Black Piste

  • 2015 gay porn movie from Staxus. Piste is French for a marked ski trail.
  • Hector Agusti, a black porn star from the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, spends the weekend in a ski lodge with some Czech twinks.
  • My favorite guys were Erik Franke and Noah Matous
  • I thought the opening song Make It Last by Canadian pop singer Tim McMorris was really catchy.
All That Jizz

  • 2014 gay porn movie from Bel Ami
  • Basically one giant orgy featuring 24 hot models with big dicks. Altogether it's over 90 minutes long. Thirty minutes of them hanging out. Thirty minutes of them sucking and rimming. And then thirty minutes of them fucking.
  • The guys are also gorgeous. Not a single stinker among them. Not that they talked much, but I liked that it had subtitles.
Germany refuses to recognize marriage equality. Australia backtracks on vote for it. It's funny how America is more progressive than them now.
Bigdictionary85. Chaturbate webcam for black guy and white girl in Tennessee. He's 33, has dreads and a big dick. She's 30, chubby. He likes to fuck the shit out of her and make her squirt.
Passed out guy gets gang fucked by group of frat boys. Gay porn scene from Sketchy Sex.

I like how they filled his ass with cum and kept cumming. Notice that they started cumming faster when they did that. Nothing better than fucking a creamed ass.

Kudos to the guy for taking all that dick without the slightest whimper.


Catholic Church closings in New York bring sadness and anger. The church didn't want to disclose the criteria because it focused heavily on profitability. Keep the parishes that bring in the dollars. Throw the ones that serve the poor out. There's really very little difference between the Catholic Church and the cult of $cientology. Pay to pray.
Should Joe Biden run for president? I'm not his biggest fan but I say go for it. Anyone but Hillary. I'd love to see the Clintons crash and burn. They're so sleazy. The Wikileaks and Benghazi leaks showed that she was horribly incompetent. Everyone who's ever worked for her pretty much despises her as being extremely overrated. Bubba's also a ticking time bomb, the next Bill Cosby. Can you imagine him as First Husband? It's only a matter of time before one of his many, many sexual assaults blow up in his face. He's already been tied to a millionaire backer who let his friends like Clinton and Prince Andrew rape sex slaves and little girls on his private island.
Sweetheart. 1977 straight porn sexploitation movie from Video-X-Pix and director Bo Koop about a black guy (John Black) and his girlfriend (Jean Jennings) trying to rob a rich guy (Wade Nichols), his wife (Suzanne McBain) and their lovers (Philip Marlowe, Terri Hall). I liked the big outside orgy at the end when everybody's fucking at gunpoint. The prominent interracial sex is also interesting considering when it was made.
Gay twink smokes and jerks off while his dog lies in bed next to him.
Blond college jock tapes himself shooting a big load on his chest.
Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. Graphic novel memoir about a lesbian's relationship with her late father who was a closet homosexual. Checked it out after seeing the musical adaptation feature prominently at this year's Tony Awards. It won a Tony for Best Musical.

I liked it. Very poignant.
Tig. 2015 documentary about lesbian stand-up comedian Tig Notaro's battle with cancer. Caught it on Netflix.

I liked it. Made me cry. I was especially hit hard by the sudden death of her mother. She wasn't that old. One night she fell and hit her head while she was watching "Jimmy Kimmel" with her husband. But she seemed okay so they went to bed. When she woke up the next morning she started bleeding out of her mouth and ears. Shortly after that she slipped into a coma and never woke up. Both of my parents are prone to falling. I worry so much that something like that could happen to them.


Celebrity ad supports Iran nuclear deal. That was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. Like a bad SNL spoof. Hey everybody, let's listen to a mediocre comedian (Jack Black), a crazy actress just out of rehab (Natasha Lyonne), a bumbling spy who should be in prison for leaking secrets (Valerie Plame), an Arab dictator's bimbo wife (Queen Noor) and guy who's only famous for sounding ponderous (Morgan Freeman). Seriously?

Rhymes for Young Ghouls. 2013 indie drama about a girl living on an Indian Reservation in Canada in 1976. Caught it on Netflix.

Bit slow at times but otherwise I liked it. Reminded me of Winter's Bone. Very dark.
RIP Roddy Piper. I was just talking about him the other day to a friend. I loved him in They Live. From what I've heard he was a very nice guy. He was interviewed shortly before his death by TMZ about Hulk Hogan's racist rant and refused to badmouth him.
Heal the Heart. Japanese straight porn movie from Silk Labo. I was amused by the American R&B song playing in the beginning.
Another Version 53: When Men Take Off Their Suits. Japanese straight porn for gay guys from COAT.
Face to Face Fifth Season. Japanese straight porn movie from Silk Labo featuring three couples fucking.
Hidden video of construction worker changing
BigRichard93. 21 year old bi Canadian guy with a big 8.5 inch cock. He has a girlfriend and did a foursome show where he and another guy sucked each other. But except for jerking he hasn't done anything else gay.
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Zoolander. My sister-wife Lesley made me watch it. I'm surprised it took me this long to see it. I really liked it. Can see why it's become such a cult classic. I'm curious to see how the upcoming sequel turns out.


