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My boss's boss has been driving me bonkers lately. They've been out for a month so I guess I'm making up for time. It's the terrible combination of someone who's extremely stupid and inconsistent but also at the same time pissy and petty. I've had more success interacting with brain-damaged toddlers than them.

Here's an example of a typical interaction:
Boss's Boss: I was told you got envelopes with windows in them the other day.
Me: No.
Boss's Boss: (returns ten minutes later) I found them on your desk! (waves them at me like they've caught me in a lie)
Me: Those don't have windows in them. And I got those months ago.
Boss's Boss: (glares at me and walks away)
Stupid shit like that wears you down because they're constantly looking to fuck you over.


Corporate white guy beats progressive black woman in Maryland Democrat US Senate race.
This is why I roll my eyes at the Democrats. They brag about diversity, yet turn their back on having the only African-American woman in the Senate. Instead they turn the seat over to a corporate hack who's accepted millions of dollars in bribes from lobbyists.


2015 drama based on the novel about a kidnapped woman living in a shed with her five year old son, who has never seen the outside world.

I liked it. I'm disappointed that Jacob Tremblay, who plays the little boy, didn't get a nomination let alone an Oscar. He made the movie.

My main nitpick is that it didn't seem realistic for them to be in that shed for all those years. Their captor wasn't exactly the brightest bulb around. The movie also makes a bizarre argument that breastfeeding is a natural birth control. That's sort of true for new mothers but not FIVE years later. I just thought it was weird they went that route considering that the book said she was forced to take birth control to prevent future pregnancies.


Uncertain Logic (Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation #3)Uncertain Logic by Christopher L. Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked it. Made me miss Enterprise. The show was just hitting its stride and focusing on the birth of the Federation when it got cancelled.

This focuses on three stories. The return of Vulcan traitor V'Las. The origins of the mysterious advanced space station in the episode "Dead Stop." And the first major contact between the Deltans and the Federation.

I especially enjoyed the focus on sexuality. That's rarely ever discussed in Star Trek. But we got to learn about gay Vulcans as well as the diametrically different views that Orions and Deltans have towards sex.

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The Forest.
2016 horror movie about a woman who goes to search for her sister in Japan's Suicide Forest.

I couldn't get into it. I loved the idea behind it. The forest is real and is supposed to be one of the most haunted places on earth because it's famous for being where folks go to die. But the scares were few and far between. The story was goofy and convoluted. And I didn't like how the Japanese were portrayed. It bordered on being racist.


Taboo Secrets 14.
Family game night ends with guy fucking his stepsister while his parents watch.
Straight porn tube featuring Filipino sex videos.
Sex Contest.
Katie Cummings and her boyfriend compete to see who can cum the fastest.
Father Son Bonding.
Dad walks in on his son fucking his stepdaughter and joins in.
Little Sister Blowjob Practice.
Katie Cummings sucks off her stepbrother.
Forced Aphrodesiac.
Japanese straight porn movie featuring two guys forcing girls to fuck in a hospital.
500 Person Sex.
Japanese straight porn movie featuring 250 couples fucking in a giant orgy in a warehouse. I've seen clips of this before but this is the whole thing.
Manila Exposed 8.
Straight Filipino movie featuring couples fucking.
Straight Australian guy Leon gets sucked and jerked by twink in gloryhole.
Scene from All Australian Boys. Usually the gay guys are ugly but this one was pretty. Shame he wasn't any good because he couldn't get the other guy off.
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Scene from All Australian Boys.
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I Bred My New Stepdad 3.
Gay porn scene from Juicy Boys featuring Vadim Black bringing his friend Dylan Bridges over to get fucked by his stepdad David West.
Tie That Bitch Up 2.
Gay porn scene from Fraternity X featuring a group of college guys fucking a guy tied to a bed.
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Scene from Ungloryhole.
Female Ted Cruz lookalike agrees to do porn.
She went viral after appearing on Maury Povich. Xhamster is offering ten grand for a six minute sex tape between her and her boyfriend. The boyfriend actually aint that bad looking. He cleaned up nice on the show. Curious to see how this turns out. I think it would be funny if he fucked her in the ass.
2014 Spanish-language gay porn movie with English subtitles about a horny young bottom in Buenos Aires. Really hot. It's almost three hours long and features eight sex scenes. I wish more movies were like this.


British porn star Rebecca M. Student fucks college guy on top of parking garage.
Scene from Female Fake Taxi.
All In Brandi.
Scene from the Reality Kings series Moms Bang Teens featuring MILF Brandi Love having a threesome with her stepdaughter Katy Kiss and Katy's boyfriend.
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Straight porn scene from Naughty Weddings.


I love my cousin dearly, but his six-year-old boy is a holy terror. I spent the day at the zoo with them and the kid was just a psycho. Screaming, kicking, pitching huge temper tantrums. I WANT A JOLLY RANCHER! I WANT TO RIDE THE TRAIN! I WANT TO SEE THE GIRAFFES! I WANT A DRINK! FUCK YOU BITCH! MOTHERFUCKER! My cousin and his wife would ignore him, then cave in. My cousin would just laugh at it all, joking that he probably had ADD and that they had the police called on them once in Kroger because of a temper tantrum.

