zimbabwe.  That's his real legacy.


The Millennial Sexual Revolution. Here's my take:

  • The rate of premarital sex has actually gone down.  Young people are more responsible now than ever before.  
  • Folks are starting to lose their virginity slightly later.  Some of this is because of the wide availability of porn.  The same thing happened in Japan.  If you're horny, it's easier to just get off at home instead of chasing people down.
  • Porn does decrease intimacy a bit, but on the flip side, it also improves sex.  Couples are learning all about oral, anal, threesomes, roleplaying and other types of sex.  
  • Open relationships are a lot more common.  The straights are starting to copy the gays.  You pick your life partner.  The person you want to go home to.  Once ya've fully bonded, you start having threesomes.  From there, you play on the side, preferably one-night stands. 






Russian guy fucks two crossdressers outside in the cold near an abandoned building


The Book Thief.  2013 movie based on the popular young adult novel about a young girl living in Germany during WWII.

It was okay.  I'm just burned out on WWII/Holocaust stuff.  From what I understand, the book is way better.  I thought two side characters stole the show:

  1. Death.  Narrated by Roger Allam.  I liked the concept of him being sad about war/tragedy and gentle with every life he took.  When he took other characters, it just made it all the more sadder.
  2. Rudy.  Played by Nico Liersch.  Blew me away with his charm.  I hate romance.  It's always so cheesy and over-the-top.  But I really did buy into his character's love for the girl. He made it work.



  • Big Showoff
    • 1995 movie from Tenderloin Productions directed by Carl Stanyon
    • Starring Brian Shawn, Doug Forbes, Jim Bentley, Joshua Scott, Joey Verducci, Max Grand, Randy Mixer and Rusty Samuels
  • Chubby bald old businessman fucks cute young guy in a public restroom
  • Getting Straight
    • 1998 movie from Studio 2000 directed by Ross Cannon
    • Starring Bailey Stratton, Jeremy Brooks, Dean O'Connor, Erik Starr, Ethan Marc, Kristian Brooks, Sandy Sloane, Scott Lyons, Shane Flannigan and Tony Donovan
  • Hot Cops 4: Bustin' Loose
    • 1997 movie from Centaur directed by Chip Daniels
    • Starring Adam Rom, Bud Stetson, Dave Davidson, Doug Forbes, John Ross, Matt Bradshaw, Max Grand, Peter Dixon, Sean Dickson, Steve O'Donnell and Steve Pierce
  • Junior Varsity
    • 1994 movie from YMAC directed by Angel Rivers
    • Starring Billy Houston, Christopher Fox, Jeff Browning, Miles Davis and Teddy Lee
  • Schoolmates 6:  Exploding Mates
    • 2006 movie from Big Dik Factory
    • Starring Bobby Cantanaro, Brent Collins, Dylan Hunter, Heyden Fuller, Jacob Sweet, Jordan, Paul Pratt, Seth Michaels, Travis Jacobs, Wes Taylor and Zachary Aiden
  • Stock: Sentenced
    • 1999 movie from Jocks Studio directed by Chi Chi LaRue
    • Starring Casey Williams, Chris Rock, David Bradley, Drew Damon, Gregor Yelsen, Jens Hammer, Karl Tenner, Lorenzo Donado, Rick Matthews, Rex Ruben, Thom Barron and Tyler Hill
  • Wild Brazil
    • 2001 movie from Frenesi Films (Video 10) directed by Julio Kadetti
    • Starring Alfonso Reis, Beto Ribeiro, Erik Cassiano, Guilherme Schuck, Joao Cleber, Lucas Rezende, Marcelo Costa, Marcos Vinicios and Reynaldo Costa
    • Has a fun premise.  Group of soldiers go out to investigate a blond Amazon guy living in the jungle.  Everybody ends up fucking.
  • XTube Gloryhole86:  drunk dirty-talking guy notices the camera and won't leave until he sees the other guy's hair.  


The Spread Buffet at Cincinnati's Horseshoe Casino.  Treated my dad to lunch there for his birthday.  I love buffets.  Been wanting to check this one out for awhile.  Was hoping for a really top-notch gourmet experience.  Alas, I was disappointed.

The service was spotty.  The place wasn't very busy but we had to wait forever to get our drinks and wait forever for someone to show up to carve our meat.  Most workers were bored and disinterested.  Others were over-the-top crazy Stepford friendly, as if they were going to face a firing squad if they didn't smile enough.  Creeped me out.

The food was so-so.  It's divided into stations.
  • Rhineland.  A strange mix of German and Southern fare.  Fried chicken and metts, turkey and baked potatoes.  I did like their collard greens and chicken and dumplings.
  • Heartland.  Meat-carving station.  Featured ham and brisket.  Was hoping for steak, burgers and prime rib. I did like the mashed potatoes and gravy.
  • Marketplace.  Rather generic salad bar and bread basket.
  • Asian.  Surprisingly sad.  No sushi.  Weird chicken.  
  • Mexican.  Make-your-own tacos and fajitas. Not bad, but the cheese quesadillas and taquitos were lame.
  • Italian.  Generic pizza.  Meatballs.  I did like the antipasta selection.  Ate a bunch of mozzarella.  A little feta would've been nice though.
  • Desserts.  Not bad.  Premium ice cream.  Cupcakes.  Cookies.  My dad was disappointed there were no pies.
Overall it cost me forty bucks for my dad and me.  Which is still cheaper than Margaritaville and the steak place next door.  But as a buffet, not really worth it.  Better off going to Golden Corral.  Next time I'm at the casino, I'll eat at the burger place.  Cheaper.