Cocoon Anthology 3. Japanese straight porn movie from Silk Labo. It's over three and a half hours long. Basically an entire trilogy in one movie. The sex scenes are kinda short but high quality, what I call porn for couples. Everyone's pretty and happy.
Adultic Deep IV. Japanese straight porn movie from COAT. It's basically straight porn for gay guys. I liked the threesome at the end.
What Does The Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality? by Kevin DeYoung. I made the mistake of thinking this was in defense of homosexuality. Then I read the introduction and thought okay, he's a moderate Christian preaching tolerance. Hate the sin. Love the sinner. Nope. Full-blown bigot of the worst variety. I hate you because I love you! All about the ex-gay conversion and disowning your kids because it's the right thing to do. The irony is if you watch the guy speak it's pretty obvious he's a self-hating closet homo himself.

Britt Johnson. A former slave, he became famous when he rescued his family from the Comanches. He was later killed in an Indian raid. His body was found behind his dead horse with 173 shell casings from his rifle and pistols. His legend loosely inspired the 1956 classic John Ford Western "The Searchers" where he was portrayed by John Wayne of all people.
Photo montage of actress Melissa Benoist sex tape. They came out during the massive celebrity iCloud hack. It's interesting because she has a very cultivated sweet innocent girl image. That's how she landed the role of Supergirl. I also wonder who that guy is. It certainly aint her new husband Blake Jenner.
Leaked sex tape of British actress Jessica Brown Findlay from "Downton Abbey" sucking dick
Club DJ fucks girl in his sound booth.
Jon Stewart made secret trips to the White House to receive his marching orders. I have more respect for Bill Maher. He's independent in that he pisses everyone off. Jon Stewart's a tool. He brags about being independent but at the end of the day he puts on the clown makeup and reads whatever his bosses tell him.
Whiplash. 2014 drama about a college student (Miles Teller) playing the drums for an intense instructor (J. K. Simmons).

I liked it. They both put in great performances. Although I do wonder about these fancy expensive art and music schools. Do their graduates really become successful? Seems like ya go through all that work just to end up teaching band at high school.
Campus cop charged with murder over fatal traffic stop. I'm far to the left on many issues, but in this case I actually side with the cop. Watch the video very closely. The officer asks Dubose to take off his seat belt. Instead of complying, he hits the gas. The officer doesn't want to get hit so he opens fire. It's very similar to the case last year of a girl who got shot after trying to drive off at a traffic stop outside a party.

Prosecutor Joe Deters is talking tough and demanding life in prison. But I'm cynical. I think he's just doing that for show so nobody riots. Come Christmas the family will get a rather hefty payout from the university and the officer will get a plea deal. Folks will mumble and groan but by then the ambulance-chasing lawyers and civil rights racketeer reverends will be on to the next photo-ops and payouts. And folks are way too lazy to riot in the cold and snow. Black lives only matter on warm and pretty weekends...
Blonde Christa one and three. Vintage Danish straight porn from Color Climax.
Skinny 18-year-old straight guy Ridgely gets sucked. Gay porn scene from Military Classified. I thought he was adorable.
Two older British skinheads tie up young straight guy and fuck him after watching him fuck his girlfriend. Gay porn scene from Breeder Fuckers.


Skinhead Russell Crowe fucks Jacqueline McKenzie at party in the 1992 Australian movie "Romper Stomper." This was his first big movie. The sex scene is rather standard by today's standards but at the time it earned the movie an NC-17 rating.
Bisexual swinger foursome with macho guy, twink and two girls. I'm very picky about bi porn but I liked this because everybody was fucking.
Two British schoolgirls fuck guy in park.
Robert Moses: The Master Builder of New York City by Pierre Christin and Olivier Balez. Graphic novel about the father of modern New York.

I thought it served as a nice introduction to him. He's a fascinating figure. Larger than life and very controversial. He pretty much remade the whole city. Adding bridges and parks but also wiping out tenements and focusing on highways. He was one of the last great powerbrokers, doing everything behind the scenes.

For all of his faults, I do have to give him credit for getting shit done. Good lord, we can't even get a damn bridge replaced in Cincinnati and yet he managed to build dozens of bridges, parkways and projects.
Tom Faulk gang fucked by five frat boys. Gay porn scene from Fraternity X. I remember when he was a twink. Now he's got a gut and a mullet, entering daddy territory.