I didn't want to say anything. My cousin was nice and got me into the zoo for free. I'm not a parent so I don't feel right in lecturing others about their kids. But I don't think he needs medication. Or even a spanking. He just needs discipline.
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A Shared Jack Off Becomes A Lot More.
Gay porn scene from Bare Twinks featuring Dakota White and Zack Love.
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Gay porn scene from Bare Twinks featuring Elijah Young topping Dakota White. They have good chemistry. They flipped positions in a previous scene.
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Gay porn scene from Next Door Studios featuring Dylan Knight and Ian Levine.


The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural HistoryThe Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can see why the author won a Pulitzer. Her experience as a writer for magazines such as The New Yorker helps her make the science accessible. The writing is very breezy, even funny at times, but the point is extremely bleak. The earth has had five major extinction events and we may very well be in the process of the sixth.

It's not just climate change. Oceans are becoming dead zones because of acification. Forests are being wiped out. Thousands of animals are facing extinction. It's most likely too late to reverse the damage. Our grandchildren will inherit a dead world.

On a happier note, I enjoyed reading about my hometown of Cincinnati. The author visits the world-famous zoo and makes a pit stop at the Big Bone Lick state park nearby. I was also fascinated by the information about the other human species. There's a great misconception that Neanderthals came before modern humans. That's not true. Evidence now shows that modern homo sapiens competed against Neanderthals, hobbit-like dwarf people and at least one other humanoid species. The traces of these other species can even be found in our DNA.

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The crackhead at work finally got fired. I'm not sure what exactly did them in but I think they were caught cheating on their timesheet. Of course it took the folks in charge six months to figure that out. That's what was so frustrating about them. They really weren't that mean. It's just that they were so stupid and lazy it was maddening watching them bumble on along and get away with it. Hopefully some of the lazy college kids and the drunk guy in the other department will perk up now


Grease Live.
I'm surprised at how much I liked it. The music was good and it was just fun to watch.

I'm happy to see musicals make a comeback. Although I'm surprised NBC and Fox are doing it. I thought ABC would have been the one to lead the way considering they're owned by Disney and it has a lot of experience with musicals.


Fairest, Vol 4: Of Men and MiceFairest, Vol 4: Of Men and Mice by Marc Andreyko
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A rather disappointing Cinderella story. There really was no need to revisit her origin story. It just felt very meh, which is a shame because she's one of the more interesting of the Fables, a badass superspy.

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Cooking Dicks.
Scene from Dick Dorm featuring two guys fucking in dorm room.
Security cam video of off-duty Brazilian cop blowing older hustler in gas station.
That was surprisingly hot. They did it in the open with folks pumping gas next to them.
Two tattooed straight white thugs jerk off together while watching porn.
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He had weird hands.
Short cell phone video of Chicago black guy fucking girl on floor.
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This was very nicely done. If I ever hit the lottery, I'm going to be a porn producer. My straight videos will be like this. Round up a group of blacks, Latinos, frat boys, jocks, etc. to fuck girls on camera for me.
Twink tapes himself getting sucked off by his sister's friend.
Over a hundred videos of a fat old white guy sucking dick and getting fucked, often with black guys.
Young black guy cums three times while pounding old fat white guy's ass.
That was really hot. He was gorgeous and just kept going.
Fat old black guy tapes himself deepthroating straight black guy's big dick.
Empty Nose Syndrome.
Controversial disorder where folks feel something is very wrong after nose/sinus surgery. They say they can't breathe. They become overwhelmed with anxiety and depression. Some end up committing suicide. Michael Jackson may have had it.
The Jackoff Tape.
Scene from MEN. Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Jack King after discovering his jackoff tape.
Gay porn tube site. Has a lot of annoying pop-up ads but the selection is nice.
Brett Bradley and Sam Truitt use Nate Oakley.
Old lady gets gangbanged by four orderlies in retirement home.
Frat guy leads girl back to his dorm to get gangbanged by his roommates.
Some of the guys looked like they were pushing forty but I still liked the setup behind it.
College guy gets gangbanged by three frat boys after losing bet on football game.
Scene from Fraternity X.
London Has Fallen.
2016 action movie about a terrorist attack in London that kills the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Canada and Japan and causes the American president to go missing.

I thought the first movie, Olympus Has Fallen, was better but I still liked it. Gerard Butler made a great take-no-prisoners badass.

My only nitpick was the overabundance of bad guys. An army of over a hundred terrorists controlling the city just seems silly.


Batman Vs Robin.
2015 animated movie.

I liked it. I'm not a big fan of the Court of Owls storyline. I think the idea of a centuries-old secret society in Gotham is rather dumb. But I did like Batman's son Damian Wayne as Robin. It was also nice seeing Nightwing and Alfred in action.
Brussels terrorist starred in documentary about the successful integration of immigrants.
The Cancel Bear.
Provides a nice look at how network shows are faring for renewal. I'm hooked on The Family, American Crime, and Limitless but it looks like they might not make it.
Ashland Oil drops medical/dental insurance for retirees.
A lot of companies and organizations are doing this. It's shitty because they justify lower salaries by saying that they offer generous benefits packages. But then later down they road they cut it all. When you point out that CEOs still retain their benefits after they leave they say that executive compensation is separate and act like the universe itself will implode if you dare break the sacred bond between a CEO and his money.
Geisha Ladies Vol. 2.
Vintage Japanese straight porn movie. It's interesting because the genitals aren't pixelated like most Japanese movies.
Madchen 2000.
Also known as Lolitas 2000. 1980 German straight porn movie. It was filmed on location in Hamburg and features a public foursome on a boat in the harbor.
Girl fucks dorky friend on a dare and discovers that he's a well-hung sex machine.
Three German guys pick up girl in casino and fuck her in their hotel room.
Fictional Crossover.
Cool Wiki that lists crossovers and links between fictional works. It's a nice guide to the multiverse. DC, Marvel, Disney, videogames, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Transformers, G. I. Joe, Ghostbusters, zombies, they're all linked together.


Zombies Vs Robots: DiplomacyZombies Vs Robots: Diplomacy by Jeff Conner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nice mix of short stories set in the "Zombies Vs Robots" comic book series. Some are dark. Some are silly. I wish there were more locations than Britain and Russia.

The series is interesting in that the zombie apocalypse is far more slow moving. Countries have time to prepare for zombie hordes at their borders instead of a global pandemic happening all at once. I also like the idea of robots being the ultimate zombie weapon, although they do have their shortcomings (run out of ammunition, going rogue, being overwhelmed by the sheer size of zombie hordes).

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My mom wears me down with the thermostat. It's never warm or cool enough for her.

Half the year she's like a lizard. Wants the house to be a steamy eighty degrees.

The other half of the year she says she can't breathe and wants it to be freezing.

I end up with ginormous utility bills. I could take a trip to Japan with what I pay, especially during the winter with the gas heating bills. Ugh.


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British gangster Paddy O'Brian jerks off watching his henchman Christian Wilde punish J. P. Dubois by fucking the shit out of him.
Scene from the 2011 gay porn movie Addicted to Cock.
Dads Fuck Lads 2.
2009 gay porn movie featuring older guys fucking younger guys. I feel old. One of the "dads" was only two years older than me :-(
Swim team jerks off together.
Scene from Horny Model Boys.
Brendon Marley sucks straight Italian beefcake Giovanni.
Cute Kentucky college student shows off his dick on Grindr.
Black guy jerks off in bed while watching neighbor through the window.
That giant ground-level bedroom window made me cringe. I kept thinking about the vulnerability to zombie attack.
Guys suck strippers at party.
Scene from Sausage Party.
Hidden video of guy sucking dick in bathroom gloryhole.
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Shows off his huge dick.
Guy takes nude pictures of himself trying to hook up with his sister-in-law.
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I like how they show both sides of the door.
Straight young redneck from Arkansas looks at porn magazine while getting his dick sucked by fat gay guy.
2015 drama about the 1969 New York City riots that helped launch the gay rights movement.

It was okay. Yummy eye candy (Jeremy Irvine). But the story is a hot mess and heavily whitewashed.

Director Roland Emmerich (Stargate, Independence Day, The Day After, White House Down) is better known for big-budget action movies. This was a very oddball movie for him.

My biggest complaint was the screwed up history. Stonewall was a riot of drag queens, butch lesbians and gay hustlers. Many were black and Hispanic. Instead we get this cute white guy hanging out on Sesame Street. The Stonewall bar's Mafia connections are hinted at, but instead they go off the deep end with a bizarre storyline about a serial killer J. Edgar Hoover in drag killing pretty boys. In the end, the riot isn't about police brutality and discrimination. It's a lover's spat turned into a drunken parade. Gah. Talk about fucking it all up.

I was also disappointed that the sex was sanitized. All of these 1970s hustlers fucking around and yet the sex was only hinted at. It's a shame because I'd really like to see a movie depicting the gay sexual liberation movement at its height before AIDS.


Catholic Church won't say why it fired longtime high school principal.
They said they were going in a different direction because enrollment is down, but this is why. Folks don't want to waste thousands of dollars a year in tuition on an organization that is so secretive and imperious.
Arab guy jerks off.
Scene from Keumgay.
Tattooed skateboarders Tony and Kee jerk off and get sucked.
The Danish Girl.
2015 drama loosely based on the true story of Lili Elbe, one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

I liked it. We still have so far to go. I was reading the comments about a transgender person who wanted their employer to cover surgery and ninety five percent of the response was hateful and bigoted.

My only nitpick is that the history was off. The wife, Gerda, wasn't straight. At the very least she was bisexual.

I'm happy that Alicia Vikander won an Oscar for playing Gerda, although it's weird that it was for Best Supporting Actress considering she actually had MORE screen time than Eddie Redmayne.

Nicole Kidman was originally set to play transgender Lili in the movie. A wide range of actresses (Charlize Theron, Uma Thurman, Rachel Weisz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotilllard) were up for the wife. But then everyone had to bow out. Which probably is a good thing because all of that star power would have made it into a cheesy Victor/Victoria kind of movie.