Woman asked to leave Kroger for bringing in emotional support service bird. I have mixed emotions on this. The libertarian in me says what's the harm. As long as the bird aint shitting on everything or attacking people, who gives a shit. But the conservative in me can't help but to roll my eyes at the lady. If you need a goddamn bird to get out of the house then you've got bigger issues. Everyone doesn't need to be coddled.
Another Version 70th Anniversary. Japanese straight porn movie from COAT. They're mainly known for doing gay porn but this is one of their straight porn for gay guys editions.
Hide & Seek. Japanese straight porn movie from Silk Labo. A young couple fuck on the couch while their friend is in the shower. Another couple fuck in the front seat of a car after a date.
Working. Japanese straight movie from Silk Labo about an office girl.
Crossroad. Japanese straight porn movie from Silk Labo. I liked the last scene because I was amused by the girl's room. Somebody enjoyed decorating that thing, storybooks and all.
No Money No Love. Japanese straight porn movie from Silk Labo. It's what I call porn for women/couples. The sex is very high quality and sensual.
Girl's Pleasure. 2014 Japanese straight porn movie from Silk Labo. I liked the elevator sex scene.
Spice-Moisture. 2013 Japanese straight porn movie from Silk Labo featuring two scenes of couples fucking.
Corbin Webber, Ian Levine and Evan Parker have threesome after hanging out on the beach. Gay porn scene from Helix.
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Third and final movie in the series.

It was bittersweet seeing Robin Williams in his final role but otherwise I was disappointed with it. The story was boring and unoriginal. Very ho hum. I was also irritated that they recast the son and made him into a spoiled brat. How in the hell is he going to spend a year on Ibiza when his dad is a freaking museum security guard??? Talk about a fantasy movie.


These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.



  • Amber Heard. Johnny Depp's wife has been cheating with a female assistant.
  • Charlie Ebersol. He's claiming he dumped Britney Spears. She says he's gay.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo. The soccer star's PR people sent cease and desist orders to photographers because they caught him on vacation with his boyfriend.
  • Oscar De La Hoya. The notorious womanizer boxer cheated on his wife with a pre-op tranny while at an event in Montreal.
  • Soulja Boy. One of his tricks called him out on Twitter.
  • Usher. Has a new beard that he's only seen with in staged Instagram pictures.


  • Amy Poehler. Is supposed to be a bitch to work with. Her nickname is Poehlerbear.
  • Elizabeth Moss. Gave half her income to the cult of $cientology.
  • James Corden. May be fired from "Late Late Show." Ratings are flat and he has been struggling to be a host.
  • Jay Z. He has this reputation for being a billionaire. He's actually really ignorant and terrible with people. That's why his new music business Tidal is crashing.
  • Justin Timberlake. Was originally up for Chris Pratt's role in "Jurassic World" until he got mad when the studio tried to get him to take acting lessons. 
  • Lea Michele and Ariana Grande. Have been feuding on the set of their new tv-show "Scream Queens."
  • P. Diddy. Is a huge prick at his son's school. He demands teachers and coaches get fired if they don't pamper his brat. If he doesn't get his way, he then screams racism.
  • Zoe Saldana. Has a notorious reputation for being a bitch to her kids. They're like dogs. Handlers take care of them. She won't even let them on the same hotel floor as her.


  • Cee Lo Green. Was spotted groping women and acting like a perv at a charity event.
  • Channing Tatum. Bailed on a charity event to cheat with an assistant he met on his latest movie.
  • Jamie Oliver. The British celebrity chef cheated with a number of girls while at a charity event.
  • Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney. They might be breaking up soon. She's crazy from drugs while he's a horndog.
  • Louis C. K. May be the next Bill Cosby. A woman is currently talking to lawyer Gloria Allred accusing him of forcing her to have sex.
  • Morgan Freeman. Has been having an incestuous affair with his granddaughter.
  • Nick Cannon. Is being investigated for sleeping with a 16-year-old girl.
  • Orlando Bloom. Fucked a girl in a public restroom while guys peed. 
  • Ryan O'Neal. Has been banging his son's girlfriend while his son's in jail.
  • Tom Brady. A teammate is saying that he cheated on his wife while out on the road.
Boy Zone 44. Gay porn Tumblr. Not thrilled with the cluttered layout but it does have a lot of great pictures and videos.
Adam Writes Things. Gay porn Tumblr. Has a lot of great nude selfies, especially stuff found on Twitter.
"Doctor Who" Matt Smith leaked nude selfies with ex-girlfriend Daisy Lowe
Pulls his big dick out of his mankini to show off to a girl
Rapper Joe Budden nude selfie
British Wigan Warriors rugby player George Williams dick pops out during a game.
Rapper Tyga leaked cock pics. I've heard he's a prick in person.
Friends upload picture to Twitter of guy jerking off.
Love Hot Lads. Gay porn Tumblr. Has lots of great nude selfie pictures.
Guy almost jizzes on dog lying on bedroom floor. That would've been an awkward visit to the groomers.
College guy tapes himself humping a pillow.
Sinthetics. Company that specializes in high-priced customized synthetic love dolls. They've expanded into male and transgender dolls. I'm fascinated by their penis attachments. One is eleven inch long. Others are uncut.
The New American Slavery: How H2 Visas Are Being Used To Import Slave Labor. Large corporations and shady small-time operators import foreign workers, house them in dorms, pay them less than minimum wage, treat them like slaves. The government looks the other way because politicians love their bribes.
Russian Suburban Youth. Vintage Russian straight porn for gay guys. There's no actual bi sex but there is a circle jerk scene where everyone's jerking off to a girl. A lot of the shots also linger on the guys. It looks like it was made in the 1990s when porn took off in Russia after the fall of communism. Producers would hire soldiers and laborers and tape them jerking off and fucking girls.
Man killed defending his son. A petty criminal who's been arrested 65 times gets himself killed fighting a university cop, and all the civil rights racketeers come out to mug for the cameras and demand a payout. An innocent man gets murdered protecting his son, nothing but silence. No money to be made in that tragedy. Can't be bothered.
Pulls his dick out in a Costco
Cute soldier takes nude selfies
Straight guy Greg shows off his dick


California State Attorney General refuses to investigate Planned Parenthood, targets whistleblower instead. This is one of my main problems with the abortion industry. Thanks to millions of dollars in bribes to politicians, it's protected from the slightest bit of oversight. As a result corruption is rampant and health standards are abysmally low. It's not about "women's health" it's about greed.
Wild Weekend. 1970s Danish straight porn loop from Color Climax featuring two girls having fun with a guy and his older friend they encounter through a shared bathroom.
Actor Chris Messina full-frontal nude in the 2012 Sundance Film Festival hit drama "28 Hotel Rooms"
Girl fucks midget in skate shop to get back at her annoying boyfriend.
Girl has threesome with tall black guy and pale white midget guy.
The Wipers Times. 2013 BBC tv-movie based on the true story of a group of British soldiers who form a satirical magazine after coming across a printing press near Ypres, Belgium during WWI.

It was okay. I understand the point of the skit scenes. They were trying to show the original humor of the articles. But they just felt weird and out of place to me.

I did really like the theme of it. The world is a very cold and cruel place. We often cope with it by finding humor in the darkest of times. But it's a constant battle because you're told to conform and be serious. They had to fight their superiors who thought the magazine was unprofessional. Then after the war they  had to fight for acceptance because society only wanted to hear dark sad shit about their war experience, if anything at all.
Tough Guys Do Dance. 1990 gay porn movie from Bijou. The title spoofs the 1987 movie Tough Guys Don't Dance starring Ryan O'Neal. It's most notable for featuring a bisexual threesome with Sharon Kane.
House passes bills banning states from requiring GMO labels on food. Republicans preach about states rights. Democrats say they're for the environment. Until their corporate owners say otherwise. Then they vote the other way and hope nobody back home notices.
Classe De Neige. Also known as Ski Fever. 1985 French gay porn movie from Jean-Daniel Cadinot about a bunch of horny twinks in a ski lodge.
Powertool 2: Breaking Out. 1991 gay porn movie from Catalina and directors Josh Eliot and Chi Chi LaRue about a guy (Lex Baldwin) sent to a horny prison after being caught fucking Mike Gibson in the back of a panel truck. I liked the big shower orgy at the end. It won a Grabby for Best Video.
Three robbers make dad fuck his son, then the dad grabs a gun and makes the white robber fuck the black robber. Scene from the 1986 gay porn movie "Men on the Loose."


Lunaloveless. Chaturbate webcam of an 18-year-old transgender girl from British Columbia, Canada. Normally I'm not really into trannies jerking off, but she's basically a twink with a big dick. I'd do her.
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Hidden video of big-dicked trucker taking a piss outside. Too much of a daddy bear for me but gotta admire the snake he was waving around.
English rugby player Joe Conlon leaked Twitter nude pics
Russian guy and girl have threesome on side of the road with hitchhiker guy they picked up.
British black MILF and white MILF get young guy to fuck them.
Dwarf and his friend fuck two brainwashed girls.
Just Married Sex 7. Russian straight porn movie. Basically one big honeymoon sex party.
Girl wants to hang out with her older stepbrother and his two friends so they end up fucking her. I like how she's supposed to be innocent but has a pierced clit.
Sex The Old Way. Russian straight porn movie from SpB. I like their movies. They're like Color Climax. Everyone's having fun.
Clubroom Capers. Vintage straight porn scene from Color Climax featuring three guys and three girls fucking.
Brazilian guy tapes himself getting his dick sucked by girl in public restroom
Hidden video of three guys taking turns with a prostitute.


The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The first movie was better but overall I still liked it. I just like seeing my favorite British actors (Dame Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton).

My only nitpick was Richard Gere. I thought he and the American subplot fell flat. They should have stuck to the original idea of bringing in Colin Firth and Helen Mirren.
Muffy the Vampire Thriller Chapters 1-7. Computer-generated cartoon comic featuring girls getting fucked by vampires, werewolves and demons.
Tailspin: Life of the Story. Straight furry porn comic based on the Disney cartoon.
Tina's Story. Ongoing straight furry porn comic about a horny poodle-girl and her human boyfriend.
Slutty blond girl jerks off her stepbrother then masturbates herself
Rest In Peace: Larry Gross. A longtime columnist for Cincinnati's alternative weekly paper CityBeat, he lived in Covington and often wrote about it. He posted last month that he was suffering from the flu so I just figured he was taking a break from writing and recovering. So I was heartbroken today when I checked his blog and found out that he passed away from a heart attack. He used to come in to Shutter Island and I regret not talking to him and getting to know him. He was only 61.