There are rumors that Eddie Redmayne was so great in the role because he was already a crossdresser. I don't know about that. But I do think he's played around with guys before. He's too pretty to be straight.


1930s black-and-white stag film featuring a guy having a threesome with his wife and a black maid.
Very rare, especially because it has a black woman. It was actually easier to get black guys to do porn than women.
Thomas Coumans strips nude in the 2015 French short film "Tout Von Bien."
Two German mechanic brothers fuck MILFs in their garage.
I haven't paid for porn in years, but this is nice because it has a huge archive of gay and straight webcam sex shows from sites like Chaturbate and Cam4.
Over fifty videos of a Colombian guy jerking off and fooling around with two girls.
Almost thirty videos of a cute 21-year-old gay guy from Georgia jerking off and fooling around with guys on his Chaturbate webcam.
Naturalkim Chaturbate webcam sex show.
Surfer couple. She's 25. He's 31, tattooed, either Hispanic or Asian.
Tennessee Republican who sponsored a bill banning transgender people from using public restrooms has been accused of being a sexual predator who preyed on THIRTY FOUR women.


Disgraced lawyer Stan Chesley and his wife flip out while describing home invasion.
I'm sorry they had to go through that, but it's ironic considering they're both bleeding heart liberals and have made their careers out of making excuses for criminals.
Republicans don't want to spend money on stopping Zika virus.
We can spend money on corporate tax cuts, pork-barrel spending, kickbacks to defense contractors, subsidies for Big Agriculture, foreign aid to terrorist nations like Pakistan...but stopping a virus that could give birth defects to millions of babies. Nope. No money for that. So sorry.
Private Teacher.
1983 straight porn movie about a horny young man living with his aunt. It's considered a cult classic and helped launch the career of Tom Byron.

Favorite Scenes:

  • Tom Byron jerks off while looking through telescope watching nympho neighbor girls Joanna Storm and Laurie Smith having a threesome with Paul Thomas. It's rare for a guy to jerk off and cum solo in a straight porn movie.
  • The neighbor girls have a kinky party with Blair Harris and Marc Wallice. At one point the guys are wearing aluminum foil space suits.
  • Tom Byron fucks his tutor Kay Parker.
  • Tom Byron has threesome with his tutor and aunt Honey Wilder.
Crossdresser Collection #5.
Compilation of sissy twinks in dresses fucking.
Jerky Girls Vol. 101.
Compilation of girls jerking off guys.
Redneck lies in bed and gets his dick sucked by older gay guy while his wife is at work.
California labor union that fought for $15 minimum wage demands an exemption for itself.
This is why unions have lost their way. They've gotten so sleazy. Give us a kickback and we'll let you do whatever you want with your employees.
Japanese Sex Club Party Orgy
Adopted Son-In-Law Goes After Mother-In-Law's Big Tits.
Two-hour long Japanese straight porn movie.
Giant orgy at Club Davida in Prague.
Tattooed Latino thug pulls schoolgirl into garage and fucks the shit out of her.
Scene from Brutal Pickups.
Girl gets fucked by werewolf beast monster in the forest.


German porn star Cora fucks 18-year-old fan she picked up at a convention.
Father and son fuck French maid.
Not sure why they went with this scenario. The guys look like they were the same age.
Bad boy fucks girlfriend on couch while her dad dozes in his chair and her mom watches tv next to them.


My take on the second season debut of "Fear the Walking Dead." Spoilers ahead.


The Slow Regard of Silent Things (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2.5)The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Meh. The author says it himself. It's a trunk story, a throwaway meant to be a thought experiment that he put out there just for the hell of it.

Auri is an interesting character. Very strange and eccentric. But it doesn't really explain much about her or reveal anything new about the Kingkiller Chronicles series. Just 150 pages of her hanging out in the sewers.

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These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.

Penny Marshall
The "Laverne & Shirley" star has entered hospice because she's dying of lung cancer :-(

Bella Thorne.
The former Disney star has been serving as a fake girlfriend/beard for Gregg Sulkin while having an affair with pervy studio head Harvey Weinstein.

Julie Bowen.
The mom from "Modern Family" is actually ultra-conservative and anti-gay.

Paris Jackson.
Michael Jackson's troubled 17-year-old daughter has been sleeping with a nasty drug dealer in his forties.

Tom Felton.
Draco from "Harry Potter" cheats constantly on his girlfriend.

Jennifer Lawrence.
Says she hasn't had sex in eight months.

Leonardo DiCaprio.
Has been hooking up with high-end trannies.

Katt Williams.
The comedian is so broke and crazy he's taken to stealing drugs from drug dealers.

Janet Jackson.
Cancelled her tour because few people bought tickets.

Bradley Cooper.
Tried hard to hook up with British race car driver Lewis Hamilton.

Kevin Spacey.
When he sees a cute guy he wants to fuck, he gives him a bag with a razor, shaving cream and his favorite cologne in it to freshen up first.

Dave Grohl.
Had a threesome with his wife and Demi Lovato.