Was Sandra Bland murdered or did she really commit suicide? As more information about her comes out, I'm leaning more towards suicide. She comes across as erratic in her Youtube videos and she even devotes one video to talking about her depression and PTSD. It's also been revealed that she has a long rap sheet of drug charges and petty crimes. Maybe she was murdered by racist jail guards. But I also wouldn't be too shocked if she snapped and did commit suicide. Her family says that she was excited about getting a new job. But as someone who's suffered from suicidal thoughts I can tell ya that we're not exactly the most rational. I could definitely see myself giving in to despair if I was in her shoes.
Google freaks out when employees start comparing their salaries. They tried to retaliate against the employee who kickstarted the whole thing, even though it's illegal to go after employees for discussing their salary. They especially didn't want everyone finding out that women and minorities were getting fucked over. For a company that's motto is "Do No Evil" they sure do a lot of shitty things.
Transgender woman facing months in jail because motel thought she was a prostitute. The motel called the cops because it thought two transgender women together was "suspicious." The cop who responded then searched her bag and arrested her for having hormone pills for her transition. She's now sitting in jail because she can't afford to post bail or pay old court fees from a previous incident. It's unconstitutional to imprison people for debt or court fees but tens of thousands of people rot in jail irregardless. God bless Amerika.
Planned Parenthood caught selling baby parts. I don't know how legit these videos are, but I do think the abortion industry is very sleazy. Incompetent doctors, fetal tissue harvesting, infanticide, child molestation, political bribery and embezzlement all get covered up under the almighty name of "women's health care." Planned Parenthood gets millions of dollars in taxpayer dollars with zero accountability because it's protected by liberal Democrats.
Outsourced. 2006 romantic comedy about an American guy forced to move to India when his call center is outsourced. Caught it on Netflix.

I liked it. The romance fell flat but I did get a kick out of seeing the culture shock. Bathrooms without toilets, just holes in the ground. Street kids who will rob you blind. Crazy drivers.

I also enjoyed the political subtext. For a long time it was illegal to outsource jobs. Now thanks to "globalization" and "free trade" it's a race to the bottom for the cheapest slave labor possible. Jobs that were originally outsourced to India have since moved to China and then on to the Phillipines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Africa, anywhere that's cheaper. Americans grumble about jobs going overseas but at the end of the day we're notoriously cheap. Even the most diehard socialist will hold their nose if it means saving a few pennies.

NBC tried to make a sitcom version but it barely lasted one season. It was too much of an Office ripoff. The fish-out-of-water premise only went so far. While the predominately Indian cast was too foreign for middle America.
J_Rod. Chaturbate webcam for a 24-year-old American straight couple. They also each do their own private solo shows. Note: You will only see action if they're online and up to something.
Albert Mogensen gets his dick sucked by girl in 2015 Danish short film "Melon Rainbow."
American fashion model Jesse Somera poses naked
Canadian fashion model Cameron Irving nude photoshoot


Hentai Haven. The video playback can be a little wonky but otherwise it has a great selection of Japanese hentai cartoon videos with English subtitles.
Two blond beefcake studs fuck on plane while girl sleeps next to them.
Lust Cinema YouPorn Channel. 137 videos from the premium "porn for women/couples" site.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.


  • Shia LaBeouf. Was caught trying to buy drugs while filming in Nebraska.
  • Zayn Malik (One Direction). He didn't quit. He was fired for being an unrepentant drug abuser. And he continues to spiral downward while refusing to admit he has a problem. 
  • Cassandra Clare. The author of "The Mortal Instruments" young adult fantasy series is supposed to be a huge diva.
  • Chris Pratt. Is a genuinely nice guy. The gossip mags are flabbergasted because they have absolutely nothing on him.
  • Janet Jackson. Michael Jackson's kids think she's a huge bitch.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger. When he was in France he hired five escorts and then picked one to sleep with.
  • Bill Clinton. Now that Hillary's campaign is getting into gear, he's dumped all of his booty calls, including actress Gina Gershon.
  • Bill Murray. Made his hooker meditate for thirty minutes before they fucked.
  • Courtney Love. Laughed hysterically at a party, pointing to Lilly Collins and Larenza Issa that she fucked her dad and her husband (Phil Collins, Eli Roth).
  • Pamela Anderson. She makes her money by being an escort. One of her most recent clients was into really violent sex and taped it all.
  • Ty Pennington. The wholesome host of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" cheated with some 20-year-old porn stars.