Naya Rivera.
The former "Glee" actress is writing a tell-all outing co-stars Matthew Morrison and Darren Criss and accusing Lea Michelle of being a whore.

Queen Latifah.
Got into a big fight with her girlfriend because she wants to stay in the closet even though they're adopting a baby.

Daisy Ridley.
"Rey" from Star Wars: Force Awakens is in the lead to play Lara Croft: Tomb Raider if she can pass a drug test.

Pee Wee's Big Holiday.
2016 comedy from Netflix starring Pee-wee Herman.

I was disappointed with it. The story was weird and uneven. It has no ties to the previous movies. Pee-wee acts very pissy and sarcastic. Joe Manganiello was very out of place. I just didn't get it.
Fat gay guy sucks nerdy straight redneck.
Straight guy lets his gay cousin practice sucking his dick.
Guy tapes himself getting deepthroated in car by young hustler.
It was even hotter that he was parked on a busy street during the day.
Tranny sucks off three Latino straight guys.
Gay couple invite straight friend over to suck his dick.
Arab guy fucks big black tranny in stairwell.
He was cute, smooth and had a nice big dick. Usually Arab guys are the opposite.


Star Wars:  The Essential Guide to Planets and MoonsStar Wars:  The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons by Daniel  Wallace
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It's nice to flip through but it's extremely outdated, applying to the now-defunct Star Wars Expanded Universe. Unfortunately it's also in black-and-white with location scenes postcard size so you don't get to see much.

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The Machinist.
2004 psychological thriller about a man battling paranoia and insomnia.

I couldn't get into it. Christian Bale did a great job. It was scary how much weight he lost for the role. Looked like he was dying. And I appreciate the fact that they tried something different, a mix of Alfred Hitchcock and Philip K. Dick, as we see someone descend into madness. But overall the story was just way too weird and surreal for me. I spend all day on the crazy train, don't need any more rides, thank you very much.
Ford develops stealthy light bar for cop cars.
I enjoyed reading the comments. Folks are starting to wake up and realize that libertarians are right about the unnecessary militarization of the police. In most advanced countries, cop cars are brightly colored and are set up to help with roadside assistance and emergency aid. But in America, we've gone the opposite direction. They're darkly colored, built like tanks, made to hide. You used to be able to rely on cops to  help with flat tires or keys locked inside. Now they're like, fuck you, call AAA.
Compilation of black guys fucking girls in a restroom stall.
I wonder where this was filmed at.


MILF Julia Ann jerks her stepson off and makes him eat his cum.
Frat boys get tired of guy's trash-talking so they tie him up and gangbang him.
Scene from Fraternity X.
Nerdy Asian twink sucks his white friend's big dick on webcam.
I wish there was sound.
Married straight friends Austin and Santana jerk off together.
A Nightmare on Twink Street.
2010 spoof from Bare Twinks.

Favorite Scenes:

  • Freddy Krueger twink fucking his bound victims. Although I could've done without some of the dildos. I've never been a big fan of toys.
  • The orgy at the end when they tie Freddy Krueger twink up and gangbang him.
12 Dicks and One Boy.
Czech guys gangbang a twink bottom.
Skater boys Brick Danger and Jessy Jones fuck horny soccer mom in the back of her van.
Scene from Brazzers.
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I'm stressed out and aggravated.

My mom's lost her shit. She was no-call, no-show at work. I asked her what was up and she rambled something about taking a stand, wanting to cut her hours back to twelve hours a week. I know what's going to happen. She's going to spend all weekend drunk. Then Monday morning she'll have a panic attack and freak out. May even end up in the hospital for a breathing treatment/breakdown. I told her that if she loses her job, then she'll be quitting smoking and drinking too. I can't afford to pay for her habits.

In other news, Windows 10 is being fucktarded. The latest update did something screwy with the internet. Makes it cut out randomly now. Apparently the fix is incredibly convoluted and involves mucking around with the registry. Ugh. Fuck you Bill Gates.



I had the owner of my former favorite bar block me on Facebook today because they posted a long hysterical diatribe against Bernie Sanders and I politely disagreed with them.

Part of me's sad. I've known them for almost ten years. I spent more time in their bar than just about all of the other bars combined. God only knows how much business I threw their way by hosting parties and bringing friends there. To trash one of your most loyal customers because you can't stand anyone disagreeing with you is stupid. Especially when you make it a point to brag that your bar is the most inclusive place in the area. Seriously? My friend told me that anyone who so much hinted at disagreeing was blocked and deleted. An hour later he messaged me, surprised to discover that HE had suddenly been blocked too because he had liked one of the offending comments. Talk about batshit crazy.

Part of me's angry. I gave him a pass because his meds make him nutty, but then his partner piled on and doubled down. I can see now why they have a reputation in the local gay community for being nasty old queens. That's why they don't really advertise as a gay bar anymore. The gays know they're fake. They brag about being one of the first gay couples to marry...even though their whole relationship is a sick sugar daddy arrangement. The younger partner is a hustler-turned-houseboy-turned-caregiver who is now in control of the money. The older guy waxes nostalgic about being an early victim of AIDS. What he doesn't like to say is that he got infected by being a sub bottom at dungeon sex parties and the he almost faced criminal prosecution for not disclosing his status to over a dozen people that he infected. He brags about being a small businessman. But he got all of his money from his mother's inheritance and has pretty much burned through it all by remodeling the bar, living lavishly and trying to turn his house in Covington into a winery of all places.