Schulmadchen Report 5. 1973 German straight porn movie. It's part of a whole series spoofing a documentary about sexually promiscuous schoolgirls. I liked it when the young couple hooked up with the older swingers.
Unusual Hospitality. Sixteen minute gay porn loop from the 1970s featuring two young leather guys having their way with two twink brothers. At one point they fuck one guy while making his brother suck his dick and eat his ass. There's no sound. Just music.
Sinful Rider. Over two dozen XHamster videos of a gay Filipino guy jerking off in public. Mostly restrooms. I liked it when guys not only stared at him but joined in.
Gay guy tapes himself getting spit fucked by anonymous tall college basketball player
Ant-Man. I liked it. Good popcorn fun. Ties in well with the rest of the Marvel movies. You can see a list of all of the cool comic book Easter Eggs here.
Spring. 2014 indie drama about an American who falls in love with a beautiful mysterious woman in Italy. It's been described as "Before Sunrise" meets "Species." A very quirky dark fantasy/sci-fi/horror romance.

I liked it for the simple fact that it's hard to describe. I also liked the beautiful Italian scenery and thought Lou Taylor Pucci. Would have loved to see him do some full-frontal nudity and hardcore love scenes.

My only nitpick is that he was way too casual about her being a monster. I would have ran screaming away.
Madonna Kanjuku Body Collection Episode One. Japanese hentai video with English subtitles about a young nerdy guy with glasses fucking his big-boobed MILF landlady and the girl neighbor he has a crush on.
Kuro No Kyoushitsu Episode One. Japanese hentai video with English subtitles about a young male teacher forcing a girl's school principal and her students to fuck. Scenes include him taking a girl's virginity, fucking the principal in her office, fucking a girl in the showers, fucking a girl in the gym, forcing a girl to suck his dick in the bathroom and fucking a girl in the ass after giving her an enema.
Magic Mike XXL. I liked it. In fact I thought it was better than the first movie. More fun. The other male strippers also get a bigger role.
All Amateur. Straight porn Tumblr featuring hundreds of homemade pictures and videos. Skip the search feature. It doesn't really work. But make sure to check out the archive. That's the best way to see the videos.
Fap For Daddy. Straight porn Tumblr. Has a nice mix of videos.
Old white guy tapes three black guys fucking his young wife in motel room.
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College jock Rhett dared to jerk and suck teammate off on tour bus. I miss Straight College Men. They had such great videos.


Chiquita abandons Charlotte for Florida. I'm laughing because Charlotte gloated about luring them away from Cincinnati. Three years later now they're having the same thing done to them. This is why I hate corporate subsidies. They never really work. State and local governments give out huge tax breaks to corporations that then move on to the next deal.
Crossfit class turns into an orgy. Straight porn scene from Lust Cinema.
The Couchsurfer. Straight porn scene from Lust Cinema.
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I'm really irritated with my brother-in-law.

First he quits his job. So my sister's working while he sits at home and takes all of her money.

Then he decides to celebrate their anniversary by inviting his mom, his twin brother and his older brother's family to join his family on vacation in Virginia. So instead of my sister and the kids having fun, they're bombarded with obnoxious freeloading relatives.

And then Friday night, an hour before I'm supposed to go see "Ant-Man" he calls to ask me if I could go to the hospital with my sister so she wouldn't have to go by herself. Didn't matter that his mom and twin brother were there. He thought it was best to stay home to watch the kids.

So he sends his brother to take me and my sister to the hospital and I spend my Saturday night in the ER while he's sitting at home watching tv and goofing off on Facebook. Gah. I can see why my parents despise him so much.

As for my sister, it appears that she has some sort of inflammation on her upper left thigh. She had a similar inflammation of her tail bone a few months ago. The doctor didn't do much except to shrug, give her a prescription and refer her to to an orthopedist. I felt weirdly out of place because everyone thought I was her husband. So the nurse didn't understand why I bolted when my sister changed clothes and the cute orderly guys didn't know what to make of me drooling over them.
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Oiran. 1983 Japanese straight porn movie dubbed in English about a Japanese prostitute in 19th-century America haunted by her dead husband. I loved the crazy honeymoon scene when the ghost takes over her pussy and attacks her new husband. I'm also surprised there aren't more movies of white guys fucking geisha girls.
Female Teacher Twice. 1983 Japanese straight porn movie about a science teacher blackmailed into fucking everyone.
Hard Sensation. 1980 Italian straight sexploitation movie from the late great director Joe D'Amato about three escaped convicts holding four girls hostage on a tropical island. It's dubbed in English. George Eastman not only wrote it but stars as the ringleader. The sex isn't that great. Mainly because it's gross guys with seventies staches fondling girls. But I do like how it's an X-rated thriller.
"Nosferatu" director's head stolen from his grave in Germany. Curious to see if it turns up.
Nanny Doss: The Giggling Granny Serial Killer. She killed almost a dozen people through poison, including her own kids, and had no remorse whatsoever. I wonder if the girl staring at her knew something was up.


Boodigo.com. Porn search engine. Not as thorough as I hoped it would be, but still fairly useful for searching Tumblr, Blogger and Clips4Sale.
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Aspertools: The Practical Guide to Understanding and Embracing Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Neurodiversity by Harold Reitman. Layman's guide on how to interact with folks on the spectrum.

I found it to be surprisingly useful. Does a good job at explaining behaviors and how to handle them. I was particularly intrigued with the chapter on truthtelling. That is a quirk about Aspies that a lot of folks don't realize. We see through lies. We see through fallacies. It causes lots of problems because society's based on lies. You're not supposed to point out the elephants in rooms.
It Follows. 2015 horror movie about a girl pursued by a mysterious entity after she has sex with someone who is cursed.

I liked it. There really isn't that much violence or gore. It's just creepy seeing this shape-changing thing slowly walking towards you like Slender Man.

I'd like to see a sequel simply because I'm curious about the ground rules. If I flew to Brazil would it WALK there? How does this sex curse work anyway? Can I get away with just blowing someone? Giving them a handjob? Seems like the easiest solution is to have a threesome. You fuck someone then make sure they fuck the next person so you know damn well the curse aint coming back.
Cappy4444. Chaturbate webcam for an adorable 19-year-old bicurious guy. I love how he smiles and jokes around while jerking off. Note: You will only see action if he's online and up to something.
Playboy TV's Foursome: Jackie, Kevin, Danielle and Adam.


Porn Story. Reality show on the French porn channel Libido TV featuring seven guys and seven girls competing for fuck points. It's kind of like Temptation Island. Everybody's at a resort and fucking each other.

Blues For Willadean. 2012 indie drama about a housewife finding the courage to stand up to her abusive cheating husband. It was written and directed by Del Shores, who is known for his gay comedies "Sordid Lives" and "Southern Baptist Sissies." I met him at a gay movie festival last year. He was really funny.

I liked it. Bit cheesy at times. But had a sweet Fried Green Tomatoes/Thelma & Louise girl power theme to it. Great cast of character actors. I especially liked how realistic it was. It's a fairly accurate depiction of trailer park poverty. Scraping by. Farthest you ever go is to walk to the corner store. Reminded me of my life growing up.
Had a guy today tell me he just bought a $400 Playstation 4. Then asked me to watch his stuff while he went to the soup kitchen.

The little angel on my shoulder reminds me that I shouldn't judge. And that the guy is clearly mentally retarded.

But the little devil is dancing on the other side screaming FUCK THAT. And I can't help but to agree. I want to get my dad a Playstation 4. But I can't afford to. Because I have to pay bills. Meanwhile this lazy asshole is sitting around all the time doing nothing. Collecting a paycheck without working. Collecting SSI. Collecting Section 8. Collecting food stamps. Blows everything on toys. Then comes in dirty, reeking, whining about being poor and hungry.

Ugh. You just know he's gonna knock up his girlfriend and make another waste of space. He will get her SSI check too. Plus welfare. Plus more food stamps. Plus more Section 8. Plus a huge tax refund. Maybe even another SSI check if the kid comes out retarded, which is highly likely considering the gene pool.

And they'll all just sit around, drinking pop, playing videogames, watching cable, mooching off of everybody else without ever experiencing the slightest bit of shame. Just like their parents did before them. And like their kids will do after them. Until someone eventually wises up and realizes that the world would be a better place if all of these degenerates were sterilized.
Blew two guys on Monday.

I've got a regular booty call who lives down the road from me. He's one of the twin brothers that I blew awhile ago.  He's not really my type but I like that he's into group fun. He messaged me wanting me to come over but the timing sucked because I had to go to work. I told him I could if he gave me a ride. He thought that was too awkward. Then when I was on the bus to work he suddenly changed his mind and I managed to get off right in front of his house.

I asked him if he was cool with having any other folks come over. He invited his friend. I invited a black guy who I had been talking to on Grindr but didn't have a place to play. I blew him for a good twenty minutes. He almost came a number of times. His friend didn't show up but the black guy did. He was built like a linebacker. Nice thick cock. I sucked him dry. Really worked him over. Then I went back to my booty call and finished him off in less than thirty seconds. He was so ready to blow.

He gave me a ride to work. Said he was going out of town this weekend. But when he got back wanted to do some more group fun. Looking into sucking some more guys. Maybe even tag-teaming a bottom.
Obama surrenders to Iran. If you read the Wikileaks documents, the Iranians are laughing their ass off at Obama. They think he's a pussy and brag that John Kerry practically crawled on his knees begging for any kind of deal.

What does it accomplish?

  • Nuclear disarmament? HA! Not only are they still moving forward but now Saudi Arabia is getting nukes. Do we really want the Saudis, who bankrolled Al Qaeda and ISIS, to have nukes because we just opened that door. Obama says there's going to be checks and balances. But are they like his red line in the sand for chemical weapons? He pussied out of that one.
  • Peace in the Middle East? There's now a nasty cold war between Iran and a Sunni Muslim/Israel alliance. Just look at the civil war in Syria and Yemen. And all of the terrorist proxy fighters throughout the region.
  • Did Iran release its American prisoners? Nope. Obama didn't give a shit about them. 
My friends on the left whine that it's better than war. But we could have contained Iran without war. The sanctions were working. The mullahs were getting anxious because the young were revolting. But now the hardliners are going to get an influx of billions of dollars to prop them up longer. Thanks Obama.
I had a dream that a virus made everyone insane. The first 24 hours they're homicidal. After that they're simple-minded and don't talk. About two dozen local survivors decide to meet at a house.