So yeah. Good riddance. Five years from now the bar will be under a new owner, the old queen will be long gone and his partner will be scraping by on whatever pennies are left hoping that their own houseboy will take care of them.


The Age of Selfishness: Ayn Rand, Morality, and the Financial CrisisThe Age of Selfishness: Ayn Rand, Morality, and the Financial Crisis by Darryl Cunningham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm a big fan of non-fiction graphic novels. This one does a great job at exposing Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan and the crooks responsible for the financial crisis. My only nitpick is that it peters out towards the end trying to explain why conservatives are stupid selfish people. I do agree that we live in an age of greed and selfishness but there's way more at work than the traditional left-right debate.

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2015 drama based on the true story a pathologist who discovers brain damage in football players.

I was surprised at how much I liked it. I'm not a fan of sports, Will Smith or Alec Baldwin but they all worked well.

Common sense says that if you hit your head over and over again, you're going to have damage, and yet so many folks seem totally blind to that. In fact, Kansas recently loosened rules on high school football by letting chiropractors rule on concussions instead of medical doctors. They put the game over the health and safety of kids.

I have nothing but contempt for the NFL. It's such a shady corrupt organization. Billionaire owners blackmailing communities into paying for their stadiums. The league makes billions of dollars but doesn't pay ANY taxes because it's considered a special non-profit. I feel bad for the players who have had medical issues, but at the same time, they've always put personal greed over health and safety issues.


Audition Party.
Scene from Bang Bros's Fuck Team Five series featuring a group of average guys fucking porn stars.
Buddy Hollywood fucks Amber Lynn.
Scene from Naughty America's My Friend's Hot Mom.
2014 French straight porn movie from Marc Dorcel about horny guards and prisoners.

It received a number of nominations including AVNs for Best Director and Best Foreign Sex Scene as well as an XBiz nomination for Best European Movie.
Argentine actor Joaquin Ferreira swings his big dick around on stage.
Bases Loaded.
Scene from Helix featuring Max Carter and Noah White fucking after a baseball game.
Male stripper Rob Burry fucks Heather.
Scene from Hot Guys Fuck.
Barebacked In Prison.
Scene from Bromo featuring Zane Anders and Rocko South taking turns fucking each other.
English rugby player Josh Charnley shows off his cock.


NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of NeurodiversityNeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A great look at the past, present and future of autism.

We get profiles of Oliver Sacks, Temple Grandin, Austrian Dr. Hans Asperger, 18th-century scientist Henry Cavendish, the folks behind the movie "Rain Man."

A look at the dark side of autism. The controversy over vaccines, nutritional supplements, questionable therapies. Nazis, eugenics and group homes. The DSM, which sets standards even though it's a for-profit company that has its own interests at heart.

The rise of autism rights and neurodiversity. A new way of thinking where we accept folks for being different instead of treating them like they're damaged.

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I had a Facebook friend threaten to block me because she thought I was too mean towards Hillary Clinton. It makes me sad. She's a friend of a friend, a retired Japanese-American woman who grew up in Southern California but now lives in Hawaii and likes to spend her free time traveling the world and visiting her son in Chicago. I've always enjoyed talking to her but I'm not going to censor myself because she wants to live in a bubble.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves about Americans. In many countries, even totalitarian communist ones like Cuba, folks have passionate debates without taking it personally. But in America, everyone thinks they're special and confrontation should be avoided at all costs because it's "negative." It's one reason why the system is broken. Everyone's stupid.
New Jersey has to rethink its entire budget because one rich guy moved.
This is why we need to rethink the tax system. It's a mess. Conservative states tax the fuck out of the poor. Liberal states tax the fuck out of the rich. Nobody really wins.


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Scene from WTF Pass.
Three Russian guys fuck horny drunk bride outside on a picnic.
Scene from WTF Pass.
Two Russian guys tape themselves fucking girl in abandoned house.
Scene from My Pickup Girls.
MILF Nina Hartley has her husband pull over so she can fuck young hitchhiker Dale DaBone.
I'm far from an expert on pussies, but her snatch looked weird. Also what was up with that bathtub sitting outside in the middle of nowhere???
Twelve minute video of woman getting fucked by guys at a biker rally.
I'm surprised there aren't more videos like this. I'd also love to see a Sons of Anarchy-type porn series.
Husband tapes his wife jerking off young guy's big dick on nude beach.
Old man tries to ignore Bill Bailey fucking schoolgirl next to him at the bus stop.
Hidden video of two guys and two girls fucking side by side on a beach.
I like how the guys kept looking at each other.


Patient Zero (Joe Ledger, #1)Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It starts out strong. I liked the idea of soldiers trying to stop terrorists from starting the zombie apocalypse. But then it gets really hokey with cheesy Bond villains and Scooby Doo-style reveals.