On my way there I hear the word "fuck" and swear that it comes from a car with a punk rocker guy who has a mohawk in it but when I investigate he and his friend are just sitting there like mindless mutes. Then I run into a girl who stares at me, which is unusual behavior because everyone is in a zombie-like trance.

The house turns out to be an old mansion on a hill. The survivors are all between the ages of 25-35. I don't do well at parties so I wander around a lot. I'm also paranoid so I keep looking out the windows, down at the street, making sure everything's okay. Every once in awhile I'd catch the girl from earlier staring up at the house.

The party goes late into the night. Folks make friends. Folks fall in love. Some even hook up. I wake up at the crack of dawn. Check outside. And there's life again. Cars moving. Traffic. I'm dumbstruck. And that's how the dream ends.


Russian Lolita. 2007 Russian straight porn movie based on the classic novel about a girl who seduces her mother's lover. I thought her schoolgirl getup was a bit creepy but I have to admit the sex is hot. They really went at it.
Playboy TV's Foursome Season 4 Episode 4. I cracked up when the one guy ended up fucking the shit out of both girls while the other guy just sat there dumbstruck.
Gigolos Season 4 Episode 7. I don't get why women would pay some of these guys because they look and act so goofy.
Playboy TV's Swing Season 4 Episode Six. I liked the orgy at the end. At one point everyone pretty much stopped to watch one of the couples go at it.
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These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.




  • E. L. James. The "Fifty Shades of Grey" author is batshit crazy. That's why she's directing the sequels herself. Nobody wants to work with her.
  • One Direction. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson used to be close and hooked up with each other but lately they've been at each other's throats.
  • Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez. He's threatening to quit the tv-show they're doing together because of her diva behavior.


  • January Jones and Will Forte. Might break up. He thinks she's a jealous control freak. It will be awkward because they star together on "Last Man On Earth"
  • Kevin Dillon (Drama on Entourage). Acts like a prick. Won't even talk to a girl unless she's under 23.
  • Lady Gaga. Has been acting bonkers lately. Obsessing over plastic surgery and germs. It's probably because she realizes her boyfriend Taylor Kinney constantly cheats. 
  • Machine Gun Kelly. Is a sex addict. He says he feels better when he cums. If there's no girl around then he'll jerk off. He even admitted to fucking a watermelon once.
  • Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Are headed for divorce. She wants a huge settlement.
  • Suzanne Somers. When she was on "Step By Step" her husband knocked up 17-year-old actress Angela Watson. Somers flipped out and pushed her into getting an abortion.
  • Terrence Howard. Hit on women left and right at the Spike Guys Choice Awards while his wife awkwardly sat at a table.
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Kelly & Cal. 2014 indie drama about an unhappy suburban stay-at-home mom (Juliette Lewis) who befriends her wheelchair-bound neighbor (Jonny Weston).

It was okay. They had great chemistry. Was disappointed that they didn't have sex. Would've been hot to have seen her riding his dick.
Reese Rideout. Gay male porn star.

His real name is Nicholas Dent. He started doing porn in 2006 when he was 24. Promoted by Randy Blue and appearing in magazines such as "Playgirl" and "Men" his career quickly took off. He's done a few straight porn scenes, but he's mainly famous for being gay-for-pay. He's appeared with his wife on VH1 and "The Bill Cunningham Show" to talk about it.

In 2013, he quit porn altogether. His wife seemed less than thrilled with his line of work. He also wasn't too keen on bottoming. That's the thing with porn. If you're a female in straight porn or a male in gay porn, you're going to be pushed hard to do anal. Since then he's been trying to become an actor while remaining open to doing more modeling work.

Here's a sample of his work:

Girl jerks and fucks guy completely wrapped in plastic.


Guy fills Barbie Doll up with his cum.
Girl has sex with ventriloquist dummy. Well that was weird and creepy.
German dominatrix leads sex slave girl in to be gangbanged by group of nerdy nervous guys
Girl gets fucked by legless amputee guy with a big dick.
Vodka, Weed & Seed. Guy gets gangbanged on Fraternity X. While I can't condone bareback sex I do have to admit that fucking an ass full of cum is hot.
Guy smokes while pounding girl's pussy in scene from "Hellraiser III." I remember jerking off to this as a kid, back before the days of the internet when the only thing available was softcore porn movies from Skinemax or the video store.
LifeAfterYou. Over 150 XHamster videos of full-frontal nude guys in movies.
Maggie. 2015 drama about a father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) staying by the side of his daughter (Abigail Breslin) who has been infected with a zombie virus.

I liked it. Better than I expected. It's not a traditional zombie movie. In this case, society has barely managed to survive the zombie apocalypse because the infection rate is way longer (takes weeks to turn).