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Three Japanese nerds hypnotize schoolgirl and turn her into a sex slave.
Japanese guy fucks drunk girl in bar restroom.
Guy blackmails his stepmom Jodi West into fucking.
Two female cops force two guys to fuck after catching them smoking pot.
Girl walks in on her mom sucking her boyfriend in the kitchen and joins in.
Japanese guy fucks schoolgirl after catching her peeing outside.


Puppet Master 4.
1994 horror movie about killer puppets.

It was okay. It continues the trend away from horror and more towards adventure fantasy. This time the puppets protect their new master, a young scientist studying robots, from killer totem dolls sent by a demon lord angry that another person is trying to steal the secret of animation.

The demon lord was really hokey. Looked like a reject from a Power Rangers episode.
These are possible answers to celebrity blind items. Who knows if they're true or not, but you'd be surprised at how many of them do end up panning out. You can see the full list here.

Chace Crawford and Matt McGrory.
The two closeted actors may have hooked up.

Harry Styles.
The closeted One Direction star was seen in West Hollywood with his boyfriend.

Avril Lavigne.
Has been cheating on her husband with singer Ryan Cabrera.

Bradley Cooper.
The closeted actor is thinking about hiring Naomi Campbell to be his next fake girlfriend (beard).

Channing Tatum.
A German escort is claiming that he liked to handcuff her and pee on her.

Simon Baker.
The former "Mentalist" star has a beach shack love nest in Australia that he uses for his groupies.

James Franco.
Has found another sixteen year old girl to creep on.

A$AP Rocky.
A woman in a night club accidentally spilled her drink on his obnoxious fur coat. The rapper responded by punching her in the stomach and making her lick his coat before pushing her away.

Matt Lauer.
Is pissed because NBC has told him to stop cheating on his wife with employees, but he can't quit because nobody else wants him.

Kirsten Dunst.
Fell off the wagon and is boozing again.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.
Will probably get a divorce soon because they're constantly cheating and fighting with each other.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Recap.
Here's my take. Spoiler's ahead.

If Maggie miscarries, will the dead baby inside turn her into a zombie? I've never thought about that. Wouldn't that be freaky. A dead baby trying to claw its way out.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes a great Negan. I think he's better than his comic book alternative, who was a little too over the top.

I think in the seventh season we'll find out that the nerdy knights that Morgan encountered are from The Kingdom, a group of survivors living in a high school. Although I doubt their leader Ezekiel will have a pet tiger like he does in the comic books. I also think we'll find out that Negan formed the Saviors to kill the Wolves and other rogue bands that were terrorizing everyone.

Some folks are griping about the cliffhanger, but I liked it. Savvy move because it sets up interest for the season 7 premiere. Although I would have made it way darker and had HALF the cast executed.

Everyone has their own theory on who Negan executes. My money is on Michonne. It's for a number of reasons.

  • Negan doesn't want to kill Rick because he wants him to suffer.
  • He won't kill Carl because he rather likes the idea of a one-eyed psycho kid. They actually have an interesting relationship in the comic books which I hope gets explored on the show. He's also shrewd enough to understand that if he killed his son, Rick would NEVER obey. That's the real goal. He wants slaves. 
  • I don't think the producers have the balls to kill Daryl off. Especially since there's unresolved business between him and Dwight.
  • A lot of folks are pointing to Eugene. But my gut says no. 
  • The producers said that a beloved fan-favorite cast member would die. That rules out Aaron and Rosita, who are too minor.
  • I don't think they're gonna mess with Maggie because they want the pregnancy story to unfold. 
  • Glenn was killed by Negan in the comic books. And he could still very well die. But I don't think it's his time yet.
  • That leaves Sasha, Abraham and Michonne. 
    • I think it would be a HUGE shock if Michonne died. It makes sense. It was odd that Negan didn't say anything to her. It would also devastate Rick. Lord knows his relationships never work out...
    • But I think the producers are too squeamish about having a woman being beat to death. The Hollywood feminists would lose their shit. That means Michonne and Sasha are safe.
    • So that leaves us with Abraham. It would make sense for him to die because he's a big burly guy and seeing him pulverized would be horrific. It would also set up an interesting storyline for next season as Eugene, Rosita and Sasha all deal with his death.
Amber Rayne gets fucked in the ass by James Deen.
She passed away in her sleep over the weekend. She was one of a number of women who accused James Deen of being abusive towards them.

Germany imprisons woman for refusing to pay public broadcasting fee.
I've never been a big fan of the European format. You're just paying a tax to prop up government propaganda.
Three American college guys tape themselves taking turns fucking Mexican prostitute.
An old favorite of mine. I like how blunt she was. She told the first guy he took too long. The second guy that he was too rough. While the third guy she just said fuck it and made him jerk himself off. I liked the ending when they told her they'd hit her up again next week. I wish there were more videos like this.


Had a threesome fail tonight.

A fuck buddy invited me over to suck him and his two friends. But I had to hold off because I was watching the Walking Dead season finale. When I got back to him he said that he sucked one guy and invited a different guy over to fuck. I was down for that.

I get there and it's pitch black. All I could make out was that they were both on the bed naked and making out. I strip, stumble over and start sucking his dick. Then I moved over to the other guy who had a nice big dick. I sucked him while he ate out my fuck buddy.

My fuck buddy says it's time to fuck. I put on a condom and ask for lube. He says he's out. Ugh. It's not like porn movies. In real life, you can't even get your dick in without it. True to form, I try to fuck the other guy doggy-style but can't get in. I have him try to ride me but we still have trouble. My fuck buddy takes over and tries to fuck him. I get my phone so I can see what the hell is going on. I shine the light on them. Much to my shock, the other guy is an HIV positive bottom I've encountered before.

Gah! I put my clothes back on and got out of there.

The good news is I had a condom on and I don't think I even managed to penetrate him. The bad news is he did have his dick in my mouth. So I'll have to get tested in six months to make sure I'm okay. I'll also have to kick my fuck buddy to the curb. I can't suck his dick anymore without being paranoid.


College frat boys gangbang guy in bathroom.
I think it's from Fraternity X.
Irish soccer (football) player Cathal McCarron sucks dick, gets fucked then turns the guy over and fucks him.
Not sure if he's even gay. He said he did porn because he was a gambling addict at the time and needed money.
My Israeli Platoon.
Gay porn movie featuring Israeli soldiers fucking.

Favorite Scenes:

  • The opening scene with the four-way suckfest
  • Two soldiers put a hood over a sleeping comrade's face and force him to fuck
  • The last scene when the two soldiers are fucking on the roof
Guy walks in the moment his college roommate is cumming from jerking off.
An old favorite of mine. So funny and awkward.
Gay guy tapes himself sucking tall straight college guy.
I thought I saw all of his videos but this is new to me.
Girl answers twenty questions while jerking guy off.
Scene from Jerky Girls. I like the guy. He's got a cute dorky look to him. Also it seems like the 1980s are coming back.
Madsprings 6/30/15 webcam sex show.
21-year-old guy fucks his girlfriend on Chaturbate.
Girlfriend walks in on her boyfriend jerking off on webcam.
Well that was awkward.
Short French black-and-white bisexual stag film from the 1920s.
Bi British YouTube star Calum McSwiggan threesome sex tape.
Straight porn tube site featuring scenes from Bang Bros, Brazzers and Culioneros. Doesn't have much but they're still good.
The Anniversary.
Scene from Bang Bros. Jake Tyler celebrates his anniversary by having a threesome with this girlfriend and his stepmom.
Xander Corvus fucks Gianna Nicole in public park restroom.
Scene from Bang Bros.
She Loves Playing With Joysticks.
Jade Jantzen gets Bill Bailey and Tyler Nixton to take a break from playing videogames to fuck her.
Straight porn tube. Has a great selection of videos from premium sites like Brazzers, Bang Bros, Team Skeet, Naughty America, Fake Taxi, Reality Kings and others.
Nurse sucks, fucks and jerks patient so she can get a semen sample.
Scene from Fake Hospital.
Behind the Back Ass Fucker.
Scene from Team Skeet. Girl gets her boyfriend's roommate to fuck her in the ass.


Stealing the Young Stud.
Scene from Brazzers. Jordi fucks his girlfriend and her stepmom. I love him. He's my favorite new straight porn star.
Xander Corvus fucks girl in elevator.
Scene from Brazzers. I'm nitpicking here, but I've never seen an elevator with a bench in it.
GF's Mom Wants It Bad.
Xander Corvus fucks his girlfriend's mom after she catches him jerking off.
Dykes Takin' Dick.
Scene from Burning Angel. Tattooed punk lesbian Leigh Raven decides to try her stepbrother's big dick.
Mommy's Best Kept Secrets.
Scene from Brazzers. Tyler Nixon fucks his girlfriend's mom in the kitchen while his girlfrined and her brother are in the living room.
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Girl gets fucked by eleven black guys after using the wrong bathroom.
Scene from DogFart. I like how they tag-teamed her in pairs, saying hi to each other as they traded out.
Russian Dimitry Rasputin picks up Mikio Mendez at the pool and bring him back to his place to take his big 10 inch uncut dick.
What was up with the round of cheesy pickup lines in the beginning?
Straight Australian guy Blade gets his dick sucked at gloryhole.
Scene from All Australian Boys.
Stand At Attention!
2000 gay porn movie featuring Brazilian soldiers fucking.

Favorite Scene:

  • The ending when four guys fuck outside on a picnic table.
Nerdy white bottom takes black guy's big dick.
Father Figure 2.
2002 incest-themed gay porn movie from All Worlds and brother directing team Casey and Peter O'Brian about two dads (Paul Johnson, Parker Williams) and two sons (Anthony Holloway, Park Wiley) discovering that their weekend retreat is at an all-gay resort.

Favorite Scenes:

  • Cameron Fox fucks his uncle Thomas Bond with his big dick while Anthony, Park and their new friend Stonie watch.
  • Anthony and Park take turns fucking each other.
  • The ending when the dads fuck their sons in a foursome.
  • The resort was owned by the studio. The movie was one of many that served as an advertisement for it. Kinda like a gay porn Disneyland.